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Classic Interior Design: Explanation & Ideas – Who does not know Classic Interior Design? This design has been around since ancient Roman times. Therefore, do not be surprised if the interior appearance of the Classic style is like a kingdom. The elegant and luxurious appearance is a plus of this design that many people liked until now.

For those of you who are still clear about Classic design, here we will provide an explanation and ideas that will inspire you. So, let’s check it out!

What is Classic Interior Design?

Classic style is the hallmark of European countries. This design was first present in France in the 17th century and then spread to continental Europe. There are some differences in the interior and also the nuances of the Classic style in each country. For example, Classic Design in France tends to look shiny and luxurious. Meanwhile, in England, it looks more harmonious and rigid.

Classic designs can be considered unique and different from other designs. This design has a very luxurious and elegant appearance. The use of warm colors can also provide a calm that can make you feel comfortable. And this is an advantage of the Classic Design.

The drawback of this design is the large number of focal points that make the process take a long time. In addition, the process of classic design tends to be complicated and costs quite a lot.

Characteristics of Classic Design

Each design certainly has different characteristics that make one design different from another. And the following are the characteristics of Classic Design:

  • Warm Colors

Classic designs tend to use warm natural colors, such as wood brown, gold, leaf green, and earth tones. The color that is often used as the main color or background color is the color of the earth. So that the interior of the room with a classic design tends to feel calm and sweet.

Not infrequently also classic design makes white the main color to make the interior look magnificent like in the kingdom. In addition, the white color also makes the interior look clean.

  • Natural Elements

The warm impression of the classic design also comes from the natural elements which are an important part of this design. There are two natural elements that are often used in classic designs, that is natural stone and brick.

The natural color of natural stone makes it seem more “environmentally friendly”. In addition, natural stone shows a solid and strong side for a dwelling.

And for the bricks, the natural red color of the bricks gives a more eye-catching effect but remains calm. The presence of bricks also provides an interesting neutral side.

  • Gold As Decoration

A luxurious and elegant appearance is an advantage of the classic design. And of course, this luxury comes from the touches that are present in it.

The classic design looks luxurious and elegant because gold is the main decoration. Maybe we can say the gold color is an important characteristic of this design.

Usually, the gold color is presented scattered, such as on table legs, wall edges, room accessories, and so on. That way, the gold color that is present in the room will not look tacky and excessive but still stand out.

  • Wall Panel

Another characteristic of the classic design is the beautiful wall panels. And often referred to as classic wall panels.

The wall panel design in the classic style tends to be simple. So that the focal accents on the classic design will not be covered.

The application of wall panels is very helpful in making the interior look more attractive. And you also do not need to add various kinds of wall displays or accessories because wall panels are enough to make a classic-style room look charming.

  • High Ceiling

Classic style tends to look majestic and luxurious. And the high ceiling plays an important role here. High ceilings show higher walls and make the room feel wider.

There are several benefits that you can get from a high ceiling, such as eliminating the stuffy feeling in the room. In addition, high ceilings can also facilitate air circulation in the room.

  • Solid Wood Furniture

The material chosen by the classic design is not arbitrary. This design chooses materials that can add expensiveness to the appearance, such as marble and solid wood.

Solid wood is the most durable and strongest type of wood. Therefore, usually, furniture made of solid wood has a higher price. Especially if the furniture has beautiful carvings that make it look classic.

  • Elegant and Luxurious Accessories

Classic design is never separated from things that are elegant and luxurious. Not only furniture, but the accessories used in this design also tend to be expensive.

High ceilings will usually make the room look and feel empty if not decorated properly. And the Classic design eliminates the feeling of emptiness with the crystal chandelier. These accessories also being the center of attention. The glint of the crystal changed the room drastically.

Crystal chandeliers are hung in the middle of the ceiling to provide even light in the room. That way, the room gets perfect lighting.

  • Arches As Room Divider

Another thing that makes a classic-style room feel more spacious is the arches which become the room divider. Arches will show other rooms so clearly that there is no barrier between the rooms.

Curved lines are also a sweetener for classic interior design. This will really help soften the appearance and eliminate the impression of stiffness in the room. With this, the room will feel much more comfortable and look more attractive.

  • Beautiful Carvings That Has Meaning

Carvings are the last characteristic and become a sure thing in classic design. Carving is also an important part that makes the classic interior design look attractive.

Carvings have indeed become an art category with very dazzling results. However, in some classic-style buildings, carvings are not only beautiful carvings that are created. Behind that beauty, there is a deep meaning of its own, such as romance, history, and others.

Classic Interior Design Ideas

For those of you who are already interested in applying classic design to your home interior, then take a look at some of the interesting ideas that we have provided for you.

  • Look Simple and Calm with Soft White

classic interior design
Cc: Pinterest

If you want an interior that looks more calm and soothing, then you can use this idea as an option. The soft white color gives a soft effect to a classic design room. To make it even smoother, you can decorate the room with some furniture or accessories that have curves. The curves will really help cover the stiff and firm impression that exists in the room.

Maximizing natural light in the room makes the white color look brighter and makes the room feel wider. Here, you can give a mirror to make the interior look brighter and more attractive. Also, to make it look perfect, decorate the room with a soft white velvet rug that can give a spacious feel to the room.

  • Beautiful Three Chandelier

classic interior design ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Lighting is an important thing that affects the beauty and comfort of the room. Classic design rooms usually tend to be large and spacious. Therefore, the lights used must also adjust to the area of the room.

Crystal chandeliers are the most appropriate lights for you to use in classic design rooms. Its luxurious appearance will really help to make the room look more luxurious. In addition, the sparkle on the crystal also adds to the value of the beauty of the room.

In this idea, the classic living room design is decorated with three beautiful chandeliers. The simple design actually makes the room look calmer and more charming.

  • Simple Classic Interior Design with Beautiful Carvings

beautiful classic interior design
Cc: Pinterest

Classic interior design does not always have to look full of luxury items. You can also keep it simple and attractive as in the image above.

The classic living room is quite beautiful and catches the eye with beautiful carvings on the walls and ceiling. So, the room no longer needs excessive decorations to make it look pretty.

A sofa with a smooth curve makes the atmosphere much calmer. Plus, natural lighting provides comfort to the room. Beautiful pendant light and a round rug are the most appropriate simple decorations for this room.

  • Exposed Brick Walls and Pastel Colors

pastel colors
Cc: Pinterest

The exposed brick wall is an option that you can rely on to make the interior look more natural. The natural red color of the brick will bring a more cloudless atmosphere to the room. And you can empathize this atmosphere by adding pastel colors to the room.

The pastel blue sofa combined with the pastel green coffee table is so eye-catching. Here, you just need to light the room well to make the colors look more alive.

  • Marble Flooring Make It Look Adorable

marble flooring
Cc: Pinterest

Applying marble flooring is also a very interesting and appropriate idea for a classic design room. Abstract motifs from marble will make the room look more beautiful and attractive. Plus, the glossy marble surface will look shiny when exposed to light from the lamp or sunlight entering through the window. Which will add an expensive impression to the room.

Indeed, the costs you incur in applying marble flooring are quite high. However, the results of marble flooring that make the room look more beautiful and luxurious will be worth the cost you spend.

  • Neutral Classic Interior Design

neutral classic interior design
Cc: Pinterest

The neutral classic bedroom is the next interesting idea that you can choose. The neutral ash gray color was deliberately chosen as the base color to make the bedroom feel calm.

Pastel pink is the most appropriate color combination. The pink color will give a more attractive effect to the room but does not eliminate the soft and calm side. So, the room will look much more beautiful and also comfortable.

To maintain a natural impression in the room, try not to over-decorate the room. Keep the concept simple. Here, you only need to rely on carvings to make the room look attractive and aesthetic.

  • Classic Living Room Design

Classic Living Room Design
Cc: Pinterest

This classic living room design looks so spacious and majestic with the tall pillars in the room. These pillars make the ceiling in the room look higher. Plus, white as the main color also gives the impression of a wider room.

Maximized natural lighting is the key that makes this large room far from feeling empty. In addition, the decorations in the room are also very well considered. The room is kept simple with small decorations scattered around.

Color playing is an important thing that makes this large room look charming. Gray and green colors give a more natural impression of the room. So that the large room still feels calm and comfortable. And a touch of gold is the key to the expensive and elegant look that is clearly visible in this classic living room design.

  • Luxurious Large Painting

luxurious bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

For those of you who want to maintain a simple concept and appearance in a classic bedroom design, you can rely on a black and white large painting. Black and white are neutral colors that will not look in contrast in the room. Not only that, black and white painting is also suitable for bedrooms with a neutral look like the picture above.

An empty wall that is not paneled is the most appropriate spot for you to hang large paintings. That way, every corner of the bedroom is well looked after.

Final Words

The classic design is an interior design that has been around for a long time. However, there are still some people who still do not know exactly what classic interior design is and the characteristics of this design. And we created this article to help you understand in more detail about the classic design.

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