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6 Tips You Should Know in Presenting Retro Design to Home Interiors – Want to try something new and different? Maybe, currently, minimalist design is a trend. The appearance of a simple room that is lined with serenity. However, for those of you who want to look different and bolder, try to take Retro design for the interior of the house. There are some Retro Design tips that will help you to avoid some mistakes.

Retro Design itself is a decoration used in the 1950-1970s. If you go back to years before this, you will find vintage decorations. These two designs are indeed very different and inversely proportional. Retro is more famous for its more cheerful atmosphere, bright and contrasting colors, and bold characteristics. Every detail has its own art and meaning.

So, have you been interested in Retro Design? If you have, then next you have to understand 6 Tips You Should Know in Presenting Retro Design to Home Interiors. So, let’s check it out!

1. Colors Combination

retro design tips
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Color selection is the first and most important step for the room. The colors you choose will represent the look of the interior you want. For example, in an interior with a Scandinavian design, the colors applied to the room are white, grey, beige, and black.

In Retro design, there are no rules in choosing colors. It’s just that, in choosing this color it takes courage. You can choose any color that is bright and contrasting for the room. Don’t worry the room looks so full. Because this is the goal of Retro design. Many colors used will make the room feel fun and more alive.

beautiful retro design
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To make it easier for you to determine the color, first, choose the main color for the room. For example, you want to make pink more dominant, then multiply the pink color in the room by applying pink to important items. And for the rest, you can combine pink with white, black, orange, yellow, blue, red, and others.

2. Furniture Style

interior retro design furniture
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Furniture selection is as important as color selection. For the retro style, the furniture used is much more minimalist. In contrast to the vintage style that is famous with furniture that has beautiful arches and carvings.

Retro style prefers furniture with a more minimalist style because it doesn’t make the room too striking. In addition, in the 1950-1970s, it has entered a more modern appearance.

retro living room design
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In retro interior design, all the furniture used looks dominant. For example, the furniture that usually dominates the living room is the sofa. However, for retro design, the coffee table is also dominant. Even the walls and floors are dominant. And this is what makes the retro design look interesting and different.

3. Don’t Be Stuck in Bright Colors

contrast bedroom ideas
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Some may think that the cloudless atmosphere of the retro style is the result of a combination of bright colors. As explained in point one, that the choice of colors for retro designs is very free.

For those of you who prefer a room with a darker appearance, then make the color of your choice the main color.

We can see the image above. The bedroom still looks fun even though navy blue was chosen as the main color. Several other colors such as pink, white, black, green, and others are enough to create a cheerful atmosphere in this bedroom. So, don’t be stuck in bright colors is the next of Retro design tips that you need to remember.

4. Textures

retro design decoration
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When it comes to textures, retro style is the winner. This design is indeed more using and playing on textures to make the room look fuller.

When you fill a retro-style room, you immediately think of Shug carpet, velvet fabric, smooth plastics, and soft vinyl. It might seem redundant. However, this is a truly retro design.

The more textures in the room, the better. So make sure you are brave enough.

5. Motifs

retro design motifs
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Not only texture, but Retro design also plays on motifs. So, even though there are many textures and colors in the room, it will not make the room look striking and strange. Because textures such as curved lines sweeten the appearance of the room.

Because this design is free and relies more on courage, there are no rules in choosing a motif. You can combine several motifs that you find interesting. For example, a zebra motif for the living room table, or a tiger motif for sofa cushions, and many more.

6. Flooring

square pattern flooring
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For flooring, there are three options you can take:

  1. The first is the wooden floor. The wood used is natural wood. So, the colors and textures are given really look natural and beautiful in the room.
  2. The second is carpet shag. In Retro design, it is rare to use a plain carpet Shug (without a motif). Usually, there are still stripes motifs that make the floor look dominant in the room.
  3. And the last one is a tile with a checkered motif. This is most often chosen for a retro-style room. Black and white checkered tiles make the room look more full and cheerful.

7. Lighting

beautiful table lamp
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Just like the design or the room in general, where there are two lightings used to illuminate the room:

  • Natural Lighting

The retro design relies on natural lighting to make the room feel more alive and comfortable. Natural light entering through the window makes the colors in the room look more real. The various colors in the room look more charming. Therefore, retro-style rooms usually have larger windows.

  • Artificial Lighting

As we know that natural lighting cannot illuminate the room for 24 hours. Therefore, artificial lighting is also an important part.

There are various kinds of interesting lights. However, for a room with a Retro design, choose a lamp with a design that takes us back to the 1970s. A floor lamp or table lamp with square or tasseled shades is a great option to choose. These two lamps are suitable for adding lighting to the room. And for the main lighting, stick to chandeliers. You can choose a swag multi-colored chandelier to emphasize the retro design in the room.

8. Decorations

We enter the final stage, which is decoration. There will be many interesting decorations that you can find. However, keep in mind that not all decorations are suitable for Retro design. This design is very different. This design has strong characteristics.

To help you decorate your Retro room, here are some decorations that are the easiest to find:

  • Plants

fresh decorative plants
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Plants are the safest decoration. You can use some greenery to decorate the sides or corners of the room.

However, in choosing pots for plants, make sure you choose bright and beautiful colors. This will be very helpful to make the Retro room design appear more stand out.

  • Wall Mural

beautiful mural wall
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Next, there is a wall mural. Usually, wall murals are an option for rooms that are not too crowded. With beautiful motifs and various colors on the walls, so you no longer need to give excessive decorations. Just use 1-3 interesting wall decorations such as pictures and paintings, and match with your Retro room design.

  • Wall Art

retro wall art
Cc: Pinterest

The last of Retro design tips is to use retro wall art. The wall is an important part that greatly affects the appearance of the room. So, to give a full impression of the Retro room design, don’t just leave the walls empty. Give an attractive decoration.

If you can’t apply a wall mural to the room, you can choose retro wall art. There are many options. Choose some that you find interesting. For pictures and colors, all are free as you wish. There are no rules and no limits. So, get creative.

Final Words

For those of you who are interested in Retro design, then knowing Retro design tips is very important. Since this design is quite bold and free, some people run into obstacles and problems. The retro design itself is very good for those of you who want to challenge yourself to be more daring. Besides that, because there are no rules in choosing colors, textures, decorations, and motifs, you can put your creations here. So, be creative and keep following the tips that we have summarized in the title “6 Tips You Should Know in Presenting Retro Design to Home Interiors”. Good luck guys!

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