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20 Best Contemporary Bedroom Ideas & Decors

olidhomes.comĀ – For those of you who are interested to apply contemporary design to your bedroom, it is important to know some contemporary bedroom ideas. That way, you will get to know very well what contemporary design looks like.

Contemporary means the current time. By applying contemporary design, you will have an up-to-date bedroom. Because it always keeps up with the times, this design does not have consistent characteristics.

Currently, contemporary designs tend to be minimalist and seem neat. The use of natural materials and earth colors makes the atmosphere of the room warm, calm, and comfortable. And here, we have provided 20 Best Contemporary Bedroom Ideas & Decors that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

1. Contemporary Master Bedroom

contemporary bedroom
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The first of 20 Best Contemporary Bedroom Ideas & Decors is a contemporary master bedroom. This room has a warm nuances due to the wood material and the combination of gray and cream. In addition, the minimalist concept provides maximum tranquility in the room. With this, the comfort in the master bedroom does not need to be doubted.

Even though the bedroom looks so simple, the right decoration manages to cover up the boring impression of the bedroom. You can see a pendant light with a very interesting shape. On the wall area, there is a simple painting. The black frame makes it look stands out on the wall.

2. Elegant Contemporary Master Bedroom

contemporary bedroom decors
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From a minimalist and modern concept, you can make a contemporary design look elegant. The use of simple and more earth-tone colors makes it easier to play with the decorations.

As the main lighting, you can use a big round lamp. Also, add some additional lights to help in making the elegant appearance of the bedroom look clearer. Choose a pendant light with a simple design. Use a black pendant light to make it stand out in the room. For lighting, use warm lighting to provide warmth and tranquility to the room.

In the wall area, you can keep it simple by displaying a painting or picture. Choose a black frame to give a firm impression and make it clear in the bedroom.

3. Beautiful Wall Accent

contemporary bedroom ideas
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It is fine if you do not want to use wall decorations for your contemporary bedroom. However, you need to make an interesting wall accent. If not, then the bedroom will appear mediocre and tend to be boring.

No need to install a difficult accent wall in making a contemporary bedroom look pretty. Here, you can depend on timber and marble.

Given that marble has a high price, you can install it on a small part of the wall. This is one way to save the budget. And on the other hand, you can install timber vertically. Then, if you want to make this look harmonious, you can paint the timber in a color similar to marble.

Adding a warm LED light to the back of the timber can make the accent wall more clearly visible. The light on the walls will also be very helpful in adding to the beauty of the bedroom.

4. Simple and Fresh Bedroom

fresh contemporary bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

As previously explained, the contemporary bedroom has a minimalist concept in it. So it is very natural that a contemporary-designed room looks very simple. Even so, accent walls, textures, and some simple but attractive decorations manage to keep the bedroom from feeling bored.

The presence of green in the room makes it feel refreshing. Moreover, the sunlight as the main lighting of the room makes the green color look more alive. Besides that, small indoor plants as on the table side are the right decorations for this contemporary bedroom idea.

There are some plants that have benefits such as absorbing harmful substances in the room. Using such plants would be much better. With this, the cleanliness of the air in the bedroom will be well maintained.

5. Concrete Wall and Green are Great Combination

contemporary bedroom ideas decors
Cc: Pinterest

The concrete wall displays a natural gray color in the room. Besides that, a few simple motifs are also very helpful in creating beauty in the contemporary bedroom.

The olive-colored bedframe provides freshness. Because the green used is a dark color, when combined with gray it will create a slightly firm, cool, and mature look.

Rugs add more texture to the room and make it feel warmer. Natural lighting that enters through the window also adds warmth while providing serenity to the contemporary bedroom.

6. Make It Alive with Wallpaper

contemporary bedroom wallpaper decors
Cc: Pinterest

Make it alive with wallpaper is the next of 20 Best Contemporary Bedroom Ideas & Decors. As previously explained, modern-designed rooms tend to eliminate decorations on the walls to make them look minimalist.

Instead of using wall displays, contemporary designs play more on accents. In this idea, a brown wallpaper with a leaf image has drastically changed the contemporary bedroom. Pictures of leaves make the room feel more alive and fresh.

7. Greenery The Bedroom with Plants

plants decor
Cc: Pinterest

To keep the minimalist in the contemporary bedroom, you could not use some of the decorations or displays that you like. Because, the number of decorations will really disturb the peace in the room.

Plants are the most appropriate decoration for you to use in a contemporary bedroom. There are three sizes of plants that you can choose to decorate your room:

  • Small plant

Due to its small size, you need to place it where it is visible to the eye. For the bedroom, the table side is the right spot for you to put this plant.

  • Medium Plant

The size is larger than a small plant, you can put it on the floor. However, make sure the spot you choose is still visible to the eye. Putting it on the table side is also not a problem. Or, you can also put it right next to a table or cupboard in your room.

  • Large Plant

Due to its large size, you cannot put it on the table or beside the table. The most appropriate spot for placing a large plant is the corner of the room.

8. Simple and Warm Bedroom Feel so Cozy

warm contemporary bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

White is a neutral color. So choosing this color as the main color of the room is the safest way. This color easily blends with other colors. Not only that, but white will make other colors in the room stand out.

If you want to make the contemporary bedroom feel warm, then combine white with wood material. For a bright bedroom look, use wood in bright colors too.

Installing timber vertically on the wall is a great decoration that makes the room look attractive. You can install a small lamp on the timber wall on the right and left sides of the bed.

9. A Little Touch of Industrial Design Makes It Attractive

industrial contemporary bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Concrete walls which are characteristic of industrial designs provide a rough texture which is very helpful to remove the stiff impression of the minimalist concept in contemporary designs. The addition of LED lighting on the right and left sides of the wall makes the texture of the concrete wall look clearer.

Industrial bulb pendant lights on the right and left sides of the bed become decorations that add to the beauty of the room. The selected warm lighting makes the bedroom feel warm.

Right in front of the navy wardrobe there is a large window that allows light to enter directly on it. The surface of the dove becomes glossy but not dazzling.

10. Contemporary Japanese Bedroom

contemporary japanese design
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 20 Best Contemporary Bedroom Ideas & Decors is a contemporary Japanese bedroom. Japanese design creates a perfect serenity that can make you feel comfortable in the bedroom.

Low-profile beds make the bedroom walls seem higher so that the bedroom feels wider. Not only that, the timber that is installed from the bottom up to the ceiling border also provides a visually higher wall. At the top, a warm LED light is installed which makes the wood create warmth in the room.

The corner of the room is also not left in vain. There are lare plants that make the bedroom feel fresh. Besides that, you can put a small table side so as not to leave an empty space between the bed and plants.

11. Dark Nuances Contemporary Bedroom

dark contemporary bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

For a bedroom with a masculine and cool look, you can make the contemporary bedroom look dark. Black is the most appropriate color for you to make as the main color. Also present the color gray to make the bedroom a little brighter.

Dark bedrooms tend to have a cold atmosphere. So, if you want to make this bedroom feel cozy and feel warm, try to rely on wood material. Use dark wood to maintain the darkness of the room.

12. Cozy Corner Spot in The Contemporary Bedroom

cozy contemporary bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

To make the contemporary bedroom look pretty, try not to leave the corner of the room. Instead of leaving the corner of the room empty, it would be better if you could use it as the most comfortable spot in the bedroom.

The corner of the room next to the window is the most appropriate spot for you to take advantage of. Here, you can put a chair as a place to relax. Choose the chair that is most comfortable for you.

You can also place the floor lamp beside the bench. With this, the corner of the room is not only a place to relax but also a cozy reading nook.

13. Warm and Shady Contemporary Bedroom

shady room
Cc: Pinterest

A dark bedroom does not have a cold atmosphere. Like this idea where the dark contemporary bedroom has a warm atmosphere.

Gray was chosen as the main color of the room. There is also a black color to give a more assertive impression to the room. And, a little white makes the contemporary bedroom look a little brighter.

What makes this room feel warm is the dominant fabric material, starting from the large rug, accent wall, layered bedding, sofa in front of the bed, and several pillows on the bed. Another warmth is also present from the warm lighting which is the main lighting of the room.

14. Black Contemporary Bedroom

black bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Black contemporary on this one idea looks comfortable, attractive, and also a little fresh. Even though black is the dominant color, the bedroom does not feel too cold. The bedroom is also far from cramped and stuffy.

In the wall area there are LED lamps with warm lighting stretching from the right and left sides of the wall. There is also warm lighting from a simple black pendant lamp beside the bed.

What makes the room feel fresh is the plants placed in the corners of the room and also the natural lighting that enters through the windows. The use of a net curtain slightly inhibits light entering the bedroom so it is very helpful in maintaining a dark feel.

15. Shady and Bright at Once

bright room
Cc: Pinterest

Shady and bright at once becomes the next of 20 Best Contemporary Bedroom Ideas & Decors. In this idea, there is no white color that makes the room look bright. On the contrary, black is the color that adorns the bedroom. Brightness is obtained from skylight windows and large windows. There are no decorations like curtains to make the light enter the bedroom to the maximum.

The use of large windows is perfect for those of you who live in places that have beautiful views. Large windows will frame this beautiful view and add comfort to the bedroom.

Wood is the material that fills the room. Dark wood makes the bedroom look shady. Wood material also really helps the bedroom feel warm, quiet, and comfortable.

16. Beautiful and Artsy Natural Wall Accent

natural wall accent
Cc: Pinterest

Contemporary design now minimizes and even eliminates decorations in order to create a minimalist room. As in this one idea which does not have a single display on the wall so the room looks clean.

However, natural stone was chosen to be an accent on the bedroom wall. Try adding light to the walls to make the texture of the natural stone look stand out in the bedroom. This method also makes a natural stone wall look artsy and becomes iconic.

17. Contemporary Bedroom with Natural Nuances

natural nuances contemporary bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Contemporary bedroom with natural nuances is much more comfortable. Natural nuances provide tranquility and freshness in the bedroom.

Natural stone is the material chosen to decorate the walls of the room. The texture of the natural stone looks more attractive thanks to the LED light installed under the stone. LED light with warm lighting provides warmth that makes this room feel more comfortable.

To keep the natural nuances, the colors that decorate the room are neutral colors. Gray, black, and brown are colors that fill the room. The gray color gives the impression of a cooler but calmer. And the black color gives a little bit of firmness. While brown is a color that makes the bedroom feel warm.

This one bedroom idea looks so pretty and alive thanks to the large windows and skylight windows. Natural light can enter the room very freely. Not only that, but the large window also displays a beautiful view and makes you feel more comfortable in the bedroom.

18. Monochrome Contemporary Bedroom

monochrome contemporary bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The use of two colors, or what is called the monochrome concept, can also make a room look simple and minimalist. So, incorporating the concept of monochrome into contemporary design is the right idea.

Black is the main color that fills the room. The light coming in through the windows makes the black color look bright and creates serenity in the room.

Brightness in the room comes from a bright gray color. This color is applied scattered in the bedroom. So, even though there are a few bright grays, this color is enough to stand out in the room.

Not only that, but wood with bright colors also makes the room look bright. Also, lamps with white lighting are very helpful in brightening up this monochrome contemporary bedroom.

19. Neon Lighting Custom for Wall Decor

neon light wall decor
Cc: Pinterest

Neon lighting custom for wall decor is the next of 20 Best Contemporary Bedroom Ideas & Decors. As we already know that the wall decoration in the bedroom is made as minimalistic as possible. And, custom neon lighting is one of the most appropriate decorations for you to choose.

Yellow neon lighting custom looks so beautiful on a black wall. It becomes an attractive spot in the bedroom. The existence of an LED light that surrounds the black wall makes this attractive spot look more stand out. The warm lighting used here is very helpful in providing warmth to the bedroom.

20. Small Contemporary Bedroom

small contemporary bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 20 Best Contemporary Bedroom Ideas & Decors is a small contemporary bedroom. A simple and minimalist appearance is very helpful in providing more space to the bedroom. With this, the room feels more spacious and more comfortable.

Even though the bedroom only contains a bed and a table side, the bedroom still looks attractive and far from boring. The black and white wall mural succeeded in removing the stiff impression in the room.

Just above the table side there is a pendant light hanging above it. This is a simple decoration but has a strong effect in beautifying the bedroom.

In maintaining a minimalist concept in the bedroom, the bedroom is only lit by recessed lighting and LED lights mounted on the right and left sides of the bed. The combination of yellow and white light makes the small contemporary bedroom look beautiful.

Final Words

Contemporary is always changing and following what is the current trend. Therefore, there is no specific character in contemporary design. So, in applying contemporary design to your bedroom, you must first know what is currently popular. That way, the bedroom will look up-to-date. With this, it is important to get some references for the contemporary bedroom. And the points above are 20 Best Contemporary Bedroom Ideas & Decors that can be your references.

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