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15 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Pumpkins: The Best Way to Evoke Fall Vibe at Home – Fall is coming! And it is the right time to do the seasonal home update. Evoke the fall vibe into your house by using the pumpkin as home decorations. The orange color of the pumpkin will bring a warm yet cloudless atmosphere to the house. If you decorate it properly, it can also make your house look more attractive and pretty. And to help you in decorating your house for fall, in this article, we have provided 20 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Pumpkins. So, let’s check it out!

1. Fill The Living Room Table with Pumpkins

pumpkin home decor
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As a room to welcome guests and gather, the living room must be decorated as well as possible. Bringing fall shades to this room is a great way in welcoming autumn.

The living room table is the right spot to decorate. You can decorate the table with some pumpkins. The combination of orange and red will look stunning. Also, give some decorations for Halloween to make this spot look more attractive.

2. As A Candles Decors

pumpkin candles decor
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It is incomplete if you do not bring warm lighting to the home in autumn. The warm lighting can provide warmth in the cold air. There are many ways to bring warm lighting to the home, such as using string lights or lighting candles.

If you want to decorate your table with fall shades, then candles are the right solution. You can make decorations from candles and pumpkins to make the table look attractive. Also, give some fake fall leaves to emphasize the fall ambiance there.

3. Pumpkin Lantern

pumpkin lantern
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The third way to decorate your home with pumpkins is to use the pumpkin lantern. This is an interesting way to bring fall nuances into your house. If the lantern usually contains candles, this time the contents of the lantern are replaced with small pumpkins. This will be an attractive decoration to decorate your terrace.

4. Scattered The Pumpkins

pumpkin home decor ideas
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There are many sizes of pumpkins. You can choose small pumpkins and place them scattered in various spots in the room. Putting pumpkins on the table, shelf, even the stairs will present the nuances of fall evenly. Decorating a room in this way will make it seem cloudless and fun. So the room will feel more comfortable to gather with friends or family.

5. Pumpkin Dools

Decorate Home with Pumpkins Ideas
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Dolls are the right decoration to make the bedroom look attractive. Besides, placing a few dolls on the bed will make it feel more comfortable.

Pumpkin dolls are another way you can choose in decorating your home with pumpkins. It will bring the fall nuances into the bedroom also make the bed feel cozier.

6. Pumpkins on The Porch Steps

Decorate Home with Pumpkins tips
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In bringing the fall ambiance the house perfectly, you also have to decorate your house exterior. You can put and stack some pumpkins on the porch stairs.

There are many colors of pumpkins. So, to make your exterior look great, do not just use orange pumpkin. Try to use some pumpkins in other colors, like red, white, or green.

7. Halloween-Themed Terrace

Ways to Decorate Home with Pumpkins ideas
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Fall is synonymous with Halloween. So, presenting the halloween-themed to your house will be a great idea. Halloween theme will give more different sensation to your home. Pumpkin with engraved eyes, nose, and a smile will make the terrace look attractive. You can use this pumpkin as a pot/container for your plants.

8. Dining Table Decors

Ways to Decorate Home with Pumpkins
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The dining table will be the area most seen used when gathering with family and friends in the fall. Therefore, bringing the fall vibes to the dining room is a must.

You can use some small and medium pumpkins to decorate the dining table. In the center of the table, a long tablecloth is used as a base. Then the table began to be decorated with some pumpkins and fake leaves. Adding a few candles on the table will make the dining room feel warm and romantic.

9. Halloween-Themed Living Room

Best Decorate Home with Pumpkins Ideas
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The next of 15 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Pumpkins is a Halloween-themed living room. Actually, what is used in this idea is not a real pumpkin, but a rattan that is shaped into a pumpkin. The pumpkin-rattan is decorated with string light so it will produce a bright orange color. This is an attractive decoration to decorate your Halloween-themed living room. You can also add some witch hats hanging on the ceiling to emphasize the Halloween vibes.

10. Green Pumpkins for Fireplace Decors

Decorate Fireplace with Pumpkins
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Pumpkins that are most widely used and chosen for home decoration are orange pumpkins. However, there are still many pumpkins with other colors that are no less interesting. As in the picture above, the green and white pumpkins make the fireplace look so attractive. The combination of green and white also makes the room feel fresher and calmer.

Green pumpkins neatly arranged vertically. To make the pumpkins look taller, the wood pallet is used as a cantilever. And the fake leaves adorn the pumpkins as the final decoration that makes it look perfect.

11. Simple Pumpkins Decors

tips decorate room with pumpkins
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This one is the simple way to decorate the house with pumpkins. Just rely on two pumpkins of different sizes and colors and put them on the magazine table. Additional decorations in the form of candles and small plants will make this cozy spot look more adorable.

12. Pumpkins and Flowers

pumpkins and flowers decors
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In bringing the fall nuances into your house, not only using pumpkins or Halloween decorations. You can also use flowers to decorate your house. Beautifully colorful flowers are neatly arranged around the terrace. And some big and small pumpkins are also put there. With this, the terrace feels more sweet, calm, and fresh.

13. Pumpkins and Warm Lights

ideas to decorate your home with pumpkins
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The many colors of orange that become decorations in the fall season make the atmosphere this season feel so warm and calm. It will be even warmer if you use orange pumpkins and warm lighting.

Orange pumpkins and a few pumpkins in white and green are arranged neatly on each side of the entrance. And to evoke the warm naunces, the candles put scattered on it. In the corner of the terrace there is also a hanging string light so that the warm nuances will feel clearer.

14. Decorate The Coffee Table with Small Pumpkins

coffee table decors
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As the main item in the living room, do not let the coffee table look empty without any decorations. Place wood chips as a base on the table and decorate with old books. This will give a more aesthetic look to the living room. Do not forget to bring one candle to present the warm atmosphere that makes the living room feel cozy. And the most importantly is the pumpkin. You can also do DIY by making a pumpkin out of white cloth tied with rope. This is an interesting way to make the living room look simple but still look pretty at fall.

15. Beautiful Fake Pumkins

decorate home with pumpkins ideas
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The last of 15 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Pumpkins is beautiful fake pumpkins in front of entrance door. Fake pumpkins come in a wider variety of colors. Besides that, there are also fake pumpkins with interesting motifs, such as spiders and moons.

The advantage of using fake pumpkins as outdoor decor is that you can choose softer colors. So that your entrance area will look so sweet and cute. This is an interesting way to make your home stand out and different in the fall.

Final Words

Decorating the house with pumpkins has become a culture in welcoming fall. Using orange pumpkins and carving them with eyes, nose, and smiles is a very mainstream way of decorating a home. In making the house look attractive in the fall, you have to find a more interesting way. And the points above are 15 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Pumpkins that you can follow. Choose the one that you might be interested in and feel that it will make your house look pretty. So happy trying and good luck guys!

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