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15 Kitchen Pendant Lights You Can Choose To Make It Look Authentic – The use of lights for the room is not only a tool that brings light but can also add to the aesthetic value of the room. There are many types of lamps that you can choose to decorate the interior of your home, one of which is pendant lighting. For those of you who want a kitchen with a beautiful and charming appearance, you can rely on and play on pendant lamps. In this article, we have provided Kitchen Pendant Lights You Can Choose To Make It Look Authentic. So, let’s check it out!

1. Robbin Pendant Light Matted Black

kitchen pendant lights
Cc: Pinterest

For those of you who want a minimalist kitchen with an attractive look, you can use this kitchen pendant light as an option. The matte black will give a firmer effect to the kitchen area.

Because it looks very simple, it would be better to use more than one robbin pendant light matted black. You can hang it right above the kitchen island at the same distance.

2. Long-Minimalist Kitchen Pendant Lights

kitchen lamps
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The minimalist concept is very popular these days. The minimalist concept will make the kitchen look clean and tidy. However, because the appearance may be too simple and minimal decorations sometimes make the room look stiff and unattractive. Therefore, if you want to beautify your minimalist kitchen, you can use long-minimalist kitchen pendant lights like in the picture above. The size, which is not too big, is perfect for a narrow minimalist kitchen. And black will give a more mature and cool side to the room.

3. Light Single Chandelier Pendant

single chandelier
Cc: Pinterest

For a bright kitchen with white shades, you can choose a clear pendant light like the picture above. You can use three single light chandelier pendants and hang them right above the dining table or kitchen island.

The very simple appearance and design are perfect for a kitchen with a clean and minimalist concept. The color of the light single chandelier is also not quite calm so it will be safe to use it in your home kitchen.

4. Rustic Farmhouse Pendant Lights

rustic farmhouse
Cc: Pinterest

A warm and calm atmosphere is very attached to the rustic design. This design usually tends to use wood elements. So don’t be surprised if a rustic-style room is full of warmth and comfort.

Besides furniture, the use of lights in the rustic-style kitchen area also needs to be considered. To emphasize the rustic look in your kitchen, you can choose rustic farmhouse pendant lights like the picture above. You can apply it right in the middle of the kitchen or above the table wall.

5. Natural Cane Pendant Lights

natural cane kitchen lights
Cc: Pinterest

If you want a more natural kitchen atmosphere, then the condition is that you need to bring natural elements into it. Starting from plants as kitchen decorations even to the use of lights.

To emphasize the natural nuances to the kitchen, you can choose natural cane pendant lights. Rings of rattan will give a natural brown color that is calmer and warmer.

No need to worry about using cane pendant lights. Rattan has a lighter mass. So, even though it looks bigger in size, it will still be safe to hang in the kitchen.

6. Antique Flower Chandelier

flower kitchen pendant lights
Cc: Pinterest

Some people are crazy about antiques. If you are one of them, then this kitchen pendant light should be your choice.

Antique flower chandeliers have bright colors that are very attractive. This lamp also has a very beautiful motif. So, when the lights inside are on, the colors on the chandeliers will look more alive and make the kitchen charming.

Because the size is quite large, you can only use one lamp. Or, you can also use two lights like in the picture above to give more colors to the kitchen.

7. Plum Tree Chandelier with Crystal Flower

beautiful kitchen pendant lights
Cc: Pinterest

This one pendant light is considered very antique and also unique. The plum tree chandelier with crystal flowers is perfect for display in the kitchen area, especially above the kitchen island.

The iron that looks like a twig is painted in gold so that it gives a more luxurious effect. And some crystals formed by flowers make it look very unique and beautiful.

Despite its large size, you could not make the plum tree chandelier with crystal flowers the main light. This kitchen pendant light is only an additional light that can provide more aesthetic value to the kitchen.

8. Aluminum and Wood Pendant Light

simple kitchen pendant lights
Cc: Pinterest

Aluminum and wood pendant light is an attractive light that you can choose for your kitchen. The black aluminum with wood elements is a very perfect combination. The black aluminum gives a cool, bold side, while the wood gives a calmer and warmer effect.

This lamp is suitable for a minimalist and modern kitchen. You can also use this lamp for a rustic, Scandinavian, and industrial kitchen design.

9. Large Kitchen Pendant Lights

large kitchen pendant lights
Cc: Pinterest

This pendant light has a larger size than the previous pendant lights. Even so, its simple shape makes it look so beautiful and suitable for a minimalist concept kitchen.

This pendant light is made of aluminum with jet black color. Very suitable for you to hang right above the kitchen island.

Even though the size is fairly large, you still use it more than one. As we can see in the picture above where 3 large kitchen pendant lights make the kitchen look more attractive.

10. Rustic Bronze Drum Pendant

drum pendant
Cc: Pinterest

Like the name, the shape of this pendant light is like a drum. Made of wood with a surface that is left rough, which is the hallmark of the Rustic design. The iron material in this pendant light gives a cooler effect. So, you can not only use it in a rustic-designed kitchen but also for an industrial-designed kitchen.

11. 3-Light Pendant

3-light pendant
Cc: Pinterest

Want to give a more interesting and unique touch to your kitchen? The 3-light pendant you can make as an option. This pendant light is made of iron and also a chain. The gold color on the pendant lights gives a more expensive effect to the kitchen.

What’s interesting about this one lamp is that there are three lights in it. The lamp shaped like a candle makes it look unique.

12. Spiral Pendant Light

spiral pendant lights
Cc: Pinterest

This pendant light belongs to the modern category. The attractive spiral shape can add to the aesthetics of your kitchen. This one lamp is perfect for you to use in a minimalist and modern kitchen. The gold color gives a more lively and luxurious effect to the kitchen.

You can use several spiral pendant lights and hang them at the same distance. With this, the kitchen not only looks bright at night but also looks attractive.

13. Globe Pendant Lights

globe pendant lights
Cc: Pinterest

For those of you who want to emphasize the minimalist look of your kitchen, you can rely on this pendant light. The globe pendant light has a very simple circular shape. The curved line of the circle is very helpful to remove the firm and stiff lines from the minimalist concept. With this, a minimalist kitchen will look beautiful.

14. Aluminum Pendant Lights

aluminum kitchen lights
Cc: Pinterest

As the name suggests, this lamp is made of aluminum. The natural gray color is displayed very clearly. The glossy effect of aluminum makes it look beautiful, especially when exposed to natural lighting that enters through the window in the kitchen.

The simple design is perfect for a kitchen with a modern and minimalist concept. You can also rely on this lamp to make your industrial kitchen look perfect. The natural gray color of aluminum makes it a very safe color and can go into all sorts of colors. So, you don’t have to worry about using this lamp.

15. Blue and White Ceramic Pendant Light

ceramic pendant lights
Cc: Pinterest

The last of the Kitchen Pendant Lights You Can Choose To Make It Look Authentic is the blue and white ceramic pendant light. As the name suggests, this pendant light is made of ceramic. Indeed, it is quite heavy when compared to aluminum or iron base materials. Even so, ceramic pendant lights are safe to use.

The pendant lights above have a very pretty color. The white color with the subtle blue color combination makes it look authentic. This pendant light is perfect for you to use in a coastal design and vintage design kitchen.

Final Words

Lights are an important part of every room, including the kitchen. Lamps can provide light sourced from electricity to make the room look bright at night. The pendant light is the type of lamp that you can choose to illuminate the kitchen in your house. Many designs are presented, pendant lights will not only make the kitchen look bright but also look aesthetic. And the top points are the Kitchen Pendant Lights You Can Choose To Make It Look Authentic.

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