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22 Monochrome Small Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspired You – Decorating a small bedroom is not easy. Decorating mistakes can make a bedroom look cramped and messy, making it uncomfortable. However, there is an effective way to turn a small bedroom into a comfortable resting space. That is make it simple. And, using only two colors, or what is called a monochrome concept, for the small bedroom is the best solution you can choose. And, in this article, we have provided 22 Monochrome Small Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You. So, let’s check it out!

1. Bright Monochrome Small Bedroom

monochrome small bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Using white as the main color is an effective way to create a bedroom with a bright look. With maximum natural lighting, white colors look brighter and make the monochrome small bedroom look fresher. It also eliminates the dark shadows that arise in the room so that the small bedroom feels more spacious.

Black as an accent color does not distract the brightness of the bedroom at all. Instead, it gives a more attractive appearance. The black color gives a firm effect to the room so that it removes the stiff and boring side of the bedroom. This color looks so pretty and brings serenity when exposed to sunlight that enters through windows and glass doors.

2. Simple Monochrome Small Bedroom

simple monochrome small bedroom
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This small monochrome bedroom is decorated very simply to create a calmer atmosphere. That way, you can rest comfortably and sleep better.

The white color is made consistent by applying it to almost the entire room, starting from the walls, ceiling, bedding, window frames, and sheer curtains. The natural light that enters through the gaps in the sheer curtains makes the room look very bright. It does not look glare at all. And, the use of black in several spots gives a bold effect to the whole room. That way, even though this room is very simple, the appearance still looks attractive and far from being stiff.

3. Monochrome Bedroom for Your Kid

kid bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Comfort in a kid’s bedroom is the main thing that must be considered. Even so, beauty must still be harmonized. Make white as the main color to make the room bright and feel more spacious. Also, light it with natural lighting so it can feel fresh, warm, and comfortable.

Wall decorations are made simpler but still charming. There are several small action figures on the hexagon floating shelves. Not only that but the blankets and pillows with simple motifs also enliven the room.

4. Warm and Fresh Monochrome Small Bedroom

monochrome small bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

In a small bedroom, you do not always have to make white more dominant. You can also make the ratio of white and black balance. As in this one idea where two sides of the wall are white and the other two sides are black. Even so, this small room is far from cramped and stuffy. This is because the room is illuminated with the natural lighting. The window area is intentionally not decorated so that light can enter and illuminate the room better. Besides that, white bedding and ceiling are also one of the factors that make the room appear bright and fresh.

The floor area is made fuller by using a rug with simple motifs. Because almost the entire floor is covered with a rug, it brings warmth to the bedroom too and makes this room feel more comfortable.

5. Beautiful Black Wall Panel

wall panel
Cc: Pinterest

Use minimal decorations for the small bedroom. That way, it will not look messy. Also, minimal decorations can make a small bedroom feel calmer. However, it can make the room look boring. Therefore, try to play with the texture on the wall. Do a wall panel is a great idea that you can choose and apply to your small bedroom.

Choose black for the wall panel so that the appearance of the wall will be firmer and stand out more. By painting it with one color, only the texture from the wall panel itself will remain. Let this texture decorate the room. However, if you want to make it more interesting, you can hang a black and white painting on the wall.

6. Make Your Bed a Cozy Place for Reading Before Sleeping

cozy bed
Cc: Pinterest

Some people prefer to read two or three pages before they go to sleep. So, making the bed as a comfortable area for reading is the most appropriate idea to implement. Start by presenting additional lighting by installing a wall lamp. The black wall lamp is also a good decoration for the whitewashed wall.

Eliminate the bedside table for this bedroom idea. You can change the bedside table with some books stacked up to the height of the bed. On top of it, you can put a simple decoration to add a more attractive impression to a small bedroom. And, if you want to bring something refreshing there, add a cactus plant right between the books and the bed.

7. Fresh Monochrome Bedroom

fresh monochrome small bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Usually, a room with a monochrome design is only decorated in black and white. In fact, you can bring other colors there to enliven the room and make it look more attractive. However, use natural colors such as plants to bring out the green.

Small plants are the most appropriate for a small bedroom. The use of small plants will not take up the space and make the room become smaller. In fact, the presence of small plants on the side of the window on the side table brings a freshness that increases the comfort of the small bedroom.

8. Minimalist Monochrome Small Bedroom

minimalist bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The use of items that are only needed and the lack of decoration make the small bedroom full of serenity. Even though this room looks minimalist, it still looks pretty and comfortable. This small room does not look cramped at all. This is because there is black as an accent which gives a firm effect to the room. Natural lighting is also a factor that makes a room feel livelier and fresher.

Walls that are left clean without any decorations make the room look so clean and tidy. However, the small plants as decoration are placed on the side table and window area. This adds freshness to a small bedroom and makes it feel even more comfortable.

9. Simple Monochrome Bedroom for Man

men's bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

This one room uses white and gray to make the room shady but not dark. The room remains bright thanks to the more dominant white color and natural lighting that directly hits the whitewashed walls.

Jet-black as an accent is found on the wall lamp, sideboard, chair, and pillow. It makes the cool nuances present in this small room. A gray rug is not only a decoration but also gives a broad effect to the bedroom. And also, with two pictures on the greywashed wall, the bedroom became minimalist. Because of its masculine appearance, this one small bedroom idea is suitable for the man.

10. Comfortable Monochrome Tiny Bedroom

tiny bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Even though this one bedroom is tiny, it does not look small or cramped. The bedroom still looks comfortable and attractive. White as the main color, assisted by maximum natural lighting, makes this tiny monochrome bedroom feel wider. White removes dark corners, while natural lighting removes shadows from objects. Therefore, white and sunlight are a great combo for small spaces.

Black displays beautify the white wall. And also, the room looks firmer and less rigid with the use of black bedding.

11. Monochrome Attic Bedroom Design

attic bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Take advantage of the serenity of the attic by making it a bedroom. However, due to limited space, you have to make this room look simple by applying the monochrome concept.

The attic bedroom can be comfortable with natural light that enters through the skylight window and also white which is the main color. Maintain a simple impression by choosing plain bedding. Also, do the minimal decoration. Let the walls look clean without any displays. Place a small table to put your stuff. On the other spot, put a medium-sized plant to remove the stiff impression and bring freshness into the attic bedroom.

12. Aesthetic Black and White Wall Decor

black and white wall decor
Cc: Pinterest

If the color has filled the wall, ceiling, and bedding areas, then use black displays to give a firm and calm impression to the white bedroom. Choosing a black and white wall decor is a great idea. You can use black-and-white pictures of your favorite actress in different sizes. It will look stand out when sticking on the white wall. Paste randomly but still look neat to give an artsy and contemporary effect to the small bedroom.

13. Look Minimalist with A Simple Wall Decor

minimalist small monochrome bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The simple impression looks so clear in this monochrome room. There are only a minimalist side table design which is used as a bookshelf and a bedding that is left plain without any motive. It is so great for bringing serenity into the bedroom so that you can feel more comfortable when taking a break from tiring activities.

Even though this one room is very simple, the wall decoration manages to be a decoration that makes the room look enchanting. The simple white picture with a black frame looks so pretty when hung on the white-washed wall. You can also hang a small picture beside it to enliven the wall.

14. Feel A Clamness in Your Bedroom with Minimal Decor

minimalist bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The gray flooring, bedding, and wall decor make it look balanced with white. The combination of these two colors brings a thick, cold feel to the bedroom. Even so, with natural light as the main lighting, the room still feels warm and fresh. Freshness is increasingly shown in this room with the cactus on the side table. It also becomes a decoration that enlivens and makes the small bedroom look pretty.

15. Pretty Round Wall Mirror on The Black Wall

simple monochrome small bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Small bedrooms are indeed better decorated simply. That way, the look of the room becomes minimalist. So, the atmosphere in the room feels calmer so that you can feel more comfortable when relaxing in your bedroom.

It is okay if you want to keep the brightness in the small room by making white as the main color. You can apply it to the wall and bed. However, choose one side of the wall for you to paint with jet black. And, make it look awesome with a simple decoration.

Hanging a floating wall shelf with the same color as the wall. So, it will look unified. On it, you can put a round mirror. This is a decoration that will maintain a simple look, but also enliven and make it aesthetic.

16. Luxury and Elegant Monochrome Small Bedroom Design

elegant monochrome small bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Unlike the previous ideas. In this one idea, black is more dominant in the small bedroom. It brings more cool nuances. So, it will be easier to make your room look elegant and luxurious. You just have to add a gold accent to the wall like the picture above. The gold color looks pretty and stands out against the black wall. And, the texture of the wall panel gives a beautiful and elegant side too.

Even though it is dominated by black, this small bedroom does not feel cramped or stuffy at all. The white color of the bedding makes it look bright. Besides that, maximum natural lighting is also one of the factors why this small black room feels comfortable. The small bedroom also feels calm and warm from the application of light wood flooring.

17. Industrial Monochrome Bedroom Design

industrial monochrome small bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

This monochrome small bedroom has a very interesting impression of the industrial design that is applied to the interior of the room. The exposed pipes decorate the ceiling very well. It enlivens the room. So, even though the small bedroom is minimalist and simple, the room is far from being rigid. Besides that, the appearance of the room is also attractive, firm, and cold because there is black as an accent. Indeed, the amount of black is very small, you can find it in the bed area, rug, window, and wall. However, because of its scattered application, this color manages to stand out in this industrial small bedroom.

18. Pretty Blak Wooden Wall

black wooden wall
Cc: Pinterest

Minimal decor can add to the serenity and make the small bedroom feel more spacious. However, so that the appearance of the room does not seem ordinary and boring, try playing with textures on the walls. This is an interesting idea that you can try and apply to your small bedroom.

Because white dominates the bedroom, brings a firm impression by applying black to the wall. Paint the wooden wall black so you can see the texture of the wooden lines arranged vertically. You can decorate it with a black-and-white picture to make this black wall stand out even more in the room.

19. Show Your Black and White Magazine Collection

wall decors
Cc: Pinterest

Ladies, do not throw away your magazine from now on. You can utilize magazines as decoration to decorate your small bedroom. The magazines with black and white covers are perfect for decorating a monochrome bedroom. It can match the interior and make the look of the room become harmonious.

Install white floating wall shelves on the whitewashed wall. Then, put your magazines neatly here. Choose a wall that is visible to the eye so that your magazines will look stand out. And, the wall in the bed area is the most appropriate. It is because the bed is the main item in the bedroom.

20. Plain White Bedroom with Black Accent

white bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

It is okay if you want to apply white to all of your small bedroom areas. It can make your bedroom look bright. However, pay attention to the lighting in the room. So that the room is not dazzling, minimize the light in the room. You can install a small window in this room.

In a plain white bedroom, you can feel perfect serenity. However, you also have to decorate it as well as possible. That way, the room does not seem too stiff and boring. Choose black and make it an accent in the bedroom. Choose a black small rug and some other black displays. Apply in a small amount to maintain the minimalist impression of the small bedroom.

21. Black Ladder as Decoration

ladder decoration
Cc: Pinterest

This monochrome small bedroom looks so cute with simple motifs like checkers, stripes, and plus. With white as the main color, these motifs in the bedroom look so clear.

What makes this room look attractive is the black color that decorates the bedroom. This color look stands out because the application is done in a scattered manner. And, what’s even more interesting is a ladder that is used as a decoration in the corner of the room. The black ladder seems pretty on the whitewashed wall. It is not only a decoration that adds aesthetic value to the small bedroom but is also used as a place to hang blankets. So functional right?

22. Black and White Mural Wall

mural wall
Cc: Pinterest

Filling a small bedroom with items that are used only can provide more space which makes it feel wider. With only a bed, desk, chair, and beside the table, you can have a comfortable and beautiful small bedroom. It is just that, you need to decorate it as well as possible.

There is a large plant in the corner of the room. This is not only a decoration that gives an attractive look to the room but also presents a freshness that makes this small room feel more comfortable. And, what’s interesting about this idea is the abstract mural wall. The black and white mural wall is applied in full from the wall to the ceiling. The curved lines from the mural wall disguise the firm and rigid lines in the room so that the appearance of the small room becomes softer.

Final Words

The points above are 22 Monochrome Small Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You. The application of two colors, or monochrome, can make the appearance simpler. It is great for making the small bedroom feel more spacious and calm. Black and white is the most perfect color combination. However, if you want to change the look of the room to become shady and cool, gray and white are the color combinations that you can choose and apply to your small bedroom.

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