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13 Tips and Tricks You Can Follow to Brighten Up Your Bedroom – The bedroom is a room that is used to rest and relieve stress. Therefore, convenience is the main point that must be prioritized. And one way to make the bedroom feel comfortable is to make it look bright.

A bright bedroom will make the colors there come alive. Besides that, a bright bedroom will also be better for vision. Therefore, to help you in having a comfortable bedroom, here we provide 13 Tips and Tricks You Can Follow to Brighten Up Your Bedroom. So, let’s check it out!

1. Maximizing Natural Lighting

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Lighting is a factor that affects the description of the room. There are two lighting that you must present in the room:

  1. Pencahayaan alami, dan
  2. Artificial lighting

On this first point, we focus more on natural lighting. Try to make natural lighting the main lighting of the room. With natural lighting, the room will look naturally bright. Actually, there are many benefits of lighting a room with natural lighting. To know more about it, you can click here!

Besides affecting appearance, natural light also affects the atmosphere. Rooms that get maximum natural lighting will feel fresher and warmer. With this, the bedroom will become a comfortable room in the house.

Here are three ways you can apply in maximizing natural lighting:

  • Install More Window

bedroom window
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Windows are the best way to illuminate a room with natural light. The more windows, the more light enters the room. We recommend using large windows in the house. With large windows too, the room will be bright.

In installing mirror windows, make sure you pay attention to the aesthetic value of the bedroom. Do not let the bedroom feel comfortable but the beauty of the room is disturbed. Because a comfortable room is also a beautiful room. So, create a balanced beauty and comfort.

  • Install Skylight Window

bedroom skylight window
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Lighting from above is much better than side lighting (use of windows). Therefore, we recommend that you install a skylight window in your bedroom. You can install it right above the bed. So, in the morning you can enjoy the clear blue sky and even the beautiful stars in the sky.

Lighting from above can also eliminate the shadows of objects in the room. With this, the bedroom will feel more comfortable and more spacious.

  • Using Glass Door

glass door
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For bedrooms facing the garden, you can replace the wooden door with a glass door. The use of this door will maximize the natural lighting that enters the bedroom. Besides that, a beautiful green garden will also be displayed from the glass door and make the room fresher and more comfortable.

2. Choose White As The Main Color

natural lighting
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Color selection is the main thing that affects the appearance and comfort of the bedroom. If you want to make your bedroom feel cozy with a bright appearance, choosing white as the main color for the room is an alternative.

White colors will look brighter when exposed to natural lighting. The natural light that enters through a window, skylight window, or glass door will hit the white surface and reflect it back into the room. This is what makes the room bright.

Making white the main color is also good for small bedrooms. The white color will disguise the dark corners of the room, making it feel more spacious. White is also the mainstay color to get rid of cramped and stuffy which often disturbs small rooms.

3. Remove The Window Decoration

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In maximizing the light to enter the bedroom properly, make sure there are no decorations that block the entry of light into the bedroom. Usually, window decorations are curtains. Therefore, in this tip, we advise you to leave windows undecorated with curtains. That way, the bedroom gets good lighting.

4. Using Sheer Curtain

sheer curtain
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Large windows are good at illuminating the bedroom. Also, there were no decorations there so sunlight could freely enter the room. However, this could disturb your privacy in the room. If this is the case, then the use of curtains is very important.

One way to make the bedroom still get sunlight and also maintain your privacy properly, you can use sheer curtains. This is the best item that you can make as an option.

5. Clean The Window, Skylight Window, and Glass Door Regularly

window cleaning
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The dust that sticks not only interferes with the view but also interferes with the entry of light into the bedroom. Therefore, make sure you clean it regularly.

You can wipe the windows once a week. And for skylight windows, it is indeed more difficult to clean skylight windows. Therefore, hiring a professional skylight window cleaning is the easiest way. And, for the glass door, cleaning is similar to cleaning the window.

In cleaning windows and glass doors, you can use the traditional method, namely wetting newspapers with water by wiping them vertically or horizontally. Or, you can use glass cleaner and window wiper. This last method is much easier to do.

6. Install a Large Mirror in The Bedroom

bedroom mirror
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The next of Tips and Tricks You Can Follow to Brighten Up Your Bedroom is to install a large mirror in the bedroom. This one trick does seem trivial, but the results are so great. Mirror is an item that can reflect light. So, when natural light enters through a window, skylight window, or glass door that hits the mirror surface, it will bounce back into the room and make the room brighter.

The most appropriate spot for placing the mirror is the corner of the room adjacent to the glass or on the wall opposite the window. So, the incoming light will directly hit the mirror surface and make your bedroom bright.

7. Choose Bright Colors for The Room

The choice of color is very important for the look as well as the atmosphere. To create a bright bedroom, you also have to use bright colors.

Here are spots or items with bright colors that you can use in the bedroom:

  • Bedding

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The bed is the main item in the bedroom so its appearance will greatly affect the appearance and atmosphere of the room. Therefore, if you want to make your bedroom look bright, make sure you choose bright-colored bedding. You can choose white bedding. If you want to make it look soft, you can use bright pastel colors. But, if you want to bring a cloudless atmosphere to the room, you can choose yellow bedding.

  • Rug

bedroom rug
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The floor is also a spot that needs decoration. And, the most appropriate decoration for the floor is a rug.

For those of you who want to make your bedroom look bright, choose a rug with a bright color, for example is white. If you want to make it look attractive, choose a white rug with a black pattern. This is the best for rooms of any design. So you do not need to worry that using a rug will interfere with the interior design of your bedroom.

  • Curtain

bedroom curtain
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A curtain is an item that is visible to the eye. So, the use of curtains also affects the appearance of the bedroom.

Just like a rug, if you want to make your bedroom look bright, try choosing a rug with a bright color like white. But, it’s okay if you want to make it look shadier by choosing beige or gray. The use of other colors is also very good to make the appearance of the room less rigid and more attractive.

  • Furniture

bedroom furniture
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Fill the furniture with bright colors if you want to make your bedroom look bright. For furniture, you can choose white to make the bedroom look bright maximally. However, making the room full of white is certainly not good for the ambiance and also the appearance. The bedroom will look stiff and boring. Therefore, choose other colors that are also bright.

Choose bright pastel colors if you want to make it look bright and soft. And, if you want to make it more pleasant, choose yellow furniture. Or, bright green furniture if you want to make the bedroom feel fresh. So, adjust to your wishes and characteristics.

8. Fill The Room with Neutral Colors

bedroom neutral colors
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As previously explained, the use of white alone is not good for the appearance and atmosphere of the room. Therefore, you need to bring other colors into the bedroom.

To avoid clashes between colors, we advise you to use neutral colors. The use of these colors will be safer for the appearance and atmosphere of the bedroom.

Here are some neutral colors other than white that you can use for the bedroom:

  • Beige

The beige color is suitable for bright and shady bedrooms. This one color can still make the bedroom bright. However, for ambiance, beige succeeds in conveying a warm and calm atmosphere. That way, the bedroom will feel so comfortable.

  • Gray

Gray color is suitable for you who prefer ambiance dining but full of serenity. Beige color is a tone between black and white so its use will give a more shady effect for the bedroom. And this is what makes the bedroom feel calmer.

  • Black

In fact, black is a dark color. However, giving a black touch to a white bedroom is not a problem. A bedroom with a black-and-white concept will look more attractive and a little more assertive. The black and white, or called a monochrome concept, is perfect for bedrooms with minimalist and modern designs.

  • Navy

Actually, this one color is a dark color. However, navy is still part of the neutral color group. And, decorating a bedroom with navy can produce a more fresh and shady look. The atmosphere is also calmer.

Navy color is not as dark as black. So, the results given are not as firm as black. Therefore, the ambiance created in the bedroom is calmer.

9. Try A Glossy Ceiling

glossy ceiling
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The ceiling is often a spot that is not noticed. In fact, the ceiling also affects the appearance and atmosphere of the room. For those of you who want to have a bright bedroom, don’t ever think about painting it with white paint or another color. There are other ways you can do the ceiling to make the room look bright, namely by making it glossy.

Indeed, in making a glossy ceiling requires more time and effort. However, all were rewarded with the results given. The light that enters through windows and glass doors will hit the ceiling and reflect back into the bedroom. And this is what makes the bedroom look brighter.

10. Choose Light Wood Flooring

bedroom light wood flooring
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Pemilihan lnatai menjadi hal yang perlu dilakukan wisely. Dalam membuat kamar tidur terasa nyaman with warm ambiance, wood flooring adalah lantai yang paling efektif. Namun, ada banyak warna dari wood flooring dimulai dari light to dark. Dan tentunya, for those of you who want to have bright bedroom, kamu harus memilih light wood as a bedroom flooring. And, this is becomes the next of 13 Tips and Tricks You Can Follow to Brighten Up Your Bedroom.

11. Illuminate The Bedroom with A Lamp in White Lighting

bedroom lighting
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The last of the 13 Tips and Tricks You Can Follow to Brighten Up Your Bedroom is to illuminate the bedroom with a lamp in white lighting. Actually, it was explained in the first point that artificial lighting is mandatory for bedrooms.

There are two lightings that you can choose to illuminate the bedroom:

  1. Warm lighting
  2. White lighting

The first point, which is warm lighting, is suitable for shady bedrooms. The atmosphere created is also warmer. However, if you want to make your bedroom look bright, white lighting is the most effective. White lighting will make the white color in the bedroom brighter even at night.

For maximum results, you can choose recessed lighting fixtures. And right in the middle use a pendant light with the same lighting.

Final Words

As a room to rest and unwind, besides beauty, you need to make this room feel comfortable. And, there are many ways you can do it in making the bedroom feel cozy. One of them is to make the bedroom look bright. And, the points above are 13 Tips and Tricks You Can Follow to Brighten Up Your Bedroom. So, happy trying all!

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