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20 Washing Room Storage: Create A Neat Design and Useful Spaces – The washing room may be an additional room in the house. However, this one room is very important, especially for homes in subtropical countries. It was in this room that people would wash and dry their clothes during the winter. Even so, the neatness and beauty of this room are also a part that you should pay close attention to. Indeed, there will be many items that make the washing room look messy. And, this is your challenge to make it look neat, clean, and also beautiful. One way is to provide a storage area in the washing room. And, in this article, we have provided 20 Washing Room Storage for those of you who want to Create A Neat Design and Useful Spaces. So, let’s check it out!

1. Having a Cabinet in the Washing Room

The first idea is the basic one. This washing room is in the kitchen. It uses a big cabinet for the washing machine. Also, this cabinet has a stunning neutral color. The calm color can soothe your mind while having a washing activity.

Moreover, this washing room has a small space against the wall. You can put the washing machine and the dryer machine beneath this storage. Then, arrange washing appliances inside the cabinet. You can only put the laundry detergent and softener in a container, then arrange them on the countertop.

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2. Clever Design in A Small Laundry Room

The multifunctional cupboard is a must-have piece of furniture. It is useful in the washing room and the store room. This cupboard has a clever arrangement. The washing room appliances are in a nice proportion. You can see the washing machine and the dryer machine in the same cupboard.

Meanwhile, the other storage can load the smaller items. There are laundry powder, detergent, softener, and the like. Also, there is an iron board, so you can flatten the clothes with the iron machine. There are multiple storages in this cupboard, so it will not consume as large space as the washing room.

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3. Wide Cabinet for A Hidden Washing Room

The cabinet is the common furniture to use as a washing room. It is a simple idea to hide the laundry area. This washing room uses a wide green cabinet. The big storage loads the washing machine and the dryer in the same space. It is a practical idea to save energy because you can wash the clothes in one spot.

Furthermore, this washing room has other storage. Use the storage to save the washing room appliances. Maybe you want to make it neater, then use some baskets. It will compound all small things in the practical container. Also, you can fill a transparent container with laundry powder or softener. Then arrange these bottles in the storage.

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4. Efficient Way to Create Wall Storage

The wall storage is a brilliant idea. It will save on the space in a house. Even, you can use it as your washing room. It does not take up a lot of space. The small wall storage with a horizontal cabinet is enough. The storage in this idea has a countertop.

Thus, you can use the countertop to put laundry appliances or ornaments. There are a group of green plants in a vase. On the tray on a countertop, there is a bowl of laundry powder and softener balls. Meanwhile, there is also storage beneath the countertop. Use some wicker containers to keep it neat. You can use the top less basket or the otherwise.

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5. Laundry Room and Timber Blind

Some washing rooms have a blind. It is functional to hide the laundry room. Even though this laundry room only uses one blind, it will not clutter an aesthetic design. This timber blind can hide the storage for a while. The storage is simple and minimalist.

It consists of some wooden planks as wall shelves and an extra cabinet on the bottom. This design is simple and calming. Also, there is a small lamp on the timber cabinet. Meanwhile, you can add a wicker basket for extra storage in this laundry room.

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6. Basic Washing Room and Vertical Storage

This is a basic idea of a washing room. The hidden washing room is inside the wall. It uses wall storage as the laundry area. It even has two doors, so you can shut the door and make it looks like a cabinet. This washing room has vertical storage. It has small spaces to save the appliances.

Also, you can add a wicker basket to fill the storage. It will not declutter the design or make it looks crowded. Besides, this washing room has little storage with different stuff. Put the laundry appliances in a visible place, so you will not take it easy. Meanwhile, the top space is useful to put other stuff.

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7. Wall Storage for A Small Laundry Room

The wall storage will offer many benefits. It is simple and does not take up large spaces. Also, it loads the washing machine and the dryer machine in the same space. This wall storage has a narrower space. It has two big spaces for the white baskets.

Meanwhile, the rest of the storage is useful as hanging space. This small storage has two big doors. The door wings will take up lots of space, especially for the traffic way in the room. Even though the door is not efficient, this washing room hides perfectly on the wall.

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8. Multiple Storage in the Narrow Room

A narrow room is not an excuse to create a washing room. You can pick the slim washing machine and the dryer machine. This idea is perfect for a small family. The two machines are efficient to sort vertically. Then, use the wall as storage. It will save narrow spaces.

Moreover, the storage is multiple. You can see some door knobs on the storage. It provides more space to load the washing room appliances. Even, you can save the cleaning appliances such as the mop and vacuum cleaner.

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9. Functional Cabinet for Washing Room in Bathroom

Having a washing room in the bathroom is a practical idea. You can do a cleaning activity in the same room. This washing room is like a simple cabinet. The wall cabinet has two machines. Also, there are small lights that brighten the area. Then, there is a simple wall shelf above the machine area.

This storage is functional to load the appliances. You can put a few baskets on the wall shelf. Also, there is two storage on the top. It is functional to load small items. Moreover, this washing room has folded doors. So, you can shut it off after washing the clothes and make it like an ordinary cabinet.

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10. Vertical Cabinet with Washing Machine

This is a unique cabinet. The vertical cabinet will save on space in your washing room. It is suitable for a narrow room that needs storage. The washing machine and dryer machine are small. Thus, it will not consume a lot of space.

Besides, the washing room appliances in this idea are neat. It has a clever arrangement. This washing room uses two folded doors. It has a blind on its wings. So, you can manage the washing room appliances and name them based on the container.

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11. Minimalist Cabinet and Extra Baskets

Minimalist design can fit into every room. It looks simple and elegant. The minimalist cabinet will create a simple design for the washing room as well. It has a soft color and has no door knobs. Moreover, the storage in the cabinet is multiple.

Besides, you can make it more stunning by adding extra baskets. These storage are useful to create a clever impression. Also, you can differentiate some products based on their function. For example, you can put detergent and laundry powder in the same basket. This storage will help you to manage the small things.

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12. Vertical Storage for Washing Room in The Bathroom

The small room needs special storage. The right storage will keep the space in the room. Here, you will see another vertical storage. This storage has a neat design with multiple spaces. Thus, you can arrange the washing room appliances in a different area. Even, you can save a vacuum cleaner in this storage.

Moreover, this cabinet has a calm color. It lessens the narrow impression of this room. This storage is simple and uses a folded door, so it will not consume the room space. This washing room idea will take a little space from the bathroom. Despite this, it is safe to avoid spilling on the floor if you build the washing room outside the bathroom.

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13. Elegant Storage with LED Lights

Decorating the washing room is challenging. You only need a little change, such as installing the LED lights. You can put the LED lights in the dark spot or dark lines. It creates an interesting effect on storage. Also, it helps you to get better vision at night if you want to do a late-night washing time.

Furthermore, this washing room has double storage. The vertical storage only has one door. Thus, the washing machine storage is doorless. It is stunning to let the beautiful lighting spread its warm lights. Also, the storage will keep this room looking neat and interesting.

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14. Apartment Design for Washing Room

An apartment has multiple functions. Thus, this open space area will need special storage for the washing room. This idea will show the storage to save the washing room. It uses simple storage and a timber door.

Thus, the washing machine and the dryer machine are safe. Also, the timber door will reduce the clutter look inside the washing room. The washing room has a hanger above the washing machine. It is useful to hang the dried clothes after the washing activity. Meanwhile, the other stores are useful to put washing appliances.

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15. Modern Washing Room and Doorless Storage

The washing room needs extra lighting in some spots. The washing room storage is the best place to get LED lights. Thus, this modern storage has some lighting in every storage. It is helpful to shine the dark spot during the night washing time.

Besides, this storage is doorless. This design will reduce the space for the door wings. Thus, the door will not take up any space. This washing room has a nice arrangement. The small items are in the small box. Meanwhile, the bigger things are in the wider spaces.

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16. Small Washing Room and Multiple Storage

Storage is an essential thing in every room. It will keep your washing room clever by holding things neatly. This washing room has multiple storage in one cabinet. Also, it loads the washing machine and the dryer machine. It looks catchy and neutral.

Also, the washing room has interesting lighting. The black spotlights will mark the washing room area. Moreover, this washing room is just like a cabinet. You can shut the door and make it like a normal cabinet in the room. Even though this washing room is small, it has a nice and clever design.

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17. Adding Baskets for Storage

First of all, this narrow room has two functions a kitchen and a washing room. You can maximalize each function by arranging the appliances. Thus, the washing room has an extra basket for washing room appliances. It has a few shelves above the washing machine as well. Also, there is a narrow spot where you hang the clothes.

Moreover, the other stores are at the bottom. There is storage on the white wall. You can use it as extra storage for the kitchen or the washing room. Also, the baskets in the small storage are neat. It keeps the detergent, softener, and laundry powder without decluttering the kitchen impression.

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18. Elegant Washing Room and Full of Storage

This is an old fashionable washing room. It has a narrow space. Besides, the color schemes and the accents are important to create the impression. The wallpaper, flooring, and storage will make it narrower. On the right side, there is storage to the ceiling. It has navy colors.

Furthermore, this room has storage on the wall too. It has much storage to maximalize the saving space. There is a big chandelier on the ceiling and a glass window. It will shine the storage and create a dramatic reflection in the room and reduce the narrow impression.

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19. Stylish Laundry Room with Countertop Cabinets

Some Industrial accents will bring a wild impression to a room. The rusty wall is an interesting accent to enliven the Industrial design of this washing room. This room has a washing machine and the dryer machine in the same room. It has no storage above the machines. It is only a small hanger near the window.

This washing room and kitchen are in the same room. Thus, both rooms are sharing the same cabinet. You can use the space for washing room appliances. Maybe it takes two to three spaces. Also, you can put a small basket on the countertop. Then, load the washing detergent, softener, and brush.

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20. Modern Washing Room with Wall shelf

The spaces on the wall are the best choice for storage. People install wall shelves to load their stuff. Thus, you can do it too in your washing room. This washing room design is like the kitchen with a countertop. Try to design some wall shelves above the countertop.

Moreover, arrange cute items like amber bottles and wicker baskets. Also, you can add an ornamental plant to the wall shelf. Meanwhile, the washing room is exposed to doorless storage. Besides, the dryer machine is inside the other storage. This doorless will tell people that it is the laundry room.

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Final Words

There are lots of items in the washing room, from detergents, softener balls, and even iron boards. Not infrequently people also put several other items such as vacuum cleaners and mop appliances in this room. And, because many items often make the room look messy. If you have this, the room will feel uncomfortable. In fact, comfort and beauty in the washing room are also important values that must be considered. Therefore, it is important to present storage in this room. This will really help to store things and make the room look tidy. And, the points above are 20 Washing Room Storage to Create A Neat Design and Useful Spaces. So, happy decorating all!

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