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Mid-Century Modern Living Room Design Ideas: Entertain Your Guests in Another Nuance – Mid-century modern becomes an attractive design to apply to the living room. The mid-century concept itself became a popular concept in the 1950s. When combined with modern concepts like today, guaranteed, the appearance of the living room looks much more charming.

Mid-century design is related to nature. The colors used tend to be neutral colors. Warm and calm. In addition, this design also uses furniture made of wood. So that the natural feel in the room will feel thicker.

As the first room, the living room has an important influence on the guests’ first impression. They often make the appearance of the living room as a presentation of other rooms. So, it’s an interesting idea to make this room look interesting and different.

For those of you who want to entertain your guests in another nuance, this article will help you to make your mid-century modern living room look adorable. Here, we have provided some best ideas that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

Mid-Century Modern Living Room That Full of Warm and Serenity

As a gathering room, it is natural that people want to make the living room in their home full of warmth and serenity. That way, a sense of comfort will be easier to approach.

Because mid-century style is related to nature, it’s easy to bring a warm and calm feel to the room. You can rely on wood to reveal its natural texture and color. As in the picture below, wood is applied to the ceiling and some of the walls of the room. It really makes the feel of the room feel more dramatic.

mid-century modern living room ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The colors of the selected furniture are no less interesting. Olive and navy are able to balance the color of the wood used in the living room. The combination of these colors is perfect in presenting a thicker natural feel. In addition, these colors are also good conductors in bringing a warm and calm atmosphere to the living room.

Look Stand Out with Navywashed Wall

White, beige, and brown are the neutral colors that most people know about. However, neutral colors don’t just consist of those three colors. There are other, more attractive colors to choose from. One of them is navy.

mid-century modern living room design
Cc: Pinterest

Navywahsed wall is also no less interesting to be applied to the living room. This color is able to give a bolder and a little firmer effect. Several mid-century wall-style displays make the room look more charming.

The existence of natural lighting from the large window, makes the navy wall look very beautiful. A little dove effect on the wall. With this, the feel of a mid-century modern living room looks very different.

Feminine, Classy, and Modern

Pink is often the color that is most avoided. This is because it is considered capable of giving the impression of being too quirky in the room. However, lately, pink has become a popular color. Pastel pink can give a softer and calmer impression to the room. Plus, by giving a touch of gold, the room will look more beautiful and classy.

pink living room
Cc: Pinterest

For a mid-century modern living room, pastel pink is one of the colors to choose from. It is very fitting to apply this color to the walls of the room. Coupled with geometric motifs, characteristic of the mid-century concept, it makes this room look more charming.

The colors applied also work together in making this one room look beautiful. Pink, mustard, ivory, gray, and gold are color combinations that produce a feminine, classy, and modern look at the same time.

Some mid-century-style furniture also plays an important role in the look of the room. The sofa and rack give a thick 50s feel to the living room. However, when viewed from the coffee table, wall displays, and carpet, you will still feel the modern atmosphere in the living room.

Stilt Armchair, Old but Pretty

Stilt armchair is a hallmark of mid-century design. This one furniture was very popular in the 50s. So, it would be very interesting to use a stilt armchair for a mid-century modern living room.

stilt armchair
Cc: Pinterest

In the living room, the sofa is indeed superior. However, it’s okay to bring an extra chair to the room. You can also take advantage of the stilt armchair to give it a more attractive appearance. Here, you are required to choose a different color from the sofa. However, it’s still a neutral color.

If the sofa used is gray, then you can choose the stilt armchair in the color of the sofa. The herringbone motif carpet is a complement to the mid-century style. However, if we look again towards the center of the room, we can see a coffee table with a very attractive and more modern shape. All of this furniture is very fitting when juxtaposed with a still chair.

Mid-Century Modern Living Room That Looks Bright Naturally

The hallmark of the mid-century style is a large window. In this style, the type of window that is usually used is the bay or bow window. However, for the mid-century with a modern touch, it’s okay to change the type of window. You can use windows that look more minimalist. However, still large.

In the bay or bow window, there are usually many grilles that interfere with the outside view. So, by choosing a modern style window today, the view can be framed very well. You can enjoy the view outside the house more clearly.

mid-century modern living room ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The presence of large windows allows natural light to enter the living room more freely. This is also the best way to maximize natural light in the room.

There is one thing that is most important in making the living room look bright naturally. That is you are not allowed to use the window decoration, such as a curtain or something else.

Mid-Century Modern Living Room with Exposed Brick Walls

Wood is indeed one of the most frequently used elements in a mid-century-style room. However, this does not mean that wood is the only element that is chosen to make the room look attractive. There are still other elements or materials that can make the room look more adorable. And one of them is bricks.

exposed brick walls
Cc: Pinterest

This one idea is very interesting to be applied to a mid-century modern living room with a more simple or minimalist appearance. A little decoration used to make the living room should be given more texture. And the exposed brick wall is a very interesting idea to choose from.

Usually, exposed brick walls are often red or orange. However, if you want the living room to look brighter, white bricks can be used as an option. An exposed brick wall can be a focal point in the room. So, you can make one side of this wall a place where to put the TV along with the shelves and table. Also provide other decorations, such as plants and others to make this room look attractive.

Mid-Century Modern Living Room with A Touch of Orange

Mid-century and modern concepts indeed carry a more natural look. The colors and materials used are as close to nature as possible. However, it’s okay to give a touch of other colors to this one design. Like giving a touch of orange color for a cloudless living room.

cloudless mid-century modern living room
Cc: Pinterest

Keep in mind, that the orange color is not used as the main color of the mid-century modern living room. This color is only applied to some room decorations. That way, the soft and calm atmosphere will turn slightly cheerful.

You can apply orange color to other benches in the living room. Applying this color to the sofa pillows can also make the room look more attractive. Coupled with natural lighting and white as the basic color, the orange color looks more on point in the room.

Final Words

A mid-century modern living room is an interesting idea to use. The old 1950s feel combined with today’s modern nuances will provide a different atmosphere for the living room. That way, guests who come to the house will feel interested. In addition, mid-century, which is characterized by its natural nuances, can make this one room feel comfortable. So, it never hurts to bring an old atmosphere into today’s modern homes.

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