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17 Decor & Tips to Make Bathroom Comfortable – Home comfort is found in the rooms that we often use, and one of them is the bathroom. Despite being the smallest and most closed room in the house, the comfort of the bathroom is also an important part that you must pay close attention to. To help you in having your dream bathroom, here we have provided 17 Decor & Tips to Make Bathroom Comfortable you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

1. Present Natural Nuances in The Bathroom

make bathroom comfortable
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The first of 17 Decor & Tips to Make Bathroom Comfortable is to present natural nuances in the bathroom. This one bathroom will provide maximum serenity for you. You can soak while calming yourself and your mind from a very tiring daily activity.

Try to make white as the main color. Combine white with gray to create a more shady look. You can also add a touch of gold color to make the bathroom look a little elegant.

Lastly, to make the natural shades perfect, use sunlight as the main lighting for the bathroom. And, do not forget to put decorations in the form of plants on the vanity sink.

2. Soft-Tones Bathroom

make bathroom comfortable decor
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Never hesitate to apply soft colors in the bathroom. One of the advantages that you will get from applying these colors is an atmosphere that is full of serenity.

However, the soft-tone room is often easily boring. Therefore, you need to give a special touch to bring a little cheerful atmosphere there. And, terrazzo is one that you can rely on. Some colors in terrazzo can eliminate the impression that is too ordinary in the bathroom. That way, the bathroom not only feels comfortable but also looks much more attractive and adorable.

3. Install Warm Lighting

make bathroom comfortable tips
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Lighting is one of the factors that affect comfort. The best lighting for the room is natural lighting. However, if it is not possible to illuminate the bathroom with natural lighting, then you can switch to artificial lighting.

In order to make the bathroom feels comfortable, make sure the lighting in this one room is sufficient (not too bright and not too dark). You can also decorate the bathroom with warm LED lights. Install these LED lights under the hanging vanities and also behind the mirror to give the bathroom a more aesthetic effect.

4. Decor The Bathroom with Plants

decoration to make bathroom comfortable
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The limited space in the bathroom makes you unable to fit all kinds of decorations there. Therefore, choose the most appropriate decoration for the bathroom.

Try to choose decorations that can add to the aesthetic value and also the comfort of the bathroom. One of them is plants.

The presence of green plants can make the bathroom feel fresh. Not only that, but the atmosphere in this room will also feel more alive.

If there is no more space for you to put the plants, you can choose hanging plants. Hang the plant in a dry area in the bathroom, such as next to vanities and so on.

5. Make It Warm with Wood

warm bathroom
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Wood is one of the natural materials that you can rely on to make the bathroom feel comfortable. Wood can change the atmosphere of the bathroom to be warm and also soothing. So, applying wood material to walls and floors is the right idea you can follow.

Because the bathroom area is a wet area, try to choose a waterproof type of wood. The price is indeed much higher than other types of wood. But you will get good quality.

6. Light Up with Natural Lighting

bathroom lighting
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As previously explained, the best lighting for the room is natural lighting. So that light up the bathroom with natural lighting becomes the next of 17 Decor & Tips to Make Bathroom Comfortable.

If your bathroom is in a location where people do not pass by, then you can install a large window like the picture above. The view of the green vertical garden will make the bathroom feel fresh and comfortable.

For better lighting, you can install skylight windows in your bathroom. Lighting from above will make the bathroom perfectly bright. Also, you can enjoy the beautiful blue clouds when you soak in the bathtub.

7. Utilizing The Outside View

tips to make make bathroom comfortable
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Do not miss the beautiful view outside your bathroom. Seeing beautiful scenery while soaking in warm water will really help to refresh your body and mind.

You can install a large window next to the bathtub. Try not to decorate the window with anything that can cover the beauty of the scenery outside.

Besides being able to enjoy a beautiful view, the bathroom also gets perfect lighting. Natural lighting that enters the room through the large window will make the bathroom feel more comfortable.

8. Install Fan Ceiling

make bathroom comfortable with fan ceiling
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Summer is coming. However, you do not need to worry. The bathroom can still feel comfortable even though the air is very hot. Here, you only need to install a ceiling fan in your bathroom.

There are several benefits that you can get from installing a ceiling fan in the bathroom:

  1. The air in the bathroom feels cooler,
  2. Not so cold compared to using an air conditioner so that activities in the bathroom will remain comfortable,
  3. make the small bathroom look more spacious,
  4. Helps maintain the air circulation in the bathroom, and
  5. Reduces the smell of dampness in the bathroom.

9. Decorate It with a Bathroom Rug

bathroom rug
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Not only the walls, but the floor is also a part that needs to be decorated. So, the next of 17 Decor & Tips to Make Bathroom Comfortable is to decorate the bathroom with the bathroom rug.

Choose a rug of the right size. Try the color of the rug in accordance with the interior of the bathroom for a more harmonious look.

Besides making the bathroom look more attractive, rugs can also make the bathroom feel warm. Not only that, but the rug can also have a wider effect on a small bathroom. That way, the bathroom will feel more comfortable.

10. Green to Give Fresh Impression

green interior decor
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The use of neutral colors is the safest for the room. This is one way to avoid color crashes that can interfere with the appearance of the room.

However, that does not mean you could not use other colors. You can still use colors outside of neutral colors as long as you decorate them properly and correctly.

You can choose a green color to decorate your bathroom. The presence of green will give a fresh effect which can make the bathroom feel more comfortable. The green color is also suitable for bathrooms with fresh and calm natural nuances.

11. Blue to Make It Calm and Fresh

calm and fresh bathroom
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Not only green, but you can also choose blue as another color for your bathroom. The blue color will give a more fresh and calm effect like being in the sea.

There is no need to apply blue to the entire bathroom. You can apply them scattered. Starting from the vanities, floors, and some displays in the bathroom.

To make the blue color look more alive, light up the bathroom with natural lighting. This is one of the easiest tips that can make your bathroom feel comfortable and also look more beautiful.

12. Decorate with Pink to Have a Soft and Fresh Look

soft and fresh bathroom
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If you want a bathroom with a more girly or feminine look, then do not ever hesitate to apply pink to your bathroom. There are many shades of pink that you can choose from. And, the most suitable color for the bathroom is soft pink.

You can choose soft pink tiles and apply them to the bathroom wall like in the picture above. This will make the pink color appear more standout in this small room. Natural lighting from the skylight window will make the pink look more alive.

Giving a touch of gold color is the right decoration to give a little elegant look to the bathroom. You can also decorate with fresh green plants to make this room feel comfortable and stylish.

13. Apply Tropical Theme

tropical theme
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Applying a tropical theme is one of the interesting ideas that can make the bathroom look attractive and different. Tropical colors such as green, blue, white, and beige will create a refreshing atmosphere. Which of course will make this room feel more comfortable.

Make natural lighting as the main lighting to present a thicker natural feel. Decorate the bathroom with some items made of rattan or wood. And, do not forget to bring plants which is very important for the tropical theme.

14. Fill The Wall with a Mural

comfortable bathroom decor
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Not only in the bedroom, living room, and dining room, you can also apply a wall mural to your bathroom. It becomes one of the attractive bathroom wall decors you can apply to. As in the picture above, the flowers and butterflies wall mural makes an elegant bathroom look so attractive and unique.

The bright colors on the wall mural make the atmosphere feel more fun. This is also one of the tips that can eliminate the impression of being boring in the bathroom.

15. Fancy with Pink and Fresh Plants

plants decors
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To have a bathroom with a feminine look, you do not need to apply pink to the whole room. Applying pink scattered like the image above is one tip that you can follow.

The pink color is applied well to make it stand out. Starting from the floor, bathtub, to the walls. So, the bathroom still looks bright with the dominant white color. And the natural lighting from the windows makes it look more perfect.

You can provide decorations that can add to the comfort of the bathroom such as fresh plants and also some candles.

16. Add Aromatherapy Candles

candles decorations
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Another way that you can do to make your bathroom feel comfortable is to give it a fragrance, such as aromatherapy candles. Try to place one or more aromatherapy candles in safe spots.

Aromatherapy candles will give you a scent that can make you feel more relaxed. Not only that, but the light from the candles can also help in making the atmosphere feel warm and soothing.

17. Present Shelf for Storage

shelf storage
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Keeping the bathroom clean and tidy is a general tip for making the bathroom feel comfortable. So, the last of 17 Decor & Tips to Make Bathroom Comfortable to present shelf as storage.

As we know, the size of the bathroom tends to be small and cramped. However, this room has several items which if left unchecked will make it look messy. So, presenting storage is the most appropriate.

Place the shelf in a dry area to avoid exposure to water which can damage the material. Store all toiletries such as towels, tissue, and a few bottles there. You can also make the shelf as an attractive spot in the bathroom by decorating it with some displays such as plants and others.

Final Words

Considering the bathroom is a room that is often used, the comfort of this room is the most important thing that you must pay close attention to. There are several aspects that affect the comfort of the bathroom, starting from the interior design, lighting, decoration, tidiness, cleanliness, and much more. And, to help you in having your dream bathroom, we provide 17 Decor & Tips to Make Bathroom Comfortable in this article that you can follow. So, happy trying and good luck all!

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