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18 Simple & Pretty Monochrome Bedroom Ideas – The use of two colors, or what is called monochrome, is indeed popular these days. The use of two colors has a very simple appearance. However, the atmosphere provided tends to be calm. So many people apply the concept of monochrome to their bedrooms. This is why there are many monochrome bedroom ideas that you may find on various sites.

The simple appearance of the monochrome concept often gives an ordinary impression and even tends to be boring. Therefore, you need to decorate it properly so that the monochrome bedroom looks attractive. Here, we have provided 18 Simple & Pretty Monochrome Bedroom Ideas you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

1. Monochrome Bedroom with Attractive Concrete Wall

Monochrome Bedroom Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

This one bedroom chooses gray and black to fill the room. Gray is the main color in the bedroom. The effect given by the gray color tends to be cold but calm. And with a touch of black, the bedroom appears a little more assertive.

A concrete wall for the wall behind the bed is an interesting idea. The walls are deliberately rough textured to give a more attractive effect to the bedroom. Installing a string light or LED light on the wall will make the texture look more stand out.

2. Modern Minimalist Monochrome Bedroom

Modern Minimalist Monochrome Bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

White as the main color can make the bedroom look naturally bright. You can also make your bedroom feel more alive by maximizing natural lighting. Here, you can rely on large windows and glass doors for the bedroom.

The minimalist concept has succeeded in purge the clutter of the room. The lack of decoration makes the room feel much calmer. There are no decorations hanging on the walls making the bedroom seem clean and tidy.

Modern style furniture managed to make this bedroom look simple but attractive. Throw pillows with soft colors on the bed become simple decorations that add beauty to the bedroom. There are also small white flowers on the table side to add aesthetic value while providing freshness to the room.

3. Striking Monochrome Bedroom

Striking Monochrome Bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

No need to hesitate to choose a jet black color. If you can apply it well, then black will make the bedroom look perfect.

Keep choosing white as the main color for having a bright bedroom appearance. Also, illuminate the bedroom with natural lighting to make the white color look more alive, brighter, and beautiful. A window with a jet black frame is perfect for you to choose from.

Make the walls look attractive with wooden panels. Install wooden panels from the middle area to the bottom of the wall. To make it look striking, paint it with jet black. Make the black present well on the bedroom by placing the black table side right beside the bed. Indeed, it may look faint with the color of the walls, but this is successful in making the bedroom look harmonious.

4. Aesthetic Black Canopy Bed

Black Canopy Bed
Cc: Pinterest

There are several designs and types of beds that you can choose for your bedroom. And for a simple bedroom, canopy bed is the right choice. This bed can look stand out in the simple bedroom. Not only that, the canopy bed can also make the bedroom look more attractive and far from being stiff or boring.

The black canopy bed gives a sharp effect. So, when you enter the bedroom, your attention will be immediately diverted to the bed. With this, you can also make the bed an interesting spot in the room by adding some black pillows with beautiful motifs.

5. Soothing and Cozy Monochrome Bedroom

Cozy Monochrome Bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 18 Simple & Pretty Monochrome Bedroom Ideas is a soothing and cozy monochrome bedroom. This idea does not use black, but dark green. So, the effect given is softer.

White is the main color that makes dark green clearly visible in the bedroom. These two colors look more alive with the help of natural light that enters through the window. The use of net curtains on the windows maintains privacy in the room but does not block the entry of light.

Wooden flooring and rattan headboard presents a natural brown color that gives a calming effect to the bedroom. Simple decorations on the walls also add comfort and make the bedroom look prettier.

6. A Little Touch of Gold Make It Look Luxurious

Luxurious bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Monochrome is a combination of two colors. Black and white are the most popular color combinations. However, it is okay if you want to give it a little touch of another color. Instead, it will give a more interesting effect.

The white interior displays maximum brightness. The help of natural light from the large windows makes the white color look brighter. The presence of black color succeeds to make the room far from being stiff. You can also feel a little firm impression from here.

For those of you who want to bring a little luxurious look to the monochrome bedroom, you can give a touch of gold. Try not to apply it too much. That way, the monochrome concept is not disturbed. You can apply the gold color to some small items, such as frames, simple floor lamps, table lamps, and so on.

7. Adorable Monochrome Bedroom with Black Ceiling

Adorable Monochrome Bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

In having a bright bedroom, make white as the main color. You can paint the entire wall in your bedroom with white paint.

Then, how about black?

There are still many spots in the bedroom that you can apply black, such as the ceiling. If we look at the picture above, the black painted ceiling makes the room look attractive and different. The black ceiling also makes the bedroom looks much more clean and tidy.

You can also make the black color more stand out by applying it in a scattered manner. Black curtains, black fireplace, black sofa, and black bedframe display black color with a smaller portion but can make it clearly visible in the room.

8. Beautiful Black Wooden Wall

Black Wooden Wall
Cc: Pinterest

Wood is the mainstay material to make the atmosphere in the room feel warm. This material is often used for floors, ceilings, and walls. However, the dominant brown color of the wood will interfere with the monochrome concept in the room. Unless you make brown as a color combination.

In this idea, white and black are the chosen colors to fill the bedroom. The wooden wall in the bedroom is painted in black and makes it look striking. Although there is no natural brown color that appears on the walls, the texture of the wood gives a more attractive appearance to the room.

9. Sleek and Masculine Monochrome Bedroom

Masculine Monochrome Bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

A sleek and masculine monochrome bedroom becomes the next of 18 Simple & Pretty Monochrome Bedroom Ideas. The dominant black color makes the bedroom look masculine. The feel of the room is also cooler.

Although black is the main color, the bedroom is far from cramped and stuffy. Because on one side of the wall installed a large window. There are also no decorations on the windows that block light from entering. So that the bedroom gets good sunlight. Black color exposed to sunlight will provide a calming effect. With this, the masculine bedroom still feels comfortable.

Some spots are also made bright, such as white wall panels, white painting for wall decoration, a sofa in the corner of the room, and bright wooden floors.

10. Modern Industrial Monochrome Bedroom Design

Modern Industrial Monochrome Bedroom Design
Cc: Pinterest

This modern industrial look cool and mature with a combination of black and white with the same ratio. So, there is no more dominant color in this bedroom.

Industrial style gives a more attractive appearance. The checkered concrete walls give the beautiful texture to the room. So, you no longer need a wall display there. You can put the wall displays that you have on other plain walls. Also, install recessed lighting that leads to wall displays to make it look stand out in the bedroom.

The bedroom looks so harmonious with black bedding, black wooden flooring, and black curtains. The decoration in the form of a rug placed under the bed makes the bedroom look more spacious.

11. Feel Cozy in A Simple Monochrome Bedroom

Simple Monochrome Bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

This simple bedroom looks more simple with a minimalist concept. There is only one piece of furniture in this room, which is a white bed. Even so, the bedroom is far from boring.

The jet-black color applied to the walls gives a bold effect to the room. Wood panels also provide a texture that makes it look more attractive. A soft gray carpet is also used to give more texture to the room. In addition, the use of rugs also makes the atmosphere of the room warmer and more comfortable.

Large windows allow the bedroom to get maximum natural light. The windows are decorated with net curtains to add beauty to the room. Net curtains that are installed from the top of the wall to the floor create a visually taller wall and make the room feel more spacious.

12. Black and Gray are A Great Combination

Black and Gray bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Want your simple bedroom to look cool and cozy? If so, combine black and gray. Prioritize to make the black color more dominant there. That way, the cool and masculine feel will be more pronounced. And this idea becomes the next of 18 Simple & Pretty Monochrome Bedroom Ideas.

Installing panels on some walls is an interesting idea to make the bedroom look beautiful but still simple. The room also looks more elegant with a touch of marble on the walls.

The nuances created in this bedroom tend to be cold. So, to make it cozy, you need to balance it. Here, you can choose a wooden floor with a dark color. And the last, illuminate the room with natural lighting.

13. Minimalist, Cozy, and Elegant at Once

Minimalist bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

No decorations on the walls make the bedroom seem clean and tidy. However, this one bedroom plays with texture. Some walls are made of attractive accents. So, even though the bedroom is very simple, it still looks beautiful.

Walls with a dove surface give an elegant effect to the bedroom. You can also feel a little fresh nuance from the presence of plants in the corner of the room. Right in front of it, there is a sofa as a relaxing area.

The combination of black and gray creates a bedroom with a cool atmosphere. Therefore, the walls are installed with simple design lamps with warm lighting. The wooden floor and carpet also play an important role in adding warmth to this bedroom.

14. Soft Monochrome Bedroom

Soft Monochrome Bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Next, we move on to the bedroom with a soft and warm look. The monochrome concept doesn’t just choose black and white. You can also replace it with other colors such as gray and cream.

To keep the simple look of the bedroom, the decorations on the walls are removed. The walls are textured to keep them looking attractive. Right above the wall, there is an LED light with warm lighting that makes the texture on the wall look more clear. Warm lighting also adds warmth that makes the bedroom feel more comfortable.

Simple decorations in the form of small plants and two books on the side table are enough to fill the bedroom. Small brown plants make the bedroom look more harmonious and beautiful.

15. Cool and Elegant Monochrome Bedroom

cool Bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The dominant black color gives a cool effect to the bedroom atmosphere. And, it will be easier to make this bedroom look elegant. With simple decorations, you can create an elegant bedroom that is quiet and comfortable.

Blackwashed walls exposed to sunlight provide serenity to the room. The walls also look aesthetic with black and white paintings. In the wall area, there are no other colors other than black and white. In fact, the ac attached to the wall is also black. With this, the bedroom looks more presentable.

Pendant light with an attractive design adds to the beauty of the room. The simple design makes the bedroom much cooler.

16. Beautiful Dark Bedroom

Beautiful Dark Bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Beautiful dark bedroom is the next of 18 Simple & Pretty Monochrome Bedroom Ideas. The black color in this room is jet black. So that the appearance of the bedroom tends to be striking. However, this black color actually provides tranquility which makes the bedroom feel comfortable. Natural lighting that hits the black color makes it calm in the room.

Even though the black color in the bedroom is fairly dark, this room is far from dark. The bedroom gets maximum natural light. Glass doors and large windows allow light to enter the room freely. Plus, the light lamp in this room is not warm lighting, but white lighting. Not only that, but the bright wooden floor also makes this bedroom look bright.

17. Feel Warm and Cool in Your Bedroom

warm bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Who says you could not present cold and warm at the same time? In this idea, you can have a bedroom with cold and warm nuances.

The cold nuance comes from black which was chosen as the main color. It can be seen from the main spots that are made in black and also the walls that are painted black. Besides that, some decorations such as rugs, round chairs, floor lamps, and pendant lights are also black.

The warm nuance comes from the use of wood materials and also warm lighting as bedroom lighting. Wood accents from the walls to the ceiling not only create a warm feel but also give the bedroom an attractive and aesthetic look. Right behind the wood is installed LED light with warm lighting that makes it look stand out. The color and texture of the wood are increasingly visible in the bedroom.

18. Dark Monochrome Bedroom with Wooden Accent

Wooden Accent
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 18 Simple & Pretty Monochrome Bedroom Ideas is a dark monochrome bedroom with a wooden accent. Starting from the walls to the ceiling, everything is black. Even the bed which is the main spot of the bedroom is also made black.

The wooden wall accent illuminated with pendant light. Wood colors and textures look more alive and make the bedroom look more attractive. On the right and left sides of the bed, there are also small plants that make it blend with the color of the wood in giving a little natural feel to the room.

Although the bedroom is fairly simple, the main light on the ceiling is quite interesting. These lights give a different effect to the look of the room. There is also a wall display on one of the empty walls.

Final Words

A bedroom with a minimalist and simple design does feel more calming and comfortable. The choice of colors for the bedroom must also be considered. It would be better to decorate the bedroom with two colors, or what is called monochrome. And the points above are 18 Simple & Pretty Monochrome Bedroom Ideas you can follow.

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