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Bring Tranquility to the Bedroom with Japandi Style – Looking for a bedroom that is attractive, comfortable, and also instagramable? You can make Japandi bedroom style as an option. The Japandi style itself is a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian designs. The combination of two different cultures (East and West) produces such an architectural appearance.

Maybe some of you are still unfamiliar with this one design. Indeed, the Japandi design appeared for the first time in 2017. So, it can be said that the Japandi style is still very new. However, due to the abundance of harmony, this design is quite hitz and liked by many people.

Natural hues and natural materials that are characteristic of the Japandi style are the best carriers in creating a comfortable and soothing natural feel. The combination of neutral colors and wood materials can make a bedroom so eye-catching because it looks so soft and attractive.

For those of you who want to have a cozy bedroom in your house, it’s time to Bring Tranquility to The Bedroom with Japadi Style. And in this article, we have provided the best inspirations that you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

Minimalist Small Japandi Bedroom Style

minimalist japandi bedroom style
Cc: Pinterest

Having a small bedroom is indeed challenging for us. Because the limited space requires us to decorate it as precisely as possible. As much as possible, make a small bedroom roomy so that it feels comfortable.

Choosing the Japandi style as a bedroom interior design is the right idea. The minimalist impression from Japandi can make a small bedroom far from being cramped and stuffy.

The bed is chosen without using a bed frame so that it makes the bedroom feel more spacious. Next to the bed, a small table side is given to put a night lamp. Instead of using a display on a wall, this one idea uses some miniatures to decorate the window spot. That way, even though it seems minimalist, the Japanese bedroom style still looks attractive.

To create more space in the bedroom, a sliding door was chosen. So that at the back of the door can be placed other furniture, such as benches or others.

Wal Texture for More Attractive Look

japandi bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

In the Japandi bedroom, there are no wooden decorations, it feels like something is missing. This is because wood is the main and important material to bring a calm and warm atmosphere to the room. Besides that, the natural brown color of wood also affects the appearance of the bedroom. A room with wooden decorations will look softer.

In this idea, the Japandi bedroom style is decorated with vertically mounted cader panels. There is no need to apply it to the entire bedroom wall. You can select one side of the wall and apply it to part of the wall. That way, the bedroom still looks minimalist and also attractive.

White Japandi Bedroom Style

white japandi bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Ivory and brown are the colors most often used in Japandi designs. However, for those of you who want a brighter bedroom, you can make white as an option.

Making white as the basic color of the bedroom can make the wood color in the room look more alive. Besides that, white is also a mainstay color for small bedrooms. A white bedroom will feel more spacious and airy.

Wooden Cader Panels with Warm LED Lighting

wood texture ideas
Cc: Pinterest

As previously explained, the Japandi bedroom carries a minimalist concept. So, in making this bedroom look attractive, you can’t use too many decorations.

It would be better to choose natural materials as decorations for the bedroom style, for example, such as cader panels that are applied to half of the bedroom wall.

To make it look more attractive, you can add warm LED lighting so that the wood will show its beautiful color in the bedroom. It is also an interesting idea to emphasize warm nuances in the bedroom. With this, you will have a bedroom that is comfortable and attractive at the same time.

Rough Wooden Bed Frame

japandi bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Wood commonly used in Scandinavian may look a little sleek and even glossy. However, in the Japanese style, you can choose light-colored wood with a slightly rough surface. An example is the rough wooden bed frame.

Because the bed is the main item in the bedroom, this item has a big influence on the appearance of the room. Rough wooden bed frames can bring a natural impression into the bedroom. Coupled with natural lighting that enters through large windows, it makes the bed frame look prettier.

The use of rough wooden bed frames is indeed the right idea for those of you who want a bedroom with a slightly rustic look. The calm atmosphere that is created can make this room feel comfortable, especially at night.

Presenting Scandinavian Hues to The Japandi Bedroom Style

japandi bedroom style ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Because the Japanese bedroom style is a combination of Japanese style and Scandinavian design, it doesn’t matter if you want to bring Scandinavian colors to it.

There are four of the most popular Scandinavian colors, namely white, beige, gray, and black. White color is the choice to make the room look bright. And beige is the right color to create a softer look. For those of you who want a calm and cooler atmosphere, gray is the right color. And black is the color of choice to eliminate the impression of being too stiff in the room.

In this idea, gray was chosen as the basic color of the bedroom. So that the bedroom looks calm, calm, and also cold. Beige and brown colors from rattan and wood keep the natural atmosphere present so that the bedroom still feels comfortable and soothing.

Modern Japandi Bedroom Style

modern warm room decors
Cc: Pinterest

The minimalist appearance and prioritizing functionality make the Japandi style very fitting to be combined with modern concepts. A little touch from a modern concept can dramatically change the look of a bedroom.

Minimalist furniture design with neutral colors and a few dark colors make it look so charming. These colors work well for creating the perfect bedroom.

The additional decoration of hanging plants gives a fresh green impression to the bedroom. And also warm lighting that makes this room feel warmer, calmer, and also comfortable.


Japandi bedroom style becomes a room that is rich in harmony and calm. Natural hues coupled with wood elements create the perfect natural ambiance for the bedroom. Besides that, natural lighting also plays an important role in the comfort of this room. The attractive appearance and also the comfort that you get from the Japandi style make it quickly recognized by many people. In fact, Japandi’s own design was present in 2017. So, if you want a bedroom that is up to date and of course looks beautiful, attractive, and also comfortable. It’s time to Bring Tranquility to the Bedroom with Japandi Style. And the points above are the best inspiration that you can follow and apply to your room. So, good luck!

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