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32 Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas Full of Serenity – The minimalist concept is very popular these days. Minimal decorations and simply designed furniture are very effective in bringing a calmer atmosphere. Therefore, applying a minimalist concept to the bedroom is the right idea. Because as a room to rest and calm the mind, the bedroom must be made calm and comfortable. And through this article, we will help you to create a bedroom that is will make you feel comfy. Here are 32 Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas Full of Serenity. So, let’s check it out!

1. Minimalist Small Bedroom in Pink Nuances

pink minimalist bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The first of 32 Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas Full of Serenity is a minimalist small bedroom in pink nuances. It is very appropriate to apply a minimalist concept to a small bedroom. Because it can make the bedroom feel more spacious. So, far from the impression of stuffy and cramped.

The soft pink that fills the bedroom makes this room so soft and calm. The use of sheer will greatly protect your privacy from large windows but will not hinder the natural lighting that enters the room. So that the colors in the bedroom will feel more alive.

2. Calm Minimalist Bedroom with Wooden Elements

calm and minimalist bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Wooden is one of the elements that can make the atmosphere of the room feel warm. So, even though the bedroom looks minimalist, it will not feel cold and stiff. You can add warm lighting to emphasize the warm ambiance there.

3. Attractive Wall Accent

attractive wall accent
Cc: Pinterest

This minimalist bedroom looks so attractive with neutral colors. Coupled with the presence of plants as room decorations that evoke a natural feel that is so full of serenity. The timbers that are installed vertically become an accent wall that makes this minimalist bedroom look attractive.

4. White Nuances Minimalist Bedroom

white nuances bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

A minimalist bedroom with white nuances is no less interesting. As in the picture above, the white color makes the minimalist bedroom look so bright and natural. The addition of plants as decorations can make this one room look a little fresher. And to make the room look attractive, LED lighting with warm lighting is applied to the headboard. This really helps to turn a stiff impression into an interesting one.

5. Minimalist Industrial Bedroom Design

minimalist industrial bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The cold and masculine appearance is very inherent in industrial designs. The cement wall gives a gray color that is so natural. Coupled with natural lighting from large windows. A little touch of black will make this minimalist bedroom look more perfect.

6. Shady Minimalist Bedroom

shady minimalist bedroom decor ideas
Cc: Pinterest

A minimalist bedroom in shades of gray looks so shady. Dark wood accents become wall decorations that make the room look attractive. Plus two pendant lamps adorn each right and left side of the bed. The decoration in the form of a rug with a soft texture also affects the beauty of this room. Not only that, but the rug also evokes a warm atmosphere that makes the room feel more comfortable.

7. Soothing Minimalist Bedroom in Soft-Tones

soft-tones minimalist bedroom decor ideas
Cc: Pinterest

You can also get a calm look from soft colors like in the picture above. The light gray color is the main color of this room. And soft pink is an interesting touch that makes the room look more beautiful. You can also decorate this minimalist bedroom in soft-tones with plants to evoke the fresh impression that will make this room feel cozier.

8. Small Minimalist Bedroom

small minimalist bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

This small bedroom feels so comfortable with a minimalist concept. White as the main color makes the room feel more spacious. And the pink color was chosen to decorate the room. Furniture with a simple design is the main key that makes the bedroom look minimalist and also full of serenity.

9. Cozy Minimalist Bedroom in Vintage Style

vintage room style
Cc: Pinterest

Vintage style may seem old. However, this style is still loved by many people. If you are one of them, then this one idea will interest you. This white room looks so aesthetic with a vintage-style bedframe. Some old paintings also decorate the walls of the room.

10. Modern Minimalist Bedroom

modern minimalist bedroom decor ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 32 Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas Full of Serenity is the modern minimalist bedroom. Neutral colors that decorate the room make the bed feel so calm and calm. This one bedroom is equipped with minimalist furniture and minimal decoration. What makes it look modern is the timber which is arranged so neatly vertically. The addition of LEDs makes it more standout in the bedroom.

11. Mid-Century Modern Minimalist Bedroom

mid-century design
Cc: Pinterest

Mid-century is a retro-style wrapped in a Scandinavian style. Of course, this will be very interesting for a minimalist bedroom.

As we can see in the picture above, the retro style comes from some furniture such as chair and side table. While the Scandinavian style is present in the colors in the room and also the simplicity of the wall decorations.

12. Natural Nuances Make It Comfortable

natural nuances
Cc: Pinterest

There’s nothing more relaxing than a room with a natural feel. Like in this minimalist bedroom. The soft white color makes the room look so calm. Natural light is maximized to make the bedroom look bright. The use of a round mirror with a size large enough is very interesting to decorate a minimalist bedroom. And the most important thing is the natural greenery of the plants in the corner of the room.

13. Little Touch of Orange for Cloudless Ambiance

cloudless room decor
Cc: Pinterest

The orange color may be too quirky. However, it’s okay to use it in minimalist bedroom decoration. You can choose orange pillow sheets and also an orange blanket to evoke a cloudless atmosphere in the minimalist bedroom.

14. Beautiful Wallpaper

beautiful wallpaper
Cc: Pinterest

Minimalist appearance tends to be stiff if not decorated properly. To avoid this, you can try this one idea. Checkered wallpaper will make a minimalist bedroom appear more lively and cloudless without compromising the serenity of this room.

15. Bed on Floor Style

bed on floor style
Cc: Pinterest

A minimalist bedroom with a bed on the floor is also an interesting idea to try. This one idea is most appropriate to be applied to a small bedroom. The loss of the bed frame will provide a lot of space that can make the bedroom feel more comfortable. Give a carpet at the bottom of the mattress to reduce humidity.

16. Scandinavian Boho Minimalist Bedroom

scandinavian boho bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Boho design does seem crowded. However, when combined with Scandinavian design, it will produce a very attractive appearance. Like in this minimalist bedroom.

Earthy-tones fill the bedroom which makes it feel so calm. The simple decoration also creates a more calming atmosphere. And what makes it look attractive and a little crowded is on the floor, the terrazzo floor which is decorated with a beautiful carpet.

17. Gray Nuances Make It Shady

gray nuances minimalist bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Gray is a color between white and black. So, a room with shades of gray will not look bright but also not dark. So that the bedroom with shades of gray will look shadier and have a calm atmosphere.

18. Minimalist Attic Bedroom

minimalist attic bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The limited space in the Attic makes it very appropriate to apply a minimalist concept. Wooden bedframe with drawers will become multifunction furniture, where you can put several things in it. To make the Attic bedroom feel comfortable, you can choose a soft mattress with blankets and pillows. The string light decoration will evoke a warm and calm atmosphere in the attic, especially at night.

19. Minimalist Scandinavian Bedroom Design

minimalist scandinavian bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The Scandinavian design does carry a minimalist concept. Neutral colors such as white, gray, and beige are enough to make a minimalist bedroom look attractive. And to make it perfect, give simple displays such as jugs and wall displays.

20. Bright Minimalist Bedroom

bright room
Cc: Pinterest

Try to make a minimalist bedroom look bright. This will really help to increase the comfort of the room. You can apply white as the base color and use natural lighting as the main lighting for the bedroom. You can bring wooden elements into a minimalist bedroom to refine the appearance of the room.

21. Elegant Minimalist Bedroom Decor

elegant minimalist bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The minimalist concept can also be made elegant. As in this one picture, the high wall is given two mirrors which make it look wider. The king bed used in the minimalist bedroom makes it appear more luxurious. And what emphasizes the elegance of this room is the velvet rug and also the dark green velvet curtain.

22. Minimal and Simple

minimal and simple
Cc: Pinterest

Even though this one bedroom is minimal and simple, it still feels comfortable. The white color makes this one bedroom look so bright naturally. And the wood element in the room is the main key that makes the room feel calm and warm. Maximum natural lighting makes the color of the wood look more vivid.

23. Shabby Chic Minimalist Bedroom Design

shabby chic room style
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 32 Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas Full of Serenity is Shabby Chic minimalist bedroom design. Shabby Chic style comes from vintage-style chandeliers and curtains with beautiful motifs. You can feel serenity from the wooden ceiling, natural lighting, and also the neutral colors that adorn the bedroom.

24. Coastal Minimalist Bedroom Design

coastal design
Cc: Pinterest

This coastal minimalist bedroom looks more aesthetic with a white canopy bed. This white bed matches the walls and ceiling so well. You can feel a little warm impression from the wooden flooring and rattan chair. Plants are decorations that should not be missed in the coastal design because this is what brings a fresh impression to the room.

25. Japanese Minimalism

japanese minimalism
Cc: Pinterest

Japanese design is so simple. Bed on the floor and low-profile furniture make the walls in the bedroom look taller. An attractive table lamp and green plant become decorations that are so simple but can make the room look attractive. Carpet is also an item that makes the room feel comfortable and also more beautiful.

26. Feel Comfortable with Simple Decor

simple decor
Cc: Pinterest

The minimalist concept bedroom is indeed more using a simple decoration. As in the picture above which only presents a bed, table sides, and also a floor lamp. However, even so, this bedroom with simple decorations does not look stiff because of the carpet and small plants there.

27. All Go White

white minimalist bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

It doesn’t matter if you only apply one color to the bedroom. In fact, this will make the bedroom appear more minimalist and full of serenity. The color you have to choose, of course, is white. And don’t forget to give simple decorations to make the room look attractive. Also, present natural lighting to eliminate the stiff impression in this one bedroom.

28. Spacious and Minimal with Japandi Design

japandi bedroom design
Cc: Pinterest

Japandi design (Japanese & Scandinavian) carries a minimalist concept. As in the picture above, the bed on the floor which is the hallmark of the Japanese style is enough to make the bedroom look attractive. Additional carpet will provide warmth and serenity to the room. And the Scandinavian design comes from the colors applied to the bedroom.

29. Plant Decoration for Fresh Impression

fresh room decor
Cc: Pinterest

Never miss plants in the bedroom. Even though it seems trivial, plants in a minimalist bedroom can remove the stiff impression and present a fresh impression there. That way, a minimalist bedroom will feel comfortable.

30. Simple Yet Stunning

simple bedroom decor
Cc: Pinterest

Simple yet stunning is the next of 32 Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas Full of Serenity. It doesn’t matter if there is only a bed in the bedroom. Precisely, this will make the bedroom look more simple, minimalist, and spacious. You can decorate it with hanging bulbs on the right and left sides of the bed as additional lighting at night.

31. Chic and Trendy Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Design

mid-century bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

This minimalist bedroom also looks attractive. The soft blue color makes the bedroom look so soft. The pendant lamp used also looks more modern. However, you can feel the old atmosphere from the white-painted wooden ceiling. Skylights and glass doors provide maximum lighting that makes the room feel calm and comfortable.

32. Modern Scandinavian Minimalist Bedroom Design

modern scandinavian bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

This idea is the last of 32 Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas Full of Serenity. Scandinavian-style wall displays are the right decoration for a minimalist bedroom. This one bedroom also looks so aesthetic with a bed that looks more modern. Neutral colors in this one room are enough to make the atmosphere feel natural and calm.

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