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20 Kitchen Ideas That Have Expensive and Aesthetic Look – Although it is often located behind the house, the kitchen is the most important element in the interior of the house. Many people want a kitchen that looks attractive with an expensive and elegant concept. And if you are one of them, then this article will be for you. Because in this article, we have provided 20 Kitchen Ideas That Have Expensive and Aesthetic Look. so, let’s check it out!

1. Expensive and Simple with Navy

navy expensive kitchen
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The first of 20 Kitchen Ideas That Have Expensive and Aesthetic Look is expensive and simple with navy. It is most appropriate to bring dark colors to your kitchen if you want to make it look elegant and expensive.

If you are bored with black, you can choose navy as an option. The navy cabinet with dove surface will give a cooler effect to the room. Some gold decorations and also marble elements add to the expensive appearance of the kitchen.

2. The Combination of Green, White, and Yellow

expensive kitchen decor
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Besides navy, you can also choose dark green colors to decorate the kitchen in your home. Keep white as the main color to make it look bright and feel more spacious. You can also bring a touch of yellow to the kitchen to make it look more attractive and not stiff.

3. Minimalist and Expensive Kitchen

minimalist design
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For those of you who want a kitchen with an expensive look, you can rely on the minimalist concept. With a minimalist concept, the kitchen will look neater and cleaner.

Here, you can use neutral colors that tend to be dark to give an elegant and expensive side, such as dark green, black, and gray. You can also bring pastel colors like soft pink to make the kitchen look more attractive.

4. Expensive Kitchen with Fresh Nuances

fresh nuances
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Expensive kitchen with fresh nuances becomes the next of 20 Kitchen Ideas That Have Expensive and Aesthetic Look. In the kitchen this time, of course the color chosen is green. The green color in the kitchen above tends to be soft. Thus, the display will be smoother and softer.

And to emphasize the expensive look of the kitchen, marble elements are used to fill the floor and also the backsplash. And finally, plants are decorations that make it look attractive and fresh.

5. Calm Colors for Expensive Look

expensive kitchen design
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This kitchen looks so adorable with a minimalist and modern concept. The kitchen cabinet managed to save the kitchen utensils and make the kitchen look so clean and tidy.

White is still chosen as the main color to make the kitchen look naturally bright. And here, the wood element is more dominant so you will feel a warmer atmosphere in the kitchen area. There are also other calm colors like green which make it feel a little fresher.

6. Beautiful Kitchen Lighting

expensive kitchen tips
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If your kitchen looks so minimalist and simple, then playing with lighting is the right choice. There are many models and designs of lamps that you can choose from.

If we look at the picture above, the minimalist kitchen looks so adorable with the pretty kitchen pendant lights. You can also add some spotlights on the outskirts of the kitchen to make it look brighter and prettier.

7. The Pendant Light is Everything

beautiful expensive kitchen
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This one kitchen idea looks so beautiful with the minimalist and modern concept. Curtains that are installed from the ceiling to the floor give the effect of a higher wall. So that the kitchen feels more spacious.

The white color looks brighter when exposed to natural light from the window. Not only that, the LED lights in the kitchen cabinet make a white look brighter. What makes the kitchen look calm is the mocha color as a decoration for the kitchen.

Even though it is minimalist and calm, the pendant lighting with a modern design makes it look so pretty. This pendant lighting also emphasizes the expensive and elegant look of the kitchen.

8. Look Expensive in Warm Nuances

warm nuances
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Just a beautiful view is certainly not enough. You also need to make the kitchen feel comfortable. Here, you can create warm nuances in a kitchen with an expensive look.

In this idea, you only need to rely on the wood element and also the gray color. Also, try to maximize natural lighting to make the wood element and the color of the kitchen look more alive. That way, the kitchen not only feels comfortable but also looks more aesthetic.

9. Chair with Zebra Motifs is A Great Decoration

kitchen decor
Cc: Pinterest

A very minimalist appearance does look very boring. Even though in an expensive kitchen there will be marble elements with beautiful abstract motifs. Here, you also need to add a little motif as a decoration to make the kitchen look prettier.

As in the picture above, you can see two benches on the kitchen bar with a very beautiful zebra motif. The combination of soft gray and white color successfully makes the expensive kitchen more charming.

10. Gold and Red for Expensive and Sexy Look

sexy look
Cc: Pinterest

This kitchen relies on beige and black colors to make it look expensive. Moreover, there is natural lighting from the large windows which makes these colors look more vivid. Not only that, the marble element in the kitchen also looks more alive.

What dances to the idea this time is the sexy look from the combination of red and gold. The velvet fabric of the bar chairs gives a glossy effect when exposed to light from the lamp and is right above the kitchen island.

11. Cool Appearance with Black Marble

cool kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Cool appearance with black marble is the next of 20 Kitchen Ideas That Have Expensive and Aesthetic Look. To present a cool look, this kitchen sticks to black. Marble elements with a slightly dove appearance give a cooler and beautiful effect for a minimalist kitchen.

12. Large Windows Make Kitchen Bright Naturally

expensive kitchen ideas
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Never worry if you want to apply black consistently to your kitchen. To make the kitchen does not look dark, cramped, and stuffy, you can maximize natural lighting. Here, you can use a window with a large size.

Besides providing maximum light to the room, the large windows also display beautiful views which can add to the comfort of the kitchen in your home.

13. Glass Cabinet for Displaying Your Luxury Stuff

luxury kitchen
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Decoration is needed to make a room look attractive, including the kitchen. Like the picture above, where the tableware that is very beautiful and looks luxurious is clearly displayed in a kitchen glass cabinet. The LED lighting installed in the cabinet makes the luxury stuff look more stand out in the kitchen. In addition, it also makes the kitchen look more attractive and adorable.

14. LED Lights Make It Look More Alive

LED light decor
Cc: Pinterest

LED lights make it look more alive is the next of 20 Kitchen Ideas That Have Expensive and Aesthetic Look. This idea is perfect for a kitchen with a minimalist and modern concept.

Calm and neutral colors often make the kitchen look ordinary, even boring. Therefore, playing with LED lighting is the right idea. You can install this lamp in the area under the kitchen island and also the kitchen cabinet. Also install the LED lights on the backsplash.

15. Playing on Neutral Colors

neutral colors
Cc: Pinterest

In making the kitchen look expensive, you really could not bring all the colors you want here. It would be safer to choose neutral colors like in the image above. Gray and black colors give a cooler effect to the kitchen. And the wood element is the perfect combination. The presence of wood elements will make the kitchen seem cold and warm at the same time.

16. Black Nuances Kitchen

black nuances expensive kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

The key to an expensive kitchen is marble, glossy effect, dove effect, and dark shades. And the idea this time relies on dark shades with a dove look.

The kitchen cabinet is purposely made jet black to give a cooler and masculine effect to the kitchen. Natural light from the large windows will directly hit the black color and make it look calmer. And lastly is the exposed brick wall which makes this expensive kitchen look attractive.

17. Modern Marble White Kitchen

marble element
Cc: Pinterest

For those of you who want a kitchen with a bright appearance, then you should make white as the main color. On the backsplash and also the kitchen island, you can apply marble with a beautiful simple motif. Natural lighting from the window will make the white color look more shining. Not only that but the kitchen atmosphere also feels more comfortable. And to remove the stiff impression in a white kitchen nuances, you can give a little black touch to the kitchen.

18. Playing with Wood Elements

wood elements
Cc: Pinterest

Relying on natural elements is indeed the safest. As in the picture above, which relies on wood as the main element for a kitchen. Wood elements with a dove surface provide a calm and warm atmosphere. Recessed lighting and also the LED light with yellow lighting on the backsplash kitchen create a very simple and expensive look. And in the kitchen bar area there is also a pendant light with a very simple design but manages to make the kitchen look attractive.

19. Classic Kitchen Design

classic kitchen design
Cc: Pinterest

Classic design is never separated from an elegant and expensive appearance. The soft white color makes the kitchen look so bright naturally and also feels spacious. And what makes this kitchen look expensive are the marble elements and intricate carvings on several spots in the kitchen.

Every corner of the kitchen is considered carefully. Starting from a crystal pendant light that is hung right above the kitchen table, a random touch of gold, to displays that seem luxurious.

20. Expensive Kitchen in Gray Nuances

gray nuances expensive kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 20 Kitchen Ideas That Have Expensive and Aesthetic Look is expensive kitchen in gray nuances. Gray color will give the effect of a dimmer but still bright. Not only that, the atmosphere of the kitchen with shades of gray is also cooler. So, when you bring natural lighting to the kitchen, this will make the atmosphere and appearance more balanced.

What makes this kitchen look expensive is the marble element and also the two crystal chandeliers that are placed right above the dining table. And small touches like LED light on the backsplash and the cabinet also affect the aesthetic value and luxury of the kitchen.

Final Words

Being the most important element in the interior of the house makes people want to make their kitchen look attractive. Some even want to make a kitchen that looks expensive and classy. And the points above are 20 Kitchen Ideas That Have Expensive and Aesthetic Look that can be your reference.

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