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Pictures & Ideas: Get Minimalist and Clean with Scandinavian Kitchen Design – Do you want to have a kitchen with a clean and minimalist look? Scandinavian Kitchen Design can be chosen as an option.

Scandinavian Design itself does not just appear with white walls, lined tiles, and wooden floors. But, more than that. Its attractive and calming appearance makes Scandinavian Design so attract the attention of many people.

Scandinavian itself is usually so popular in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. However, the kitchen is also an important room in the house. So, applying Scandinavian design as a kitchen interior is the right idea.

And in this article, we have provided Pictures & Ideas for those of you who want to Get Minimalist and Clean with Scandinavian Kitchen Design. So, let’s check it out!

White Scandinavian Kitchen with Beautiful Wall Tiles


Scandinavian design is indeed popular with its minimalist appearance. In this design, it tends to avoid complicated motifs. However, for those of you who want to give a different touch to a Scandinavian kitchen, beautiful wall tiles are an idea that you can choose for your kitchen.


The tile with attractive motifs is great for a kitchen backsplash, especially for a white kitchen. In Scandinavian, white is the main color. However, a room with white nuances sometimes seems stiff and unattractive. Therefore, by providing a few attractive motifs on the kitchen backsplash will make a white Scandinavian kitchen look gorgeous.

beautiful backsplash tiles


White Nuances for Bright and Clean Look

White color is the most popular color in Scandinavian Design. Applying white as the base color can make the room look naturally bright. Which, this is characteristic of Scandinavian Design.

The walls and kitchen cabinets are applied the same color to give white nuances to the room. You do not need to worry that the room will look stiff and weird. Because white bricks really work well to add a simple motif to a room.

The touch of black that is spread on the kitchen gives a different effect. The black color makes the kitchen look a little bold. When exposed to natural lighting, black will provide a calm atmosphere into the room.

white scandinavian kitchen

Clear of Clutter

A comfortable room is a cleanroom. And for a kitchen that has so many small utensils, you can also make this room clear of clutter.

In this idea, you only need smart storage to store all kitchen utensils properly. And the kitchen cabinet is the best solution.

White kitchen cabinets are the right choice for Scandinavian kitchens. The same color as the walls will give the room a wide effect. Not only that, but the kitchen will also look brighter and cleaner.

In placing kitchen utensils in the cabinet, make sure you put them neatly and organized. In this way, you can get the items you need easily.

minimalist scandinavian kitchen design

Kitchen Wall Shelves as A Storage and Decoration

There are so many things in the kitchen. Sometimes, not everything looks ugly and outdated. Some items certainly have their own charm. So, instead of storing it in a kitchen cabinet, how about using it as a decoration for a Scandinavian kitchen?

The Scandinavian design trends to look simple and minimalist. However, it does not mean that this design does not require decoration. The decoration is still needed to make the room look less awkward and strange.

In this one idea, kitchen wall shelves replace the role of floating cabinets. Some interesting kitchen items can be put on. The appeal of these items will make a Scandinavian kitchen look so great.

For a clean kitchen look, try to put the kitchen stuff on the shelves neatly.

kitchen shelves

Scandinavian Kitchen with Dove Navy Blue Cabinet

White is not the only color used by Scandinavian Design. There are many other colors that can be used in this design. One of them is navy blue.

No need to worry about your kitchen looking quirky because navy blue is still part of the neutral colors. So, applying navy blue to the kitchen will still make this room look calm and natural.

Blue navy cabinets are perfect for applying to a white Scandinavian kitchen. Indeed, the advantage of white is that it can be combined with any color. And the combination of white and navy blue looks so attractive for the kitchen.

The dove layer in the kitchen cabinet gives an elegant and classy effect to the room. Coupled with a glossy white floor. Make the kitchen look awesome.

navy blue kitchen cabinet

Feel Fresh in Your Kitchen with Plants on The Wall

Natural nuances are so attached to Scandinavian Design. Therefore, a Scandinavian design room will feel calm.

As in this one idea, the Scandinavian kitchen feels so fresh. Small plants are used to greenery the kitchen. On the kitchen wall, an open cabinet made of wood is made as a place for plants. The elements of wood and greenery make a perfect combination. The calm and fresh nuance of nature can be clearly felt in this kitchen.

wall plants ideas

Modern Scandinavian Kitchen

Modern concepts tend to appear clean, simple, functional, and attractive. Which has in common with Scandinavian Design. So, it is okay to include modern concepts in Scandinavian Design.

Modern Scandinavian kitchen is perfect for those of you who prefer an elegant and simple look. By relying only on the items that are needed, the kitchen will look so attractive.

In this idea, white is combined with gray to give the room a bright, mature, and cool effect. The soft and elegant look comes from wooden elements applied to the island table and backsplash. There is no specific decoration applied to this kitchen idea. So, the appearance of the kitchen looks clean and minimalist.

Maximizing natural lighting into the room has become a common characteristic of modern concepts. The application of glass-faced allows natural light to enter the kitchen freely.

modern scandinavian kitchen

Wooden Elements that Take Over Kitchen Surfaces

Wood is the element most often used by Scandinavian Design. No wonder if the Scandinavian design room will look so soft and bright. Also, wood elements do a great job of bringing a warm and soothing atmosphere to the room.

In this one idea, the kitchen is more dominant with wooden elements. Even, the wooden element almost takes over the entire surface of the kitchen. The wooden kitchen cabinet is applied from bottom to top, which makes the kitchen walls covered with wood.

In the middle of the wooden cabinets are given a white color which makes the kitchen look so attractive. White LED lighting on the backsplash makes whites appear brighter.

natural kitchen nuances ideas

Scandinavian Kitchen Design with Glossy Wooden Floor

There are several flooring that you can choose from. However, in Scandinavian design, wooden flooring is already a patent. Because, in design, white is often used as the main color of the room. And the wooden floor is the right combination to give a soft with natural effect.

There are two types of wooden floor surfaces: matte and glossy.

The glossy wooden floor is the best choice for a minimalist concept White Scandinavian kitchen design. The glossy finish will work well to get rid of the clumsy impression of the kitchen. In this idea, the kitchen will look more attractive to the eye.

beautiful scandinavian kitchen decors

Bright Naturally with Skylight Window

In Scandinavian design, natural lighting is used as the main lighting of the room. With this, the natural impression of the room will stick perfectly.

As we know natural light cannot illuminate the house from all sides. There are times when the east side will get maximum sunlight compared to the west side. And vice versa. Therefore, it would be better to present natural lighting from above the room.

The skylight window is the right idea for Scandinavian kitchen design. The light that comes in from the skylight window can perfectly illuminate the kitchen.

bright modern scandinavian kitchen


Scandinavian design is very suitable to be applied as a kitchen interior. By making white as the base color, the kitchen will look clean and fresh. Not only that, natural elements such as wood can bring a soothing atmosphere to the kitchen. That way, the Scandinavian kitchen design not only looks attractive but also feels comfortable. And in this article, we have provided some Pictures & Ideas for you who want to Get Minimalist and Clean with Scandinavian Kitchen Design.

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