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16 Modern Kitchen Ideas: An Up to Date Room in Minimalist and Functional Concept – Located at the back of the house makes the kitchen a room that is rarely exposed. However, the appearance and comfort of the kitchen must still be considered. And applying minimalist and functional kitchen concepts is a great idea. With this, you must know the various modern kitchen ideas that are up to date.

We purposely created this article for those of you who are interested in modern kitchen design. With the title “16 Modern Kitchen Ideas: An Up to Date Room in Minimalist and Functional Concept”, you will get the best references that we have summarized. So, let’s check it out!

1. White Nuances Modern Kitchen

modern kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

White is indeed a very popular color. It’s just that, sometimes applying white as a whole often makes the room seem stiff and boring. However, it’s denied by this one idea.

This modern kitchen design makes the white look more dominant. Can be seen clearly from the all-white walls (white-tile backsplash, whitewashed wall, and white cabinet). So, the display of the kitchen looks bright.

The key is why white nuances modern kitchen does not seem stiff because of the presence of wood there. The texture and color of the wood make this kitchen seem warmer and calmer. In addition, natural lighting that enters through the window also plays an important role in the appearance and atmosphere.

2. Industrial Modern Kitchen Ideas

industrial modern kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Industrial design is indeed very interesting. An industrial-style room will usually look cool, masculine, and mature. But, adding the modern concept to industrial kitchen design would be fantastic.

Black dove kitchen cabinets and concrete table islands are very interesting things. Black and gray make industrial designs look more dominant. However, the minimalist and functional concept brings a modern side to this room.

A concrete table island equipped with a hob will make it a comfortable spot for cooking. Because of its large size, the table island can also be used as a dining table. Just need to add some black iron stools there.

3. Small but Still Look Minimalist and Cool

small interior
Cc: Pinterest

Having a modern kitchen can not only be applied in a large house. You can also have a modern kitchen in your minimalist house.

Like in the picture above. Some cabinets are made open to make a small room not look cramped. And in this open black cabinet, color lighting was applied to make it look attractive.

Gray and white colors are applied to make this one room not look more cramped and stuffy. Not only that, the combination of gray, black, and white is a combination that makes this modern kitchen look so cool and great.

4. Glass Facade to Show The Beautiful View

bright room
Cc: Pinterest

Having a beautiful view of the house is indeed a bonus. So, it would be a pity if you missed it. Therefore, installing a glass facade in the kitchen is the right idea.

As we know, the glass facade is often applied to modern-concept houses. So, applying a glass facade in the kitchen will emphasize the modern concept in this room.

In addition, the glass facade will also provide a beautiful view of the kitchen. There is also more natural light that enters the kitchen. So, the kitchen will look bright, beautiful, and not boring.

5. Skylight Window Make It Looks So Bright

skylight window
Cc: Pinterest

Modern concepts are never separated from natural lighting. So, applying the skylight window in the modern kitchen is one of the great ideas.

Natural lighting from above is much more leverage than the windows. So, natural light can illuminate the room as a whole. This will make the colors in the kitchen look more alive. In addition, the kitchen atmosphere will also feel more comfortable.

6. Window As A Backsplash

modern kitchen ideas
Cc: Pinterest

This idea is quite interesting and grabs attention. If the backsplash is usually installed with marble or tile material, this idea uses a window as a backsplash.

A long window is applied to the side of the backsplash that connects to the outside of the house. And while on the left and right side mirrors are applied which make it look like a window. Not only that, but the mirror also makes the light that enters through the window reflect into the room. So, the modern kitchen will look brighter with only a long small window.

7. Gray and Black Modern Kitchen Ideas

gray and black modern kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Black is indeed the main color for modern concepts. It can give a firm, masculine, and mature side to the kitchen. And white will be the right color to combine with black, or what may be known as a monochrome theme.

However, the monochrome theme is indeed very mainstream. And gray is the right color to replace white.

Bringing gray in a natural way would be much more perfect. As in the picture above, which uses marble to give a beautiful gray motif and color. So, the modern kitchen looks so adorable.

8. Modern Japandi Kitchen

modern japandi kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Japandi modern kitchen is the next idea that we will discuss. Indeed, the Japandi design is relatively new because it was present in 2017. However, the minimalist and calm look makes the Japandi design is so popular.

Wood is the main material for Japandi designs. This one element can be made to look dominant by applying it to the wall and island table.

The atmosphere feels calmer with a gray floor with a dove surface. And the appearance of Japandi modern kitchen also looks more attractive with a slightly glossy appearance from the kitchen cabinet.

9. Kitchen and Dining Table at Once

open-plan room concept
Cc: Pinterest

The kitchen and dining room are interconnected spaces. So, it’s okay to combine these two rooms. Besides saving space, it is also much more functional.

In the middle, there is a dining table and chairs in the same theme as the kitchen. Starting from the color used to the use of wood elements. So, the kitchen and dining table will look so harmonious.

Different floors make this room look very attractive. Not only that, a bulb pendant with a different design that hangs just above the dining table becomes a decoration that makes it look awesome.

10. Monochrome Modern Kitchen

monochrome kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Monochrome themes are very popular. The bold and dark blacks with the bright and subdued whites make for the perfect combination.

A black kitchen cabinet in the sidewall makes the appearance firm and dark. But, the table island made of marble makes it look bright. In addition, the glossy look from the marble gives an interesting effect to the kitchen. Plus, the pendant lamp makes the island table a spot in the kitchen that is so beautiful.

11. Dark and Masculine Modern Kitchen

dark modern kitchen concept
Cc: Pinterest

Black does not always look bad. As in this one idea that shows a very masculine and cool modern kitchen.

Black is the right color for kitchen cabinets. This will give the perfect dark effect and feel to the room. The presence of a little wood element gives a calm and warm effect to this cold kitchen. The appearance of the kitchen also looks more attractive with a gray floor with a smooth surface.

12. Bright and Calm, Who Doesn’t Want?

modern kitchen design ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Many people prefer to have a calm and warm room. If you are one of them, this idea is perfect for you to apply.

The white color is the right choice for this one room that looks naturally bright. The glossy effect of the cabinet will make it look brighter and dazzling. And the white island table made of marble gives a bright effect as well as an elegant and modern look.

To bring a warm and calm feel, wooden elements are applied to the kitchen cabinets, bar chairs, and floors. Because the walls and table island look glossy, therefore, the wooden floor of the dove surface is a combination that makes this room look perfect.

13. Cool but Still Look Feminine

beautiful kitchen design
Cc: Pinterest

Women who make the kitchen their favorite place will certainly make this room feel comfortable. So, don’t be surprised if some people will choose to make the kitchen look a little feminine.

The existence of pink flower decorations on the table island will make it look so beautiful. Plus a marble motif that makes the kitchen look attractive.

No need to worry about the room will look smooth. Because the black color that is present in this room still gives a masculine and cool effect. And a little navy is the right substitute for black. Navy color will give a firm effect but not as firm as black.

14. LED Lights on Backsplash

modern kitchen ideas
Cc: Pinterest

This idea applies a glossy effect horizontally. On the walls, you can find kitchen cabinets with glossy surfaces. Not only that, but the kitchen backsplash also has a glossy surface.

A minimalist appearance but will make this one room look stiff and even unattractive. However, the LED lights on the backsplash changed everything. The reflection of the light on the backsplash makes this modern kitchen look so attractive and pretty. And also three hanging black pendant lamps as simple decorations that make a minimalist room look more attractive.

15. Bright, Simple, and Beautiful

Cc: Pinterest

Simple but sweet may be very appropriate to be dedicated to this one kitchen. There are not many colors in the room so the minimalist impression can be clearly seen. Only rely on gray, white, and natural colors of wood.

What makes this room look attractive is the skylight window. Natural lighting directly hits the kitchen and makes it look bright and beautiful. Kitchen cabinets and floors with dove surfaces are deliberately chosen so that natural light that hits them does not bounce back into the room (resulting in a glossy effect).

16. Simple Modern Kitchen Look That Looks Elegant

elegant kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Like modern kitchens in general, which rely on black, white, and gray. However, what makes this kitchen look attractive is its simple but elegant appearance.

Indeed, the decorations used are minimal to create a minimalist look in the kitchen. However, the motifs and glossy effect of marble are enough to make this room look attractive.

The more dominant black color will look together with the marble elements. So, the appearance of the kitchen will look so elegant. Plus, an iron pendant lamp with an elegant design also has an important role in the appearance and impression of this one room.

Final Words

These points above are the best 16 Modern Kitchen Ideas for those of you who want to have An Up to Date Room in Minimalist and Functional Concept. As a room that has a lot of stuff, the modern concept is perfect for this room. The minimalist appearance will make the room feel cozier and soothing. It will be much more comfortable if the appearance of the kitchen is made according to your characteristics. So, make sure you choose the right kitchen idea for you and your family.

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