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17 New Backsplash Ideas Will Fit Your Kitchen – There are many things that need to be considered in creating an attractive kitchen. Starting from the layout, scheme, color selection, and so on. And in this article, we’ll cover an interesting part of the kitchen, which is the backsplash. Although the backsplash may seem trivial, the backsplash is one of the keys to the beauty of the kitchen in your home. Here, we have provided 17 New Backsplash Ideas Will Fit Your Kitchen. So, let’s check it out!

1. Sky-High Backsplash

kitchen backsplash
Cc: Pinterest

The first of 17 New Backsplash Ideas Will Fit Your Kitchen is a sky-high backsplash. Instead of just applying tiles to the backsplash, in this idea, connect the tiles to the border between the wall and the ceiling.

The impact given by the sky-high backsplash is that the walls look higher, making the kitchen feel wider. Therefore, the sky-high backsplash is very appropriate to be applied to a small kitchen.

2. Herringbone Tile Backsplash

kitchen backsplash ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Herringbone is already familiar. Usually, herringbone is found on parquet flooring. However, this time the herringbone was chosen for the kitchen area, namely the backsplash.

Herringbone tiles give the kitchen a more lively and attractive effect. The black color looks so calm thanks to the natural lighting that enters through the side window. So that the backsplash area and herringbone motif will stand out in the kitchen.

3. Hexagon Kitchen Backsplash

backsplash ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Just like herringbone tiles backsplash, the hexagon kitchen backsplash also provides a simple but charming motif. The black color will make it look more stand out in the kitchen area.

Hexagon kitchen backsplash is applied from the edge of the countertop to leave 1/4 of the wall. And this is what makes the walls look more attractive.

4. Shiplap Kitchen Backsplash

shiplap backsplash ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Tired of using tiles for a backsplash? If so, then you can use this one idea as an option. Wood that is arranged vertically and painted in white will give a bright effect to the kitchen. Only the texture of the wood remains which can remove the stiff and monotonous impression from the kitchen with a minimalist and simple design.

5. Marble Backsplash

marble backsplash ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The marble backsplash is the next of 17 New Backsplash Ideas Will Fit Your Kitchen. If you want to make your kitchen look elegant and luxurious, then this idea is worth trying.

As we know, marble elements do have a high price. Therefore, a small backsplash area will be very helpful for you to reduce your budget.

Here, you can decorate the backsplash with LED lights that can make the marble look more lit and alive.

6. Natural Stone Backsplash

natural stone
Cc: Pinterest

Natural stone backsplash, very suitable for a kitchen with a farmhouse or rustic design. The natural stone will create a bolder natural look to the kitchen. Not only that, but a peaceful natural atmosphere will also be present and make the kitchen area feel very comfortable.

7. Exposed Brick Backsplash

exposed brick wall
Cc: Pinterest

An exposed brick wall may be a characteristic of industrial interior design. Even so, applying an exposed brick wall to the backsplash does not only have to be in an industrial-designed kitchen.

If we look at the picture above, the kitchen has a minimalist rustic concept. And the exposed brick wall on the backsplash will give a natural red color that makes it look attractive.

8. Window Backsplash

window backsplash
Cc: Pinterest

Whatever design you choose for your kitchen, natural lighting remains an important part. A room that gets sunlight will feel more comfortable and more alive.

If you want a naturally bright kitchen, instead of applying tiles, bricks, or wood to the backsplash, it would be better to choose windows. As in the picture above, the window is made elongated so that sunlight can enter the kitchen more freely.

9. Jet-Black Backsplash

jet-black backsplash
Cc: Pinterest

Black is often the most avoided color. This is because black can make a room look dark, especially in a small room that can be cramped and stuffy. However, it’s okay if you make black as a decoration for the room.

In this idea, the kitchen has a minimalist monochrome concept. And white is the main color that fills the kitchen. With this, the kitchen will look brighter, cleaner, and also neat. And a touch of black in some spots in the kitchen, especially in the backsplash area will make it look attractive, mature, and cool.

10. Glass Kitchen Backsplash

glass kitchen backsplash
Cc: Pinterest

Glass kitchen backsplashes are usually present in kitchens with a modern minimalist concept with a clean appearance. So, the impression given can be monotonous, stiff, and boring. However, with a glass kitchen backsplash, there will be a glossy surface when exposed to light. And this is what will remove the monotonous, stiff, and boring impression from the minimalist and modern concept kitchen.

11. Horizontal Grain Wood

horizontal grain wood
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 17 New Backsplash Ideas Will Fit Your Kitchen is a horizontal grain wood. Wood with horizontal lines will soften the rough and stiff lines of a minimalist concept kitchen.

You can choose the same type of wood for the countertop. With this, the kitchen will look more harmonious. Wood elements will create warmth and elegance in your narrow kitchen.

12. Stainless Steel Backsplash

stainless steel
Cc: Pinterest

The oil splatter is indeed a pillowy stain that is difficult to clean. Therefore, you can choose a stainless steel backsplash like in restaurants. Stainless steel material will be easier to clean when exposed to oil.

Do not worry the kitchen does not look good because using stainless steel for the backplash. Here, you can apply a minimalist concept with brightly colored wood in the kitchen cabinet. Also, maximize natural lighting to make it feel soothing and cozy.

13. Cubist Backsplash

cubist backsplash
Cc: Pinterest

The kitchen is also a room that you need to make stylish. And here, you can depend on the backsplash.

In the backsplash area, you can make it look attractive by applying cubist tiles. Beautiful abstract motifs will make the kitchen look charming and artsy. The bustling motif of the cubist is perfect for a minimalist and simple concept kitchen.

14. Penny Tiles Kitchen Backsplash

penny tiles backsplash
Cc: Pinterest

Penny tiles are often used in bathrooms. Even so, that does not mean you could not apply it to the kitchen area.

Penny tiles to fill the backsplash will affect the aesthetic value and also the comfort of the kitchen. The texture of the penny tiles will create a kitchen that is more stylish, cheerful, and full of texture.

15. Mirrored Tiles Backsplash

mirrored backsplash
Cc: Pinterest

Mirrored tiles backsplash becomes the next of 17 New Backsplash Ideas Will Fit Your Kitchen. Just like stainless steel, the mirrored tiles for the backsplash area will be very easy to clean when exposed to oil splashes.

The shadow in the kitchen will also be seen in the mirrored tiles backsplash which will be very helpful to make the kitchen look wider. Not only that, sunlight hitting the glass surface will bounce back into the room and make it look naturally bright.

16. Yellow Tiles Backsplash

yellow tiles
Cc: Pinterest

Never hesitate to apply bright colors like yellow to your kitchen. The yellow tiles for the backsplash will create a more stylish kitchen. Perfect for a vintage or retro-style kitchen.

The yellow color in the backsplash area, although a little, has a strong effect on the atmosphere of the kitchen. The yellow backsplash provides a more cloudless and less boring atmosphere.

17. Geometric Pattern Kitchen Backsplash

geometric backsplash ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 17 New Backsplash Ideas Will Fit Your Kitchen is a geometric pattern kitchen backsplash. The colors of the geometric pattern in the image above will make the kitchen feel so cloudless. Not only that, but the kitchen also looks more stylish and attractive.

For a kitchen with a minimalist concept, the geometric pattern kitchen backsplash will only interfere and eliminate the minimalist impression of the kitchen itself. The geometric pattern is best suited for retro and vintage kitchen designs.

Final Words

The backsplash area is indeed the most interesting area to decorate. Although the area is relatively small, the appearance of the backsplash will affect the aesthetic value and also the atmosphere of the kitchen. Therefore, make sure you choose a backsplash that matches the layout and design of your kitchen. And the points above are 17 New Backsplash Ideas that will Fit Your Kitchen. Hope this article helps you a lot!

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