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15 Stylish Workspace Ideas with Tips and Decors – Working from home has become a familiar activity. Of course, you will be much more comfortable working in a workspace that looks attractive and neat. This is why in this article we provide 15 Stylish Workspace Ideas with Tips and Decors.

Currently, workspace is indeed an important thing that must be in every home, such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. However, there is no need to provide a special room in creating a workspace. Because you can create a work or study area in any room, such as the bedroom, dining room, living room, and even the kitchen.

So, for those of you who are already curious about how to create a comfortable and attractive workspace, here are 15 Stylish Workspace Ideas with Tips and Decors. Let’s check it out!

1. White Nuances Stylish Workspace

stylish workspace
Cc: Pinterest

The first of 15 Stylish Workspace Ideas with Tips and Decors is a white nuances stylish workspace. Starting from the whitewashed walls to the white desks, chairs, rugs, and floating walls.

The main lighting for the workspace in this idea is natural lighting. Illuminating the workspace with natural lighting is indeed the right option. A bright room will make us more comfortable working and studying.

Natural lighting is also able to support white in the workspace. Light entering through the window will directly hit the white surface and make it look brighter. With this, small workspaces do not feel cramped and stuffy.

Unfortunately, applying white as a whole can give a stiff and boring effect to the workspace. Therefore, there are some tips and decorations that you should understand:

  • Give A Little Touch of Another Color

This is one point you need to be under. The presence of other colors can change the impression of a stiff and boring white workspace.

It would be better to choose neutral colors such as black, navy, and brown. Present these colors scattered, such as in small pendant lights, wire grids, to displays for the wall shelves.

  • Greenery The Workspace

To get rid of the stiff and boring impression of white workspace nuances, you can also rely on plants. Here, you can put small plants on the desk or floating wall shelves. The presence of plants will present a natural atmosphere that makes the workspace feel fresh and calming.

  • Present Wood Material

This third point becomes the tips you choose in decorating white workspaces. The presence of wood material will make the workspace feel a little warm.

Try to choose wood materials with bright colors. With this, the bright display in the white workspace will not be disturbed.

2. Scandinavian Workspace for Two People

stylish workspace ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Want to have a workspace that you can share with your sibling or your partner? Then you can make this one idea as an option. You can use a long table to make two people. Then complete it with two super comfortable benches.

It would be better to choose a floating table to fill the workspace. This will really help to make the workspace feel more spacious.

Fill the walls with floating wall shelves the same length as the table. You can make this one spot as an area that can support the value of beauty in the workspace. You can display some stylish displays like the picture above.

3. Small Workspace Full of Soothing and Warm

small stylish workspace
Cc: Pinterest

A place to work or study must of course be covered with a calming atmosphere. That way, it will be easier for you to concentrate and work better.

Try to keep white as the main color to make the room feel more alive. Then you can fill it or decorate it with another soft color, like navy gray.

In making the navy gray look stand out in this room, select the main item of the workspace such as the desk. You can also put a navy gray chest as a place to store your documents.

To make the workspace feel more comfortable, bring wood elements there. Wood material will be very helpful in making the workspace feel warm. Or, you can also add yellow lighting to emphasize the warm ambiance and soothing in the workspace.

4. Fresh Stylish Workspace

fresh stylish workspace ideas
Cc: Pinterest

This workspace chooses blue as the main color. So that the atmosphere provided is much fresher and calmer. Moreover, maximized natural lighting makes the blue color look more alive and beautiful.

This workspace carries a minimalist concept to create a cleaner and neater appearance. There are two chests with 5 drawers each. Above the chest is placed a large wooden board to serve as a table. And, a bench with a black and white stripe motif complement it.

Even though it is minimalist, this workspace looks so stylish. On the wall area there is a different paint so that it forms like a board. You can also decorate the walls with floating wall shelves to put some interesting displays. Do not forget to bring plants to beautify and make the workspace feel fresher.

If you want to make this minimalist workspace look a little elegant, you can give it a touch of gold color there. Present the gold color in a scattered way, such as gold-colored lamp for table, gold-colored displays for floating wall shelves, and so on.

5. Natural Workspace Look

neutral workspace
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 15 Stylish Workspace Ideas with Tips and Decors is a natural workspace look. Something that is natural will have a more fresh and calming atmosphere. With this, the workspace will feel much more comfortable for you to work.

First of all, start in the selection of neutral colors. Here, you can make white as the main color to make the room neutral. Then, come up with colors that can provide warmth as well as calm, such as brown. Or, you can also decorate your workspace with wooden elements.

And final, to emphasize the natural nuances in the workspace, add some plants as decorations. Start with big plants to decorate the side of the desk and some small plants for floating wall shelves.

On the wall area around the desk, stick some interesting photos. Or, you can also stick a note paper containing a list of your tasks. This method will be very helpful to make the natural workspace look stylish.

6. Stylish Nordic Workspace Design

nordic interior design
Cc: Pinterest

Nordic design and Scandinavian design at first glance do look the same. However, Nordic design and Scandinavian design are certainly different. In Scandinavian design, it prioritizes a warm concept. While the Nordic design carries a cool concept in decoration.

White color remains the main color for Nordic workspace design. Because white is a neutral color that can make other colors stand out. Not only that, but the white color also gives a natural bright effect that can make the workspace feel comfortable.

Decorating to bring a cool feel to the room, Nordic design usually chooses black. The application of black color is done in a scattered way. If we look at the picture above, the walls, table, and ceiling are decorated in the same black color. These displays with the black and white concept make the workspace look stylish and contemporary. Suitable for young people.

7. Open Shelves Storage Make It Great

open shelves storage
Cc: Pinterest

As we know, there will be lots of documents or books in the workspace. With this, the existence of storage in the workspace is very important.

There are two storages you can use for your workspace:

  1. Close storage
  2. Open storage

Close storage is of course a storage area that has drawers. With this, the things you store will be neatly closed and create a clean look (free clutter).

And open storage is the storage area used in this idea. Floating wall shelves are installed on the wall. And here, you can put all the documents, books, to some displays such as small plants or pictures.

You can not only use open shelves as storage, but you can also use them as a spot that can make your workspace look stylish. Unfortunately, if you do not arrange your things neatly, this will have an impact on the beauty and comfort of the workspace. Therefore, try to always arrange every item you use properly.

8. Masculine and Cool Workspace

masculine workspace
Cc: Pinterest

Masculine and cool workspace becomes the next of 15 Stylish Workspace Ideas with Tips and Decors. As usual, white is the main color to make the room feel neutral.

In creating a masculine and cool atmosphere, you can choose dark colors. Black is one of them. Not only that, but you also have to pay close attention to the use of wood materials. Use wood that has a dark brown color.

The black color in the room will give a cool atmosphere. Meanwhile, the wooden elements present a warm atmosphere. With this, the atmosphere in the workspace will remain balanced.

To make the workspace look more attractive and stylish, you can play on extra lighting. Add LED lights, table lamps, or floor lamps. You can adjust white lighting or yellow lighting to your liking.

9. Feel Comfortable in Fee-Clutter Workspace

neat stylish workspace
Cc: Pinterest

Convenience in the workspace is an important point that you must prioritize. One way to make a workspace comfortable is to keep it tidy and free of clutter.

The idea this time is to use close storage for the workspace. So, all stationery, documents, or books are stored properly in the drawer. So that there will not be many items that can be seen in the workspace other than the decorations.

Even though the drawer is a storage for the workspace, this idea still uses floating wall shelves. But not to put books or other equipment but to put plants, flowers, and pictures that make the workspace look stylish.

10. Fresh Workspace in Green Nuances

stylish workspace decors
Cc: Pinterest

Besides having a stylish workspace, you can also have a fresh workspace like this idea. If white is usually the main color for a room, this time the white color has been replaced with green.

Fern green color painted walls make the workspace look fresh and soft. So, when you give it a touch of white, it will look more natural and more alive.

The decorations used for this workspace are, of course, fresh green plants. You can also decorate the walls with leaf painting which looks simple.

11. Soothing Japandi Workspace Design

japandi interior design
Cc: Pinterest

Soothing Japandi workspace design is the next of 15 Stylish Workspace Ideas with Tips and Decors. The Japandi design that is so simple but full of calm and warmth will make the workspace comfortable.

In Japandi design, the material is made dominant. And of course, the material used is wood. This material can provide maximum calm and warm atmosphere for the room.

Because the Japandi design carries a minimalist concept, it would be better to use close storage. However, you can still make a little open storage to be an interesting spot that can make the workspace look stylish.

For lighting, try to make natural lighting the main lighting. This is one of the characteristics of the Japandi design. Natural lighting will emphasize the natural nuances which make the workspace feel soothing.

12. Workspace with Cozy Spot Idea

cozy stylish workspace ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Have you ever felt tired at work? If so, then creating a cozy spot in the workspace is the right idea.

You can choose a spot next to the window to be the most comfortable place to relax. Make a bench with drawers like the picture above. Where this drawer will be very useful for you to store your things.

On the bench put some pillows for added comfort. So, you can sit back and hug your pillow while enjoying the view outside the window. This will really help to make you feel fresh and relaxed.

13. Stylish and Comfortable Attic Workspace

stylish attic workspace
Cc: Pinterest

If the attic in your home is still a nest of pests and dust, then it is time for you to turn the attic into a comfortable and attractive workspace. Starting by painting the Attic with white paint. And, the area of the wall where the window is, let the wood show off its color. This will help to avoid the attic looking stiff and boring.

Choose a desk without drawers to give a wider effect to the attic. Also, use a minimalist design bench like the picture above. You can also decorate the attic with rugs placement to make it feel more spacious.

14. Artsy Small Workspace

artsy small workspace
Cc: Pinterest

It is easy to feel uncomfortable and bored in a small workspace. However, there is a solution where you can make a small workspace your favorite place. One of them is to make the workspace look attractive.

This idea adds things related to artistic value to make the workspace look attractive and stylish. The white and black head-shaped statue is enough to change the appearance of a small workspace. The wall area is also decorated with an interesting painting.

Here, you can decorate your desk with fresh green plants. So that the atmosphere feels more natural. And final, let the workspace get maximum natural light so that it feels more alive.

15. Attractive Under-Stairs Workspace

stylish workspace tips
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 15 Stylish Workspace Ideas with Tips and Decors is an attractive under-stairs workspace. This idea is an interesting idea. The area under the stairs that is often not used can actually be used as a comfortable workspace.

Built-in shelving is a storage area that does not make the under-stairs area feel cramped or small. These built-in shelves also manage to store all the books and documents properly. That way, your small desk will be clean of all kinds of annoying stuff.

Actually, books and some displays on the built-in shelves are enough to make the workspace look attractive. However, if you want to make this small workspace look more stylish, you can use a vintage-style table lamp like the picture above.

Final Words

Recently, having a workspace at home is very important. Workspace often becomes a boring spot. However, you can make it feel comfortable by making the workspace look attractive and stylish. And, the points above are 15 Stylish Workspace Ideas with Tips and Decors you can follow. So, happy trying all!

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