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10 Tips to Make Your Small Garden Look Bigger – Solid activity is indeed so tiring and dizzying. And, relaxing in a green area is one way to relax yourself and your mind. Therefore, it is important to have a garden in your house. You do not need a large garden, a small garden is enough to make you feel released. However, that does not mean you decorate or design your small garden arbitrarily. In making a small garden feel comfortable, you need to make it feel wider. And in this article, we have provided 10 Tips to Make Your Small Garden Look Bigger you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

1. Choose The Right Plants

The first for 10 Tips to Make Your Small Garden Look Bigger is to choose the right plants. Due to limited space, you cannot use the plants you like. In using plants, you also need to leave an empty space for you to relax.

small garden tips
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Try to combine all types and sizes of plants. From small plants to large plants. Small plants are most appropriate for you to use as table decorations. Or, you can also hang it on the wall to make it look stand out. For medium-sized plants, you can place them right next to the sofa or bench in your small garden. And, large plants are most appropriate for you to make as garden corner decorations.

In a small garden, you can also use a tree. Choose a slender tree or slender trunk. You can plant it right on the edge of the garden or one corner of the garden.

2. Try Creating Zones

Creating zones is one way you can do to make a small garden in your house feel bigger. Instead of making the entire space full of plants, it is better to divide it into “rooms”. For example, the edge area is for plants and the middle area is for a place to relax.

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It is in this central area that you can put a table along with a seat or sofa. You can also make the central area an outdoor dining area by choosing a small round table and two or four comfortable chairs.

The scorching sun during the day often makes this central area or resting area feel uncomfortable. With this, you need to make a pergola with a roof. On the roof area, you can also add greenery by placing vines there.

3. Vertical Garden

If the garden in your house is very small or tiny, then putting plants there will only take up space and make it feel cramped. Therefore, a strategy is needed to make the tiny garden feel cozy with a touch of refreshing green. And, a vertical garden is a very appropriate solution. Utilizing a wall as a green area will not take up space in the tiny garden and will make it feel wider.

vertical garden
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On the walls, you can install floating wall shelves to place small plants. Or, you can also use wood to hang some of your plants there. Use contrasting pots. For example, if the walls or wood are black, then use white pots for your plants. And conversely, you can use black pots for white walls.

4. Add Big Plants to The Garden

Due to the narrow space, some people may prefer to use small pavers, small partitions, small paving, and so on. In fact, the use of small plants in large quantities can have a cramped effect on the small garden. And, finally, the small garden feels narrower. Therefore, if you want to make your small garden look bigger, then try to work up the courage to use big plants.

big plants
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Use large plants in small quantities, considering you need to save more space to make it feel more spacious. Place large plants in large pots. And, put these plants in the corner of the garden or the sides of the garden.

The use of large plants in small quantities will be much easier and more practical. You only need to water a small number of large plants as opposed to watering large amounts of small plants. It will be much more troublesome. Therefore, using large plants for a small garden not only makes the garden feel bigger but also makes it easier for you to take care of your small garden.

5. Creating Different Levels

different levels in garden
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The next of 10 Tips to Make Your Small Garden Look Bigger is to create different levels in small gardens. Dividing the “room” into different levels is an interesting way to try. Each level has a different function. For example, the upper area is a green area for plants and grass. And, the lower area is an area to relax. You can place a coffee table and chairs there.

6. Install Pathway to The Garden

The pathway is usually installed in large gardens. Therefore, bringing it into a small garden will create a garden that feels bigger. The use of pathways can also make plants feel longer.

garden pathway
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Make a pathway to the corner of the room. Do not put the end in the corner there because it will give a narrow impression. So, give it a blur effect by planting some plants in the corner of the pathway. That way, the small garden will feel more comprehensive.

7. Cover The Wall with Vines

Do not let the walls look crooked in a small garden. To make it feel wider, you have to cover it. And, the most appropriate way to cover the wall is to plant vines there. Vines on the walls will cover the barrier and make the small garden feel as if there are no boundaries. With this, the small garden feels wider.

vines wall
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Covering the wall with vines not only makes a small garden feel wider but also makes the garden feel fresh. It is the natural green color of the vines that gives freshness to the small garden.

Because there are plants on each side of the wall, you no longer need other plants. So that you can keep it simple. Instead of planting grass, you can install decking as a relaxing area. Also, use simple plants to decorate a small garden.

8. Add a Mirror to Make the Small Garden Look Bigger

Mirrors are indeed an item with a function to help facilitate several activities such as washing your face, looking at your outfit of the day, using makeup, and so on. However, lately, there have been many mirror designs that have emerged and make the mirror into decorations to add to the beauty and aesthetic value of a room. However, you can also use it for an outdoor area, that is a small garden.

garden mirror
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You can use one to two mirrors for small gardens. The use of mirrors can display your outdoor appearance as if there is no barrier in the form of a wall there. And this is what makes a small garden feel wider.

9. Use Small Furniture

Garden is not only a green area to pamper the eyes and refresh the mind. You can also use the garden as a place to relax by presenting a seat and a table.

In choosing outdoor furniture for small gardens, you have to be careful. Try not to use outdoor furniture that is large in size because it will only take up space and make it narrower. With this, the most appropriate outdoor furniture to fill a small garden is small furniture.

outdoor furniture
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You can choose minimalist seats and tables. Or, you can use a bench there and put a soft seat cushion to make it cozy. Do not forget throw pillows to make the seat feel more comfortable and also a decoration that adds to the beauty and aesthetic value of the small garden.

10. Make Indoor and Outdoor Look together

The last of 10 Tips to Make Your Small Garden Look Bigger is to make your indoor and outdoor look together. Between indoor and outdoor is usually built a wall. There is also a wooden door for access in and out of the garden. This one method is not good for small gardens.

indoor and outdoor

In making indoor and outdoor look together, you need to install large windows between them. Instead of using a wooden door, it would be better to use a glass door.

You can also open windows and glass doors in the morning. That way, the morning air is still clean and enters the house and makes it feel fresh. This one method can also make air circulation run well.

Final Words

It is important to have a garden in your house even though it is small. With a garden, there is a green area that can make the mind fresh. You can also make this fresh area a place to rest and calm your mind. However, you need to make a small garden in your house feel comfortable. And, one way is to make it feel wider. The points above are 10 Tips to Make Your Small Garden Look Bigger. So, happy trying all!

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