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Let’s Get to Know More About Bohemian Design – Of course, you are already familiar with Bohemian designs. This design has been around for a long time and is very popular. One of the characteristics of this design is the combination of colors that make the atmosphere feel so pleasant and cloudless. However, actually, bohemian design is not only about a colorful and full of cloudless appearance. So, for those of you who are interested in Bohemian design, this article entitled “Let’s Get to Know More About Bohemian Design” will help you to get to know more about what Bohemian design is. So, let’s check it out!

The History of Bohemian Design

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Bohemian design or also known as Boho design is a design that was present in the 19th century. This design was first present in France.

The bohemian design really reflects freedom. This design was created by artists who do not want to be bound by anything. And this is what makes Bohemian design different from Scandinavian design, Modern design, or Rustic design.

Bohemian design is a reflection of unlimited creativity. And the room becomes a blank canvas to put all the creativity in the brain. Therefore, the appearance of this design is full of colors and a pleasant atmosphere. This one design is indeed inspired by artists, writers, performers, and nomads.

The Characteristics of Bohemian Design

Just like other designs in general, Bohemian design also has strong characteristics which distinguish it from other designs. And here are the characteristics of Bohemian Design:

1. Colorful Appearance

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One thing that distinguishes Bohemian design from other designs is that this design is full of colors. The yellow color is often made dominant to create a more cloudless look.

Bright colors are the chosen color group to fill a Boho-style room. And, to make it more natural, bright colors are often combined with neutral colors. So besides being cloudless, fresh and calm nuances are also present in the Boho-style room.

2. Bohemian Patterns That Are So Distinctive

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The pattern of the bohemian design is very distinctive. And the presence of patterns with different forms also influences the atmosphere. Besides bright colors, playing with patterns also creates a pleasant atmosphere in the room.

Bohemian designs usually use Persian or Turkish-style rugs. Patterns are not just for rugs. For example in the living room where the pattern is also extended to a seat cushion or throw pillow. In fact, sometimes the sofa chosen for the Boho living room design also has a distinctive pattern that makes a cloudless atmosphere feel very clear.

3. Full of Freshness

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Each design has its own decoration. And, so is the Bohemian design. This design chooses decorations that can make the room feel fresher. And, plants are the decorations chosen by Bohemian design.

Usually, Boho designs use a large number of plants. Plants are placed in several spots scattered. Therefore, the room is filled with the freshness of the plants very well.

The use of plants in the room not only gives a fresh effect on appearance. Some plants have the advantage of absorbing harmful substances in the room. That way, the cleanliness of the air in the room is maintained very well and becomes fresher.

4. Bright Appearance with Natural Lighting

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The brightness in a Bohemian-style room is not only from using bright colors. This one design also chooses natural lighting as the main lighting of the room. Therefore, the room is naturally bright which does not interfere with vision so it is very comfortable for the eyes. Natural lighting which is the main lighting also makes a warm feel clearly in the room and makes it feel more comfortable.

Besides making the room naturally bright, natural lighting is also very helpful in making the colors in the room display their true colors. Or, maybe you could say natural lighting helps the colors in the room come alive.

Also, with plants as decorations, natural lighting is needed. Keep in mind, plants need sunlight for them to grow. And this is one of the reasons why Boho design makes natural lighting as the main lighting of the room.

5. Free and Unattached

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Boho design is a free design. There are no restrictions and rules in the use and selection of colors. And usually, Boho-style rooms are often filled with three to more bright colors.

Besides that, this design also does not limit the patterns or patterns used in the room. With this, you can freely express your creativity in a Bohemian-style room.

6. White is Often The Main Color

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Boho designs often make white the main color of the room. The room is made into a blank canvas ready to be decorated with various colors and interesting patterns.

White as the main color also greatly affects the brightness of the room. The white color makes the room naturally bright. Besides that, white can also erase dark corners in a room and make it feel more spacious. And this is also one of the reasons why a Bohemian designed room feels comfortable.

With the help of sunlight coming in through a window, glass door, or maybe a skylight window, the white color will look brighter. The light that enters directly hits white and bounces back into the room. With this, the room becomes brighter. However, the brightness of the room is still pleasing to the eye.

7. Using Natural Materials

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The bohemian design uses natural materials to make the appearance more natural. Usually, the natural materials used in this design are wood and rattan. The colors and textures of the wood and rattan are left looking natural without being polished. Therefore, the shade or atmosphere of the room is often warm.

Bohemian also uses fabrics made from plant or animal fibers. One example is the use of a sheepskin rug to decorate the floor or sofa in the living room or the bed in the bedroom.

8. Fabric is The Most Dominant Material

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The warmth in the Bohemian bedroom is not only from natural lighting and also the use of wood or rattan but also from the use of the dominant fabric material.

We can see in one of the rooms, namely the living room where this room is decorated with a full cloth sofa, then there are also cushions and throw pillows as decorations. After that, there is also a Turkey-designed rug to decorate the floor in the room. Sometimes, the wall area is also given a decoration made of cloth with a very distinctive Boho motif.

9. Vintage Furniture Design for a Warm Atmosphere

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Another warmth that you can feel from the Boho style is the use of vintage-style furniture. Besides warmth, vintage-style furniture also softens the appearance of a Boho-style room. The vintage style furniture usually has curved lines that cover the stiff lines that may be present in the room. So, when you are in a Bohemian-style room, you will not only get warmth and freshness but also the refinement of vintage furniture.

10. Low-Profile Furniture for Lounging

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The last of the characteristics of Bohemian design is the use of low-profile furniture for lounging. Bohemian design is indeed very designed to look as relaxed as possible. Therefore low-profile furniture was chosen.

Low-profile furniture also affects the atmosphere and appearance of the room. With low-profile furniture, the walls seem taller and make the room feel wider. With this, the room becomes more comfortable.

Final Words

Bohemian, which is full of colors, is the target of people who want to bring a cloudless atmosphere to the interior of their home. However, some of them do not understand more about what Bohemian design is. And through this article, we have summarized the history of Bohemian design and also the characteristics of this design. So, by knowing the advantages and characteristics of this design, you will be more interested in applying this design as an interior design for your house.

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