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25 Pastel Colors Decor Ideas for Your Home Interior – The color selection is an important step. The colors you choose will determine the atmosphere and interior appearance of your home. For those of you who want an interior with a sweeter and calmer look, you can rely on pastel colors. The combination of pastel colors will also give more aesthetic value to your rooms. And here, we have provided 25 Pastel Colors Decor Ideas for Your Home Interior that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

1. Beautiful Kitchen-Living Concept

pastel color decor
Cc: Pinterest

For those of you who have a minimalist small house, applying the open-plan concept is the right choice. The open-plan concept will really help make a small house feel more spacious and comfortable.

The kitchen-living in the picture above has a fresh atmosphere of green color and some plants as decorations. The pastel pink gives a calmer effect but is far from feminine. And what makes this open-plan concept look attractive is the terrazzo floor and the wall. The colors of the terrazzo give a more cheerful effect to the room.

2. Pretty Kitchen with Vintage Style

pastel color decor ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Pastel colors are the most suitable for vintage designs. As in the picture above, the vintage kitchen design looks cuter with bright pastel colors. Green and mocha give a fresh and warm effect. And a touch of pink on the bar chairs makes the kitchen look more cute and girly. The attractive wall decoration brings a cloudless atmosphere in a simple look.

3. Simple Dining Room with Soft Pink

soft pink
Cc: Pinterest

Not only as a place to eat food, but the dining room is also often used as a room to gather with family and friends. Therefore, it is important to make this room look attractive and comfortable.

You can present a soft pink color in the dining room. You can paint some walls and also present a beautiful soft pink chair. And to make the room look bright, you can make white the main color. The combination of white and pink will give a softer and calmer effect. Moreover, the sunlight from the window makes these colors appear more lively and attractive.

4. Pastel Colors for your Daughter Room

pastel color kid room decor
Cc: Pinterest

Pink is the most preferred color by girls. And if you want to make your child comfortable in their room, you can bring their favorite color there.

Start at the wall. Here, you can paint the walls from the middle to the bottom with a soft pink color. Next, give some interesting decorations with other pastel colors. With this, the kid room will not only look attractive but will also make your child comfortable there.

5. Minimalist Workspace in Soft Look

pastel color workspace ideas
Cc: Pinterest

WHO (Work From Home) has become a habit since COVID-19 come. Therefore, having a workspace at home is the most important thing. Not only for work, for you as students, of course, you also want a comfortable workspace.

This idea is perfect for teenage girls. The combination of pink and white will make the atmosphere more feminine, calm, and warm. You can add some cute items that can support the aesthetic value there.

6. Soft Minimalist Dining Room with Small Hanging Plants Decor

fresh dining room
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 25 Pastel Colors Decor Ideas for Your Home Interior is a soft minimalist dining room with small hanging plants decor. This dining room is made with a minimalist concept to show a clean and neat side. The combination of pastel colors like pink, green, beige, and gray makes it look so attractive.

To eliminate the rigid side of the dining room, the walls are decorated with black and white wall displays. And what’s interesting, above the dining table are hanging three small plants that also give a fresh effect to the room.

7. Contemporary Pastel Interior Design

pastel interior design
Cc: Pinterest

This contemporary design is very eye-catching. Minimalist design with every side that is so considered makes it so pleasing to the eye.

We can see from the selection of bright pastel colors that make the interior atmosphere feels so pleasant. The terrazzo elements on the kitchen island make this room look more attractive. We can even see how consistently pastel colors are applied from the lights that hang in the kitchen area.

Not only the walls are made colorful, but the ceiling is also made attractive with a combination of two colors, that is pastel blue and white.

8. Feel Fresh with Plants

plant decor
Cc: Pinterest

This workspace is dominant with white to make it appear naturally bright. Moreover, there is natural lighting from the window which makes the white color look brighter and alive. And to make this workspace look cute, the workspace is decorated in pastel pink colors. A little touch of gold color gives a slightly elegant effect to the workspace. And finally, the natural green color of the plant makes it look attractive and fresh.

9. Terrazo Kitchen Table

pastel kitchen decor ideas
Cc: Pinterest

For those of you who want a minimalist, simple, but cheerful look, you can choose this one idea. The pastel purple color combined with the wood elements gives a warm and calm effect to the kitchen. And what makes this kitchen look aesthetic and stand out is the terrazzo applied to the kitchen island. The beautiful colors from terrazzo also present a little cloudless atmosphere to this room. And this is also what makes the simple kitchen far from the rigid impression.

10. Pink and Yellow are Great Combination

pink and yellow
Cc: Pinterest

For those of you who want the room to look bright, fresh, and cloudless at once, you can rely on yellow. You can combine it with pastel pink colors. The combination of these two colors will give a more feminine and calm look. Try to apply these two colors consistently, starting from walls, rugs, to beautiful decorations.

11. Blush Pink and Grey Living Room

pastel living room decor ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The blush pink and gray living room becomes the next of 25 Pastel Colors Decor Ideas for Your Home Interior. Blush pink will give a more calm effect to the living room. And the gray color gives a cooler effect. So, even though there is a pink color in the living room, this will not make the room look too girly or feminine.

Here, you can add interesting decorations such as flowers on the beautiful vase or a large wall painting to fill the empty part of the wall. With this, the living room will be far from the impression of mediocrity.

12. Pastel Living Room with Boho Style

boho pastel living room decor
Cc: Pinterest

If you want a room that looks more lively and also has a more pleasant atmosphere, then you can choose a boho design for your interior. Distinctive boho motifs on the carpet, throw pillows, and also wall decorations will make the room look more attractive.

To get rid of the impression that is too crowded, you can make blush pink as the main color. It can also give it a slightly more relaxed and calm feel. So that the boho living room will feel comfortable.

13. Pastel Living Room in Little Touch of Classic Design

classic design
Cc: Pinterest

Pastel living room in a little touch of a classic design is the next of 25 Pastel Colors Decor Ideas for Your Home Interior. Classic design will give a slightly expensive and elegant look to your interior. Starting from intricate carvings, expensive crystal chandeliers, and also very attractive board battens.

Bringing pink there will make the classic-style living room look calmer and a little more feminine. Moreover, maximum natural lighting will make the pink color look more lit and alive.

14. Yellow Make The Kitchen Feel Fresh

fresh kitchen in pastel colors
Cc: Pinterest

If you can go with pink and green, then you can choose yellow. As usual, white remains white for the sake of creating a small, bright, and comfortable kitchen. And you can make yellow as a kitchen decoration.

The yellow color that is randomly applied to the kitchen will make it look more consistent, starting from the kitchen utensils until the kitchen displays. You can also carry the vintage concept as in the picture above to make the kitchen look cute and beautiful.

15. Look Pretty with Korean Decor

korean decor
Cc: Pinterest

Korean style is very popular these days. Starting from fashion, songs, even to the interior. The Korean-style interior is very distinctive. The colors chosen tend to be soft and bright colors.

If we look at the picture above, the Korean-style living room has a sofa that is so beautiful and looks stand out with a bright yellow color. Several dolls with matching colors also make it look attractive. The coffee table is also given a checkered tablecloth in white and pastel blue. And the last, the floor is decorated with a soft carpet in matching colors.

16. Blue, Pink, and White Bedroom

minimalist bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Making white the main color is the safest way to decorate a room. Because white will make other colors in the room look clearer.

As in the picture above, the blush pink and pastel blue colors look more stand out in a white bedroom. The minimalist concept gives a clean and tidy look to this room. A simple plant on the bedside table and a reading lamp on the wall are the perfect decorations to make this room look perfect.

17. Blush Pink and Green for Fresh and Sweet at Once

fresh pastel interior decor ideas
Cc: Pinterest

For those of you who want to make the room look more attractive and different, do not make white the main color. You can choose interesting pastel colors such as green to decorate the room.

The green pastel-washed wall gives a fresh effect to the room. Plus, fresh green plants and a green floor lamp emphasize the fresh impression.

What makes this workspace look pretty is the touch of pink on the workspace chair and curtains. And, do not miss the beautiful displays that fill the empty walls in the workspace.

18. Simple and Elegant Dining Room

elegant dining room
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 25 Pastel Colors Decor Ideas for Your Home Interior is a simple and elegant dining room. The white color as the main color makes this room appear so bright naturally. Adding some fresh plants to the room will make it look fresher and far from being stiff.

For decoration, you can rely on pink on the dining chairs and pastel purple wall displays. And what makes this dining room look very attractive is the round mirror with an LED light behind it. The light from the LED lights also makes the room look brighter.

19. Elegant and Expensive Kitchen

expensive kitchen in pastel color decor
Cc: Pinterest

Pastel colors not only make the room look cute. The picture above proves that pastel colors can also make a room look expensive and elegant.

White as the main color makes the room look bright. The white color also makes the blush pink color more flaming in the kitchen. The black kitchen cabinet gives a firmer and slightly cooler effect. And the last, the marble element for the kitchen backsplash and also a random touch of gold color makes it more elegant and expensive.

20. Korean Bedroom in Pastel Colors

pastel korean bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

This bedroom looks very beautiful with a Korean style that uses Apstel colors with a very distinctive plaid motif. The soft pink and watermelon pink in the bed area make the pink color look more dominant.

The benches and carpets have lively motifs with beautiful colors, such as soft black, gray, white, and green.

21. Pastel Living Room but Not Feminine

pastel living room ideas
Cc: Pinterest

This living room looks so beautiful with a minimalist concept and a little vintage touch in it. Although there is a soft pink color, this living room is far from feminine. This is because the main item such as the sofa has a pastel blue color. Not only that, but the blue color is also randomly applied to table decorations and table lamps and makes it look more dominant.

22. Small Living Room in Pastel Colors

small room pastel color decor
Cc: Pinterest

Although small, the living room is still comfortable with pastel colors. Beige as the main color brings a warm and calm feel to the living room. It is very appropriate to choose a sofa in pastel green because this makes the small living room feel so fresh. Moreover, direct sunlight hits the color and makes it look more alive and beautiful.

23. Living Room with Full of Tranquility

tranquility pastel room
Cc: Pinterest

Blue as the main color will bring out a fresh and calming effect. You can feel a comfortable atmosphere like being in the sea. Moreover, the very simple wall decoration also adds to the serenity of this room.

This living room is made to look attractive with a blush pink sofa with a very minimalist design. The thick brown carpet adds warmth that makes this living room more comfortable.

24. Beautiful Pastel Bathroom with Terrazo Wall

terrazzo bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

Terrazzo wall is a mainstay for those of you who want to create a cloudless atmosphere in the room without having to make it look crowded. Plus pastel colors like orange and blue make the atmosphere more calm and comfortable. The touch of gold on the mirror frame and faucet gives a slightly elegant and expensive effect to the bathroom.

25. Pretty Pink Kitchen

pink kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 25 Pastel Colors Decor Ideas for Your Home Interior is a pretty pink kitchen. White tiles wall provides a simple checkered motif but makes the kitchen look attractive. The wall area is also decorated with a black and white display which makes it look very attractive.

Because white is the dominant color, the blush pink color in the kitchen cabinet will look more stand out. And some displays with beautiful colors also add to the beauty of the kitchen at home.

Final Words

Neutral colors are indeed the safest colors for you to apply to your house. However, if you want a different atmosphere for your home, do not hesitate to apply pastel colors. On top of this, we have provided 25 Pastel Colors Decor Ideas for Your Home Interior that can be your references. There are interiors that look cute and some look elegant and even fresh. So, make sure you choose the one that fits your criteria. Good luck everyone!

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