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21 Simple Decorations That Will Increase The Beauty of Your Interior – If the interior of the house feels boring, this is a sign that you have to add or change decorations to the room. No need for complicated and troublesome decorations, because with simple decorations you can create a new atmosphere and look for the room. For example, you can add additional lighting by presenting a pendant lamp or installing an LED light, playing with throw pillows to bring out new colors and motifs, or installing wallpaper.

To help you bring a different freshness and beauty to your home interior, in this article, we have provided 21 Simple Decorations That Will Increase The Beauty of Your Interior you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

1. Rooms That Look Like One

simple decorations
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Between the reading nook and the garden, a window is installed showing the freshness and beauty of the garden. Windows without a list show off the beauty of the garden very well. However, there is a decoration that makes this reading area look interesting and far from boring. On one side of the window, there is a bookshelf made of wood. The color seems to blend with the window frame.

These bookshelves look as if they are a barrier between the reading area and the outdoors. Like there is no window that separates these two areas. So, from between the bookshelves, you can still see the outdoors really well.

Bookshelves are not only a place to store favorite books. Make bookshelves look different and enhance the beauty of the room by placing some displays such as plants, jugs, and so on.

2. Enliven Your Entry Area

pretty entry area
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The entry area at home is often left alone. Usually, only filled with hangers for raincoats and also shelves for shoes. In fact, the entry area is a very important spot. This one area presents the beauty of the entire interior of your home. Therefore, make the entry area look attractive with simple decorations.

You can place an accent cabinet in the entry area. If you want to make this area seem natural, choose a light wood accent cabinet and decorate it with some refreshing greenery. Also, put a large mirror that can enhance and enliven the room.

3. The Same Tone Pitcure as The Wall

simple decorations ideas
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This dining room has a minimalist and natural appearance. Wood is the main material that conveys warmth to the room. With a minimalist design, the dining room feels so calming. A soft look is also chosen to add serenity to the room.

Even though it looks very simple, the dining room still looks attractive and contemporary. The wall panels feature bold black lines that enliven the dining room. Right in the middle there is a picture with the same color tone that makes it look like it blends in with the wall. It makes the look of the room harmonious and beautiful. This decoration becomes the next of 21 Simple Decorations That Will Increase The Beauty of Your Interior you can choose from.

4. LED Lights for Marble Area

luxury simple decorations
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The impression of luxury and elegance is very strong in the living room. The selection of earth tones for the room creates the perfect serenity and warmth. So that peace can be maintained properly, the room is made more minimalist with simple decorations. Even so, several spots are indeed made to stand out to present an attractive and luxurious look such as dazzling pendant lights and marble walls as accents.

With a simple decoration, you can make something expensive appear in the room. Like installing an LED light on the edge of a marble. This method can immediately attract your eyes to see the beauty of the colors and motifs of the marble in the living room.

Vertically mounted LED lights create the illusion of taller walls and making the room feel wider. Yellow lighting that is not too bright emphasizes warmth and serenity in this living room.

5. Refreshing Touch of Green

green simple decorations
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Make a room feel fresh and pretty at once. Here, of course, you have to decorate the room in green. For the wall area, you can hang some displays that have a green color there. Extend the green into the sofa area by adding green throw pillows and a blanket. Then, if you want to bring a natural green color into the living room, you can choose a plant. There is no need to present a large number of plants. You can do it minimally. Just use a large plant and place it in the corner of the room or beside the sofa. However, you can also choose a tiny plant to decorate the coffee table area.

And the last, the most important thing is maximum natural lighting. Sunlight really helps the green color in the room look more alive. That way, freshness can be present in the room very well.

6. Pretty Minimalist Pendant Lamps

minimalist pendant lamps
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Decorating a minimalist room can look more challenging where you are required to resist your reluctance to decorate a room with displays that you like. However, on the other hand, decorating a minimalist room is also fairly easy. You only need to use the items needed in the room.

In this one idea, the minimalist dining room looks beautiful with two pendant lamps with a minimalist design that are hung right above the dining table. With lighting that is not too bright, the calm in the room is maintained very well.

The globe pendant lamp displays curved lines covering the stiff lines of a minimalist design. It is very good to refine the appearance of the room.

7. White LED Lights to Give An Accent on The Wall

LED lights
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Make your minimalist bathroom look stunning by just relying on LED light. The vanity area is the main spot in the bathroom. So, by adding a simple touch to this area, it will be clearly visible.

Decorating the mirror bathroom with LED light. You can install an LED light right behind the mirror. For lighting, adjust it to the interior of your bathroom. If you want to make this room bright, then white lighting is the most appropriate.

Installing LED light right behind the round mirror can also emphasize curved lines which can soften the appearance of the bathroom. Not only that, it also makes a pretty accent for the wall and makes the white tiles brighter.

8. Standing Mirror in The Living Room

standing mirror
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Do not leave the corner of the room empty. The corner of the room is also an important spot that affects the beauty and atmosphere of the room. So, decorate in easy ways. You can put a standing mirror there. This is the next of 21 simple decorations that will increase the beauty of your interior you can follow.

The standing mirror shows the reflection of the room and covers the stiff lines in the corners of the room. This is a good way to make the small room feel more spacious. You can also give a friend a mirror in the form of a plant. The size of the plant must be the same as the size of the mirror you use to decorate the corner of the room. So, both can look balanced in adding to the beauty and aesthetic value of your room.

9. Remove The Door and Show Your Pantry

simple kitchen decorations
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The pantry in the kitchen is usually made separately. There is a door that becomes a barrier and covers the pantry area from the kitchen. In fact, the pantry area can enliven the kitchen, especially the minimalist kitchen. Therefore, remove the door for the pantry. Let the pantry be seen clearly from the kitchen.

It’s just that, there are a few things you should pay attention to. Because the pantry can be seen from the kitchen, the appearance of the pantry also affects the beauty of the kitchen. Therefore, make sure you maintain the tidiness and cleanliness of the pantry. Organizing your pantry as best you can.

10. Small Wooden Stools for Bathroom

small wooden stools
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Present wooden stools for your bathroom. This is the next of 21 simple decorations that will increase the beauty of your interior that you can choose and apply.

The wooden stools are not only decorations that add aesthetic value but also enliven the bathroom. You can also take advantage of the function of wooden stools themselves, such as using them as a place to put your things before you jump into the bathtub. Or, you can also put an aromatherapy candle there. Soaking in warm water while inhaling the aroma from the candles can make your body and soul relax again.

11. Put Snake Plant on Bedside Table

snake plants
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A floating bedside table is perfect for this minimalist bedroom. And, to maintain a minimalist concept in this room, you have to decorate the bedside table area very minimally. Use decorations that can add to the beauty and comfort of the room, such as plants.

Snake plant has a very simple appearance so it is suitable to fill your minimalist bedroom. Make it look stand out by providing focused lighting on the bedside table area.

Besides adding to the beauty of the appearance, the snake plant also brings freshness to the room. Not only that, but one plant can also absorb harmful substances in the air so that the cleanliness of the air in the bedroom can be maintained properly. This will really help you to have quality sleep and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed.

12. Choose Open Cabinet

open cabinet
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Due to the large number of items in the kitchen, you need a kitchen cabinet to store them. However, the function of the kitchen cabinet does not stop here. You can also make it a decoration to add to the beauty of your kitchen.

Install closed cabinets. However, in other parts, use an open cabinet. And this is where you need to decorate the cabinet as best you can. Take advantage of bowls, glass, and your plates with attractive designs that suit your kitchen interior. Also, pay attention to the tidiness of these items so that the impression of a clean and tidy kitchen can be maintained properly.

13. Black and White Pictures

black and white pictures
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The next of 21 Simple Decorations That Will Increase the Beauty of Your Interior is black and white pictures. This one decoration is perfect for Scandinavian room design. The black and white pictures look so pretty hanging on the whitewashed wall. With a black frame, these become look stand out.

Make this decoration stand out and catch the eye immediately. You just need to place it on the wall right behind the couch. It would be great if the wall area is lit with natural light from the window. The colors from the painting become more firm and alive.

14. Rattan Baskets for Your Mud Room

mud room simple decorations
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Make a bench to make it easier for you to take off and put on your shoes in the mudroom. You can custom a bench with several gaps that can be used as storage for your shoes. With this, you no longer need a shoe rack which will only take up space and make the mud room cramped.

Use items that can be used as storage while adding to the aesthetic value and beauty of the mud room. Here, you can use rattan baskets. It can give a natural look and feel. And also, the rattan baskets can look harmonious with the wooden bench.

15. Rug for Enliven and Visual Room Divider

living room simple decorations
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The open-plan concept is an effective way to make a small house feel more spacious. However, the open-plan concept has also trending recently and makes it not only applied to small houses but large houses too. So, it can be said that the open-plan concept is often applied to contemporary design houses.

The disappearance of walls between rooms really has a wider effect and makes you feel more comfortable. No more annoying cramped and stuffy feeling. It is just that, without walls as a barrier, you have to create a barrier that can differentiate one area from another. And, using a rug is the solution.

A rug can be a visual divider between rooms. However, the color, design, and motif on the rug itself must match the interior of your room.

16. Pretty and Cozy Hanging Chair in The Living Room

swing chair
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Decorating a living room with a hanging chair can enliven your boho living room. The hanging chair made of wood is the most appropriate to choose. It will blend into the interior of the room and make the look harmonious.

The presence of a hanging chair in the living room is one way to create a cozy spot for you to relax. Make this item feel comfy by adding throw pillows and blankets.

However, there is one thing you should pay attention to before installing a hanging chair in the living room. You have to make sure first that your ceiling is strong enough for you to hang a hanging chair.

17. Freshen Up Your Small Bathroom with Hanging Plants

fresh simple decorations
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Plants are the most appropriate decoration for the natural bathroom. Plants are not only decorations to add to the beauty of the bathroom but also provide freshness which can make the bathroom feel comfortable.

However, using plants can take up space. So, the small bathroom can feel cramped. With this, hanging plants are the most appropriate to choose. Hanging plants is an effective way to beautify and give freshness to the bathroom without taking up space and making the bathroom cramped.

18. Wicker Basket Under The Vanity

wicker baskets
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Using a floating vanity for the bathroom leaves excess space in the lower area. And you can use this area as an interesting area in the room. Use items that are natural. This item is the safest because it can enter immediately into the design and concept of the room.

Wicker baskets are decorations that you can choose to fill the bottom area of the floating vanity. You can choose two wicker baskets so that it fills the area under the vanity very well.

You can also use wicker baskets as storage. You can stock up on tissues, clean towels, soap, and so on. That way, the bathroom still looks neat and clean.

19. Enhance Your Built-in Shelves with LED Lights

LED lights
Cc: Pinterest

This Japanese bedroom has a clean appearance free of clutter. Items used in the room are only important items so as to provide more free space which makes this room feel more spacious and comfortable. Even though it seems simple and minimalist, this bedroom looks very attractive with the built-in shelves which are made as natural as possible. The concrete wall and the floating shelves look so attractive. Moreover, in the area on the shelves, the LED lights are installed which make it look stand out in the bedroom. The yellow lighting chosen adds warmth and calm which makes the Japanese bedroom feel more comfortable.

20. Large Cactus Plant for Coastal Living Room Design

Cc: Pinterest

The combination of white and blue makes the coastal look present well in the living room. Natural lighting and also a minimalist concept bring freshness to the room. And of course, freshness feels less if there are no plants there. Therefore, you can make plants as decorations for this coastal living room design.

The Cactus plant is a type of plant that you can choose. The simple design is perfect for this living room. Besides that, cactus plants also have several benefits that can add to the comfort of the room. One of them is to keep the air clean in the room.

Because of its large size, you can place the cactus plant in the corner of the room. This is also the right decoration to fill an empty corner of the room.

21. Attractive Bathroom with Semicircular Mirror

bathroom mirror
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 21 simple decorations that will increase the beauty of your interior is a semicircular mirror. This mirror design is perfect for the elegant and minimalist bathroom. You can still use the large size to wash your face, brush your teeth, and more.

Mirrors with this design are perfect if you do not have a frame. And, you can install an LED light right behind the mirror which can make the curved lines on the mirror clearly visible. So, the mirror is not visible together with the wall. Besides that, the LED light also provides a beautiful accent for the wall in the mirror area.

Final Words

A comfortable home is a beautiful home. Therefore, the decoration in the room is very important. And you do not need to complicate yourself with complicated and troublesome decorations. With simple decorations, you can make your home interior look charming. And, the points above are 21 simple decorations that will increase the beauty of your interior you can follow. Choose decorations that match the design, concept, and layout of your room. So, happy trying!

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