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19 Ideas of Cushion to Decorate Your Living Room: Create A Focal Point on Your Sofa – The sofa is the main point in the living room. So, this one item greatly affects the comfort and beauty of the sofa. The cushion is an additional item for the sofa to make it feel cozy. Besides that, currently, there are many cushions with beautiful designs and colors that can add to the beauty and aesthetic value of a living room. And, you can use a sofa cushion to make your room more attractive.

In this article, we have provided 19 ideas of cushions to decorate your living room to create a focal point on your sofa. So, let’s check it out!

1. Navy floral cushion for an Art Deco living room

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The dark color is a calming accent for the home interior. It matches the other colors with the same tone. Here, we have an idea for a navy cushion. This pillow has various colors and patterns. The combination of floral patterns is stunning.

It will enliven the Art Deco impression in your living room. Moreover, this cushion is interesting to put with other navy cushions. If you have another Art Deco cushion than add it to your living room. You can add eccentric cushions, such as the cushion with furry accents. Besides, displaying some Art Deco cushions can bring a new transformation to the living room décor.

2. Boho cushions and accent pillows

Cc: Pinterest

The cushion in the living room is interesting. It looks stunning to match the sofa and chairs. Thus, you can display the cushions in the same color as the sofa. For example, you can add Boho-designed cushions will various colors. It has many colors that you can choose from. This cushion has an accent on the edge.

The curvy accent is attractive to decorate your sitting area. Then, arrange the cushions based on the size. Moreover, you can add other cushions with different colors and shapes. It will create a variation design. Thus, the living room gets a perfect design.

3. Cotton cushions to add the rough textures

Cc: Pinterest

The material of a cushion is important to create an impression. The rough fabrics can bring a natural texture. For example, cotton cushions can change the nuance in a sitting room. It has a rough surface that creates a textural accent in your living room. You can add more cotton cushions to enliven an outdoor impression.

Besides, the cotton cushion has various designs. Then, choose the most attractive design for your living room. Here, the cotton cushion is simple with triangle shapes. Then, match the cushion colors with your living room design.  It will create a balanced design for the interior.

4. Colorful cushions to create an eccentric living room

Cc: Pinterest

The colorful accent is energetic. You can use the colorful accent to enliven the dull room. A wide variety of colors can add a breath of fresh air. Maybe you can display colorful cushions like this idea. It has rich colors and patterns.

Moreover, displaying more cushions in the living room is a simple idea for decoration. You can arrange the colorful cushions based on the patterns. The richest pattern is stunning to put in the middle. Also, you can arrange the cushions based on the colors. The colorful cushions will create a cloudless atmosphere in your living room.

5. Velvet cushions for a luxurious impression

Cc: Pinterest

The velvet fabric is functional. It has a luxurious impression. Even, you can use velvet fabric to be your cushions. It has a soft surface and an attractive appearance. The bold color of the velvet is stunning.

Besides, the velvet cushion is attractive. It can be a luxurious and classic accent in the living room. You will see the beautiful living room décor with velvet cushions. Thus, pick the velvet cushions that match your living room color theme. It is perfect if your living room uses a classic design like the Art Deco or Mid-Century.

6. Crochet cushion-free patterns

Cc: Pinterest

A crochet cushion is such an artwork. It is an eccentric cushion with free patterns. You can customize this cushion to get your favorite pattern. Thus, displaying the crochet cushion will give a punchy look to your living room. The floral pattern is one of the interesting patterns.

Meanwhile, the other patterns are stunning as well. Maybe the geometrical can be your choice. This crochet cushion is practical to put an accent on the sofa. Besides, the colorful crochet cushion can invigorate the interior design. The crochet cushion is perfect for a Bohemian design and other natural designs.

7. Various cushions as the pillow and roll neck

Cc: Pinterest

The colorful cushions are eccentric. You can bring a new dimension into a living room by displaying some cushions. Thus, pick the various cushions. You can choose them by colors, patterns, and shapes. Thus, use the color scheme to determine the cushions.

Then, arrange the cushions on the chair. If you want a variation, add the pillow and roll neck as well. These items are useful to create a comfy design. Also, it gives some options to you when sitting in the living room. Use the roll-neck if you want a comfortable pillow to sleep on the sofa.

8. Patterned cushions for the comfy reading nook

Cc: Pinterest

The neutral color is calming. You can add this neutral accent to your living room. It will enliven the airy nuance. Also, the attractive pattern will change the dimension of the visual impression. This patterned cushion is a perfect choice to create a comfy sitting area. Thus, it is stunning to decorate your reading nook.

Furthermore, the patterned cushion is various. It has many patterns and shapes. Some people display different cushions to bring an interesting accent. This idea has a pair of square and round cushions. It is a creative way to add an attractive item to your sitting area.

9. A group of colorful cushions

Cc: Pinterest

Using many cushions for decoration is stunning. You can display a group of decorative cushions for your living room. Here, we have an idea for decorative cushions. This item has the same pattern but it consists of various colors. Then, you can take them into the living room.

Moreover, put the cushion to decorate every seat. It is more stunning if you have other colorful cushions for the living room. This idea is perfect for modern living room design. Also, the Bohemian living room is a perfect match as well. You can add other accents to decorate the living room, such as the macrame comforter and green houseplant.

10. Crochet jute cushions with patterns

Cc: Pinterest

Crochet jute cushion is another version of crochet. It is a beautiful artwork. The crochet jute cushion has an interesting shape. The round shape is stunning with the curvy edges. This cushion looks interesting to put with other cushions.

Besides, this cushion can be a punchy look in the living room. It will create a new dimension with the artistic pattern. Also, you can pick the crochet jute with your favorite colors. If your living room has a calm color, you can choose the crochet jute cushions with a neutral color. The soft brown crochet jute cushion is perfect to match any living room.

11. Botanical cushions

Cc: Pinterest

Natural interior design can soothe the mind. You will be fresh when entering the natural living room. Look at this idea. This living room uses lots of natural items. Most items are green shades. Even, the cushions look natural on the sofa.

The botanical pattern is interesting to create an accent in your living room. This cushion is important to decorate the tufted sofa. Moreover, the room has a natural nuance. It has various green houseplants. Also, the monochrome flooring is elegant and supports the mysterious nuance in this living room.

12. Island Shells Cushions

Cc: Pinterest

The nautical design can bring an outdoor impression into your house. Moreover, it looks natural dan fresh. For example, you can add a nautical accent by using sandy cushions. It is a simple white cushion. This cushion has an attractive brown accent with shells.

This cushion has a fresh impression to decorate your living room. It is more stunning if you display some nautical cushions with tiny shells. This small item is important to enliven the outdoor accent. Moreover, you can add other sandy cushions to complete the nautical design.

13. Luxury velvet cushions

Cc: Pinterest

The velvet accent represents the classic design. It will invigorate the dull room with its bold color, such as the velvet sofa. Moreover, the velvet sofa is perfect to pair with another velvet accent. For example, there are velvet cushions that decorate the sofa. Every cushion is simple in its color.

The colorful velvet cushions are stunning. It is attractive to arrange some velvet cushions in the living room. The velvet cushion will create a comfy seat with beautiful decoration. Besides, you can match it with classic décor in the living room.

14. Comfy cushions with tassel

Cc: Pinterest

The decorative cushion is useful to decorate a sofa. Thus, you need to pick a cushion with interesting patterns and colors. You can use the living room theme to determine the cushion design. Besides, pick a soft cushion that is comfortable to use. You can test it by pushing the cushion.

Meanwhile, the decorative cushion should provide an attractive design. Here, you will see the cushion has four tassels. Some people call it pigtails. This cushion has a simple design and interesting pattern. You can pick the most stunning design that matches your living room.

15. Soft purple cushions and mattress

Cc: Pinterest

The soft color can bring a calming nuance. Thus, you can use soft colors to decorate your living room. It can soothe your mind when enjoying the time in this room. Add some calming accents, such as natural furniture and soft accent. Here, the soft purple cushion is a nice option.

This purple accent is interesting to decorate your living room. The purple cushions are stunning with various colors and patterns. Look at this idea. The purple cushion has attractive tassels. Also, this idea has a small mattress for the floor seat. Moreover, you can apply brown ornaments to complete this design.

16. Reddish cushions for a dramatic impression

Cc: Pinterest

The bold color has a dramatic impression. Most people use this color to enliven the Art Deco interior design. Thus, the reddish décor will bring a dramatic nuance into your living room. You can decorate this sitting room with various red accents. For example, the red cushions are stunning to sweeten the sofa.

Furthermore, you can add more red cushions. This idea uses various red cushions with different shades and patterns. Then, complete this décor with other red ornaments. The red flowers and vase are beautiful to put in this room. Also, the wall paint has a big impact on the living room impression. Use the bold color to strengthen the dramatic nuance.

17. Animal print with laces to create an eccentric accent

Cc: Pinterest

The eccentric in a living room can catch the attention. Thus, you can try this idea to create a focal point in your living room. It is a cushion with an animal print. Also, there is a botanical accent on the cushion. This cushion has mustard laces on the edges.

This cushion is interesting to decorate the Bohemian living room. The eccentric cushion can fit the furniture. It is stunning to put on the macrame chair. Also, you can match it with other mustard accents in the room. Meanwhile, it looks striking in the neutral and bold living room.

18. Navy crochet cushions

Cc: Pinterest

Crochet cushion has many designs. You will find colorful crochet cushions with different shapes. This artwork is interesting to decorate your living room. Also, you will get attractive cushions by adding patterns. Then, match the pattern with crochet cushion colors.

Moreover, this crochet cushion has an eccentric design. It looks stunning to decorate your living room. The navy crochet cushion is interesting to put on any room. Even, it is attractive to create a bold accent in this neutral living room. Also, having more crochet cushions is interesting.

19. Wool pom-pom cushions

Cc: Pinterest

The decorative cushion should be interesting. It looks stunning to decorate your sofa. Here, we have a striking idea of a round cushion. This cushion has pom-pom edges. The wool material is interesting. It even creates an attractive accent on every cushion.

This wool cushion is perfect to sweeten the Bohemian living room. You can also put this cushion in the bedroom. The round shape will create a new dimension to the interior design. Also, it has cute pom-pom accents. It is a nice choice for you who wants to create a sweet décor.

Final Words

Do not waste the main item in the room. For example, the sofa in the living room. The main item will always be the main point where its presence can affect beauty and comfort. And, to make your sofa comfortable and also look pretty, you can decorate it with cushions. And the points above are 19 Ideas of Cushions to Decorate Your Living Room to Create a Focal Point on Your Sofa. So, good luck everyone!

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