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Want to Have Soothing & Relaxing Place? Here are Best Mediterranean Bedroom Ideas – Having a soothing and relaxing place at home is so important. Compared to other rooms, the bedroom is a room that must be comfortable. It is very important in having a soothing and relaxing bedroom in your home. And the Mediterranean bedroom is the right option.

When you hear the Mediterranean bedroom, you might immediately think of a European nuanced bedroom. Yup… Mediterranean style is influenced by European design elements. A European look that is sometimes interspersed with traditional, contemporary, and modern rustic charm.

Neutral colors and aqua colors are the colors to choose from in the Mediterranean style. No wonder the atmosphere in the Mediterranean bedroom feels soothing and relaxing.

So, for those of you who Want to Have a Soothing & Relaxing Place, Here are the Best Mediterranean Bedroom Ideas that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

1. White Exposed Brick Walls and Ceiling for Mediterranean Bedroom with Bold Natural Nuances

comfortable mediterranean bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

A bedroom with natural nuances will feel soothing and more comfortable. And an alternative way to presenting bold natural nuances is to rely on natural elements.

In this idea, a mid-sized bedroom with white exposed brick walls and ceiling looks so attractive. The exposed brick texture makes the bedroom look so pretty. The bedroom looks bright with white that is applied to the wall and ceiling. It also makes the bedroom feel fresh and cozy. Coupled with natural lighting, enters through the glass door make the bedroom feel alive and soothing.

2. Modern Mediterranean Bedroom with Basket Wall Decor

basket wall decorations
Cc: Pinterest

As the main focus of the room, the walls play a very important role. In fact, the beauty and comfort of the bedroom can be determined from the wall decorations used.

If you feel that the Mediterranean bedroom looks so traditional, you can make this one idea as an option. Modern Mediterranean is perfect for those of you who want tranquility with a traditional feel but look more modern and up to date.

Even though the bedroom design is minimalist and seems modern, the presence of wooden elements gives a natural feel that feels so relaxing. And the most interesting is the basket wall hanging randomly in the bedroom. Right above the headboard make it look dominant in the bedroom.

3. Beautiful Motifs and Carving

beautiful mediterranean bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

If we look at the traditional European-style buildings, we can see so many carvings and motifs used. Even though they may seem crowded, these motifs and carving can provide an attractive artistic value.

In this Mediterranean bedroom, the bedroom look may seem simple. With white as the base color and green plants that make it look fresh. However, the use of blue bedding with Boho styles makes it look very aesthetic. Coupled with a wooden headboard carved with flowers makes this Mediterranean bedroom look so beautiful.

4. Mediterranean Bedroom with Millennial Style

millennial mediterranean bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Today’s Millennials prefer to choose the bedroom with a minimalist appearance but still attractive and comfortable. And if you are one of them, this one idea is perfect for you to make as an option.

The white as the basic color really represents the modern and minimalist concept which millennials like. Coupled with minimalist design furniture that makes it looks perfect.

The calm and warm atmosphere can be clearly felt from making wood elements as the main material of the bedroom. The wooden beam painted white still represents a warm natural impression. Wood is also applied to the floor. By allowing the color and texture of the wood, the bedroom looks softer and calmer.

5. Soothing and Calm Nuances with Brown Scheme

cozy mediterranean bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

From the ideas above, we only see white as the basic color of the room. In fact, there are still many neutral colors to choose from, such as brown.

Playing on a brown scheme is the right idea to bring soothing and calm nuances into the bedroom. No need to worry about the bedroom looking stiff. Because using wood elements in representing the brown color can actually make the bedroom look attractive and soft.

The natural light that enters the bedroom along with flowers in a vase as decoration, makes the Mediterranean bedroom look so pretty.

6. Bring Mid-Century Nuances with Canopy Bed

canopy bed
Cc: Pinterest

In the middle of the century, European aristocrats prefer to use canopy beds. Which at the top of the bed is often added to the mosquito net.

Being the main item in the bedroom, of course, the bed is also an important part of the appearance and comfort of this room. To make your Mediterranean bedroom look beautiful and cozy, you have to find the right bed for your room. And a canopy bed is an option.

In the picture above, the canopy bed might look more modern. Of course, it is to make the bedroom not look too old and outdated.

7. Italy Mediterranean Bedroom Style

Italy Mediterranean Bedroom Style
Cc: Pinterest

Natural stones wall, wooden beam ceiling, and neutral colors. These three are the characteristics of the Italian-style bedroom.

Italy Mediterranean bedroom style is the next idea you can choose in having a soothing and relaxing bedroom. The wooden elements that give off a warm and soft feel and the natural stone wall with a cool nuance are the perfect combinations. Coupled with neutral colors, it provides maximum serenity. The bedroom also feels fresh with natural lighting as the main lighting.

8. Fireplace for Getting Relax and Warm Feel

traditional fireplace
Cc: Pinterest

Nothing wrong with installing a fireplace in the bedroom. As a room to relax, the bedroom must be made as comfortable as possible. And sometimes in winter, cold air often enters through the windows and doors. Of course, this really disturbs the comfort of the bedroom.

So, installing a fireplace in the bedroom is the right idea. Instead of using a modern fireplace, it would be better to choose a traditional fireplace. This is much nicer for the Mediterranean bedroom. European concept and traditional fireplace are a perfect combination. In this idea, you can fully have a comfortable and attractive bedroom.

9. Coastal Mediterranean Bedroom

beautiful mediterranean bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

In fact, the main color of the Mediterranean style is aqua. Therefore, combining the Mediterranean style with the coastal is an interesting idea.

The blue color which is the main color of the coastal style will give a fresh impression to the bedroom. Coupled with a coastal decoration that can enhance the appearance of the bedroom, such as sea painting, and so on.

For the Mediterranean style itself can still be felt clearly. Bed design, chair design, carpet, and also pendant lamp really present a stylish medieval style in the bedroom.

10. Pink Mediterranean Bedroom

pink mediterranean bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

For some women, it seems incomplete if there is no pink in their bedroom. And if you are one of them, then this idea will immediately catch your eye.

Besides neutral colors, pink can also be applied to the Mediterranean bedroom. The pink wall with beautiful painting is the perfect decoration. Even though the bedroom is pink, it does not look cute and girly.

Navy blue bedding is the right choice for the pink Mediterranean bedroom. The navy colors give a slightly bold look to the pink bedroom. In this way, the Mediterranean bedroom looks so pretty.


Who does not want a bedroom that is soothing and relaxing? Everyone naturally wants it. And the Mediterranean bedroom is a great choice. With natural elements and neutral colors, it can bring a warm and comfortable impression to the bedroom. Besides that, the traditional European-style concept combined with modern and contemporary styles makes it look attractive and also feels calm. And above are the Best Mediterranean Bedroom Ideas that we provide for those of you who Want to Have a Soothing and Relaxing Place at home.

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