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10 LED Bathroom Lighting Ideas for Stand Out Look – LED bathroom lighting ideas are the topic that we raise in this article. Installing LED lighting in the bathroom is one way to make the bathroom get even lighting. This one lamp is an additional lamp that can make the bathroom look brighter.

It does not stop here, LED lighting also provides interesting accents and adds beauty to the bathroom. You can choose an LED light with soft and warm lighting to sharp and cool lighting. All of this depends on how you want to create the look and feel of your bathroom.

In this article, we have provided 10 LED Bathroom Lighting Ideas for Stand Out Look that you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

1. LED Recessed Light to Provide Lighting From Above

LED Bathroom Lighting Ideas
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Believe that the lighting from above is much better in illuminating the room. So, for those of you who want to decorate your bathroom with LED light, you can install it on the ceiling area. You can choose LED recessed light. Install these lights on the sides of the ceiling to give a beautiful accent.

If white light is the main light in the room, then this is a sign that you need to add additional light that is softer and warmer. With this, choose LED recessed lighting with more yellow lighting. For brightness problems, you can adjust it according to the area of your bathroom. Try not to use a light that is too dim or it will get crushed with white lighting. However, do not choose lighting that is too bright as it will dazzle your eyes.

2. LED Lighting Behind The Mirror

best LED Bathroom Lighting Ideas
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Mirror is a mandatory item for the bathroom. Usually, this one item is used to assist in carrying out several activities such as washing your face or brushing your teeth. However, nowadays, many bathroom mirror designs are available and make them also function as attractive decorations that can add to the aesthetic value of the bathroom.

If you have a large mirror in the bathroom, you can make it an attractive focal point there. You only need to add a little touch to give an accent that can make the mirror look stand out. And, installing LED lighting behind the mirror is the most appropriate.

Since mirrors are reflective items, choose warm, soft lighting. You choose warm lighting for the rear mirror. Choose a slightly dim lighting so as not to give a glare effect.

3. Attractive LED light at The Bathtub Area

attractive LED Bathroom Lighting Ideas
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The bathtub is the main item and the main spot in the bathroom. So, making it look attractive and stand out more than other spots is very important. You can play on the lighting to make the bathtub the main focal point in the bathroom. Here, you can install LED light in the area under the bathtub as shown in the picture above.

Your task here is to give a firmer effect to the bathtub area. Therefore, try to avoid choosing warm and soft light. Here, you can use an LED light with white and sharp lighting. It does not matter if the light is too bright because the light will fall on the floor and will not have a dazzling effect on the eyes.

Not only the area under the bathtub, but you can also install the same LED light on the ceiling right above the bathtub. The light from above will fall directly on the bathtub and make the look stand out in the bathroom.

4. Warm Lighting for Mirror and Shelf Area

LED Bathroom Lighting Ideas and decors
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Warm lighting for the mirror and shelf area is the next of 10 LED Bathroom Lighting Ideas for Stand Out Look. The bathroom with white and gray tones looks so bright with white lighting as the main lighting. White lighting goes a long way to make colors bring out their true colors. With this, the display will become more lively.

Just depending on the main lighting is actually enough to make the room look bright. However, this does not help make the bathroom look aesthetic and attractive. Therefore, additional lighting is needed by installing LED lights in the bathroom.

Choose small spots that you want to stand out like mirrors and shelves. You can install an LED light with yellow lighting to give a soft effect. Besides that, yellow lighting can also change the atmosphere to be warmer and calmer. Here, you can install an LED light behind the mirror. And, for the shelf, you can install an LED light on the inside of the shelf. Install LED light on the top and bottom to give a deeper effect on the shelf.

5. Make the Wall Mural Look Stand Out with LED Bathroom Lighting

LED Bathroom Lighting
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One way to make a minimalist bathroom look fuller and more attractive is to give an attractive touch to the wall area. There are several ways you can do this, such as installing marble with a sprinkle motif on one side of the wall, displaying large paintings, and also wall murals.

It would be a shame if the accents on the walls were left alone. For example, a wall mural with a very interesting image on the wall near the bathtub. Which side of the wall is the main point that affects the beauty of the bathroom. Therefore, it is necessary to make it look stand out by providing more lighting in the wall mural area.

You can install LED bathroom lighting in the upper area (ceiling) because the top lighting is much better at illuminating it. The light will fall directly on the wall and make the colors on the wall mural look clearer. The additional lighting that is soft and warm will make the eyes go there and see how beautiful the wall mural in the bathroom is.

6. Fresh Vertical Garden with LED Bathroom Lighting

fresh vertical garden
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There are many ways you can do to make the bathroom feel comfortable. And one way is to make the bathroom feel fresh. However, sometimes the use of potted plants takes up space and makes the bathroom feel cramped. Therefore, a vertical garden is an interesting idea to try. The vertical garden takes over one of the walls so that its application will not make the bathroom feel cramped.

A vertical garden in the vanity area can make it an attractive spot in the bathroom. It is just that you really need to give a little touch by giving an interesting effect by playing with the lighting. Here, you can install LED lights on the right and left sides of the vertical garden. Also, install the LED light right behind the mirror to give a beautiful accent. This method can make plants and their textures appear more clearly on the wall.

Choose yellow lighting to give a warmer impression to the room. Yellow lighting also really helps make the atmosphere calmer.

7. Make Vanity Area As Focal Point

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The beautiful vanity is too bad to miss. Vanity can be an interesting spot that can add value to the beauty of the bathroom. Here, you really need to make it look stand out by providing more lighting there.

You can hang pendant lights right above the vanity to give a more attractive accent to the ceiling and walls. You can apply it to textured parts like wood to make it look clearer. Mirrors with attractive designs also make them stand out and attractive by installing LED bathroom lighting right behind them.

It does not stop here, you also need to pay attention to the underside of the vanity area. In making a vanity look stand out in the bathroom, pay attention to the top, middle and bottom areas. And, in the area under the vanity, you can also install an LED light with yellow lighting to give it a softer and calmer effect. Let the light fall on the floor and make the vanity area look aesthetic.

8. LED Light for The Corner of The Bathroom

LED lighting
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The next of 10 LED Bathroom Lighting Ideas for Stand Out Look is a LED light for the corner of the bathroom. This one idea is perfect for small bathrooms. The minimalist design gives a very simple appearance and makes the small bathroom feel wider. However, because of this very simple appearance, the bathroom looks ordinary and seems boring. Therefore, providing more lighting can be a surefire way to make a minimalist small bathroom look fuller and more attractive.

Instead of installing an LED bathroom light in the upper area, it would be better to install it in the corner of the room. This will give the small bathroom a depth effect and give the illusion of a wider area. That way, the small bathroom will feel more comfortable.

Choose lighting that can give a warm effect to support a minimalist design in giving peace to the bathroom. Opt for brighter lighting because small rooms need more lighting to make them feel comfortable and look beautiful.

9. Wall Washing Light to Make The Material Look Clearly

Wall Washing Light
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There are many ways to make bathrooms look attractive like presenting texture by placing wood material on the wall. With a mirror on the middle side, this will look more modern and outstanding. Therefore, it is unfortunate if the texture is not clearly visible in the bathroom. Here, you need to add additional lighting to make Clearly Look Wood material.

LED light with soft white lighting will help wood in providing a calm and warm effect which makes the bathroom feel so comfortable. Install LED Light in the ceiling area. Lighting from above will be much better in making it. Light will immediately fall into the wall area and create a beautiful effect for the wood material itself.

10. Pink LED Light to Illuminate Shower Niches

pink LED light
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The Last of 10 LED Bathroom Lighting Ideas for Stand Out Look Is a Pink Led Light to Illuminate Shower Niches. This last idea is indeed different from previous ideas that use sharp white light or yellow light full of tenderness. Pink lighting gives such an attractive effect on the bathroom. With a touch of pink, the atmosphere will feel more feminine and calm. However, in terms of appearance, it will be far more attractive.

Pink Led Light installed in the Niche Shower gives a depth effect which makes it look bigger. All the toiletries there will be focused on the room. Therefore, maintain tidiness to create a neat and pretty bathroom. Pink Led Light in the shower niche is also very suitable for making tiles in it look more real. Not only that, when you use the bathroom, you do not need to turn on all the lights in the room so you will save more on your electricity bills.

Final Words

In lighting the bathroom, do not only depend on the main lighting. You can also add additional lighting that can make the room look brighter and also gives the value of beauty. And, an LED Bathroom Light is the most appropriate type of lamp to use. The Points Above Are 10 LED Bathroom Lighting Ideas for Stand Out Look that you can follow. Choose one of the 10 points that you think is suitable for your bathroom. Also, pay attention to the aspects of color and layout of your bathroom when you want to install LED Lights. So, happy trying all!

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