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23 Modern Living Room Design Ideas That Feel Comfy РThe modern design gives a clean and neat impression. And of course, this will make the room feel more comfortable. However, beauty remains the main point of concern. Therefore, the most appropriate modern design for you to apply to the living room in your home. However, before that, first know modern living room design ideas.

There are many modern living room design ideas that you might encounter. And, this might make you dizzy to determine one that is suitable for your living room. So, through this article, we will help you by summarizing some interesting ideas from modern living rooms. Here are 23 Modern Living Room Design Ideas That Feel Comfy. Let’s check it out!

1. Standing Mirror for Corner of The Room

Modern Living Room Design
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Mirror is an item that is usually used to help with some activities or to see your clothes today. However, the function of the mirror is not only that but more than that. You can use a standing mirror as a decoration to make a modern living room look more attractive.

The corner of the living room is the most appropriate for you to place a standing mirror. Select the area adjacent to the window. So that when light enters it will directly hit the mirror surface and reflect it back into the room. With this, your modern living room will look brighter.

Make the corner of this room more attractive by adding decorations like a small sheepskin rug and plants to make it fresher. You can also keep baskets filled with blankets or other fabrics as decorations.

2. Cloudless with a Colorful Look but Still Simple

Modern Living Room Design ideas
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Modern living rooms usually use neutral colors to make the appearance less quirky. However, this is not a requirement of modern design. You can still make a modern living room at home look a little colourful to create a cloudless atmosphere.

You can choose pastel colors to make the look soft. A fresh-looking green sofa looks so attractive with a soft pink throw pillow. Make the pink color stand out a little more by choosing a pink armchair. You can also make the room come alive with a colorful rug and a touch of gold on the legs of the coffee table and armchair.

3. Greenery The Corner of The Room

fresh corner room
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Never leave a corner in your modern living room empty without decoration. You can use the corner of the room as an area that can add value to the beauty of the room. As in this one idea which uses a large plant as a corner decoration. The large plant gives a fresh effect to the feel and atmosphere of a modern living room. Also, the presence of plants makes the room feel more alive.

4. Make it Fresh with A Touch of Green

fresh Modern Living Room Design
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Fill your modern living room with green if you want to make it fresher. Apply green to the main item of the room to make it look stand out. The dark green sofa is perfect for a modern living room. Next, you only need to give a touch of freshness by making plants as decorations.

The small plant is an appropriate decoration to decorate the coffee table. As for large plants, you can use them to beautify the corners of the room and also one side of the wall in a modern living room.

5. Bright Small Living Room

small room
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Modern designs rely more on natural lighting to lighten up the room. Therefore, make sure your modern living room has several windows. Or, you can also use a glass door. And, if you want the room to get better lighting, you can install a skylight window. lighting from above can illuminate the room perfectly.

Besides that, also make white as the main color. White color is the best. White color can reflect light back into the room and make the room bright. However, the brightness referred to here is bright which seems natural. So as not to interfere with eyesight.

6. Keep The Look Clean

clean look
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As previously explained, modern design prefers a cleaner and more natural look. As in this one idea where the living room is only filled with a black round coffee table, one sofa, and two armchairs.

So that the appearance of the room is not too lonely and seems stiff, plants are the most appropriate decoration. On the right and left sides of the fireplace are decorated with two medium-sized plants. Right above the fireplace, there is also a round mirror.

The curved lines on the round mirror and coffee table go a long way in providing softness and covering up the stark lines that are certain in modern designs. That way, the living room will feel more comfortable.

7. Small Modern Living Room Design

small Modern Living Room Design
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The clean and tidy concept of modern design will really help in making a small living room feel comfortable. Minimal decoration will create more empty space which makes the room feel wider.

White is the main color to make dark corners disappear. Also, the floor is decorated with a beige rug. These two decorations give the visual effect of a bigger room. Plus, natural lighting which reduces the cramped and stuffy feeling that is often present in small rooms.

8. Purge of Clutter Modern Living Room Design

purge of clutter
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In the living room, there will usually be lots of small items visible to the eye which often make the living room seem full and messy. However, in this idea, the room is clean from small items such as TV remotes, AC remotes, and so on.

A floating table with drawers is very useful for storing all the small things in the room. So, the clutter in the room can be maintained properly. And, what is visible in the room are only decorations that make the room look more beautiful. This one idea plays on natural elements such as plants for the corner of the room and also beautiful flowers for the coffee table.

9. All Goes White

white Modern Living Room Design
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Never be afraid to apply white to almost any room. With white as the main color, the modern living room will look brighter. White color is also very helpful to make the room feel more spacious.

If you want to make the white modern living room shades look pretty, you can choose wooden flooring which can create a warm feel. Or, you can also use a marble coffee table where the abstract motif gives an attractive appearance but does not interfere with the simple impression of the room. And for the walls, you can use simple painting in white and brown which can make the appearance more harmonious.

10. Beam for Ceiling Decors

beam ceiling
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If you feel that your modern living room is too simple and seems mediocre, this is a sign that you have to give a special touch to the living room. In this one idea, the ceiling is the area to be decorated.

Beams that are installed at the same distance give an interesting effect to the living room. With its location above, the presence of beams does not interfere with the simple and minimalist concept of a modern living room. On the contrary, beams on the ceiling make the room feel fuller and look prettier and more natural.

11. Modern Living Room Design with an Elegant Look

elegant living room
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You can also change your modern living room to make it look more elegant. As in idea one where white and beige are the colors that fill the room and make the appearance and atmosphere calmer.

What makes this modern living room elegant are the two crystal chandeliers that hang above the living room. The yellow lighting makes it look so beautiful above the room.

Besides that, a marble chair with a touch of gold and also the use of a thick matching colored rug also contributes to an elegant look and impression on the living room. Also with this, the modern living room no longer needs decoration to make it look pretty.

12. Cool and Cosy Ambiance Modern Living Room Design

cool Modern Living Room Design
Cc: Pinterest

Besides white, you can also choose gray as the main color of the room. You do not need to worry because gray is still in the neutral color category. The dominant gray color makes the room feel cold and full of calm.

If you want to decorate the gray modern living room, use black and white decorations. This will really help in keeping the look neutral as well as looking firmer. And also, cold shades will be bolder in the room.

13. Pretty Black Pendant Lights

black pendant light
Cc: Pinterest

Make the calm and warm modern living room look more pretty with a special touch on the upper area of the room, that is the pendant light. In this one idea, a pendant light is chosen that is large in size to make it look stand out in the room. And also, the black color becomes its own color which makes the pendant light immediately visible to the eye.

Its abstract but simple shape is perfect for filling a modern living room. This one item is also an item that adds to the aesthetic value and beauty of a warm modern living room.

14. Full of Tranquility

soothing room
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With beige and gray tones and yellow lighting is actually enough to make the room full of serenity. However, this is not enough for this one idea. This modern living room idea is made softer by presenting curved lines on the sofa, coffee table, chairs, and also built-in shelves.

Natural elements such as wood, granite, and also plants make the serenity and the warmth bolder. Besides that, natural lighting also contributes to a calmer impression and makes everyone in the room feel comfortable.

15. Cozy Reading Nook at Modern Living Room Design

cozy Modern Living Room Design
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Reading nook is the most important spot in the room, especially for those of you who like to read and make it an activity to fill your free time. By having a cozy reading nook, reading time will be of a higher quality.

You can prepare free space in your modern living room to serve as a comfortable reading nook. Armchairs and additional benches will allow you to relax there. There is also a standing mirror behind the chair which makes the room brighter and also aesthetic. And at night, you can still read comfortably thanks to the floor lamp next to the chair. Do not forget to give a natural touch in the form of plants to make this spot feel alive and fresh.

16. Fan Ceiling and Plants to Bring Fresh Ambiance

fan ceiling
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In maintaining the freshness and comfort of the room, make sure the air circulation in your modern living room is well maintained. There are several ways so that air circulation can work properly, such as opening a window or skylight window, installing ventilation, or installing a ceiling fan like in this one idea.

You can install a ceiling fan right in the middle of the living area. Besides making air circulation run well, ceiling fans can also provide a feeling of coolness when summer arrives. With this, the comfort in the modern living room will also increase.

17. Neutral Modern Living Room Design 

neutral Modern Living Room Design
Cc: Pinterest

The use of neutral colors such as white, beige and brown can bring warmth and serenity to the modern living room. Bring brown color by using natural materials such as wood. This will be much better at bringing warm nuances into the living room.

Maintain the natural concept by bringing natural elements into the room. Like decorating a corner of a room with medium-sized green plants and decorating a coffee table with a vase filled with flowers or other plants.

And finally, for lighting, choose natural lighting as the main lighting. You can make the room get maximum sunlight by installing large windows. Leave the windows plain without decorations so that light can enter freely into the modern living room.

18. Attractive Corner of The Modern Living Room Design

attractive corner room decors
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As previously explained, don’t leave the corner of the room without decoration. The corner of the room is the most appropriate area for you to decorate and add to the beauty of a modern living room.

In this idea, the corner of the room is filled with a floating cabnet and the top is decorated with a medium sized jug with an old look. There are also floating shelves to place various displays such as books, small plants, and some pretty decorations.

19. White Exposed Brick Walls

white exposed brick walls
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Modern design must be made simpler and minimalist. And this often makes people confused about how to add decoration to a modern room. And, if you are one of them, relying on a wall accent is the easiest way.

In this idea, an exposed brick wall is an accent wall for a modern living room. The brick wall is intentionally painted white to maintain a bright and natural look. So what is used from the exposed brick wall is just the texture.

Actually, exposed brick walls no longer need decoration because they already look attractive. However, if you want to make it the most, you can install a floating wall shelf and decorate it with small plants, wall displays, and so on.

20. Feel The Warmth in Your Living Room

warm Modern Living Room Design
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You can make the small modern living room comfortable by making the atmosphere warm and also full of calm. In this one idea, the living room is decorated in beige shades. When combined with white, the appearance is a little shady but still bright.

The combination of white and beige is the perfect color combination to make a room feel calm but still bright. If you want to make the warmth present bolder, you can use furniture made of wood or rattan. Choose light wood to maintain the brightness of a modern living room.

For lighting, of course yellow light is the most appropriate. Choose a pendant light and also a floor lamp in the corner of the room with yellow light.

21. Modern Living Room Design in Shady Look

shady Modern Living Room Design look
Cc: Pinterest

You can also choose a combination of dark gray and brown to fill the modern living room. With a more shady appearance, the atmosphere created will be cooler and calmer.

Timber that is mounted vertically on some walls makes the walls look taller. Not only that, timber is also an accent wall that makes the room look more attractive. And, on an empty wall you can decorate it with black and white painting with a black frame to make it look more assertive.

22. Marble and Gold Touch for a Luxurious Look

luxurious Modern Living Room Design
Cc: Pinterest

The modern living room can look elegant and luxurious if you decorate it properly. You can depend on the marble material to give the luxurious effect to the look of the room. Make the marble material on the walls look stand out by installing LED lights with yellow lighting on the right and left sides. For the upper area, decorate it with a beautiful gold pendant light like the picture above.

Touches of gold and brown give a calm yet luxurious effect to the room. And this is an interesting thing about this one idea where the room looks soft but has an expensive and elegant impression.

23. Make It Bright with Natural Lights

natural lighting
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 23 Modern Living Room Design Ideas That Feel Comfy is to make it bright with natural lighting. Indeed, in modern design, natural lighting is very important. Considering that this design uses neutral colors, you need to make these colors appear more vibrant by lighting them with natural lighting.

Natural lighting is also very helpful in disguising the stiff and dark corners of modern designs so that the impression that is present is softer and more comfortable. Besides that, natural lighting also brings warmth and serenity into the modern living room.

Final Words

With a clean and tidy appearance, modern design can make the living room feel comfortable. Besides that, beauty which remains an important point in this design not only makes your living room feel comfortable but also looks attractive. And, the points above are 23 Modern Living Room Design Ideas That Feel Comfy that you can choose from. So, good luck!

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