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17 Contemporary Interior Design Ideas That Are So Inspirational¬†– Contemporary design is often equated with modern design. Indeed, if we look at it at a glance, the appearance of contemporary interiors with modern designs tends to be similar. However, these two designs are very different. Contemporary design is a design that follows what is currently trending. So that there are no special characteristics or characteristics in contemporary design. So, for those of you who are interested in contemporary design, it would be better to know some ideas as references. That way, you can find out more about contemporary design. And in this article, we have provided 17 Contemporary Interior Design Ideas That Are So Inspirational. So, let’s check it out!

1. Contemporary Hallway Design Look Bright and Warm

contemporary hallway
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The hallway in the house does not have a function. This is just a way to connect one room to another. However, that does not mean we do not pay attention to the look of the hallway. Instead, the hallway becomes the first impression and represents the other rooms.

Applying contemporary design to the hallway is an interesting idea that you can try. Choose white to give a neutral effect to the look. You can also install skylight windows which can make white colors look more alive and bright.

It is okay if you want to bring other colors to the hallway. However, try not to disturb the white color that already exists. We recommend you choose natural materials to display a more natural color. For example, if you want to bring brown to give a warmer effect, then wood is the right material option for you to choose.

2. Contemporary Scandi Corner Room

Contemporary Interior Design Ideas
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Scandinavian design has become a popular design lately. The minimalist concept and neutral colors create a clean, tidy, and calm interior. Which is the main reason why Scandinavian design is so attached to people’s hearts.

You can make a corner of the room that is unused and has no function, you can make it look attractive and use it as a comfortable place to relax at home. And, combining Scandinavian design with contemporary design becomes an interesting idea.

Choose white to neutralize the look and make the room look bright. Place a comfortable bench in a cream or gray color to give a softer and more attractive effect in the corner of the room. And finally, provide decorations that add aesthetic value such as plants, unique coffee tables, flowers, floor lamps, and so on.

3. Skylight Along The Hallway

Contemporary Interior Design tips
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Today’s homes tend to use large windows to maximize natural lighting. A naturally bright room will feel much more warm, quiet, and comfortable.

Besides the large wall-mounted windows, you can also install skylight windows. Skylights along the hallway are the next idea that you can apply to your home. With skylights, sunlight can enter the room better. Light entering from above will spread more throughout the room and eliminate dark shadows. With this, the room will be far from the annoying cramped and stuffy feeling.

4. Soft Contemporary Interior Design with Soft-Colors

soft Contemporary Interior Design Ideas
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Contemporary design tends to use neutral colors that can give peace to the interior. However, you can also bring other colors that you like.

Presenting pastel colors in contemporary interior design can give a more different and more attractive appearance. Pastel colors create a softer impression in the room.

You can choose pastel pink colors to make the interior look sweeter. Also, combining it with pastel brown colors that can create a warm and calm feel that can make the room feel comfortable.

5. Unique House Stairs Design

unique Contemporary Interior Design Ideas
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Tired of the usual stairs? If so, let’s apply a contemporary design that can make the stairs an attractive and aesthetic spot in your home.

Like the picture above, the stairs made of wood have a very simple but beautiful shape. This staircase also gives a unique impression to the house. Each staircase starting from the top to the bottom is made to merge into the floor beside it. The curved lines created there make the interior feel softer. These lines are very helpful to cover the stiff impression that is often found in modern interior designs.

6. Contemporary Room with Dark Nuances

Cc: Pinterest

Contemporary styles can also look attractive and comfortable with dark tones. Natural stone walls painted black give a simple and attractive texture to the room. The LED lights right above the natural stone create a serenity and warmth that makes a contemporary room feel so comfortable.

Right next to the sofa there is a fireplace with a very unique and interesting shape. With this, the air around the room feels warmer. You can also feel more warmth from the dominant wood material in the room. Dark brown wood looks so harmonious in a contemporary style room with dark shades.

7. Monochrome Contemporary Interior Design

monochrome Contemporary Interior Design Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Contemporary designs tend to have a minimalist concept. Therefore, it is not surprising that the contemporary design is cleaner and more serene. Like this one idea that minimizes the decor in the room. However, the large windows and glass doors provide such a beautiful view. With this, even though the room is minimal in decoration, the room still looks beautiful and far from being stiff.

Sofas and tables without legs are an option for this monochrome contemporary living room. In effect, the walls of the room look higher and make the room feel wider. The circular coffee table creates a subtle impression and covers the stiff lines of the room.

8. Large Window to Show Beautiful View

beautiful view
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Decoration is really necessary to make the room far from being stiff and boring. However, contemporary designs tend to minimize or even eliminate decorations, especially on walls.

Large windows are a solution to make the room look attractive without wall decorations. This idea is perfect for those of you who have a beautiful view outside your home. The beautiful view is a bonus.

With large windows, beautiful views can be framed well. You can enjoy the beauty of nature from inside the room. With this, relaxing at home will be much more enjoyable.

9. Clean and Tidy with Contemporary Japanese Design

Japanese Design
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Japanese design prioritizes functionality. So, do not be surprised if this one design looks so simple. However, the simplicity of the Japanese design provides maximum serenity to the room. Therefore, the Japanese-style room feels more comfortable.

Combining contemporary design with Japanese design is the right idea. The simple Japanese design makes the room feel comfortable. While the sleek and refined contemporary design makes it look more attractive and pretty.

If we look at the picture above, the soft white color is the main color of the room. With a smooth surface, the room looks so clean and tidy. Gray as an additional color gives a calm and cool feel to the room. However, the fireplace and wooden coffee table create warmth and balance the atmosphere in the room.

10. Feel The Thick of Nature in Your House

nature nuances
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Want to have a room that is fresh, full of warmth, and serenity? Creating a natural feel in the room is the solution. Of course, here, you need to bring natural elements to make the natural feel present perfectly in the room.

Starting from the materials. Here, you can choose wood and natural stone. Wood material with a smooth surface gives a more sleek and clean appearance. And, for natural stone, it is most appropriate to apply it to the wall. Natural stone walls will give the room a more sturdy appearance. The texture of the stone wall also makes the room look more attractive even though there are no decorations hanging on the wall.

Next, maximize natural lighting to make the room bright. Glass doors, glass facades, and large windows are options that you can choose. And finally, to bring the natural feel perfectly, create an indoor garden. Decorate with warm lighting to make it look stand out and prettier.

11. Authentic Wooden Ceiling

Wooden Ceiling
Cc: Pinterest

Try to include wood in the interior of the house. The presence of wood material will provide tranquility as well as warmth that can make the room feel so comfortable. You can also take advantage of the natural texture and color of wood to make the room more beautiful.

Besides the floor, you can also apply wood to the ceiling. If we look at the picture above, the timber that is arranged so neatly on the ceiling makes a simple room much more attractive. The color and texture of the wood look more vivid and real when exposed to natural light that enters through the large windows in the room.

With wood elements that dominate in the room, you can make the nuances of nature present more perfect. Try to choose neutral colors to fill the room.

12. Elegant and Luxurious Contemporary Bathroom

contemporary bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

Besides a simple appearance, contemporary design can also make a room look elegant and luxurious. Like the bathroom in this idea.

White is the main color to neutralize the room. Then, black was chosen as the color combination to give a bold effect. A little touch of gold in some spots is the key that makes this room look elegant and luxurious. Besides that, the black floor with the marble motif also plays an important role in creating an elegant and expensive bathroom.

Make an elegant and luxurious bathroom look more alive by maximizing natural lighting. It is okay to install a window in the bathroom as long as you make it blurry like the picture above.

13. Natural and Fresh at Once

fresh interior
Cc: Pinterest

Decoration is an important thing that you must pay close attention to. There are many decorations that you can choose from. However, this does not mean that you can use decorations that you like and disturb the beauty of the room.

For those of you who do not understand about choosing the right decoration for the room, we recommend you to choose a decoration that is suitable for the design and theme of the room. And, these decorations are indoor plants.

Contemporary designed rooms tend to choose neutral colors. So, when presenting plants in the room, the room will feel fresher with a thick natural feel. The green color in plants is a safe color so you don’t have to worry about color collisions.

14. A Cloud Pendant Light Becomes The Center of Attention

pendant light
Cc: Pinterest

It would be better to make natural lighting as the main lighting of a contemporary designed room. However, this does not mean you do not use lights at all in the room. Artificial lighting is just as important as natural light. Artificial lighting will keep the room bright at night.

There are many lamp designs that you can choose from. Lights are not only a source of lighting at night. You can use lights as decorations that can add value to the beauty of the room.

Cloud pendant light is the type of lamp that you can choose. Installing these lights in a room can change that drastically.

15. Luxury Contemporary Living Room

Luxury Contemporary Living Room
Cc: Pinterest

You can make a simple and minimalist contemporary interior design look luxurious with the right decorations. For example, you can choose minimalist design furniture with short legs to make the room feel wider. Large windows that are installed to the ceiling give a magnificent effect to the room.

To avoid a stiff impression in the room, use wood material. You can apply wood materials to walls and floors.

Calm neutral colors will create a room with a calm atmosphere. The warmth of the wood adds to the comfort of the room. The modern fireplace here is not only as an air heater in the room but also becomes an interesting spot that immediately grabs the eye’s attention.

16. Simple but Attractive Art Wall 

art wall
Cc: Pinterest

If you want to maintain the simple concept in the contemporary room design, there are other ways you can choose in making the wall in the room look attractive, such as wallpaper and wall murals.

The mural wall here is not one that presents various colors and images on one wall. To keep the simple look in the room, the chosen mural wall is also simple. Only one paint to create an artistic wall mural.

A very simple picture of a person is enough to make the cream-washed wall look authentic in the room. Abstract strokes also make it look more aesthetic.

17. Contemporary Design with A Combination of Natural Materials

natural Contemporary Interior Design
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 17 Contemporary Interior Design Ideas That Are So Inspirational is a contemporary design with a combination of natural materials. If we look at the picture above, there are two materials present in the room, those are natural stone and wood.

Natural stone was chosen to provide a texture that makes the room look attractive even without wall decorations. Natural stone painted with cream gives a softer impression to the room. The combination of cream, wood, and white colors makes the room feel comfortable with a very calm atmosphere.

The natural brown color of the wood brings warmth which adds to the comfort. The wood material is not made dominant so that the natural stone wall can stand out.

With natural materials, you can create a more perfect natural feel with plants as decorations. No need to present it in large quantities. Here, you can choose large plants to be placed in the corner of the room.

Final Words

There are no special characteristics in contemporary design. This one design only follows what is currently trending. So it is important for you to get some proper references before applying contemporary design to your interior. And the points above are 17 Contemporary Interior Design Ideas That Are So Inspirational.

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