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10 Simple Tips to Make The Kitchen Look Bright and Bigger – Playing in perception has become commonplace for interiors. You really could not make the kitchen size magically bigger. However, you can make this one room look bigger. One way is to make it look bright.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. The beauty and comfort of this room are also a part that you should pay close attention to. Keep the kitchen look neat and clean.

In this article, we have provided 10 Simple Tips to Make The Kitchen Look Bright and Bigger you can follow. Which of these tips can also make the kitchen feel much more comfortable. So, let’s check it out!

1. Apply Light Colors to The Kitchen

Color selection is the first step that will determine the ambiance and appearance of a room. Therefore, try to be careful in determining the colors that you will apply to the kitchen

bright kitchen
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In making the kitchen look bright, you can choose bright colors. White is an alternative color that will make the kitchen look bright maximally. You can apply white on walls, kitchen cabinets, and ceilings.

The white color will also be very helpful to disguise the firm lines in the corners of the room. In this way, the room will feel more spacious.

bright kitchen tips
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If applying white is considered to make the kitchen look stiff and boring, you can add other bright colors. Pastel colors will give a softer side to the room. Or, you can also add a little touch of orange, blue, or yellow to make it feel fresh and cloudless.

2. Avoid Applying Too Much Dark Color

Actually, it is fine if you want to bring dark colors to the kitchen. For example, you want to apply the monochrome concept to make the kitchen look simple but elegant. However, make sure that white remains the dominant color.

bigger kitchen
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Try not to apply too much dark color. An example is applying it to large items such as kitchen cabinets.

You can choose some decorations or other small items such as pendant lights, bar stools, sinks, and so on. Applying dark color scattered will make it stand out even if the amount is small.

3. Add Bright Bulb to The Kitchen

Lighting is also an important factor in the brightness of the kitchen. We recommend you choose a bright bulb. A white light bulb in 3000 – 4000 Kelvin will provide more comfortable lighting for the kitchen.

bigger kitchen tips
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Avoid using bulbs with lighting that is too bright. Indeed, this can make the kitchen look bright at night. However, lights that are too bright are also not good. This will only dazzle and make the kitchen uncomfortable.

4. Adding Extra Lights

The bulb is the main light to illuminate the kitchen. And, if you want to decorate the kitchen with additional lights, this will be much better. Besides making the kitchen look brighter, extra lights will also add to the aesthetic value of the kitchen.

kitchen tips
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There are several additional lights that you can bring to the kitchen, such as kitchen pendant lights and LED lights. For kitchen pendant lights, you can hang them right above the kitchen island table. And for LED lights, you can install them on the backsplash or on the open shelves.

comfortable interior
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So that the kitchen still feels comfortable, make sure the extra lights that you present there are not too bright. You can choose yellow lighting which can make the kitchen look warmer and calmer. In this way, the kitchen not only looks aesthetic but also feels more comfortable.

5. Purge All The Clutter

There will be a lot of items in the kitchen and if you do not arrange them properly then the kitchen will look messy. And of course, this will affect the beauty and comfort of the kitchen. A messy kitchen will feel cramped and stuffy.

neat interior
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Purging all the clutter is indeed the most appropriate thing to do in the kitchen. You can start by placing cooking utensils, kitchen spices, and other equipment in the kitchen cabinet or drawer. This is the easiest and most appropriate way to make the kitchen look neat and clean.

Try to store kitchen utensils organized. That way, it is easy for you to find the kitchen utensils you want to use.

6. Choose Minimalist Furniture Design

Next, we go into the selection of furniture for the kitchen. Indeed, in the kitchen, there is not much furniture that can be used. There are only a few important main pieces of furniture such as kitchen cabinets, island tables, and shelves.

minimalist furniture
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In making the kitchen look brighter and bigger, you can choose furniture with a minimalist design. And also, adjust the size of the furniture with the size of the kitchen. For example, do not choose a kitchen cabinet with a large size for a small kitchen. Because this will only make the kitchen feel more cramped and uncomfortable.

minimalist design
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Choosing double-functional furniture is also a good step to make the kitchen feel bigger. One example is a kitchen island with shelves. Which you can make as a very useful additional storage area.

7. Maximizing Natural Lighting

Besides lighting up the kitchen with lights, you also have to maximize natural lighting for the room. This is an important point that can make the kitchen feel bigger and brighter.

bright kitchen decor tips
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The natural light that enters the kitchen will hit the white surface. This will make the white color look brighter. Light also bounces back into the room and makes the room look naturally bright.

There are several benefits of maximizing natural lighting, such as eliminating dark corners of the room, removing shadows from objects, and so on. Which of these benefits will make the room feel bigger.

bright kitchen naturally
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There are several ways to maximize natural lighting that you can make as an option:

  • Install Large Window

large window
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The bigger the window you install, the more lighting will enter the room. You can choose the side from which the light comes. That way, the kitchen will get maximum lighting.

Try not to add decorations to windows that can block the entry of light, such as curtains. If you want to maintain your privacy in the house, you can choose a net curtain. With this, the light will still be able to enter the kitchen properly.

  • Install Skylight Window

skylight window
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Light coming from above will be much better than light coming from the side. That way, installing skylight windows is the best way to maximize natural lighting for the kitchen.

Skylights will also show the beauty of blue clouds which can add beauty and comfort to the kitchen. Looking at the blue clouds during the day will make you feel more relaxed.

  • Use Glass Door

bright kitchen tips decor
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If you still use wooden doors to connect the kitchen with the garden, then it’s time to switch to glass doors. The use of glass doors will allow more light to enter the kitchen. Besides that, the garden will also be more visible from the kitchen which can make the kitchen feel fresh.

8. Decorate The Kitchen with Mirror

The decoration is an important part that must be present in the room. The existence of decorations will greatly change the appearance of the interior and make it look attractive.

There are several decorations that you can choose to decorate your kitchens, such as paintings, plants, flowers, and mirrors. Among these decorations, mirrors are one of the items that can make the kitchen look brighter and more spacious.

bigger kitchen decor tips
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Installing a wall mirror is one way that you can try. The shadow of the kitchen will look good in the mirror and make it feel bigger. Also, natural light hitting the mirror surface will reflect back into the room which will make the room brighter.

9. Use Open Shelves as Wall Storage

Open walls will make the room feel bigger. So, instead of covering the entire kitchen wall with floating kitchen cabinets, it would be better to install floating shelves there. You can install several floating shelves as wall storage.

bright and bigger kitchen
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Because it is open, of course, neatness in the arrangement of goods is an important thing that you must pay attention to. Try to organize all the items on the open shelves neatly and organized. This method will also be very helpful to make the kitchen look more beautiful.

10. Prefer Reflective Surface

The last of 10 Simple Tips to Make The Kitchen Look Bright and Bigger is to prefer a reflective surface. You can choose a kitchen tabletop with a glossy surface. So, when exposed to natural light or light from a lamp, the light reflection will work better. And this is what will make the kitchen look brighter.

bright and bigger kitchen tips
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The reflection of light on the reflective surface also makes it look more beautiful. And of course, this will greatly increase the value of the beauty of the kitchen at home.

Final Words

It is not possible to change the size of the kitchen. However, you can make the kitchen feel more spacious. In this way, a small kitchen will feel comfortable. And one way is to make it look bright. And through the article entitled “10 Simple Tips to Make The Kitchen Look Bright and Bigger”, we will help you to create a beautiful and comfortable kitchen. So, happy trying all!

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