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A Complete Guide to Fire Doors: Everything You Must Know

When installing fire doors, many people are on new ground. While some question whether or not they’re even necessary, others have no idea what they can accomplish. It’s never been more important to take charge of your safety than it is now. You’ll learn everything you need to know about fire doors in this post.

What’s the purpose of fire doors?

In the event of a fire, the primary goal of installing fire doors is to keep the building safe and to save lives. The purpose of fire doors is to keep a fire contained for a longer length of time, slowing its spread. Purchasing and installing a fire door in a building should be approached with great care and consideration. In addition to regular internal doors, internal doors offer FD30 and FD60 fire doors that are stylish and functional.

How to determine if you need a fire door

Building codes mandate the installation of fire doors in specific parts of private residences, including:

Every room leading off a stairwell must have a fire door installed in a new construction with three or more floors. This is a two-story house with a garage and an entrance from the garage into the house itself. Your contractor can help you determine whether or not you need fire doors in your home.

Fire doors aren’t necessary if you’re changing your interior doors. For your safety, though, you may want to consider purchasing fire-rated doors.

Installation of fire doors

If the door frames are already in place, it is advisable to confirm that the doors will fit. Our FD30 fire doors are 44mm thick, as opposed to the 35mm of most typical internal doors. A fire door’s installation must be done correctly for it to work. If a carpenter or contractor is required, they should always be called in.

Installing a conventional interior door versus a fire door is vastly different. It has the potential to endanger lives if not placed correctly. So, always take the help of professionals before making any decision.

What is the process of making a fire door?

Particleboard, flax, chipboard, and lumber are the most common materials used to make solid core fire doors. To ensure the safety of a fire door, companies like doors2floors fittes intumescent strips on them.

Expansion of the intumescent strips occurs when heated. This fills the space between the door and the frame. To qualify as a fire-rated door, the structure and the door must meet the specifications.


Cleaning, lubricating, and inspecting fire doors are all routine fire door maintenance. It is essential to check the seals on fire doors since they are susceptible to damage from high temperatures. Keep your fire doors in good working order to ensure your safety in case of a fire.

Additional maintenance is required, including regular cleaning, lubrication, and inspection. Water can corrode or rust the hinges, nuts, and gears that make up your fire doors; thus, they need to be lubricated.

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