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Tips for Winter Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning techniques are no different in the winter as they are any other time of year. Winter is the best season of the year to clean your carpets. In this article you will learn why.

There are a few reasons winter is the carpet cleaning season. These reasons are that carpets dry faster during winter, you are inside more which means breathing in more of the contaminants that settles in your carpets, salts that are tracked in will decrease the life of your carpets and it is easier to book appointments for professional carpet cleaning.

Carpets dry faster during winter months.

Hotter weather does not automatic equate to faster drying. In most places, summer months also have more humidity. The extra moisture in the air means slower drying and higher chance to mildew. The faster drying during the winter means you can use the carpeted area quicker which is a big plus when it comes to cleaning carpets.

You are inside your house more during winter.

Who likes cold weather? The colder the weather chances are the more indoor activities you and your family participate in. That means more dust, pet dander (if you are a pet owner), dead skin cells, and other allergins from the year that have settled into your carpets get kicked up and breathed in.

Salts destroy your carpets

Salts and other abrasive material used to melt ice and snow get tracked in. These abrasive granules get stomped into your carpet which breaks down the materials in your carpet. This leads to shorter life of your carpets meaning spending your hard earned money to replace the carpets in your home more often. Yuck!

Is it harder to get winter carpet cleaning appointments?

One factor not often considered with winter carpet cleaning is that appointments for carpet cleaning are easier to come by during winter. Most people book their appointments during the spring and fall. Winter months are usually wide open as far as professional cleaner appointments go. They are less rushed and have more open times during this time of year.


Aside from needing to vacuum your carpets more in the winter, renting equipment to clean your own carpets or calling in the professionals are both easier during the winter months. Having everyone remove their shoes at the door will help to prevent dirt and salts tracked into your house but making this your time of year to clean your carpets every year makes a lot more sense after knowing these things doesn’t it?

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