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30 Pink Interior Decor Ideas That are Attractive and Far from Quirky – Pink is often avoided for interiors because it is considered too girly and quirky. However, currently, there are many kinds of shades that you can choose from. Like soft pink, it is perfect for making the room appear warmer and calmer. So, to get rid of your negative thinking about the color pink, here we have provided 30 Pink Interior Decor Ideas That are Attractive and Far from Quirky. So, let’s check it out!

1. Elegant Pink Bathroom

pink interior decor ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The first of 30 Pink Interior Decor Ideas That are Attractive and Far from Quirky is an elegant pink bathroom. The interior of this one looks so minimalist with pink timber for wall decoration. A touch of glossy gold color on the soap bottle and mirror frame makes it look very elegant and expensive. Plus the glossy appearance and beautiful marble motifs are applied to the bathroom floor. Even so, this small room also looks fresh with very simple plants on the table.

2. Small Pink Dining Area with A Little Touch of Boho Style

pink interior decor
Cc: Pinterest

The interior of this one looks so attractive with pink paint applied to some of the walls up to the ceiling. This one trick can also make the walls look taller.

The boho-style decorations on the tables and walls also manage to create a more pleasant atmosphere. Plus there are green plants on the right and left of the dining room which makes the room feel fresh.

3. Beautiful Letter Neon LED Lights

pink interior design ideas
Cc: Pinterest

This pink living room looks pretty with deep green walls. Letter neon LED lights with pink lighting add to the beauty and aesthetics of this room. The lights on the walls make you no longer need other wall decorations to create an attractive living room.

4. Soft Pink Make The Living Room Look Pretty

pink interior ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Actually, in this idea, the pink color does not look too dominant. Even so, the soft pink color is enough to stand out in this living room. Starting from the wall decorations with beautiful roses. Then switch to the sofa with a throw pillow and blanket in a matching soft pink color. Not to forget the Chesterfield coffee table with the addition of roses in the vase, making it look beautiful.

5. Luxurious and Elegant Pink Living Room

pink interior decor ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 30 Pink Interior Decor Ideas That are Attractive and Far from Quirky is a luxurious and elegant pink living room. This simple room looks pretty cute with soft pink walls. In the middle of the wall, choose a pink color with a darker shade. So, it looks like a beautiful decoration. With this, you also no longer need wall decorations to make the living room look attractive.

6. Fresh with Plants in The Corner of The Room

pink living room
Cc: Pinterest

There is no excessive decoration in this pink living room. This room is only decorated with some fresh green plants on the floor, legged pots, and windows. Even though the plants are placed in the corner of the room, this is quite successful in making the living room feel fresh.

It is appropriate to place the plant in the corner of the room near the window. Because, as we know, plants need natural lighting to stay alive. Placing it in the right area will really help the plant not to wilt and die easily.

7. Elegant Pink Living Room

elegant pink room
Cc: Pinterest

This elegant living room looks so beautiful with a minimalist and modern pink sofa. The unique two gold coffee table makes it look more attractive. You can also see a little glam look from the dark pink velvet curtain.

8. Bright Kitchen That Feels Cozy

bright room
Cc: Pinterest

Some people really prefer a bright room. And if you are one of them, then this idea is perfect for you. The white color is still used as the main color in making the kitchen look bright. The room looks beautiful with a soft pink color that is applied to part of the kitchen wall.

The presence of pink in the kitchen managed to make it look bright and soft. Although the kitchen is fairly simple, this room is far from stiff.

9. Gorgeous Pink Bedroom for Your Daughter

kid bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Pink is indeed a favorite color for girls. So, for you parents who really want to make your daughter feel happy and comfortable in their bedroom, then this kid bedroom idea will be very interesting for you to try.

The bedroom in the picture above is indeed made with an elegant concept. So that the bedroom looks more expensive. With a combination of gray and soft pink, the atmosphere in the room is much more soothing. The abstract wall display above the headboard makes it look more luxurious. And do not forget to make some dolls as decorations to make them look cute.

10. Soft and Sweet Pink Kitchen

soft pink kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

In this kitchen idea, white is still chosen as the main color for the creation of a bright kitchen. Even so, a touch of pink still looks stand out.

In the backsplash area, pink tiles are applied. The sunlight hitting the backsplash makes the pink tiles look sleek and pretty. You can also find a beautiful pink color on the small bar chairs with a touch of gold which makes it seem expensive and elegant.

Additional decorations in the form of green plants on the kitchen island give a fresher effect. Not only that, but the appearance of this pink kitchen also looks sweeter.

11. Pink Living-Dining Open Plan Concept

pink interior open plan concept decor ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 30 Pink Interior Decor Ideas That are Attractive and Far from Quirky is a pink living-dining open plan concept. Although white is more dominant, the matching pink color on the sofa and dining chairs are quite successful in making the pink look stand out.

The wall area just behind the sofa is painted in soft pink with very subtle geometric lines. So that the appearance of the room looks more attractive but does not lose its soft impression.

12. Beautiful Pink Wallpaper for Living Room

pink interior wall decor ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Wallpaper is indeed an alternative to make the walls of the room look attractive. As in the picture above, the pink living room looks stunning with pink wallpaper with roses and leaves. The green color on the wallpaper gives a more fresh effect. Not only that, but the wallpaper motif also gives a more cloudless impression to the pink living room.

13. Combination of Green and Pink Make It Fresh

fresh kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Just relying on pink for the kitchen is not the right choice. Because applying only one color can make the room look stiff.

If you want to give a different touch, avoid choosing white. You can replace white with green as shown in the image above. The combination of pink and green makes the kitchen look fresher and more fun.

14. Elegant but Simple with Velvet Fabric

elegant simple room
Cc: Pinterest

The velvet fabric chosen for the sofa and chairs succeeded in making this simple living room look elegant. The right color combination, pink and green, gives a fresh effect to the living room. This simple room also looks a bit luxurious with a touch of dazzling gold color.

15. Minimalist Pink Interior

minimalist pink room
Cc: Pinterest

Even though it relies on one color, this pink living room looks so interesting and different. The minimalist design makes it look so enchanting. Even though it only relies on one color, this living room does not look stiff. This is because, the glass coffee table, displays leaning against the wall, and also some green plants that are hung successfully make this minimalist room look attractive.

16. Beautiful Soft Pink Kitchen Cabinet

kitchen cabinet
Cc: Pinterest

White walls are indeed very effective in making a room look bright and comfortable. If you want to bring pink to your kitchen, you can choose the main item, for example is the kitchen cabinet.

If we look at the picture above, the vintage style can be felt a little from the displays on the floating shelves. Not only that, the black and white floor motif is also an attractive vintage design. With this, choosing a soft pink kitchen cabinet is the right choice. The soft pink color will help you to create a softer and sweeter kitchen look.

17. Feminine Bedroom with White and Pink Pastel

feminine bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The pastel pink chosen for this idea has the lightest shade. So when combined with white, the interior will look bright but sweet.

If we look at the image above, the pink color is applied randomly. Starting from bedding, table lamps, beautiful small chairs, curtains, wall decorations, and also board and batten. So, even though white is the dominant color, pink still stands out in the room.

18. Fresh Small Pink Bathroom

small bathroom decor
Cc: Pinterest

Applying pink in a small bathroom is also an interesting idea. As in the picture above, the pink tiles on the wall make the bathroom look a little sleek. The soft pink and white bathroom floor also makes the small bathroom look aesthetic.

Giving a touch of gold to the small pink bathroom is the right choice. The soft pink color will look so harmonious with the gold color and make the bathroom look a little elegant and luxurious.

Although small, the convenience of this small bathroom is unquestionable. The fresh atmosphere that comes from some fresh green plants makes the small bathroom a room you can go to when you want to relax while soaking in warm water.

19. Luxury and Elegant Pink Home Bar

luxury home bar
Cc: Pinterest

This home bar may be small. Even so, this small home bar manages to look elegant and expensive. Pink and dark green is the perfect color combination. Plus a touch of gold color that makes the home bar look more luxurious.

The decorations used in the home bar also make it look attractive. Starting from pink neon LEDs and simple plants on the ventilation and bar table.

20. Minimalist Pink Dining Room

minimalist dining room
Cc: Pinterest

The lack of decoration in the dining room creates a calm atmosphere. Not only that but the pastel colors are chosen also make it look so soft.

The dining table and chairs with a minimalist design make the room look so attractive. The pastel blue chairs with light brown wood look more alive when exposed to natural light from the window.

Here, although the pink color is not too much, it looks quite standout. This is because pink is applied to areas that have a major influence on the appearance of the room, that is the wall. The pendant lights that hang right above the dining table also have a pastel pink color that is so pretty.

21. Beautiful Luxury Bathroom with Pink Door

pink door
Cc: Pinterest

This idea, although simple but looks so elegant, expensive, and charming. Marble elements on the floor and some of the walls are the main things. Plus a touch of sleek gold color in the bathroom area. What’s interesting about this idea is the pink color applied to the bathroom door. The soft pink color makes this elegant bathroom look soft also more elegant and beautiful.

22. Gorgeous Pink Marble for Small Bathroom

pink marble accent
Cc: Pinterest

This pink small bathroom successfully looks very attractive, elegant, and also expensive. Marble is the main element and the main reason why this small bathroom looks elegant and expensive. Abstract motifs in pink and gray in the shower area look so beautiful and expensive. Plus there is a touch of gold on the door handles and shower.

23. Attractive Black and Pink Bedroom

black and pink bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 30 Pink Interior Decor Ideas That are Attractive and Far from Quirky is an attractive black and pink bedroom. Black is applied more than white. So, the feel of the bedroom will feel cooler and calmer. The help of sunlight from the large windows eliminates the dark appearance caused by the dominant black color. The pink color on the ceiling and some of the walls is a very interesting decoration. Plus there are carvings in the classic style on the ceiling which are very charming.

24. Marble and Soft Pink is a Perfect Combination

soft bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

The soft pink color can be said to be a mainstay color for a room with an elegant and expensive appearance. Like in this one idea where marble and soft are combined. The soft pink color slightly dampens the overly bright appearance of the white marble. However, the pink color managed to create a more calm and soothing feel. Here, you can give a little touch of gold color to emphasize the elegant look of the bathroom.

25. Fresh Pink Kitchen with A Few Small Plants

fresh pink kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

A fresh pink kitchen with a few small plants becomes the next of 30 Pink Interior Decor Ideas That are Attractive and Far from Quirky. This kitchen looks so attractive with several different shades of pink. The minimalist concept applied gives the impression of being spacious and clean which makes it feel comfortable.

Some plants are used to replace some of the decorations that can beautify this kitchen. The plants are placed at the top of the kitchen. The area right above the kitchen island makes it look stand out. The green color of the plants evokes a fresh atmosphere that makes the kitchen feel more comfortable.

26. Small and Minimalist Pink Bathroom

minimalist bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

This small minimalist pink bathroom looks so cute. The pink tiles with a dove surface make it look very attractive. There is no glossy appearance that will interfere with the minimalist concept in the bathroom.

In order to create the perfect minimalist small bathroom, the decorations on the walls or floor are removed. These decorations were replaced with medium-sized plants in the corner of the room. The green color of the plants and the help of natural lighting bring out a warm and soothing feel of nature. The presence of plants in the bathroom also makes the atmosphere feel fresher.

27. Beautiful Wall Art Decoration for Pink Living Room

soft pink interior decoration
Cc: Pinterest

The decoration is indeed the main key in making the room look attractive. Like in this idea, the pink living room has beautiful wall art. Wall displays are hung very neatly from the bottom of the wall to the top of the wall. The black and white display and several displays of pink flowers make the room look so beautiful.

28. Minimalist and Modern Pink Living-Dining Concept

modern pink interior decor
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 30 Pink Interior Decor Ideas That are Attractive and Far from Quirky is a minimalist and modern pink living-dining concept. You can find minimalist and modern concepts in the furniture used in this room, starting from the dining table, unique and unique chair tables, sofas, to lights mounted on the walls.

Minimalist design furniture makes the atmosphere calmer. Plus a soft and bright pink color combined with gray which makes it look modern and attractive.

29. Dark Pink Sofa Make It Elegant

beautiful pink interior
Cc: Pinterest

If it is not possible to paint the walls pink, then you can choose the main item in that room. For example, the sofa is the main item of the living room.

If we look at the picture above, the dominant black color with a touch of gold makes the room elegant and expensive. Therefore, the right pink color to choose is dark pink. The velvet dark pink sofa will make the living room look expensive and beautiful.

30. Beautiful Pink Board and Batten for Bedroom

pink interior decor ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Beautiful pink board and batten for bedroom is the next of 30 Pink Interior Decor Ideas That are Attractive and Far from Quirky. The pink color chosen in this bedroom tends to be more calm and soft. This is indeed the most appropriate color for the bedroom. Because pink and soft colors can evoke a calmer atmosphere. With this, the bedroom will feel comfortable to relax and release stress.

Final Words

Pink is often avoided because it is considered too quirky and looks tacky. In fact, there are many shades of pink that you can choose and adjust to your interior design. Even, pink is often the mainstay color for elegant and expensive interiors. And the points above are 30 Pink Interior Decor Ideas That are Attractive and Far from Quirky which proves that the color pink can make an interior look so beautiful and charming.

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