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33 Soothing Minimalist Bathroom Ideas: Perfect Place for Relax – In this article, we discuss “Soothing Minimalist Bathroom Ideas”. Although closed and not exposed, the bathroom remains an important part of the house. This one room is the most frequently used. Therefore, the beauty and comfort of the bathroom are also important points that you must pay close attention to.

As the most closed and unexposed room, the bathroom has a calm atmosphere. And this is an advantage that you can take advantage of. The calmness in the bathroom will be very effective in making you relax again. Calm yourself and your mind for a moment while soaking in warm water will be very pleasant.

So, in helping you to have your dream cozy bathroom, here are 33 Soothing Minimalist Bathroom Ideas: Perfect Place for Relax. So, let’s check it out!

1. Feel Warm in The Beige Bathroom Shades

minimalist bathroom ideas
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Beige is the best color to make the interior feel warm and serene. This one color is in the middle of white and brown. So that the use of shade colors for the bathroom area will still make the room bright.

Focus on warm shades in the bathroom to make it feel more comfortable. Here, you can use wood materials to make bathroom cabinets and vanities.

2. Calm and Elegant Minimalist Bathroom

elegant bathroom
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The minimalist concept is more focused on a “clean” and “free of clutter”. Therefore, as much as possible the decorations or displays are removed. All knick-knacks and items in the bathroom are hidden in closed storage.

However, a very plain impression gives a boring effect and affects the comfort of the bathroom. Therefore, installing marble is the most appropriate. Abstract marble motifs will add beauty to the bathroom. In addition, the appearance of the bathroom will also change to be elegant drastically.

Here, you just need to give a little touch of gold and play with white lighting to make an elegant impression present well.

3. Simple but Feel Cozy

simple minimalist bathroom ideas
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The simpler a room, the more relaxing it will be. Like in this one idea where the bathroom is only filled with a bathtub and some decorations as a sweetener.

The unique simple faucet is a plus value that adds an attractive impression to the bathroom. There is also rattan material on the lighting and rug which gives warm and soothing nuances. Concrete walls and floors feature natural grays that make the bathroom feel comfortable and calm.

4. Comfortable Luxurious Minimalist Bathroom

comfortable minimalist bathroom ideas
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If your life is filled with luxurious and glamorous things, you can also apply them to the bathroom in your home. Choose white to make the bathroom feel more spacious and bright. Use granite or marble in important areas, such as bathtubs, shower areas, and vanities. Installing white string light there will make the granite and marble display a glossy effect that makes this room look expensive.

5. Playing with Wood to Bring Warmth

timber accent
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Wood is a natural material that you can use to create a warm and serene bathroom. You can choose the Timber and install it in the bathtub area. Also, apply it to the wall to give an accent that makes a minimalist bathroom look attractive. To make wood display its natural texture and color, use warm lighting as bathroom lighting. This will really help add warmth and comfort.

6. Natural Modern Minimalist Bathroom Design

modern bathroom
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Bringing thick natural nuances into the bathroom is one solution that can add to the comfort of the bathroom. Natural nuances will give a fresh and calm effect.

Use wood materials to decorate the walls and ceiling of the bathroom. This material is the best in making the room calm and warm. Next, install a vertical garden on the wall of the mirror area. To maximize serenity and comfort in the bathroom, choose warm lighting or yellow lighting as decoration.

7. Make It Fresh with Plants

fresh minimalist bathroom ideas
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There is nothing more refreshing than plants. If you want to make your bathroom feel soothing and fresh, then try choosing plants as decorations. Choose indoor plants because they can last longer indoors. In addition, the care of indoor plants is also not so difficult and troublesome.

Place some indoor plants close to the bathtub. You can also use indoor hanging plants to decorate the upper area of the bathroom.

8. Modern Style Bathroom

modern minimalist bathroom ideas
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Modern designs that prioritize functionality are very suitable to be applied to the bathroom. Not so many decorations and items will make the bathroom atmosphere calm.

Although simple, modern design still pays attention to its aesthetic value. This design usually plays on simple and soft motifs for the floor and wall areas.

9. Bathtub Next to The Large Window

bathtub ideas
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The bathtub is the main spot in the bathroom. This is where you will relax and enjoy your free time. Therefore, make sure you make the bathtub the most comfortable spot here.

Placing the bathtub next to the window is one of the right ideas for you to try. Here, you can soak in warm water while enjoying the beautiful scenery outside. However, this one idea is perfect for those of you who live in mountain areas or places that are not so crowded with settlements. Or, you can also

10. Elegant and Clean Minimalist Bathroom

clean minimalist bathroom ideas
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The combination of white and terracotta makes the bathroom feel soft, warm, and calm. The room feels more comfortable thanks to the minimalist concept that makes it look clean and tidy. The soft marble motif on the walls and floor slightly shows the elegant side of the bathroom.

Curtains that are installed from above the ceiling to the floor give the effect of a wider room. Installing a net curtain is very effective in maintaining privacy and making the bathroom bright naturally.

11. Wooden Modern Minimalist Bathroom Design

wooden minimalist bathroom ideas
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The next of 33 Soothing Minimalist Bathroom Ideas is a wooden modern minimalist bathroom. The wood material is deliberately made dominant to give a warm and calm effect to the bathroom. The natural colors of the wood, motifs and textures also provide a simple and attractive aesthetic value. Here, you only need to illuminate the bathroom with natural lighting to make the nuances of nature present thicker. Adding decorations like plants is the right choice that can make the bathroom feel a little fresher.

12. Present An Artsy Look with Wall Mural

wall mural
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Nothing wrong with decorating the bathroom with a touch of art. Instead, this will be the uniqueness and character of the bathroom itself.

A woman face wall mural fits perfectly on the wall area near the bathtub. Given that the bathtub is the main spot in the bathroom, the wall near the bathtub will automatically become the main focal point that stands out here. With this, a woman face wall mural will indirectly be immediately visible to the eye and give an attractive impression and also eliminate the boring impression in the room.

13. Comfy Smal Minimalist Bathroom

small minimalist bathroom ideas
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Do not worry if your bathroom is small and cramped. You can still make it a room full of comfort and tranquility.

Just use neutral colors like white, beige, black, and brown. If you want to make the small bathroom look soft, you can use ivory white as the main color.

Because it is not possible to use various kinds of decorations for the bathroom, then you can make a stucco wall as an option. The texture of the stucco wall will make the bathroom look attractive and not boring. Beautify the bathroom with a simple pendant lamp with yellow lighting next to the vanities and also beautiful flowers in a vase.

14. Playing with Warm Lighting

warm lighting
Cc: Pinterest

In creating a quiet bathroom, applying a minimalist concept is the most appropriate. However, such a simple impression sometimes gives the effect of being bored and uncomfortable. Therefore, giving a little touch to the bathroom is needed.

You can install an LED light to give a more attractive effect and impression to the bathroom. Installing it behind the mirror, vanities area, and bathtub area will give an accent to the bathroom wall.

Choose yellow lighting to make the atmosphere in the minimalist bathroom feel warm. It also really helps to increase the calm and comfort of the bathroom.

15. Masculine Minimalist Bathroom Design

masculine minimalist bathroom ideas
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Playing with black can create a bathroom with a masculine look. No need to worry that the bathroom will feel cramped and stuffy which can disturb your comfort. With the right arrangement and decoration, the bathroom will actually become your favorite area in the house.

Natural lighting is very important here. The black color exposed to natural lighting will convey calm.

You can decorate the wall area by installing timber vertically. The texture and color of the timber are enough to make the masculine bathroom look attractive and far from boring.

16. Soothing Minimalist Bathroom with Natural Nuances

natural minimalist bathroom
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Soothing minimalist bathroom with natural nuances becomes the next of 33 Soothing Minimalist Bathroom Ideas. With a combination of black and white, the minimalist bathroom looks more glam and elegant. The high ceiling makes it feel more spacious.

What’s interesting about this idea is the elegant appearance with thick natural nuances. Natural elements such as plants, natural materials, and natural lighting are present well.

Large windows without any decoration maximize sunlight and make the bathroom bright naturally. The vertical garden in the bathtub area is a decoration that beautifies the bathroom while giving a fresh and calm effect. Wood material as an accent and gives a texture that makes a minimalist bathroom look attractive.

17. Black Minimalist Bathroom Shades

black minimalist bathroom ideas
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Applying black for a minimalist bathroom will give a clean look. Make the black color calm with the help of sunlight. Here, you can install a large window or glass door in the bathroom.

It would be better if you give it a fresh feel to adding to the comfort of your bathroom. The vertical garden is the most appropriate idea for you to choose. And for the final touch, install some bulb pendant lights with yellow lighting to make the atmosphere warmer and calmer.

18. Semi-Outdoor Bathroom That Feels Fresh

semi-outdoor bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

The semi-outdoor bathroom is the next of 33 Soothing Minimalist Bathroom Ideas you can choose from. With a thick natural feel, you will feel calmer and more comfortable in the bathroom.

The skylight window installed in the bathtub area not only makes the bathroom bright naturally but also displays beautiful blue clouds. Soaking in the bathtub while enjoying the beautiful clouds will be very helpful in making you relax again.

Make the bathroom look more natural with a vertical garden and also rocks in the bathtub area. For lighting at night, you can rely on an LED light with yellow lighting that makes the bathroom feel warm.

19. Make The Bathroom Feel Alive with Natural Lighting

natural lighting
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Making natural lighting as the main lighting of a room will make it seem more alive and comfortable. And the window is one of the items to let sunlight into the room. However, the use of a window inside a window is sometimes considered to interfere with privacy and comfort. With this, skylight windows are the most appropriate solution. And the bathtub area is the most appropriate area for you to install skylight windows.

20. Vertical Garden in The Bathroom

vertical garden minimalist bathroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The minimalist concept is the best for creating a calm atmosphere in the bathroom. A clean and tidy appearance will make you feel comfortable there. However, because of the lack of decorations often makes a minimalist bathroom seem boring. Therefore, it takes a special touch to make a minimalist bathroom look attractive and feel comfortable. And, a vertical garden is the most appropriate idea for you to try.

The use of a vertical garden will be very helpful in saving space and also maintaining a neat and clean value from the minimalist concept. The natural green color of plants can also change the atmosphere of the bathroom to be fresher and more alive.

21. White Nuances Minimalist Bathroom

white minimalist bathroom ideas
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Do not hesitate to make white as the main color of the bathroom. Applying white to the entire bathroom will create a cleaner and neater look. And of course, this makes the room feel more comfortable.

In the bathtub area, you can install a large window to display a fresh green garden. With a garden view, the bathroom feels more alive and fresh.

22. Modern Monochrome Minimalist Bathroom

modern minimalist bathroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 33 Soothing Minimalist Bathroom Ideas is a modern monochrome minimalist bathroom. A monochrome concept is an option for those of you who are afraid to use one color. One color becomes the main color, and the other color becomes a decoration so that the bathroom doesn’t seem stiff and boring.

The abstract motif of marble on the wall becomes a touch that adds to the beauty and also creates an elegant look in the bathroom. It’s enough to play with the lighting to make the marble motif look stand out.

23. Comfortable Small Bathroom

cozy minimalist bathroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Who says bathrooms can’t be comfortable? The small bathroom on this one idea is decorated in white and black. White to give a bright and broad effect. So the bathroom does not feel cramped. And, black as a decoration that gives a firm effect.

In the corner of the bathtub area, there are large plants so that the bathroom doesn’t seem stiff. The natural green color of the plants also makes the room fresher.

This small bathroom feels more comfortable and alive with the help of sunlight entering through the small window. Lighting with sunlight will eliminate dark lines in the room. With this, a small bathroom will feel more spacious.

24. Feel Fresh with Flowers in The Vase

flowers decor
Cc: Pinterest

Give a natural touch that can change the atmosphere of the bathroom feels fresh. Here, you can use plants that can also be decorations to add to the beautiful value of the bathroom.

Choose your favorite flower to decorate the bathroom. Put it in a vase filled with water to keep it fresh for a long time. This one display will be very beautiful if you place it in an area that is visible to the eye such as vanities.

25. Natural Bathroom With Wood Elements

wooden minimalist bathroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Natural bathroom with wooden elements is the next of 33 Soothing Minimalist Bathroom Ideas. With white as the main color, the bathroom looks naturally bright. Brightness in the bathroom is also helped by sunlight entering through the skylight and glass door.

Natural materials such as wood and small stones add a natural feel to the bathroom. The brown color and texture of the wood make the atmosphere warmer and calmer.

26. Skylight Window Above The Shower Area

skylight window minimalist bathroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Penggunaan skylight window membuat cahaya alami masuk ke dalam kamar mandi lebih baik. Awan biru yang indah juga terframe pada skylight window yang mana tidak hanya menambah keindahan bathroom tetapi juga dapat membuatmu merasa lebih calm and nyaman. Oleh karena itu, ide satu ini menjadi salah satu 33 Soothing Minimalist Bathroom Ideas yang bisa kamu coba.

Kamu hanya perlu menambah kesan alami pada ruangan dengan installing one or three small plants on the wall. Alangkah lebih baik untuk mengandalkan natural materials untuk membuat nuansa alam hadir dengan baik in the bathroom.

27. Cozy Modern Minimalist Bathroom

modern bathroom design
Cc: Pinterest

This modern bathroom looks so pretty with a fairly unique design. the use of black and white in the same ratio makes it bright but also cool.

Natural light is maximized by installing large windows on the sides of the bathtub and shower area. The natural impression is enhanced by placing natural stones in the bathtub and sink/vanities area. That way, the atmosphere in the bathroom feels comfortable and full of calm.

You can also feel the warm atmosphere from the warm lighting from the LED light which is also a decoration for the bathtub and vanities area. With this, the comfort and beauty of the bathroom is more balanced.

28. Look Feminine in Glamour Style

feminine minimalist bathroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The serenity wrapped in the glamor concept will give a different sensation. You will feel the luxury of the bathroom and feel like you are in a spa bath.

The wall mural with a combination of gold, rose, and blue colors gives an elegant and expensive effect on the bathroom look. With white as the main color, all the colors on the walls become more vivid and stand out. You can also give a touch of rose gold to the faucet and pendant lamps to add expensive value to the bathroom.

29. Beautiful Flowers Wall Mural

flowers wall mural
Cc: Pinterest

Wall murals will be decorations that make the bathroom look beautiful. Choose a flower wall mural to create a sweet side. The blue and gray color variants give a fresh effect to the bathroom. So, the bathroom will be more comfortable when combined with a minimalist concept.

If you want to bring warmth to the bathroom, try relying on wood elements. You can choose wooden flooring for your bathroom.

30. Simple but Feels Fresh and Comfy

comfy minimalist bathroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 33 Soothing Minimalist Bathroom Ideas is simple but feels fresh and comfy. With white as the base color, the bathroom looks neutral. Here, you can use natural materials to add another color. Use wood for vanities and rattan as plant pots and pendant lights.

Natural lighting in this one idea is very important. Natural light will make the white color seem more natural and brighter. That way, even though the bathroom looks so simple and natural, it will still feel comfortable and attractive.

31. Pink Pastel Minimalist Bathroom

pink minimalist bathroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Tired of using white as the main color for the bathroom? If so, then this idea is for you to try.

Soft pink color combined with black will give a soft and calm look but a little firm. The black color also helps in increasing the serenity of the bathroom atmosphere.

The best lighting for this one bathroom is a white light. That way, the pink color will display the original color.

32. Soft Blue for Calm and Fresh at Once

soft blue minimalist bathroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The bathroom in pastel blue also looks attractive. This idea is suitable for those of you who prefer a soft and calm interior. With a touch of gold on the vanities feet, faucet, pendant light, and mirror frame, this soft bathroom manages to look elegant and classy.

Natural light is an important factor that affects the appearance and comfort of the bathroom. With natural light lighting, the blue color looks more alive and gives a fresher atmosphere to the bathroom.

33. Make it Simple but Pretty with Terrazzo

Cc: Pinterest

Making the bathroom simple but pretty with terrazzo is the next of 33 Soothing Minimalist Bathroom Ideas you can choose from. The combination of white and soft pink creates a bathroom with a soft and bright look. Moreover, white lighting makes both colors display their original colors.

Playing on motifs is the safest way to give an interesting effect to the bathroom look without disturbing the minimalist impression there. On the walls of the vanities area, you can install terrazzo with a white base color. The colors on the terrazzo change the appearance of the bathroom drastically.

Final Words

There are many ideas that you can apply to your bathroom, be it small or large. And, we have summarized it in “33 Soothing Minimalist Bathroom Ideas”. With the ideas listed above, you can enjoy the bathroom to feel the calmness and relax yourself.

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