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20 Cozy Rooftop Ideas: Make Your Rooftop A Mainstay Place for Relieve – Backyard is often a mainstay spot to relax and enjoy free time. However, for those of you who do not have a backyard in your home, you do not need to be discouraged. You can also enjoy the outdoor atmosphere by utilizing your rooftop area. Therefore, it is important to get some references for cozy rooftop ideas.

Although the land on the rooftop is limited, you can maximize it and make it a place to relax. With the right decorations, you can also make the rooftop into a fun area to gather with family and friends.

In this article, we have provided 20 Cozy Rooftop Ideas. It is time to Make Your Rooftop A Mainstay Place for Relieve. So, let’s check it out!

1. Feel Cozy on Round Patio Chair

cozy rooftop decor
Cc: Pinterest

Enjoy the beautiful blue sky by sitting relaxed on a chair that is so comfortable. Here, you can rely on the round patio chair. Make it more comfortable by adding some throw pillows there.

Make the decking a clean area for you to relax. That way, even though there is only one round chair, you and your friends can still enjoy the rooftop atmosphere comfortably.

Present a coffee table as a complement. That way, you can put your favorite food and snacks to accompany your free time on the rooftop.

2. Fresh Rooftop Garden

rooftop decor ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The presence of a garden at home is very important. Fresh greenery in the garden will really help to make the body and mind back to fresh. And if there is no more land in the area of the house, then you can use the rooftop.

Fresh rooftop garden becomes the next of 20 Cozy Rooftop Ideas. Here, you can grow some fresh greenery. Also, make a comfortable seat accompanied by a throw pillow for you to relax all day.

3. Lush Rooftop Terrace

cozy lush rooftop ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Presenting plants on the rooftop is an interesting idea. In this way, the rooftop will feel fresher and more calming.

No need to hesitate to bring more plants to the rooftop. In fact, you can choose plants of a larger size here. However, it would be better to consult with a professional first. Because you could not plant all rooftops with big trees.

In the middle of the rooftop decorate it with several chairs and tables. We recommend choosing outdoor furniture made of wood. The wood material is much more durable. Not only that, but wooden furniture will also survive well even when exposed to rain and sunheat.

4. Make It Warm with Fire Pit

comfortable rooftop ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Its location at the top often makes you feel cold because of the strong wind. Especially, when welcoming autumn and winter. And of course, this is one of the factors that greatly affect the comfort of the rooftop.

For those of you who want to make the rooftop feel comfortable, try to make the air around the rooftop feel warm. Presenting a fire pit is a very good idea.

5. Outdoor Dining Area

outdoor dining area
Cc: Pinterest

Want to enjoy food in a different atmosphere? You can also use the rooftop as an outdoor dining area. Decorate the rooftop with a dining table and some dining chairs. Choose wood or rattan material for long life.

To make the dining table look attractive, give some interesting decorations or displays. You can choose small plants, fruits, and so on.

Also, pay attention to the corners of the rooftop. Decorate with medium and large-sized plants to make the dining rooftop feel fresh. Not only that, but the natural atmosphere will also feel thicker here.

6. Enjoy The Film in Different Vibes

comfortable place
Cc: Pinterest

Not only as a garden and dining area, but you can also turn the rooftop into a cool place to enjoy movies. And this becomes the next of 20 Cozy Rooftop Ideas you can follow.

You can make your own theater on the rooftop by using a white cloth or white screen. Infocus is a mandatory item that must be here.

To make this place feel comfortable, decorate the rooftop with comfortable seating. Also, leave some throw pillows there to make it cozier.

For those of you who want a warmer and more romantic atmosphere, you can decorate the wall or tree area on the rooftop with string lights. Or, you can also rely on some candles scattered around the seats.

7. Simple Rooftop Garden

simple rooftop garden
Cc: Pinterest

For those of you who like gardening and do not have more land at home to use as a garden, then this one idea will be perfect for you. You can use a planter box and several large pots. That way, the plants you plant can grow well.

Present a bench for you to relax there. Green plants are a pity not to be used. With a bench, you can enjoy a fresh atmosphere on the rooftop to calm down and disappear for a moment from the commotion of the world.

8. Warm and Cozy Rooftop

warm rooftop
Cc: Pinterest

Next, there is a warm and cozy rooftop. The sofa is shaped like the letter U where the firepit is placed in the middle. So that the atmosphere around the sofa will feel warmer. Which will make the rooftop feel very comfortable at night.

The LED lighting installed in the sofa area also supports a warm and calming atmosphere. With this, the rooftop will be the perfect area for you to cool off or gather with family and friends.

9. Simple but Comfortable

simple rooftop design
Cc: Pinterest

No need for excessive decorations or presenting various plants that can bother you. Because simple decorations can also make the rooftop a comfortable place to relax.

Sofas and coffee tables are outdoor furniture that you can rely on. Add some throw pillows to make it look more attractive and also cozier. Also, use the rug for marking or dividing the relaxing area.

To make it fresh, decorate the rooftop with simple plants such as cactus plants, a few flowers, and so on. You can also provide additional lights to make the atmosphere feel warm, calm, and romantic. Make it look perfect by installing a string light on the rooftop fence area.

10. Make A Rooftop As Living Area

outdoor loving area
Cc: Pinterest

You can use the outdoor living area to welcome guests in a different way. And here, the rooftop is an area you can rely on.

A large comfortable sofa is the main piece of furniture that must be on the rooftop. Also, do not forget the coffee table to make it complete.

To make the atmosphere feel more natural, you can decorate the rooftop with simple plants. Because what is needed here is the fresh feel of the greenery of the plant. That way, you and your guests will feel comfortable in the outdoor living area.

11. Elegant Rooftop Decor Idea

elegant rooftop decor
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 20 Cozy Rooftop Ideas is an elegant rooftop decor idea. In this idea, you can switch to a minimalist concept. Starting from minimalist design outdoor furniture to decorations that tend to be simple. The minimalist concept will present a more calming atmosphere.

In the relaxing area, make it feel more comfortable. Here, you can shade it with wood like the picture above. That way, the hot sun will not directly burn your skin while you are relaxing on the sofa.

12. Make It Romantic with String Light

romantic cozy rooftop ideas tips
Cc: Pinterest

A romantic atmosphere will make the time you spend with your loved ones more valuable. Therefore, having a comfortable and romantic rooftop is something special.

You can choose calm and fresh colors like blue to decorate the rooftop. And then complete with proper lighting. Decorate the rooftop area with string lights and some candles in the lantern.

13. Barbeque and Chill in Rooftop

barbeque spot
Cc: Pinterest

Relaxing on the rooftop would be much cooler if there was a barbecue grill there. You can cook meat and eat it with family and friends in the open area.

Having a bench and some throw pillows will be a comfortable area to relax on the rooftop. You can also add a rug to make it look more relaxed and warm. The presence of a rug will also make a small rooftop look and feel wider.

To make the atmosphere feel fresher, decorate the rooftop with some plants. Choose hanging plants as an option for a small rooftop. That way, the plants will not take up space and make it feel even more cramped.

14. Comfortable Small Rooftop

cozy small rooftop ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Simple decorations are intended for small rooftops. That way, more free space will be available which can make the rooftop feel wider.

Try not to decorate the rooftop with a large number of small plants. Because this will only make the rooftop look messy and narrow.

It would be better to use two large plants in pots like the picture above. You can also give decorative outdoor lights to make it look stand out on the rooftop.

For a place to relax, use very simple and minimalist benches and tables. Making a roof with cloth or wood will make the relaxing area more shady and safe from the sun during the day.

15. Make It Fresh with Flowers

flowers decor
Cc: Pinterest

Beautify the rooftop area by planting some flowers. The naturally beautiful colors of flowers will make the rooftop look so beautiful.

You can plant some of your favorite flowers. Flowers that have a scent will make the rooftop feel more comfortable. With this, having a seat will become your favorite place to relax and cool down.

16. Fireplace to Warm The Air Around Rooftop

traditional fire place
Cc: Pinterest

The cold air on the rooftop will make you feel uncomfortable there. So, it is important to provide warmth, such as making a fireplace.

Putting some lounge chairs facing the fireplace is an interesting idea for a relaxing area. Add a blanket and some throw pillows to make it more comfortable. And for the base, you can rely on a rug or carpet with a smooth texture.

17. Cloudless Rooftop with Pastel Colors

cloudless rooftop
Cc: Pinterest

Not only can you use the rooftop as a place to relax, but you can also make it a place to gather with family and friends. Therefore, making the rooftop feel cloudless is the right idea.

Choose pastel colors for a prettier look. Even though there are many colors that you present, this will not make the rooftop look tacky. Pastel colors make the rooftop look calmer.

18. Romantic Rooftop Decor

romantic rooftop decor
Cc: Pinterest

There is nothing more enjoyable than spending time at night with loved ones. To make it more quality, make sure the rooftop has a romantic atmosphere like the picture above.

Try to play on the lighting. You can use lanterns to make it look attractive. The string light is also a mainstay to beautify the rooftop.

Use white to show a sweeter and calmer side. Lastly, make the wood elements more dominant to bring a warm, comfortable atmosphere.

19. Fresh Rooftop with Synthetic Grass

synthetic grass
Cc: Pinterest

It is very important to bring greenery to the rooftop. That way, the rooftop will feel refreshing and comfortable.

Using native plants has many benefits. However, care for native plants is also quite a hassle. Especially, for those of you who do not like farming. Starting from giving fertilizer, spraying anti-pests, watering regularly, and so on.

For those of you who do not want to bother, you can switch to synthetic plants. The idea this time is to use synthetic grass to make the rooftop look green and fresh. Additional light in the decking area makes it feel more alive.

20. Modern Rooftop Design

cozy rooftop design ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 20 Cozy Rooftop Ideas is a modern rooftop design. The furniture used looks more modern. The simple design with soft pink color makes it look so attractive and different.

Additional lighting that glows yellow makes the rooftop area feel so warm. The rooftop atmosphere also feels more calming.

Yellow lighting is actually enough to make the rooftop feel warm. However, you can make it feel clearer and bolder by decorating the relaxing area on the rooftop with a rug.

Final Words

Compared to cultivating an abandoned rooftop, it would be better to use it as a useful area. If you can decorate it properly, the rooftop will become your favorite place to hang out or just relax and calm your mind. And the points above are 20 Cozy Rooftop Ideas that can be your references.

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