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20 Wonderful Attic Bedroom Ideas: A Great Place for Boosting Your Mood – Attic is not a place to collect dust in the house. Or be a creepy place because of unused items. Attic more than that. You can use this room as a comfortable area. One of the examples is the attic bedroom.

Located at the top of the house makes the attic full of silence and serenity. So, making Attic a private area to rest is certainly becomes the right idea.

So, instead of making Attic an unused room, it would be better to turn it into a great place for boosting your mood. And for those of you who are interested in having an attic bedroom, here, we have provided 20 Wonderful Attic Bedroom Ideas. So, let’s check it out!

Gray Nuances Attic Bedroom

gray attic bedroom
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Gray is a color that can convey calm well. Besides that, this color also gives off a slightly cool tone. Applying gray as a base color of the attic bedroom is a great idea. It fits for those of you who wanna have a bedroom that looks mature. You can add a little touch of black to make it a little firm. So that your room will look so adorable.

Feel Soothing in Rustic Style

rustic attic bedroom
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Even though it looks old, but believe that the rustic style is able to make your attic bedroom look great and full of coziness. The natural hues combined with wood material are a good conductor in bringing soothing and warm nuances into this room. With this, you will have a resting area where you can relax again.

Wallpaper Make it Look So Beautiful

bedroom wallpaper
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The minimalist look probably can bring serenity to the room. Unfortunately, the room that looks too simple can look stiff and unattractive. And to solve this problem, install beautiful wallpaper in the attic bedroom is a great idea. The colors and pretty motifs from the wallpaper are enough to make this room look beautiful. A little full impression of the room will actually make the room feel very comfortable.

You do need to put wallpaper on the entire wall. You can choose one side and make sure it is the dominant place and becomes the main focal point in the attic space.

Fresh Attic Bedroom with Green Plants Decorative

small plant decoration
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One of the diseases that is often experienced in Attic is cramped and stuffy feeling. But, you don’t have to worry. It can be solved by decorating the attic bedroom with some green bedroom plants.

Small plants are a great choice to decorate the attic. You can put it on the side table or other. If there is no more space, you can use the hanging plants. It is great to greenery your attic room vertically.

Improve The Warm Ambiance with String Light

string light decoration
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There is no greater than using the decoration that will make the room look pretty and also feel cozy. And string light is one of them.

In improving the cozy of the attic bedroom, you can decorate it with string light. Do not too much. You can hang the string light on the wall and let the warm lighting work in creating the perfect comfort.

Romantic Attic Bedroom with Beautiful Candlelight

romantic attic bedroom
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Illuminate the room with candles might be a traditional way. Even so, believe that candlelight is able to make your attic bedroom look and feel romantic.

Using aromatherapy candles also becomes a good idea. The fragrance from the aromatherapy candles can make the attic smell good. In addition, is perfect for you to feel relax.

Window Seat Bench

attic bedroom
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In the bedroom is not only a bed. As in this one idea, the attic bedroom is decorated with a window seat bench.

Looking at the view from above is much more pleasant. Because the reach is wider. Coupled with a very calm attic atmosphere. And of course, this spot will be the coziest spot in this room.

White Nuances Attic Bedroom

attic bedroom ideas
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It is most appropriate to provide natural colors to the room. That way, the soft appearance, and calm atmosphere will feel more real. Like this one idea, white nuances attic bedroom.

Make white as a base color for the attic is a great way. It can repel the cramped and stuffy feeling in the attic room. In addition, white has the ability to bounce off the natural lighting that enters through the window. So that the attic can feel more spacious.

Wooden Pallet Bed Along with Storage

wooden pallet bed
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The sloped ceiling indeed makes it impossible to use the bedframe to the attic bedroom. Using a bedframe only decreases the free space in the attic. So, to make your attic feel cozy, you can use a wooden pallet bed along with storage. The low-profile bed indeed feels more comfortable. And in the storage, you can keep some of your favorite stuff, such as books, blankets, and so on.

Dark Moss Green Attic Bedroom

cozy attic bedroom
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To make the room looks great and comfortable, usually, people will choose natural colors or bright colors. In fact, there are some colors that can be chosen. And of course, can make the room look attractive. One of the colors is dark moss green color.

If seen, maybe the room will appear darker. And this is precisely what can make the attic bedroom feel cozy and calm.

Don’t apply the dark color to the whole room. Because it can make your room feel cramped. You can choose one side of the room. With this, the attic room will look adorable.

Attractive Vintage Style

vintage attic bedroom
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Maybe looks old, but the vintage style still hitz till now. The natural material like wood and natural stone is great to make the attic bedroom feel soothing. The warm nuances from wood and cool natural stone are the perfect combination. The attic also looks so attractive with some vintage decoration.

Comfortable Attic Bedroom for Winter

cozy place for winter
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There is nothing more pleasant than staying in a warm and comfortable place in winter. And, attic bedroom becomes a great place. Wooden material in the attic is enough to prevent cold air from entering. However, you also need to provide more warmth to this place. Maybe you can apply the layered bedding and using a thick blanket. Also, add an electric heater to make it cozier.

To overcome the boredom that is present, place the bed next to the window. So that you can see the beautiful view of winter from your attic room.

Swing in The Attic Bedroom? Why not.

cozy attic bedroom
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It’s very anti-mainstream, indeed adding swing to the bedroom. Even so, it would be a comfortable place.

Usually, in the attic, there is a beam that you can take advantage of. You can hang the swing rope here. And make sure you have tied it tightly to avoid things that are not desirable.

Skylight Window

attic bedroom ideas
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The sloped ceiling can be used for you to install the skylight window there. You can install two skylight windows, on the left and right. Right in the middle of the bed. So, during the rainy season, you can enjoy a very calming rainy atmosphere in your attic bedroom. In addition, you can also see the beautiful night view and pretty blue sky. It will increase the cozy of the attic.

Utilize The Nook as an Open Wardrobe

open wardrobe
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Create an open wardrobe in the attic bedroom also a great way that you can apply to. Indeed, it will be more practical to put clothes and others in the bedroom. Because you can’t use the attic’s wardrobe, you can make or custom the open wardrobe. Beautiful clothes also can make the attic look attractive.

Try to organize your clothes and your stuff neatly. In this way, the attic can look clean and neat.

Improve The Freshness of Attic with Orange Color

fresh attic bedroom
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Applying natural hues is indeed an alternative to make the interior look great. But, to make it look more attractive, you can also add other colors. Like orange color, which is great to make the attic bedroom feel fresher.

The white attic bedroom will be great for applying orange bedding. The orange color will look more vibrant and make the attic look more attractive. In addition, this color also improves the freshness of the attic.

Bed on The Floor Style

comfortable attic bedroom
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It is impossible to use the bed frame in the attic bedroom. The sloped ceiling makes the space in the attic limited. So, bed on the floor style is a great idea that you can follow.

To make the bed feel warm, try to roll out the carpet under the bed. You can also apply layered bedding. Or also add a warm thick blanket. In this idea, the attic will be the most comfortable place to rest. We sure you can wake up in the best mood.

Exposed Brick Wall

exposed brick wall
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The look that too minimalist indeed is not good. It can make the interior look stiff. But, because of the limited and narrow space, you have to make your attic bedroom look minimalist and simple. So, to work around this, you can install the exposed brick wall. There is no need for a real exposed brick wall. Currently, there is a 3D exposed brick wallpaper that you can find in the store.

White and Pink Attic Bedroom

white pink attic bedroom
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White is a great color to choose from for the attic bedroom. By making white a base color for this room, we sure that your attic can feel more spacious. So that it can be a cozy place for resting.

Unfortunately, applying white to the whole attic only makes this place look unattractive. So, you have to add other colors. And pink is a great combination. The combination of white and pink can make the attic room look soft and sweet.

Modern Attic Bedroom

modern attic bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Choosing the modern concept for the attic bedroom is another great idea that will make this place look so enticing. The perfect combination color can make the attic look more full. So that it will far from cramped and stuffy which often attacks the attic room. In addition, the beautiful colors there can erase the boredom that is often present in us.

Minimalist and modern furniture designs are also the right choice that can make this place perfect.


Making an attic bedroom is a great way in having a cozy place at home. Full of serenity and silence will be the first place you go for resting and relaxing yourself. Especially if the appearance of the Attic bedroom looks attractive. The comfortable atmosphere of the attic bedroom will increase. And for those of you who want to have an adorable attic bedroom, in this article, we have provided 20 Wonderful Attic Bedroom Ideas that you can steal.

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