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20 Luxurious Kitchen Ideas that Feel Comfy and Calm – The kitchen is the most important room. Not only cleanliness but the appearance and comfort of the kitchen are also things that you need to pay close attention to. For those of you who want to have a luxurious kitchen, you can also make this one room look comfortable and calm. Starting from the selection of soothing colors to elements that can convey warmth and comfort such as wood. To get more references about luxurious kitchens, here we provide 20 Luxurious Kitchen Ideas that Feel Comfy and Calm for you. So, let’s check it out!

1. Warm Luxurious Kitchen

luxurious kitchen
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The warm luxurious kitchen is the first of 20 Luxurious Kitchen Ideas that Feel Comfy and Calm. This one idea relies more on wood elements as the main element of the kitchen. The natural wood color provides calm and warmth to the room.

In some kitchen spots, such as under the kitchen island and kitchen cabinets, and also on the backsplash there is an LED light with yellow lighting. This is also one of the keys that provide calm and warmth to the kitchen.

To give a more assertive and elegant side, black is an alternative color. The black color is applied to the kitchen island and backsplash. The dove surface makes the black color look more beautiful and is very suitable for this luxury kitchen with a minimalist concept.

2. Monochrome Luxurious Kitchen with Jet-Black

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For a kitchen with a luxurious and simple look, you can use two colors for this room as an option. The use of two colors or what is popularly known as the monochrome concept is very suitable for a kitchen with a minimalist or modern style.

In this idea, the kitchen chose black and white. The comparison of the use of these two colors is 1:1. For the kitchen cabinets and kitchen island, a jet black color is chosen. So that the appearance given is cooler and firmer. And, the white color fills the ceiling and floor. So, even though the jet-black color is chosen to decorate the kitchen cabinet, the kitchen will still look bright. Thus, you do not have to worry about your kitchen is cramped and stuffy.

3. Luxurious Kitchen in Minimalist Concept

luxurious kitchen ideas
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A kitchen with a minimalist concept is indeed the easiest to make it seem luxurious and elegant. By relying on neutral colors such as black, white, and beige, the kitchen will feel and look calmer.

Here, you can rely on jet-black for kitchen cabinets to give a firm effect to the kitchen. Also, present the wood material to give a warm and soothing side. Do not forget the marble to fill the backsplash area. Marble is what will create an expensive look for the kitchen.

4. Marble Element is An Everything

luxurious kitchen ideas decor
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In making a luxurious kitchen is not difficult. You can rely on marble material like in the picture above. Marble material that is applied to the backsplash and also the kitchen island will give an expensive and elegant effect. Especially, when the marble is exposed to lighting, be it natural lighting or lighting from lamps. The glossy marble surface will increase the value of the beauty of the kitchen.

You can also add crystal pendant lamps or chandeliers right above the kitchen island. This is one way that you can try to add an expensive look to your kitchen.

5. Luxurious Classic Style Kitchen Design

luxurious classic kitchen ideas
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In creating an interior with a luxurious appearance, you can also rely on classic designs. The classic design is one of the interior designs that is often applied to palaces. So that the impression of luxury and expensive is very attached to this design.

The characteristic of the classic design is the intricate carvings that are usually found on the ceiling. These carvings will later make the kitchen look luxurious, elegant, and also beautiful.

This luxurious classic-style kitchen makes white the main color. On one side of the wall is also applied a large window to maximize natural lighting. So that the white color will look brighter and make the kitchen seem wider.

6. A Touch of Gold for Classy Look

best luxurious kitchen
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Applying ivory white for the kitchen area not only makes the kitchen look bright but also looks calm. Moreover, what you use here is marble or granite material. The glossy look will give a different effect and sensation to the kitchen. Not only that, but the look of the kitchen will also look prettier.

In this idea, you can bring wood elements to give a warm effect that can make the kitchen feel comfortable. You can also give a random touch of gold color which will increase the impression of luxury in the kitchen. Also, provide bright lighting to make marble and granite look sparkling.

7. Calm and Fresh Kitchen-Dining

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Luxury kitchens do not always have to look cool, firm, and masculine. Like this one idea where the luxury kitchen dining is made more calm and fresh.

This idea makes wood the main material for the kitchen. It is this wood element that conveys serenity and warmth that makes the kitchen feel comfortable.

Not only that but natural lighting in the kitchen is also maximized. So that the color and texture of the wood will look more alive. And also, the natural nuances in this room will feel thicker.

What makes this kitchen look fresh is the presence of green in the dining area. A bench with a minimalist design in dark green makes the kitchen feel fresher and also elegant.

8. Luxurious Small Kitchen for Studio Apartment

apartment kitchen
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The next of 20 Luxurious Kitchen Ideas that Feel Comfy and Calm is a luxurious small kitchen for a studio apartment. As we know that the area of ​​a studio apartment is very limited. And to make it feel comfortable, of course you have to maximize the use of every available space.

Even though it’s small, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a luxurious kitchen. Here you can rely on white, gray, and black colors like in the image above. Apply more white to make it feel wider.

In the backsplash area, make it more glossy and give an LED light to make it look more beautiful. Also provide some simple kitchen pendant lights that can add to the aesthetic value of your kitchen studio apartment.

9. White Nuances Large Luxurious Kitchen

white luxurious kitchen
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For a kitchen with a fairly large size, you can actually use the color you want. However, if you want to make it look luxurious, you can make it feel even wider. Here, you can apply white to the kitchen, starting from marble for the kitchen island, floor, and ceiling, to kitchen cabinets.

The presence of the marble is actually enough to make the kitchen look luxurious and elegant. You can add recessed lighting and some kitchen pendant lights to make the marble surface look shinier.

10. Feel Calm with Black and Gray Nuances Kitchen

soothing interior
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Color selection is the key to the look and feel of the interior. And, for those of you who want to make a kitchen with a luxurious look, we recommend choosing neutral colors, such as white, gray, navy, beige, brown, and also black.

The idea this time wants a kitchen with a calm look. Therefore, the colors that fill the kitchen are black and gray.

Gray is the middle color of black and white. So, the result of using this color is bright but tends to be shady. And, this is what will make the kitchen look calmer.

The black color combination is the most appropriate. Black marble on the kitchen island will give a beautiful glossy effect with a beautiful abstract motif. The black kitchen cabinet with a glossy appearance is made higher so that it gives the effect of a higher wall. That way, the kitchen will look bigger.

11. Small, Simple, But Still Luxury

small luxury kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Having a luxurious kitchen does not only apply to a large house or room. You can also have a beautiful luxury kitchen with limited space.

Like the idea this time where the small luxurious kitchen looks so beautiful with calm colors. Wood is the main element that makes the kitchen feel so warm and soothing. Marble accents on the backsplash as well as proper lightings such as recessed lighting and pendant lights add to the aesthetic value and expensiveness of this one room.

Due to its limited area, this kitchen applies a minimalist concept to display a simple appearance. That way, the kitchen will seem more spacious.

12. Luxurious Vintage Kitchen Design

vintage style
Cc: Pinterest

Luxurious vintage kitchen design is the next of 20 Luxurious Kitchen Ideas that Feel Comfy and Calm. The vintage style may seem old. Even so, its soft appearance makes this style still in demand by many people.

Vintage-style kitchen cabinets with soft colors change the kitchen drastically. The presence of a touch of gold on the iron material adds a luxurious and majestic effect to the kitchen. This vintage kitchen also looks very expensive thanks to the crystal chandelier that hangs right above the kitchen island.

13. Live Like in The Castle

beautiful luxurious kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Do you want to have an interior like in the castle? If you do, then try to start from the kitchen in your home. You can make the kitchen like being in a palace. Classic style carvings will add aesthetic value to this room.

You also need to consider the color selection in the kitchen well. Make sure you choose white as the main color to make the kitchen feel more spacious. And for accents, choose a gold color to give the kitchen a luxurious effect. You can also choose a crystal chandelier as the main lighting and decoration of this room.

14. Gray Nuances Luxurious Kitchen

gray interior decor
Cc: Pinterest

For those of you who want to have a luxurious kitchen with shady and calm nuances, this idea is worth trying. Gray nuances luxurious kitchen becomes the next of 20 Luxurious Kitchen Ideas that Feel Comfy and Calm.

Making gray the main color will still make the kitchen look bright. To give an elegant and luxurious effect, you can give a touch of gold to the iron material there. And of course, do not forget the marble accents for the backsplash area and the dining table like the picture above.

You can also use the unused side of the wall as a display area. This is the right decoration that can increase the aesthetic and beauty value of the kitchen. You can display some pretty little jars or other fancy displays. Also, install LED lighting with yellow lighting to make it look stand out.

15. Bright and Comfortable Luxurious Kitchen

bright kitchen
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The interior that looks naturally bright does feel more comfortable. And if you are one of those who like this, you can make white the main color for your kitchen. So that the kitchen does not seem stiff, give one more color such as black as an accent or decoration.

In maximizing natural lighting in the kitchen, you can install large windows. Make sure you do not install any decorations on the windows such as curtains. That way, it will be easier for light to enter the room and make it look naturally bright. The white color and also the marble elements will look prettier and more alive when exposed to sunlight.

16. Playing with Marble Elements for a Beautiful Glossy Look

marble elements
Cc: Pinterest

Creating a luxurious kitchen is actually quite easy and not easy. Here, you only need to rely on marble as the main material for the room. These abstract colors and motifs from marble will drastically change the look of the kitchen. Especially, when the marble is exposed to light. The glossy effect of marble will make the kitchen look so classy and elegant.

Here, you can use marble with different motifs and colors. If we look at the picture above, for the kitchen island and also the backsplash, we prefer marble with black and white motifs. And for the floor installed white marble with a very beautiful gray motif.

17. Luxurious Modern Kitchen Design

luxurious modern kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Luxurious modern kitchen design becomes the next of 20 Luxurious Kitchen Ideas that Feel Comfy and Calm. Modern design does look more minimalist. But, every corner of this design looks more contemporary and keeps up with the times.

The colors in modern designs also tend to be calm and dark. With this, the kitchen will look cooler and more mature.

The minimalist concept in a modern-designed kitchen makes it look clean and tidy. Not only that, but the kitchen atmosphere also feels calmer. So that a modern-designed kitchen not only looks attractive but also feels comfortable.

18. Feel Luxurious in Industrial Kitchen Design

luxurious industrial kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Applying an industrial style to the kitchen is also an interesting idea. With dark shades, it is easy for the industrial kitchen to be transformed to make it look luxurious and elegant.

Minimalist-style furniture and kitchen cabinets give a clean and tidy appearance. Although the black and brown colors give a dark and masculine feel, this kitchen is far from cold. This is because the wood element looks dominant in this room.

A concrete backsplash gives a different sensation. Additional LED lights with white lighting make it look expensive. Not only that, but several industrial-style lamps also play a role in giving the appearance of luxury to this kitchen.

19. Luxury and Fresh Monochrome Kitchen Concept

fresh interior decor
Cc: Pinterest

You can also make a monochrome kitchen concept look luxurious. Here, you can make white as the main color and black as the decoration. Also, present maximum lighting to make the white color look luminous and make the kitchen look wider.

In making the kitchen look luxurious, you can choose marble material as a top table. If we look at the picture above, the marble top table has a motif that is so subtle that it makes the kitchen look luxurious but still simple. Jet black managed to make the kitchen look elegant and firm.

This monochrome luxurious kitchen also looks fresh with some green plants as decorations. Some small plants look so beautiful decorating the kitchen island.

20. Small Luxurious Kitchen with Masculine and Cool Look

masculine room
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 20 Luxurious Kitchen Ideas that Feel Comfy and Calm is a small luxurious kitchen with a masculine and cool look. This kitchen prefers to use the natural brown color of the wood and also the black color.

What changes this small kitchen drastically is the black marble element with a white motif that is so dazzling. Not only that but the modern and minimalist design also influences the elegant and luxurious impression of this kitchen.

For lighting, this one idea prefers to install several LED lights at different spots. That way, the effect given will make the kitchen look more aesthetic and cool.


The points above are 20 Luxurious Kitchen Ideas that Feel Comfy and Calm that can be your references. We provide luxurious kitchens with an elegant to simple appearance. Starting from a large room to a small room. You can adjust all of this to the circumstances and conditions of the kitchen in your home. So, make sure you choose the right idea for your lovely kitchen.

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