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13 Amazing Bedroom Smart Storage Tips: It’s Time to Make Your Room Tidy and Cozy – Cleanliness and tidiness are the main keys to the comfort of the room. Throw all the small objects or other objects that you feel can make the bedroom look messy. And here, you will need more storage space. So, this is why knowing bedroom smart storage tips are so important.

Adding a storage area such as a closet will certainly take up space. Which will make the bedroom feel more cramped and uncomfortable. So, use the right tricks in creating storage in the bedroom without taking up a lot of space there.

In this article, we have provided 13 Amazing Bedroom Smart Storage Tips. So, let’s check it out!

1. White Window Seat

Bedroom Smart Storage Tips
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Create a cozy spot in the bedroom with a window seat. This will be a mainstay area for you to calm your mind by enjoying the view outside the house. Increase the comfy of this area by adding one or two throw pillows.

Besides being an area to relax, you can also make it a smart storage area in the bedroom. You can custom a seat with several drawers like the picture above.

2. Small Storage Space at Door Area

door storaga ideas
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The door area is often left empty. In fact, you can use this one area as a smart storage area. And, this becomes the next of 13 Amazing Bedroom Smart Storage Tips.

If we look at the picture above, the area around the door is used as shelves which are very useful. You can store some of your books neatly here. You can also make it an interesting area by decorating it with some displays such as ewer or plants.

3. Attractive Hidden Closet Office

bedroom storage tips
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Having a workspace at home is very important. And you can create a comfortable and attractive workspace in your bedroom.

The attractive hidden closet office becomes the next of 13 Amazing Bedroom Smart Storage Tips that you can apply to your bedroom. Like a closet, you can hide this workspace when you do not want to use it. You can close the closet door and make it look like a closet in general.

Try to rely on floating wall shelves in this minimalist workspace. The floating wall shelves will be additional storage space for you to put some stationery, books, or even cream and your hand body.

4. Carts as Table Side

table side
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Changing the table side with carts is the next tip that you can make as an option. Carts provide more storage space for the bedroom.

Like the side table, in the top area of the carts, you can put fresh plants or flowers, an alarm clock, your phone, and so on. For those of you who like to read books before bed, you can put your favorite books in the middle area. The bottom area becomes another storage area that you can maximize.

We recommend choosing carts with wheels. So you can move it around as you wish. This is much more practical and easier.

5. Change Table Side with Cubbies

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Next, there are cubbies that become a side table in the bedroom. This is also one of the tips for you to create more storage space in the bedroom. You can store your things neatly there. Or, you can also make it look interesting by adding some decorations.

It would be better to use a box instead of putting your things directly in the cubbies. The use of boxes will give a neater and more organized appearance in the bedroom.

6. Cozy Spot yet Storage in Nordic Style

nordic style bedroom storage tips
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At first glance, Nordic design with a Scandinavian design seems similar. However, these two designs are very different. The Scandinavian design shows more of a warm ambiance. While the Nordic design has a cool ambiance. The colors used by Nordic Design tend to be white, gray, and black.

Nordic cozy spot style is an interesting idea to turn a corner of the room into a place to relax. Just like window seats, you can customize the area under the seat with several drawers. Where these drawers become additional storage for the bedroom.

The number of drawers will be very helpful for you to maintain the minimalist concept in the Nordic bedroom design. All your belongings will be stored neatly there.

7. Cabinet or Floating Wall Shelves?

floating wall shelves
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Using cabinets or floating wall shelves? If you can do both, why should you choose one? You can also use wall cabinets as wall shelves in the bedroom.

The use of wall cabinets is indeed much better. Small items will be stored well in it. With this, the bedroom will look neater and free from clutter.

As previously explained, you can also use a wall cabinet as a floating wall shelf. You can install the wall cabinet a little bit down so that you can use the upper area to put some items or displays that can increase the aesthetic value of the bedroom.

8. Loft Bed with Under Storage

amazing bedroom storage tips
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Loft beds are highly recommended for small bedrooms. The use of a loft bed will provide more space for the bedroom.

The top area is certainly a place to put the bed and pillows (sleeping area). And for the lower area, you can make it as additional storage for a small bedroom.

If we look at the image above, the bottom area is made of more shelves to put more items there. Use a basket or box to store some small equipment that can make the bedroom messy. That way, these small items will be stored neatly and packed very well.

9. Built-in Shelves

bedroom smart storage ideas
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Not only the door area, but you can also make the bed area a smart storage area. You can build built-in shelves like the picture above.

The shelves can be used as a place to store your favorite books. You can also make it an area that can add value to the beauty of the bedroom. Put some pretty displays there. If you can, install LED lights on the inside of the shelves to make them look stand out and be more attractive at night.

10. Over-the-Door Storage Mirror

mirror storage
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The mirror is an item that should not be left in the bedroom. There are many types and designs of mirrors that you can choose from. And, for those of you who want to add more storage to the bedroom, we recommend you choose over-the-door mirror storage.

As the name suggests, you can install over-the-door mirror storage in the bedroom door area. That way, the use of this one item will not take up space on the wall and make it narrow.

You can use the storage area in the mirror to put some of the skincare products you have. You can also put all your make-up and brushes there neatly.

11. Make The Corner of The Room As Storage

corner bedroom storage
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The corner of the room is often left empty. In fact, you can use this one area well. Besides being a comfortable place to relax, you can also make it a smart storage area in the bedroom.

Vertical shelves are items you can rely on in this tip. Putting it beside the bed is also an interesting tip. With this, you no longer need to use the table side in the bedroom.

12. Bed Frame with Storage

bed frame with storage
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There are many types of beds that you can use to fill the bedroom. And, for those of you who want to create more storage in your room, it would be better to choose a bed frame with storage like the picture above.

You can use this storage to put some of your clothes or your shoes. That way, you no longer need a closet or cupboard in the bedroom.

This tip is one way you can apply it to a small bedroom. The loss of a cupboard in the bedroom will provide more space that can make the room feel more spacious and comfortable.

13. Use Under The Bed as Storage Area

under the bed storage
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Under the bed is usually never noticed. So it is often a nesting place for dust in the bedroom. In fact, under the bed, you can use it as a storage area that can make the bedroom look neater.

What you need in this tip is a box or basket that can be placed under your bed. You can fill this basket or box with your shoes or other items that look messy in the bedroom.


Items that are seen in the bedroom can make this room seem so messy and disorganized. So, to make the bedroom feel comfortable, it would be better to store these items in storage. That way, the bedroom will be free of clutter. The points above are 13 Amazing Bedroom Smart Storage Tips that we provide to help you in having a comfy and tidy bedroom. So, happy trying all!

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