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Create a Memorable Dining Space with These 22 Colorful Dining Room Ideas – Don’t just use the dining room as a room to eat your favorite food, also use this room to entertain you and your friends. Give a different impression by applying bold colors to it. Mixing it with natural colors is also an interesting idea to make a colorful dining room still look calm to the eye.

The advantage of having a colorful dining room is that the interior of the house feels more alive. The atmosphere becomes more cheerful. Moreover, it makes the interior less boring.

So, for those of you who want to create a memorable dining space, in this article, we have provided 22 Colorful Dining Room Ideas you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

1. Wallpaper To The Ceiling

colorful dining room decor
Cc: Pinterest

The ceiling area which is usually left empty or only painted white looks very attractive with several bright colors there. The colorful wallpaper on the ceiling changes the elegance of the room drastically.

The colors on the wallpaper are the colors in the dining room interior. That way, applying wallpaper will not disturb the harmonious appearance of the room. On the contrary, this makes the room look more harmonious and unified.

2. Vertikal Application of Colors

colorful dining room
Cc: Pinterest

Making the dining room look colorful does not mean applying several colors throughout. You can still make white the main color. This will help to neutralize the look. That way, the bright colors in the room look clearer and more alive.

Vertical application makes these colors stand out and take over the focus of the room. Starting from the walls, chairs, dining table decorations, and rugs decorated with beautiful colors.

3. Colorful but Seems Minimalist

minimalist colorful dining room
Cc: Pinterest

Creating a colorful dining room does not mean making it look full. You can also keep it minimalist to bring calm which can make this dining room feel comfortable.

Blue and pink are the perfect color combination. Consistent application starting from painting for the table cabinet, Turkish rug, and dining chairs makes these two colors successfully present well in the room. Plants are the perfect decoration. The natural green color will not interfere with pink and blue in dominating the room.

4. Elegant Colorful Dining Room

elegant colorful dining room
Cc: Pinterest

The light gray dining room looks so pretty with bright red accents. Applying a small amount does not make this color dull in the dining room. This is because the red color is applied to the main spot in the room. Also, the scattered application of the rug and painting on the wall plays an important role here. A minimalist gold pendant lamp and yellow flowers as centerpiece table decoration make the dining room seem more elegant.

5. Three Different Wallpaper

dining room wallpaper
Cc: Pinterest

Besides being brave in applying bold colors to the room, this dining room also looks full with three different patterns. Even though it looks messy, it looks very attractive in the room. Different patterns between the walls and ceiling give a different impression to the dining space.

The minimalist concept is the reason and key why the dining room does not seem excessive. The colors in some posts also have the same shade so the display will only look full with pattern play.

6. Be Bold in Color

vibrant colors
Cc: Pinterest

Being bold in choosing colors is the key to creating a colorful dining room. Indeed, sometimes I really want to use neutral colors such as beige, gray, white, and black. However, creating something interesting does require courage.

Red is the color to represents courage in yourself. It is good for the centerpiece of the peach room. Extend the colorful look to the dining table decor in the form of a table tray. Dining chairs with pastel colors are the softener. Other relaxing colors are also available on the wall areas of the room.

7. Artsy Pink Wall

artsy wall
Cc: Pinterest

The unused fireplace is used as a decorative area in the dining room. With pink paint, the fireplace area immediately attracts the eye. This increasingly dominates the focus in the room with several colorful pictures. The black frame seems to emphasize the pinkwashed wall. So, even though the pictures hanging on this wall area consist of several sizes ranging from large to small, they are still visible to the eye very clearly.

8. Yellow is The Primary Color

fresh colorful dining room
Cc: Pinterest

This idea shows that creating a colorful dining room does not have to include several bright colors in it. It does not matter if you are still hesitant about taking the courage to choose bold colors for the dining room. Neutral colors can still be used as the main color for the room. However, choose just one color to be used as the primary color.

The bright dining room looks so fresh and colorful with the presence of yellow right in the middle of the room. The yellow dining chairs and a pendant lamp do not disturb the neutral look of the room. Also, with this simple application, yellow can look balanced with the neutral colors in the room.

9. Playing with Nature

natural colorful dining room
Cc: Pinterest

Playing with nature in the colorful dining room creates a more different atmosphere. The green color is presented in the form of plants which bring freshness to the dining space. The wooden floor and furniture feature a warm brown color. This color is extended to the upper area of the room by choosing a rattan pendant lamp. The small plants and flowers hanging in the window area make it look more beautiful. And, by leaving the windows without curtains, natural light can enter the dining room very freely. Natural light adds a natural impression to the room and also makes the colors more vivid.

10. Look Interesting with An Old Look

old colorful dining room
Cc: Pinterest

Wood material which still has a rough texture brings an old impression to the dining space. The exposed brick wall is painted with white paint so that only the texture remains as decoration and emphasizes the old impression in the room. The old look increasingly dominates the room with several decorations in the form of throw pillows, wall displays, and pendant lamps with vintage designs.

The dining room looks colorful in a very simple way. Two yellow and orange chairs are the main characters. Others such as pink throw pillows, bluewashed walls, and navy benches are complements.

11. Keep It Simple with Two Vibrant Colors

simple colorful dining room
Cc: Pinterest

The use of two colors for the interior creates a colorful and simple dining room. Peach and yellow bring a cheerful ambiance into the room but also make it feel calm. A little sweet look is also present in the room with beautiful flowers in pink vases on the dining table. What livens up the atmosphere in this dining room is a yellow wallpaper decorated with several pictures. The use of frames makes them displayed neatly on the wall.

12. Cute Tiny Colorful Flowers

small flowers
Cc: Pinterest

In this idea, the colorful look is not presented brutally, but through small flowers that look cute. These are great decorations for the dining table. The colorful colors can be placed on the small clear vase. Filling a vase with water can make these beautiful flowers live longer in the dining room.

So that these cute flowers can attract attention and become an interesting spot in the room, the dining room must be made minimalist. It would be better to choose neutral colors for the interior. White neutralizes the appearance of the room and makes the beautiful colors of the flowers stand out clearly in the room.

13. Contemporary Colorful Dining Room

contemporary design
Cc: Pinterest

The colorful clear dining chair with a minimalist design decorates the room very well. With a white interior, the colorful dining chairs have succeeded in becoming the center of attention in the room. With the skylight window which is right above the dining area, the colors from the dining chair seem clear with the help of sunlight from above.

The play on texture becomes a separate decoration in the contemporary dining room. The wooden table is only polished with white paint so that it still retains a rough texture that attracts attention. A vase filled with yellow flowers enlivens the appearance and atmosphere of the dining room.

14. Sleek Purple Floor

sleek floor
Cc: Pinterest

The colorful look looks good with the use of colorful furniture. Bright colors create a more cloudless atmosphere for this simple room. And, what’s interesting about this idea is that the floor has a glossy surface. The light purple color on the floor successfully blends with the bright colors of the dining room furniture.

The advantage of a glossy floor is that it looks beautiful when exposed to light, whether it is sunlight coming in through a window or lamp light. So, installing LEDs around the ceiling area is the right choice.

15. Enticing Table Leg

dining table
Cc: Pinterest

This is an interesting idea to make a simple dining room have a colorful and cheerful appearance. The minimalist table has very beautiful colorful legs. The flower pattern is not very visible because the media is small. Even so, the appearance still beautifies the dining room. With light wood as the countertop, the bright colors on the table legs are well maintained. These colors are also extended to the dining chairs area, starting from green, blue, and yellow so that the appearance of the dining table and dining chairs looks unified and harmonious in the room.

16. Colorful Large Painting

large painting
Cc: Pinterest

This dining room does not completely renovate the room just to create a colorful appearance. Instead, use an important spot that is the main focus of the room, that is the wall. The colorful painting succeeded in giving a colorful impression to the dining room very well. The large size of the painting also has an influence here. The bigger the painting, the more colorful the painting itself looks. The colorful painting looks more stand out when hung on a whitewashed wall. The thin yellow frame for the painting also adds another color to the wall area.

17. Pastel Colors Create A Soft Look

pastel dining room
Cc: Pinterest

Wanna have a colorful dining room with a calmer and softer appearance? So playing with pastel colors is the solution. The brown shade is suitable for wall areas which can create a calmer and warmer impression in the dining room. The use of wood material also brings a natural brown color into the room.

With a soft interior, the pastel dining chairs stand out in the room. Pastel colors brighten the room. Also, pair it with a pastel pendant lamp. Vertical application is much better to make the color dominate and be more focused in the room.

18. Luxury Colorful Dining Room

luxury colorful dining room
Cc: Pinterest

You do not need anything excessive to create a colorful dining room. Just play it safe and make the dining room look luxurious. Using a dark green color for the wall area can slightly dim the appearance of the room. Also, slightly reduce the light coming in from the window by installing sheer curtains.

The velvet fabric is the right material for the dining chair. It looks glossy when exposed to light and gives an expensive effect to the room. You just need to keep the room simple so that the pink color and velvet material still dominate and are not disturbed by other decorations. If you want to bring other colors into the room to enliven the room, then hanging on a flower painting on the wall and laying out a carpet on the floor are the choices.

19. Matches Bench and Wall

Cc: Pinterest

This room looks colorful but still harmonious, giving a simpler impression to the room. The walls and dining area are made in pairs. The flower pattern on the soft cushion on the bench is made the same as the flower pattern on the wallpaper in the room.

Red flowers become decorations for the dining table. Where, flowers are a pattern on the wallpaper, and red is also well presented there. So, flowers, which are decorations in the dining room, enhance the dining room and also maintain harmony in the appearance of this room.

20. Liven Up The Ceiling (Cottage Strips Wallpaper)

ceiling wallpaper
Cc: Pinterest

The choice of Cottage stirps wallpaper for the ceiling succeeded in enlivening the dining room. Even though it is applied to the upper area of the room, because the interior of the room is white, the vibrant colors on the ceiling are very clear. The colors on the wallpaper also follow the interior of the dining room itself, giving a simpler but still cheerful impression. It also makes the appearance of the room harmonious. The appearance is also softer than the combination of pastel colors. However, the room also feels fresh and alive from the yellow light in the window area.

21. Invest in Table Decoration

table decors
Cc: Pinterest

This idea uses the dining table as an area to create a colorful appearance in the dining room. The white dining table is decorated with colorful dining table decorations. Beautiful colors such as yellow, mint, and pink on the table runner are the key to a colorful appearance in the room. And, additional decoration to fulfill the dining table follows the colors on the table runner. Pink-colored plates, yellow-colored bowls, and mint-colored glass are great decorations that make the colorful display itself stand out.

22. Just Focus on The Wall

mural wall
Cc: Pinterest

Who says creating a colorful room is very difficult? In fact, to change the appearance of a room you don’t need to do a complete overhaul. Just focus on certain spots in the room. Focusing on the focal point in the room, that is the wall, is key.

White and green as accents create a dining room with a fresh appearance. However, when the walls have other colors such as pink, yellow, blue, and so on, the appearance changes drastically. The mural wall is the most appropriate option for presenting other colors on the wall. Apart from that, the pattern on the mural wall also becomes its own decoration which adds to the beauty and aesthetic value of the room.

Final Words

A dining room with a neutral appearance may be more tempting. The calm atmosphere and warmth of natural materials will make people there feel comfortable. However, using the dining room as a room for entertainment is no less interesting. Create a memorable dining room with a colorful appearance. It can present a cheerful ambiance and liven up the room well. It’s just that it takes courage to choose bold colors.

Pay attention to the color palette you choose. Not all colors can be mixed and matched. Collisions between colors can actually give a strange impression of the appearance. With this, it would be better for you to choose one of the references above. So, happy trying!

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