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15 Bathroom Storage Solutions: Make It Neat, Clean, and Organizer – Not only beauty but the comfort of the bathroom is also a part that cannot be missed. Try to make your bathroom neat, clean, and also organizing. Therefore, knowing the bathroom storage solutions is a must.

Indeed, the bathroom is a room that is not exposed. However, this room is the room that is used most often. So many unorganized items will give a messy impression. And of course, this has an impact on the comfort of the bathroom.

For those of you who want to have a cozy neat bathroom, here we have provided 15 Bathroom Storage Solutions you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

1. Hide Your Bathroom Stuff Behind The Mirror

Bathroom Storage Solutions
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The mirror is a mandatory item in the bathroom. Usually, it is used to make it easier to do some activities such as washing your face, shaving your beard or mustache, brushing your teeth, and so on.

However, the mirror function does not stop here. You can use a bathroom mirror as an item to hide your bathroom stuff. Try to choose a wall bathroom cabinet with a sliding mirror door.

The bigger the mirror you use, the more space for you to put things. Besides that, the room also becomes brighter and more spacious.

2. Built-in Shelves are The Best Solution

Bathroom Storage Solutions ideas
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Shelves are very important for bathrooms. Installing shelves in the bathroom is one way to prepare more storage space.

However, not all bathrooms have a space to install the shelves. If this is the case, then built-in shelves are the best solution. Here, you can also put some aesthetic bottles of soap and shampoo, and some displays that can add beauty to the bathroom.

3. Open Shelving also Becomes Bathroom Decoration

open shelves
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Hiding your bathroom stuff in wall cabinets is one way to make the bathroom look minimalist and clean. However, if you are one of those who prefer open shelving then this idea is for you.

You can make the wall area a storage area by installing floating wall shelves like the picture above. There, you can put some bathroom stuff. Not only that, but you can also make this wall spot an attractive area in the bathroom. Adding some small plants and some beautiful displays will make the room look more aesthetic and attractive.

4. The Corner of The Bathroom for the Storage Area

corner Bathroom Storage Solutions
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In a bathroom with a larger size, there will be more space in the area near the bathtub. And, making this area a storage area is the most appropriate idea.

You can install wooden planks as shelves. With this, there will be more storage in the bathroom

To maintain the comfort and beauty of the bathroom, as an open storage concept, you have to make sure that the bathroom stuff is neatly arranged.

5. Attractive Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Storage

farmhouse storage
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The soft and warm farmhouse style is perfect for the bathroom. Farmhouse style will change the bathroom atmosphere to be warmer and full of serenity.

If you want to make your bathroom feel cozy, then focus on “farmhouse design”. Starting from wall cabinets, bathroom cabinets, faucets, vanities, and to storage areas.

The corner of the room near the faucet is the most appropriate area for you to make storage. The white farmhouse-style drawers are perfect and make the bathroom look harmonious.

6. Light Wooden Cabinet for Bright Bathroom Look

light wood storage
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There is nothing wrong with showing the natural color and texture of real wood. As shown above, the selected wood is light wooden. Wood is made as bathroom cabinets and vanities. Plain colors and textures blend with white which is the basic color of the room. There are also plants as decorations which make the natural atmosphere present well in this room.

If you want to make the bathroom look bright, make natural lighting the main lighting. The white color will look brighter when exposed to sunlight. Not only that, but you can also use a large mirror in the bathroom. Natural light coming through the window will hit the mirror surface and bounce back into the bathroom.

7. Three Long Cube Wall Displays

wall cubbies
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Tired of using shelves or wooden floating wall shelves as a storage area in the bathroom? If so, then you can replace it with a long cube like the picture above. And this is the next of 15 Bathroom Storage Solutions you can follow.

The long cube will give a raised effect on the wall area which makes it much more attractive. You can use three long cubes to add storage space in the bathroom. Install these three cubes horizontally. The area above the toilet is the most appropriate area.

8. Three-Small Racks for The Corner of The Room

small Bathroom Storage Solutions
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For small bathrooms, try not to use large storage areas. Although, indeed, a large storage area can store more items.

However, given that the space is very limited, you have to rack your brains on how to add more storage space without having to take up too much space and make the bathroom cramped.

In this one idea use a three-small rack with wood as a support. So placing it in the corner of the room gives a calm and warm effect. And, this is the eighth idea of the 15 Bathroom Storage Solutions you can follow.

9. Wooden Built-in Wall Near Bathtub

bathtub storage
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Have a lot of toiletries? Such as shampoo, soap, conditioner, body scrub, and so on. If so, then you need a storage area near the bathtub.

Instead of using floating racks or floating shelves, we recommend that you make built-in shelves near the bathtub. That way, the bathroom will feel more spacious. Also, there is no difference that can make your head or other parts of your body hit.

Make built-in shelves an interesting spot. You can make it an accent wall by choosing wood material that is waterproof and dark in color like the picture above.

10. Add More Storage Hanging Racks for Door Cabinet

door storage
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A small cabinet can only hold a few of your things. So, for those of you who especially have so many things, make sure you make extra storage in the bathroom.

Never think about adding racks, shelves, or anything else because this can make the bathroom feel cramped, especially a small bathroom. We prefer that you use the cabinet door area as a storage area. You can install the rack like the picture above. And this is becoming the next of 15 Bathroom Storage Solutions you can follow.

11. The Best Open Rack for The Corner of The Room

open storage
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If you want to show your pretty bathroom stuff, then this one idea is the most appropriate for you to apply to your bathroom. With tall open shelves, you can store more items such as towels, cotton, and so on. Not only that, but you can also make the open rack an interesting spot that can add to the aesthetic value and beauty of the bathroom. Here, you can put some decorations like small plants to aromatherapy candles.

The most appropriate area to put the open rack is the corner of the room. Because of its large size, this rack can take up a lot of space. Therefore, the corner of the room is the most appropriate spot.

12. Cubbies As A Storage As Long As Barrier

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In maintaining the cleanliness and tidiness of the bathroom, it is important that you divide the bathroom into two areas, namely the wet area and the dry area. With this, the barrier is urgently needed. Here, you can use glass as a barrier or cubbies like the picture above.

The function of cubbies in the bathroom is not only as a barrier between dry and wet areas but also as additional storage in the bathroom. There you can put some bathroom stuff neatly. You can also put a little decoration in the form of a small plant to make it fresh.

For the small items, we recommend that you use a rattan rack. This will be very helpful in organizing your bathroom stuff. That way, the tidiness and cleanliness of the bathroom are well maintained.

13. Round Rattan Rack Fill The Empty Space Under Vanities

round rattan Bathroom Storage Solutions
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Floating vanities give a more minimalist effect. Besides that, floating vanities are also very good for small bathrooms. This one item is able to provide a bigger visual effect for a small bathroom. However, it is just that the area under the vanities is often left empty. In fact, you can use it as a storage area.

In the next of 15 Bathroom Storage Solutions, the area under the vanities is used as a storage area using two round rattan rugs. The curvature of the round rattan rug softens and also disguises the firm and rigid lines of a minimalist concept. That way, the atmosphere is much softer and more comfortable.

14. Glass Wall Cabinet to Show Your Stuff

glass wall cabinet
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The glass wall cabinet becomes the next of 15 Bathroom Storage Solutions. With a glass door, the items in the cabinet will be visible. With this, you can use the glass wall cabinet as a storage area as well as a decoration that makes the bathroom look more beautiful.

The use of a cabinet with a door is also much safer. The items that are in there will not easily fall when touched.

The most appropriate area to install this glass cabinet is the area above the toilet. Or, you can also hang it near vanities or mirrors.

15. Make the Open Rack Look Merges with the Toilet

open storage above toilet
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The last of 15 Bathroom Storage Solutions is to make an open rack merge with the toilet. You can customise the bathroom rack according to the height and width of the toilet in your home bathroom. Let the color and texture of the wood appear there to give a more natural effect to the room. As a storage area, you can put some bathroom stuff with an attractive appearance, such as parallel towels, toilet tissue, and so on.

Final Words

Even though the bathroom is often the smallest room in the house, this one room has lots of items, starting from toilet paper, towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and many more. If these items are not arranged neatly, then the bathroom will feel cramped and uncomfortable. The beauty of the room is also disturbed. Therefore, it is important to present a storage area in the bathroom. And, the points above are 5 Bathroom Storage Solutions you can follow. So, happy trying all!

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