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20 Minimalist Kitchen Ideas That Look Clean and Stylish

Olidhomes.comWant to create a clean and fresh kitchen look? Applying minimalist design to the kitchen is the right choice. There are plenty of minimalist kitchen ideas that you can choose from. However, make sure you choose one that can make your kitchen look stylish. That way, the kitchen will be a comfortable and attractive room.

In some people, the kitchen is the most important part of the house. For parents, spending time cooking is very fun. Not only that, the kitchen is often the main place when children come home from school. Sitting on the chair bar and enjoying your favorite cereal. All of this will certainly be more fun if the look and atmosphere of the kitchen support it.

So, for those of you who want to have an attractive minimalist kitchen, here we have provided 20 Minimalist Kitchen Ideas For A Clean and Stylish Look. So, let’s check it out!

Minimalist Green Kitchen

green minimalist kitchen ideas

For this one idea, the minimalist kitchen looks fresher. The top to the middle of the kitchen is applied white to create a wider appearance. And for the middle to the bottom of the kitchen is given a green color to give a fresh impression to the room. The dark green color applied to the cabinet table makes the minimalist kitchen look bold.

Japandi Minimalist Kitchen

japandi minimalist kitchen

Bright and natural Scandinavian style combined with a calm and warm Japanese style gives a comfortable result to the room. Japandi, which is the name for a combination of Scandinavian and Japanese styles, is very fitting to be applied to the kitchen.

In this design, the wood is the main element. It gives a warm feel that is attached to a minimalist kitchen. The color and texture of the wood make the minimalist kitchen so calm. The exposed white brick wall gives the room a bright appearance. The texture of the exposed brick really helps to remove the stiff impression on the Japandi minimalist kitchen. The dark gray color is applied to the top of the kitchen cabinet to give it a slightly bold look.

Rustic Minimalist Kitchen

rustic interior design

For a warm look and atmosphere, rustic design is the winner. The rustic minimalist kitchen is an interesting idea to apply. The color and texture of the wood elements in the kitchen give a warm impression that is so cozy. The kitchen also looks bright and clean with whitewashed walls. A little old look comes in the form of cement on a table cabinet.

Contemporary Minimalist Kitchen

contemporary minimalist kitchen

The contemporary kitchen style is indeed more appropriate to be applied so that the interior of the house is not out of date. White color is an alternative color in creating a minimalist look. The kitchen walls are painted white to make the room look naturally bright. A dimmer shade is obtained from the gray kitchen cabinet table.

Because the kitchen stuff is neatly hidden in the kitchen cabinet table, there is no need for a kitchen wall cabinet. To provide a more minimalist appearance, the floating wall shelf is the right item to replace the floating kitchen cabinet function.

Industrial Minimalist Kitchen

shady industrial kitchen

The cement wall and floor in the industrial kitchen give a natural gray color. The slightly dim impression makes the kitchen feel calmer and more comfortable. Kitchen items are stored neatly in the kitchen cabinet. Only leaving aside the decorations makes the industrial minimalist kitchen appear more attractive.

For lighting, this one idea uses an exposed bulb pendant lamp, which is hung extending to the center of the room. The industrial minimalist kitchen feels calmer by maximizing natural lighting in the kitchen.

Luxury Minimalist Kitchen

luxury small kitchen design

The luxury look is not just for large rooms. Minimalist and small rooms can also be made to appear expensive. As in this one idea. Gray is used as the main color of the room, giving it a slightly dim appearance. However, the kitchen also looks bright by maximizing the lighting from the lights. The impression of being expensive on the minimalist kitchen is obtained from the marble element, which looks glowing when exposed to lamp lighting.

Dark Kitchen Concept

elegant black kitchen design

Neutral colors are indeed the colors of choice in applying a minimalist look to the room. The use of neutral colors works well in creating a natural look.

This one idea chooses black to create a minimalist kitchen with a dark concept. Natural light hitting black makes this color look calm. Coupled with wood elements as a kitchen cabinet, it makes the dark minimalist kitchen feel calm. LED light with warm lighting affixed to the edge of the floating kitchen cabinet, which makes the wood appear more alive.

Gray Nuances Minimalist Kitchen

gray minimalist kitchen

In the minimalist kitchen, natural lighting is the main lighting of the room. If white is too dazzling, gray is the right color. The kitchen cabinet in gray gives it a slightly dimmer appearance. However, the gray color looks so beautiful when exposed to direct natural light that comes in through the window.

Fresh Minimalist Kitchen

comfortable minimalist kitchen ideas

A kitchen that feels fresh will be much more pleasant and comfortable. The green color in the kitchen is very pleasing to the eye.

In this one idea, the green color is applied to the middle to the bottom of the kitchen. The green kitchen cabinet makes the kitchen look fresh and attractive. Combining wood elements with green is an interesting idea to make it appear more natural. Sliding cabinet doors are made of wood which makes the kitchen look so soft.

Monochrome Minimalist Kitchen

monochrome minimalist kitchen


Minimalist view not only purge the clutter in the room but also applies a small amount of color. If one color is felt to make the kitchen look stiff, then you can apply two colors to the kitchen. The black and white colors are the perfect combination for the minimalist kitchen.

The combination of black and white colors or what is commonly called monochrome, makes the minimalist kitchen look bright. However, on the one hand, the monochrome kitchen also provides a bold and bold side of the black color that is applied in a scattered manner. A little classy look is obtained from the presence of marble elements with beautiful motifs.

White Nuances Minimalist Kitchen

bright white kitchen

The application of white is very safe for rooms that do not get natural lighting. In fact, the use of white can make a room look naturally bright.

White nuances minimalist kitchen is an interesting idea to apply. This one idea is perfect for those of you who have a kitchen in the back of the house, which only gets a little natural light. The white ceiling, walls, and kitchen table island make the minimalist kitchen appear so natural. To get rid of the rigid impression in the room, wood elements make a perfect combination.

Bright Kitchen With Skylight Window

comfortable white kitchen design

A naturally sunny room is indeed easier to make our moods restart again. A messy mood will instantly improve when you enter a naturally sunny room.

In this one idea, the ceiling, walls, and kitchen island table are the spots for applying white. These three spots are indeed the main focal point in the kitchen. To make the minimalist kitchen appear brighter, skylight windows are used to maximize natural lighting in the room.

Elegant Minimalist Kitchen

elegant minimalist kitchen

The elegant appearance is not only for large rooms. For those of you who have a small room, you can also create an elegant appearance in the room.

Like this one idea, the minimalist kitchen appears elegant and attractive. Natural elements are used to give the room a natural impression. Wooden elements make the minimalist kitchen appear calmer and calmer. A yellow pendant lamp is chosen to make the kitchen look a little colorful and cheerful.

Above The Table Kitchen Shelving System

clever kitchen shelving ideas

The kitchen does not only consist of cabinets and islands, but more than that. Create an open storage area to make the minimalist kitchen more attractive. Above the table kitchen shelving is a great idea in having a minimalist stylish kitchen. You can take advantage of interesting kitchen utensils as a masterpiece in this room.

Soft Minimalist Kitchen

soft kitchen with pastel colors

Minimalist design does not only consist of neutral colors. Pastel colors are also attractive colors to use. The combination of pastel colors creates a soft and calm look in a minimalist kitchen. The pastel blue painted walls blend with the wood elements to give the kitchen a harmonious impression. A little terrazzo touch on the island table makes it look more attractive and stylish.

Feel Alive with Exposed Brick Walls

exposed brick wall kitchen decor

Exposed brick walls we usually encounter in industrial designs. An attractive appearance, beautiful natural red color, and natural texture make the exposed brick wall applicable to the minimalist design. The application of an exposed brick wall is very good for the minimalist kitchen with white nuances. With an exposed brick wall on one side of the kitchen wall, the kitchen will not look stiff.

Pink Minimalist Kitchen

small pink kitchen

Some ladies prefer a sweet and soft look. If you are one of them, Pink Minimalist Kitchen is the right idea that you can choose. No need to worry about the kitchen looking quirky because the color used is neutral pink.

Neutral pink is one of the neutral colors which is often used to give a room a natural impression. White painted walls combined with white cabinets make the kitchen look more clean and stylish.

Colorful Minimalist Kitchen with Terrazo

cheerful modern minimalist kitchen

Want to have a minimalist kitchen with a cheerful atmosphere? There is one thing you need to know, a minimalist kitchen does not always look natural and soft. Minimalist word is actually more of a clean look by purging all the clutter in the room.

As in this kitchen idea, the white cabinet and island make the kitchen look clean. On one side of the wall, we can find a kitchen cabinet with a beautiful wooden door. To make the kitchen look more colorful, the kitchen is decorated with a yellow chair bar and gold pendant lamps. And the last one is the terrazzo floor and backsplash which gives a more colorful and cheerful atmosphere.

Blue Minimalist Kitchen

bold minimalist kitchen ideas

Navy blue is the right color to create a room with a bold and elegant look. The Dove navy kitchen cabinet makes the kitchen look so relaxing and calm. Maximized natural lighting to make the blue minimalist kitchen feel more alive. The black color is the perfect combination in giving an elegant impression for a minimalist kitchen.

Small Plants for Fresh Atmosphere

natural kitchen nuances

The clean appearance of the minimalist design sometimes actually gives a stiff and boring appearance. Therefore, the decoration is needed.

In decorating a minimalist kitchen, it would be better to provide natural decorations such as plants. The green color of the plants brings a fresh impression to the kitchen. A few small plants placed in a pretty vase make the kitchen look more stylish.


The kitchen is the most important room in the house. Therefore, keeping the kitchen clean is the main thing. It does not stop here, the appearance of the kitchen must also be made attractive. To create a clean and attractive kitchen appearance, applying a minimalist design to the kitchen is the right idea. And here, we have provided 20 Minimalist Kitchen Ideas That Look Clean and Stylish that can be your references.

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