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15 Serenity & Fresh Blue Bedroom Ideas That Will Attract You – Blue is a color that is synonymous with comfort and serenity. So, applying this color as the main color for the bedroom is the most appropriate idea. And in this article, we provide 15 Serenity & Fresh Blue Bedroom Ideas That Will Attract You.

As we know, the bedroom is the most important room in the house. In this room, we will rest the body and calm the mind. Therefore, making the bedroom feel comfortable is a must.

1. Beautiful Blue Bedroom in Vintage Style

vintage blue bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Although it tends to be old, the vintage style is still popular today. Interiors with classic designs and additional antiques will give a more different atmosphere. Like in this blue bedroom idea that looks fresh, warm, and also attractive with antique decorations and an old look.

Bedtables, furniture, and benches have a very worn look. The color of the wood is left looking old to put an old impression on the room. A touch of vintage style in the bedroom also provides warmth that makes it feel more comfortable.

2. Feel Soothing in Minimalist Bedroom Design

minimalist blue bedroom ideas
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In having a blue bedroom, you do not always have to apply blue to the entire bedroom. You can also apply blue to the main item in the bedroom, that is the bed.

Even though the blue color is very little present in the bedroom, the blue bedding will stand out in the white nuances of the bedroom. Basically, the bedroom in this idea applies a minimalist concept. Which, white is the main color to make the bedroom look naturally bright. So that, the blue color can be seen clearly here.

The simple elements of a minimalist concept make the bed the focal point in the bedroom. So, you can take advantage of this by adding other blue colors to the bed, such as dolls in blue color, blue pillow sheets, and so on.

3. Farmhouse Blue Bedroom Design

farmhouse blue bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Farmhouse blue bedroom design is the next of 15 Serenity & Fresh Blue Bedroom Ideas That Will Attract You. The farmhouse design has a rustic look with a natural atmosphere that is so warm and full of tranquility. So, bringing blue to the farmhouse bedroom design is a great idea.

White remains the main color to make the bedroom look naturally bright. Maximum natural lighting makes whites look more alive. Not only that, but the bedroom also feels much fresher.

If we look at the picture above, the blue color is only applied to the bed, starting from the pillow sheets to the blanket. Even so, the blue color looks so clear in the bedroom thanks to the dominant white color.

4. Look Elegant with Classic Design

elegant interior
Cc: Pinterest

Want to have a bedroom with an elegant appearance? If so, then you can rely on classic designs. You can fill the classic bedroom with various shades of blue. This will be very helpful in making the classic bedroom not only look elegant but also feel fresh and calming.

The window that is left exposed without decoration will allow natural light to enter the bedroom freely. Blue color exposed to sunlight will look more alive. So you can feel a more bold calm in the bedroom.

A table lamp with yellow lighting on the bedside table adds warmth and serenity to the bedroom. With this, the bedroom will feel more comfortable.

5. Luxurious Blue Bedroom

luxurious room decor
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 15 Serenity & Fresh Blue Bedroom Ideas That Will Attract You is a luxurious blue bedroom. In this idea, blue is combined with gray. The touch of blue in the bedroom certainly makes it feel fresh. And the gray color gives a more shady effect which makes the room feel more calming.

The classic style that is so thick in the idea this time is the main key to the expensive look in the bedroom. Curtains that are allowed to rise to the floor make the walls look taller. With this, the bedroom looks much more spacious.

Even though there are no wall decorations, the bedroom still looks attractive. Tufted headboard, velvet fabric, 3D rug, and carvings that look expensive are enough to decorate this room.

6. Warm and Calm Blue Bedroom Decor

warm blue bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The wall is the main focal point in the room which you can use to make one color appear more stand out and dominant. You can paint the walls blue like in the picture above. Then provide decorations that can make the walls look attractive and can catch the eye.

You can use black and white decor to give a more natural effect. This is the safest decoration because black and white will not clash with blue.

You can also apply timber that is arranged vertically to make the walls look more beautiful. The presence of wood elements will also be very good for the atmosphere of the room. Wood will bring a warm and calm atmosphere that can make the blue bedroom feel comfortable.

7. Modern Minimalist Blue Bedroom Design

modern minimalist blue bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The minimalist modern blue bedroom has perfect serenity. A cleaner and neater concept will make the bedroom feel more comfortable. The use of very simple decorations and furniture that is only needed provides more space for the bedroom and makes it feel more spacious.

The combination of navy and gray colors makes the room more calm and soft. Wood and fabric materials make the atmosphere of the room feel so warm. The bedroom also feels calm and fresh thanks to maximized natural lighting.

8. Make The Room Prettier with Flower

flower decorartion
Cc: Pinterest

Use decorations that can provide benefits to the interior. And, in making the bedroom look more fresh, plants are one of the decorations that you can rely on. Be it green plants or flowers, both have the same benefits.

In this idea, the blu bedroom is decorated with cherry blossoms and placed in a vase filled with water. The soft pink color of the cherry blossoms gives more serenity to the bedroom. With this, you can feel more comfortable and relax in the blue bedroom.

9. Dark Blue for Masculine and Cool Ambiance

masculine room
Cc: Pinterest

Blue bedrooms do not just look soft and calm. You can also make it appear darker. So that the atmosphere formed in the bedroom is more masculine and cool. Even so, the bedroom still has an unbeatable freshness and serenity.

The classic navy blue wall of wood is the key to the cool and masculine feel of the bedroom. The presence of black there also adds a firm side to the room. To get rid of the impression that is too dark, you can add a white color to the bedding like the picture above.

So that the bedroom has the perfect serenity, remove the decorations on the walls. Here, you no longer need wall decorations because the classic wall of wood is enough to make the walls look attractive. So, you can focus on decorating bedside tables such as table lamps and so on.

10. Abstract Blue Sky Wallpaper

beautiful wallpaper
Cc: Pinterest

If you prefer a bedroom with a more complex look but still has a simple side, we recommend you apply wallpaper. Choose a wallpaper with a matching color.

In this idea, the blue bedroom uses abstract blue sky wallpaper to make it look more attractive. The sky blue color will provide freshness as well as tranquility that makes the bedroom feel more comfortable.

So that the sky blue color looks more alive in the room, try to illuminate the bedroom with natural lighting. It is much better if you can maximize natural lighting in the bedroom, such as installing large windows, preferring to use a net curtain instead of a thick curtain that can block light, and so on.

11. Feel The Serenity in Vintage Blue Bedroom

serenity blue bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

A bedroom with a vintage design is the next idea of 15 Serenity & Fresh Blue Bedroom Ideas That Will Attract You. Vintage style tends to use furniture that has curves that give a subtle side to the bedroom. In addition, this style also uses soft colors. With this, vintage-style rooms usually have a softer appearance with a calm atmosphere.

Pastel blue combined with white gives a bright and fresh effect in the bedroom. The beige rug with a touch of gold also plays a role in making the room quieter. Not only that but the interior also looks a little elegant.

12. Fresh Blue Bedroom Decors

fresh room decor
Cc: Pinterest

Combining pastel colors such as blue with green in a vintage bedroom is the right idea to make the interior look fresh with a soft look. You can also add decorations that can add freshness to the bedroom, such as flowers with beautiful colors in a vase filled with water. Decorations like this will look beautiful if placed on a bedside table.

In this idea, excessive wall decoration is not needed. The classic wall panel design is enough to make the room look attractive. With this, you can focus on other spots. You can choose pillow sheets and table lamp cups with interesting motifs and not out of vintage style.

13. Attic Blue Bedroom That Feels So Cozy

attic blue bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Attic blue bedroom that feels so cozy becomes the next of 15 Serenity & Fresh Blue Bedroom Ideas That Will Attract You. Instead of the attic becoming a den of rats and dust, it would be better to make it a functioning additional room.

You can make use of the tranquility in the attic as a place to rest and calm your mind. And, making the attic a cozy bedroom is the most appropriate idea.

Here, you can decorate your bedroom in blue and white to create a calm and fresh atmosphere. Install skylight windows to make the room look naturally bright and make it cozy.

Additional decorations such as plants, candles, and strings lights could emphasize the freshness and serenity in the attic bedroom. In addition, these decorations will also increase the aesthetic value of the attic bedroom.

14. Simple Blue Bedroom Decors

simple blue bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

In having a comfortable and attractive bedroom in a simple way, then this idea will be perfect for you. In this idea, the blue bedroom is only decorated as necessary.

A very simple view can be seen from the bed of this room. No bedframe is used in the bedroom. Even so, layered bedding was installed to give volume and a more aesthetic impression.

The right and left sides of the bed are decorated with plants that can provide freshness and also some paintings are leaning against the wall to increase the beauty value. What makes this bedroom look attractive is the decorative lamp with a simple design.

15. Make It Luxurious with Dark Blue

dark blue interior
Cc: Pinterest

The last but not least of 15 Serenity & Fresh Blue Bedroom Ideas That Will Attract You is to make it luxurious with dark blue. Dark blue or navy blue color is a color that is relied on to create an elegant and cool side.

Classic design with a more modern concept makes it look more different and attractive. Classic wall panels and classic carvings on the ceiling are the keys to the luxurious look.

A simpler impression comes from a modern concept that applies minimal decoration. You can also feel the cool ambiance from the iron material and also the black color in this room.

Final Words

White is often the color of choice for the bedroom. White bedrooms are considered to feel more comfortable with a naturally bright appearance. However, you can also have a comfortable bedroom with a different look and feel. Here, you can choose other colors such as blue.

The blue bedroom has a fresh atmosphere and full of serenity. Especially, if you can decorate it properly. Then the bedroom will feel much more comfortable. And in this article, we have provided 15 Serenity & Fresh Blue Bedroom Ideas That Will Attract You that can be your references. So, make sure you choose the one that you like. Good luck everyone!

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