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20 Calm Kitchen Ideas: It’s Time To Make Your Kitchen More Relaxing – The large number of items in the kitchen makes the kitchen often look chaotic. The impression becomes dirty and uncomfortable. In fact, as the heart of the house, the comfort of the kitchen must be prioritized. No matter how many things there are, you can still make the kitchen a calm room. That way, the kitchen is not only a room for cooking but you can also use it as a place to relax or work. Indeed, there are many aspects that you have to pay attention to here, starting from color, design, concept, layout, and lighting. However, behind it all, references are really needed. And, through this article, we will help you in having a kitchen full of comfort. Here are 20 Calm Kitchen Ideas that can be your reference. So, let’s check it out!

1. Full of Natural Elements

calm kitchen
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Full of natural elements is the first of 20 Calm Kitchen Ideas you can choose from. There are several natural elements that you can bring into the room, such as choosing wood as the main material, natural lighting as room lighting, and plants as decoration.

Strengthen the natural feel by choosing neutral colors. And, white is the most appropriate color. Or, if you want to focus on warm and calm nuances, beige can be an option.

Applying a minimalist concept to a neutral room will make the motifs and colors of the wood and plants stand out more in the room.

2. Feel The Freshness Evenly Throughout The Room

calm kitchen ideas
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This idea shows a calm kitchen with a fresh feel. Because of its small size, the plants used are also small. However, the large number and scattered placement make the fresh feel present throughout all the corners of the kitchen. To save more space, hanging plants were also chosen to fill the window area.

On the side of the room, there is a small dining area which you can use as a place to relax and work. Feel the freshness and comfort in the kitchen that comes from the small plants there.

3. Consistent with Beige

beige calm kitchen ideas
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Other colors are indeed alternative colors for a room. However, this color is quite mainstream. To make the kitchen appear more different, beige can be used as another color option for your lovely room. This is the next of 20 Calm Kitchen Ideas that you can follow. Consistency with just this one color can bring warmth and calm to the kitchen. With different color tones, the appearance still looks attractive without seeming stiff at all. Also, there is a touch of gold on the drawer handles which slightly shows the elegant side of the kitchen.

4. Light Natural Wood Installed Vertically

wood kitchen cabinet
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A clean and neat appearance comes from the conceptual interior. The white kitchen shades use wood as decoration to beautify the appearance of the room. The colors, textures, and motifs of the wood are so alive with abundant natural lighting. Light wood was deliberately chosen to maintain a bright appearance in the room. The use of the same wood material on the walls, kitchen cabinet, kitchen island, and backsplash gives this room a simple but pretty-pretty impression.

The combination of light brown wood and white produces a warm and cozy ambiance. A touch of black on the bar stools slightly emphasizes the appearance and helps eliminate the stiffness of the kitchen. With this, making the kitchen island empty is a great idea to utilize as a cozy workplace.

5. Japandi Kitchen Design

japandi kitchen design
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Japandi design is the best option to create a comfortable kitchen. A design rich in natural elements and a simple concept will bring perfect calm to the kitchen. Instead of using too many displays, this design plays more on the texture of the material, making it seem very minimalist.

The wood material is focused on the central area of the room, starting from the kitchen island, dining table, and dining chairs. The wall is full of kitchen cabinets with drawers made of wood. So, when the kitchen cabinet is closed, it will look like a very attractive accent wall. Timber is installed vertically so that it gives the illusion of height on the walls which makes the room feel more spacious.

6. Minimize The Number of Colors

comfortable calm kitchen ideas
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In bringing calm into the kitchen, the kitchen is made simpler by playing with color. There is only white there and a light brown color relying on wood material. This is the next of 20 Calm Kitchen Ideas you can choose and apply.

The ratio of white and brown is 1:1. So, the top of the room and walls were painted white to neutralize the look. Wood material to fill kitchen cabinets, floors, kitchen islands, and doors. The top of the room also has rattan pendant lamps. Its large size makes it stand out there.

7. Purge All The Clutter

clean calm kitchen ideas
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The large number of items often makes the kitchen seem messy, full, and uncomfortable. In fact, the kitchen can be a calm room if it is made cleaner and neater. And, in this idea, to bring calm, homeowners prefer to purge all the clutter in the kitchen. The kitchen stuff is stored neatly in a closed area, that is the kitchen island. So, on the countertop, there are only decorations that beautify the appearance, such as cutting boards and plants in the corners of the room.

The application of white, maximum natural lighting, and white recessed lighting really helps to emphasize the clean impression of the kitchen.

8. Sleek and Minimalist

sleek kitchen
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This Japandi kitchen design carries a clean concept with dominant natural elements. This is the next of 20 Calm Kitchen Ideas. Refined wood gives a beautiful shiny effect when exposed to light coming in through the windows. The perpendicular lines in the room add a bold impression. Even so, the room does not look stiff at all by playing with the textures on the walls and ceiling areas. And, the touch of black on the countertop creates a calm that makes the kitchen feel very comfortable.

9. Maximizing Natural Lighting

bright kitchen
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No drapes on the window allow natural light to enter the kitchen freely. And, the light that comes in is maximized by installing skylight windows. Light coming from above spreads into the room better. This can illuminate the corners of the room and dark shadows of objects in the room.

With maximum lighting, the room is made natural by using neutral colors such as white and beige. That way, the atmosphere created in the kitchen is more fresh and calm. There is a slight warm feeling from the wood and wicker materials on the bar stools.

10. Olive is A Great Color for The Kitchen Cabinet

olive calm kitchen ideas
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Even white, beige, black, gray, or wood colors are very mainstream for the kitchen, giving the impression of a boring room. Therefore, in this idea, the kitchen presents other colors that can make it interesting and different but do not disturb the natural or neutral concept itself. Olive is the color that is relied on here.

The olive kitchen cabinet with its smooth surface looks very beautiful when exposed to sunlight coming from the skylight. This color is included in the green color group so you can play with green shades. Green patterned marble and fresh plants are choices to enliven the room.

11. Window Backsplash

window backsplash
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There are many types of backsplash that you can choose for the kitchen. However, in determining this backsplash, there are several aspects that need to be considered, such as concept, color, and lighting. To create a calm kitchen with a natural feel, you need lots of natural lighting so a window backsplash is the most appropriate option.

Apart from being a way for light to enter the kitchen, the backsplash window can provide a beautiful view outside the house. This is very good for a kitchen that is adjacent to a backyard or garden. Green plants will bring freshness to the kitchen.

12.  Modern Kitchen Design

modern kitchen design
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Modern kitchen design is the next of 20 Calm Kitchen Ideas. The modern concept shows a calmer, more assertive side. And, every corner in the room is really taken care of very well. In kitchen cabinets, there are closed-cabinets and opened-cabinets. The closed-cabinet stores items that are considered to bring chaos to the kitchen. And, open cabinet as a storage area as well as a decorative area. LED light with yellow lighting, makes the shelves look deeper. It also helps the wood in bringing warmth into the kitchen.

The kitchen island in this room is very functional. There is a small dining area with black bar stools. The minimalist design really sweetens the appearance of the kitchen. The corner of the room adjacent to the window is filled with the large plant which brings a fresh feel.

13. Brave in Mixing The Materials

kitchen decors
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This calm kitchen shows its interesting side by being bold in mixing the materials. Wood and marble appear harmonious in the room. The subtle motifs on the marble do not disturb the tranquility of the kitchen. In fact, this becomes a decoration because the kitchen is made more minimalist. With good lighting, the marble looks very beautiful. The white color of the marble brightens the room.

The wood is applied very neatly in several spots in the kitchen. Vertical applications, starting from the ceiling, floating shelves, and kitchen island, make the wood stand out in the room. The wood shows its original color and motif which brings warmth and calm to the kitchen.

14. Sheer Curtain Filter The Light

sheer curtain
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The ceiling and cabinet are painted white. The plain look makes the room brighter. Light can spread very well in the room. Moreover, natural light is the main light. The backsplash window is good enough as a source of lighting. So, that the room does not get too bright and disturb comfort, white sheer curtains are installed on the large windows.

The high drapes are installed above the ceiling until they touch the walls. This gives the illusion of height to the walls of the room and makes it feel more spacious. To make it more attractive, on the ceiling, there is an LED light with yellow light to add beauty and warmth to the room.

15. Enjoy The Beautiful View

beautiful view
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The homeowner really does not waste the beautiful view outside. This is a bonus that makes the kitchen feel more comfortable. And, this is the next of 20 Calm Kitchen Ideas.

The view is very good with the large window without the grid. With a black frame that draws our attention there, we will immediately see a view that is very calming for the mind. Everything looks so balanced, from the atmosphere outside the house to the interior. Natural nuances are also present in the kitchen with neutral colors and wood materials. However, the kitchen is far from traditional, everything has a modern and contemporary concept. The materials have a smooth surface which makes the kitchen look perfect.

16. Let’s Make It Shadier

shady calm kitchen ideas
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Making the kitchen look shadier is one effective way to make the kitchen feel so calm and relaxing. Beige is the main color for this kitchen. Consistent application brings perfect calm and warmth to the room. Calm feels even thicker with a minimalist concept. The appearance of the kitchen is very clean from clutter so a sense of comfort fills the room perfectly.

Even though it is simple, the kitchen manages to look aesthetic and beautiful with a decorative area on the side of the room. There are built-in cabinets with glass doors that reveal several displays. The LED light in the cabinet makes it deeper. Yellow lighting is perfect for maintaining a shady appearance in the kitchen.

17. Black is Not Bad

black calm kitchen ideas
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Many people avoid black as the main color because they think that this color can make the room look dark, cramped, and stuffy. And this is an inspiration for the homeowner to prove that black is not that bad. With the right decoration, the black kitchen can feel very calm.

Even though almost all parts of the kitchen are black, the ceiling is still white for a bright effect in the room. And, lamps with yellow light are the main lighting for the kitchen. The LED light on the backsplash and under the cabinet creates an interesting accent in the room.

18. Farmhouse Kitchen Design

farmhouse kitchen design
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The next of 20 Calm Kitchen Ideas is a farmhouse kitchen design. The kitchen atmosphere is like being in the countryside with a very strong natural feel. However, this kitchen has a contemporary concept by using materials that have a smooth surface. The warm feel of a traditional, rustic look comes from brightly colored exposed brick walls and several rustic furniture designs. Fresh nuances also come from plants as decoration for the kitchen. The natural light that illuminates the kitchen very well enhances the comfort of this room.

19. Full Doesn’t Mean Comfortable

full calm kitchen ideas
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In creating calm in a room, people often rely on minimalist design. Indeed, this is an effective way to clean up any chaos in the room. However, this is not the only way to make the kitchen calm and comfortable. A kitchen with a complete appearance does not mean it’s not good.

This kitchen proves that a full kitchen can feel comfortable if decorated appropriately. The kitchen utensils hang on the backsplash very well. In fact, this is a display for the kitchen. In the upper wall near the ceiling, there are floating wall shelves which become a decorative area. Some displays, whether related to the kitchen or not, are there. So, even though it looks full, the kitchen still looks neat. And, with beige as the main color, good natural lighting, and LED lights with yellow light, the kitchen atmosphere turns warm and calm.

20. Feel The Tranquility with The Neutral Look

neutral kitchen
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Feel the tranquility with the neutral look is the next of 20 Calm Kitchen Ideas. Like the concept, neutral colors are the mainstay for the kitchen. White as the main color makes the room bright. And, with natural light as the main lighting, the kitchen is naturally bright which is very good for the comfort of the kitchen itself.

Wood is the main material for the kitchen. It looks dominant by applying it to the floor, furniture, cabinet, door, and ceiling. But, there is another material present on the countertop, which is marble. The white color with a subtle gray motif fits into the interior very well.

Final Words

With conceptual interior and decoration, the kitchen can be a room full of calm and comfort so that you can use the kitchen as an area to relax and also work. And, the points above are 20 Calm Kitchen Ideas that can be your reference. Many factors influence the comfort and beauty of a kitchen, such as lighting, layout, color, and design. So, adapt the ideas above to the characteristics of your kitchen. So, good luck!

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