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Masculine Bedroom for Sleek and Sexy Interior – For a more mature bedroom look, the masculine bedroom is the best. By relying on dark colors, such as black, gray, brown, and navy blue, the nuance of the bedroom will feel cooler. In addition, these colors will also provide a calm atmosphere in the bedroom. So, the bedroom will feel more comfortable.

The combination of dark colors sometimes makes people worry about creating a room that feels cramped and stuffy. This is one reason why dark colors are rarely applied to interiors. However, you can avoid all of this by getting various kinds of references. And here, we have provided Masculine Bedroom Ideas for Sleek and Sexy Interior. So, let’s check it out!

Black Nuances with Beautiful Recessed Lighting

This bedroom has a minimalist concept. By relying on makeshift furniture, this bedroom looks simpler. In addition, because of the narrow space, with minimal furniture, the bedroom feels more spacious.

dark bedroom ideas
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Cramped and stuffy is already a disease for small spaces. Especially if black is chosen as the main color. So, to solve this problem, this one masculine bedroom idea is working on it by making the bedroom walls higher.

At the top of the bedroom, some recessed lighting is installed with bright lighting. With this, the bedroom in black shades will look beautiful.

Masculine Bedroom with Alluring Lighting

The masculine bedroom is indeed more minimalist. The goal is to give an impression that is mature and not too complicated. That way, the bedroom will be much calmer.

black bedroom
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However, a bedroom that is too minimalist and sleek sometimes actually look stiff. So, in this idea, the masculine bedroom is decorated with alluring lighting that looks so attractive. The warm lighting is used as if to tie in a calm and relaxed atmosphere in the bedroom.

Monochrome Masculine Bedroom

Want to have a bedroom that is dark but also looks bright? Monochrome bedroom design is the right idea to choose. The bold black color and the natural bright white make a perfect color combination.

monochrome masculine bedroom
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The dominant black color creates a sexy masculine look in the room. Black walls make the bedroom look darker. So, to compensate, the bedroom ceiling is painted white.

To decorate black painted walls, white painting is a very attractive wall decoration. Right next to it, a small green plant is given which makes a monochrome masculine bedroom feel a little fresher.

Modern Concept Make It Looks So Attractive

The black bedroom does not always look dark. As in the image below. The masculine bedroom looks bright and attractive.

The glass facade is indeed very good for maximizing natural lighting in the room. The windows are also left plain without any decorations. There is only a net curtain that hangs close to the ceiling and gives the illusion of a height to the bedroom wall. The net curtain, which is allowed to rise to the floor, gives an attractive and more casual look.

modern black bedroom
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The bedroom also looks attractive with the black painted wooden walls and ceiling. On some walls, brown sleek wood is installed. Modern wall lighting gives a room a dramatic change. In the corner of the room, we can find floor lamps with different heights. This is the right decoration to make the bedroom look more attractive.

Minimalist Masculine Bedroom with Artistic Wall and Warm Light

Playing on the wall is an alternative way to give a room a different and dramatic look. Like this one idea, the minimalist masculine bedroom looks very attractive.

artistic interior ideas
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The lack of decoration does not make this bedroom look stiff. With the presence of an artistic wall and warm light, it hits a different look to the bedroom. Different colors are also applied to the walls so that the bedroom looks even more beautiful and attractive to the eye.

Geometric Back-Lit Wood Accent Wall

The masculine bedroom is not always black. And this one idea proves it. By relying on wood elements, the bedroom can be made to look masculine, sleek, and sexy.

Dominant wood elements can bring the perfect serenity to your bedroom. Besides that, the appearance of the bedroom is also much softer and calmer.

Geometric Back-Lit Wood Accent Wall
Cc: Pinterest

With this idea, you do not need to worry that your bedroom will look so minimalist and stiff. The geometric back-lit wood accent wall gives a dramatic impact to the bedroom. Warm lighting seems to team up with wood tones to give this space serenity. So that your bedroom will be the fit place to relax and unwind.

Masculine Bedroom Design with A Little Touch of Rustic

Avoiding the appearance of a bedroom that looks elegant and classy, this one idea will immediately catch your eye. With a rustic touch, a masculine bedroom will look different from previous ideas.

modern rustic room
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Natural elements such as wood and brick bring the maximum natural feel to the bedroom. Wooden walls and exposed brick walls are the right combinations to make a bedroom look attractive and different. Several wall displays and beautiful pendant lamps complement this one bedroom.

Concrete Wall Presenting Gray in Natural Ways

Do not forget about the gray color. This color is also part of the colors used in creating the masculine bedroom.

Instead of choosing paint for the walls, it would be great to presenting gray in natural ways. And the concrete wall is the best idea to apply.

concrete wall ideas
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Concrete walls on some walls are enough to give the bedroom a gray look. In addition, the texture of the concrete makes the bedroom walls look more attractive. And you do not need the wall decoration anymore.

Big Horse Painting Behind The Headboard

If you feel that the bedroom looks so minimalist and simple, try adding a big horse painting as a bedroom decoration. Providing an attractive display is indeed the easiest way to make a bedroom look attractive. Especially if the decorations used are in accordance with the theme and interior design.

large painting decors
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As in this one idea. The black and brown masculine bedroom gives the bedroom a mature look. It’s just that, the lack of decoration makes the bedroom look unattractive.

So, to keep the minimalist concept and make the bedroom look attractive, a big horse painting is chosen to decorate the bedroom. Putting it in behind the headboard is the easiest way. Because big paintings are usually so heavy and difficult to hang on the wall.


The masculine bedroom is an interesting idea to presenting a mature and sexy look to the interior. With natural dark colors, it makes the bedroom feel so beautiful and calm. And in this article, we have provided Masculine Bedroom Ideas for Sleek and Sexy Interior that can be your references. Appearing more mature, minimalist, and calmly makes the masculine bedroom applicable to all genders. So, have you decided which idea would you choose for your bedroom?

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