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Master Bedroom Ideas and Decors That Will Inspire You – What master bedroom do you want? Full of serenity, sumptuous look, modern or others? This all you can get in your bedroom as long as you decorate it properly.

In decorating a bedroom, it may seem simple and easy. Even though it requires thoroughness and careful consideration. This is because the decoration really determines the beauty and comfort of the bedroom.

The first thing you need before decorating a bedroom is to look for some references. With this, you can determine what bedroom you want. Besides that, getting references will make it easier for you to decorate the room. And in this article, we have provided Master Bedroom Ideas and Decors That Will Inspire You. So, let’s check it out!

Concrete Wall and LED Lighting Decor

As the main focus of the room, the wall becomes an important area at homes. So, if you wanna make the master bedroom look adorable, playing on the wall texture is a great way.

A concrete wall becomes the first idea you can choose and apply to your room. The texture of the concrete wall can provide a more attractive appearance. In addition, the natural gray of the concrete creates a cool, soothing atmosphere.

master bedroom decors
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To make it look prettier, add additional lighting. Like installing LED lighting on each edge of the wall. The warm lighting generated from LED lamps will make the wall look more dramatic. The atmosphere in the bedroom will also feel warmer and more romantic.

Mounted Cedar Panels Wall Decoration

In having a master bedroom full of serenity, you can present natural elements there. And wood is the best material that can bring a soothing atmosphere perfectly.

The color of wood is great in bringing the warm nuances to the room. In addition, the texture of the wood also works well to make the minimalist room looks pretty.

master bedroom ideas
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Mounted cedar panels become the second decoration and idea that you can apply to your master bedroom. No need to install it on the whole wall of the room. You can choose one sidewall.

Installing it as wide as the bed is the best way to make the room look attractive. It like there is a headboard that rises to the ceiling.

To make it look romantic and dramatic, decorate it with some warm lighting. Perhaps you can install LED lighting on the edge of the ceiling and hang the pendant lamp beside the bed.

Cushioned Fabric Wall

This one idea is great for you who want to have a soothing master bedroom. The cushioned fabric wall installed can make the room look soft.

Installing the cusbioned fabric wall also becomes the best way to drown out the sounds in the room. You will be free from the chaos and noise from outside. That way, your sleep quality will be good.

cushioned fabric wall ideas
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Master Bedroom with Canopy Bed

Due to the large space, it is not a problem to decorate the master bedroom with large objects. It would be better to use this space to add to the comfort of the room. Like using a big, comfortable bed.

In decorating the bedroom, you are indeed required to find the right bed. As the main item in this room, the bed will certainly affect comfort. Not only that, by choosing the right bed that matches to your bedroom design, it can also add the beauty value of this room.

traditional master bedrom
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If you want to make your master bedroom like in the past, you can make a canopy bed as an option. The canopy bed is indeed very fitting to give touches in traditional style to the room.

To make it look more attractive and dramatic, you can decorate it with mosquito net. It is good for the look yet the comfort of the room. With the mosquito net, you can sleep soundly without worrying about itchy and annoying mosquito bites.

Industrial Rustic Master Bedroom

This one bedroom may look very minimalist, but the combination of rustic and industrial is able to make this room look very attractive and comfortable.

The concrete wall is enough to make the room look attractive without having to use wall displays. With this, the bedroom will feel more spacious.

japandi master bedroom
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To make it look attractive, you can hang the pendant lamp right beside the bed. No need to worry about the bedroom looking stiff because the wood texture that is clearly shown in the room is enough to make this room look perfect.

Abstract Inked Wall

Want to expect the minimalist to the master bedroom concept is fine. Precisely with this the bedroom will seem more modern and tidy. However, try not to make the bedroom seem too simple. Because this will only make it feel empty and uncomfortable.

In having a minimalist master bedroom, you can use minimalist design furniture. And also to make minimalist concpet applied perfectly, reduce the decorations used, especially on the walls. A round mirror without a frame is enough to fill the wall.

abstract inked wall ideas
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To make the miniamlist master bedroom look attractive, of course it doesn’t stop here. You must provide simple motives that attract attention. And abstract inket wall is a great idea to apply. This is the great way in adding to the beauty of the room without having to be taken up the space and make the room feel full.

Neoclassic Master Bedroom

Combining neoclassic design with minimalist design furniture is an interesting way to break through the aesthetic modern look of today.

neoclassic master bedroom
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We can find walls with beautiful carvings. Make neoclassic design look more dominant. However, the use of a bedframe with a minimalist design is also the perfect counterweight to present the current appearance. With this, the bedroom will look more up to date.

White Farmhouse Master Bedroom

Wanna have a bedroom that feel sothing and fresh? If you do, wahite farmhouse master bedroom is a great idea to be chosen.

Wooden ceiling is great in bringing the soothing atmosperhe into the bedroom. Whitewashed wall and ceiling are also the perfect combination to make the room feel more comfortable. White indeed an alternative color to make the interior look bright naturally.

comfortable bedroom ideas
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If you want to make the room feel more alive, try to provide the natural lighting into the room. Decorate it with some plants too to make the bedroom feel fresh and relaxed.

Luxury Master Bedroom

A spacious room is indeed easy to make to appear elegant and luxurious. Enough with natural hues like brown and black, the bedroom will look so fabulous.

The king bed that is placed in the middle of the room makes it look more dominant. As if the room looks very spacious. Coupled with a glass accent on the wall that makes the room appear wider.

luxury master bedroom
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A little touch of gold is also an important effect that makes this room seem classy, elegant, and expensive. Especially with the chandelier hanging right in the middle of the bedroom. Makes it appear more iconic.

Modern Rustic Master Bedroom

This is the last idea and decoration of master bedroom that will inspire you. The rustic design that is rich in serenity will make the master bedroom a comfortable space to stay in. By relying on natural hues materials, the master bedroom will feel very calm, relaxed, and also comfortable.

modern rustic room decor ideas
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The appearance of rustic design may look outdated. So, if you want to make it look more up to date, you can combine it with the modern concept. Like minimalist design furniture.

If you want to make the modern rustic bedroom look a little luxury and elegant, try hanging a chandelier right in the middle of the room. You can also provide additional light such as recessed lighting which can make it look more attractive.


As a place for resting and relax, bedroom becomes an important room at home. In order to improve your sleep quaility, you have to make your master bedroom feel cozy yet beautiful. Try to decorate it as well as possible. And in this article, we have provided Master Bedroom Ideas and Decors That Will Inspire You. You can steal one or more the points above which you feel matches your personality.

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