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High Contrast Apartment for A More Calming Atmosphere – High contrast apartment, maybe a little strange. The residence in the building with the dominant black color. Most of you may have imagined the dark and cramped atmosphere. However, it turns out that high contrast apartments are not as bad as you might think.

High contrast apartment equals low stress. The combination of contrasting colors actually provides a calmer atmosphere for the room. And of course with the help of maximum natural lighting.

It might be hard to imagine. However, you don’t have to worry. In this article, we have provided the High Contrast Apartment for A More Calming Atmosphere. So, let’s check it out!


When entering the apartment, we will immediately meet the mudroom. Some of you may still not know about the mudroom. Because the current residence is more carrying the minimalist concept, so there are some rooms that are omitted. And one of them is the mudroom.

So, the mudroom is a room that is usually located at the front of the house or behind the house. This room functions as a place to store dirty items from outside, such as umbrellas, raincoats, shoes, slippers, and so on. With this room, the rooms after that will be kept clean.

high contrast apartment
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When you enter the apartment, the contrasting colors are immediately clear. Starting from black tiles with beautiful marble motifs. Furthermore, there is a wall cupboard that serves to store stuff. With this, the mudroom will look neat.

The interesting thing about this mudroom apartment is the bench that uses marble. The glossy white marble color makes this high contrast apartment look luxurious and sparkling. Plus spotlight lighting gives light straight down. Make marble accents look more alive and beautiful.

On the wall, given a mirror the size of a cupboard. So, a small mudroom will look wider. Because the type of lamp used is a spotlight, there is no need to worry about creating a sparkling and striking effect in the mudroom.

Minimalist Kitchen

Going more into the apartment, we will be immediately greeted with a stunning minimalist kitchen. Here, we see a more harmonious combination of black and white. Marble accents also adorn this kitchen and give the apartment a more expensive look.

attractive apartment decors
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If we look at the black wall, it is actually a storage area. Or maybe we can call it a wall shelf. Due to a large amount of available storage, kitchen utensils and others can be stored neatly. And this is what makes the kitchen look minimalist.

Lights are also used as needed. Spotlights are still used to make the black marble floor look more alive. And right above the kitchen island table, hang a pendant lamp with a very minimalist and beautiful shape.

Dining and Living Area

In the living room, we will find the dining and living area. Due to the limited space in the apartment, the dining and living areas are combined into one.

In this area, the floor in the apartment is different. From black marble floor to wooden floor. So, we feel more into the apartment unconsciously.

The choice of herringbone floor for a minimalist high contrast apartment is very appropriate. This floor provides more motifs to reduce the impression of stiffness due to the contrast color combination and minimalist concept.

beautiful dining room
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Because the contrast colors make the display look more rigid, so the round table is the most appropriate choice. The selection of a round table will soften the stiff lines in this one high contrast apartment.

Because it doubles as a living area, the selection of chairs must be careful. The selected chairs have premium quality foam. So, even if you sit there for a long time, it will not make you feel back pain.

A clear vase filled with green plants is a simple decoration that sweetens the apartment. This gives a more attractive appearance without eliminating the minimalist concept of the apartment.

Relax Spot

The window is indeed the most appropriate area to rest. And this apartment makes very good use of this area. Seen from the use of a very comfortable long sofa.

Because this area is integrated with the dining and living area, to provide boundaries, a rug with a beautiful motif is used. The use of this rug makes this area more visible even though there is only one chair and sofa there. Not only that, but the statue is also a great decoration to fill an empty corner of the room. The presence of a little statue gives a classic element to this apartment.

high contrast apartment ideas
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comfortable apartment
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To make this area the most comfortable place in the apartment, a white infocus projector is also presented that points to the wall. The choice of white color for the projector is indeed the most appropriate to equate it with the ceiling. So, the display will still look minimalist.

In giving a contrast effect in this area, black curtains were chosen to decorate the windows. Thus, the white walls and ceiling will directly hit the black side of the window.


It’s time for us to move to the main room, that is the bedroom. Although the space in this room is limited, contrasting colors are still applied.

The black color is applied to some of the walls and ceiling to form a box. The selected area is halfway to the window. Thus, natural lighting can directly hit the black color and make it look more alive.

high contrast apartment bedroom
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The use of a gray rug in this room is very appropriate. Aside from being a decoration that makes the bedroom look attractive, this rug also makes this room feel more spacious. The gray color gives a softer effect to this contrast room. So, the room will not look stiff and striking.

Another gray color is also on the bed. It’s just that, the gray color on the bed is quite calm and soft. So it is very influential on the tranquility and comfort of the bedroom.

attractive apartment
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In maximizing every detail in the room, this apartment takes advantage of the corner of the room. The area near the window is used as a place to read. There is also a floor lamp which is very helpful at night.

Even though there are only a chair and a floor lamp, this spot still looks attractive with the painting leaning against the wall.


The next room that will be discussed is the bathroom. This room is deliberately made in black shades to give a more masculine effect.

Marble accents in the room give a more expensive look. Warm lighting helps to liven up the elegant look of this room.

apartment bathroom decors
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In this bathroom, it is deliberately not using a big lamp as the main lighting. This room prefers to present several lights at several spots. Such as mirrors, spotlights, on the ceiling, and LED lighting on the wall. Although the lights in this room are few, this is enough to make the bathroom look attractive.

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We can also find more interesting motifs and accents in the bathtub area. Underneath it is given a terracotta floor which makes the room look more colorful. Accents of marble and terracotta do look very contrasting. This is precisely what is expected.


Having a high contrast apartment is not a bad idea. No need to worry about striking and dark looks. In fact, a high contrast apartment will be a very relaxing place to live. Suitable for those of you who want to swear from the crowd. And in this article, we have given some recommendations that you might be able to apply to your apartment. So, good luck guys!

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