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19 Hoya Varieties: Attractive Houseplant to Refresh Your Living Room Decorating the living room with indoor plants is a powerful way to beautify and make it feel comfortable. Indoor plants provide freshness and also a more soothing natural feel.

Hoya is one type of indoor plant that you can choose to fill the living room of room. Make this plant look stand out by placing it on the table.

Hoya is like an indoor plant. However, some Hoya plants can live outdoors too. This is a tropical plant that tolerates a warm environment. Thus, most Hoya plants are water-resistant.

And, here are 19 Hoya Varieties that you can choose for your living room. So, let’s check it out!

1. Hoya lacunosa

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The green leaves are attractive to decorate a room. It makes your room looks fresh and shady. This is Hoya Lacunosa. It is also known as Cinnamon Hoya or Hoya Lacunosa Breakdown. This plant loves bright direct light. Also, it will grow healthy in well-draining soil. Moreover, make sure that the soil is aerated. It will provide high humidity for this plant.

Furthermore, Hoya Lacunosa can live in a warm place. Thus, you can put this plant near the window. It will grow more leaves if you water it frequently. Hoya lacunosa is interesting to put in a living room. Their glossy leaves are stunning to decorate the interior. Also, the silver and dark green patterns can elevate the natural impression. Thus, take this plant into your list.

2. Hoya Kerrii

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Many varieties of Hoya plants are stunning. It has different colors and appearances. Here, we have a picture of Hoya Kerrie. It is a beautiful Hoya variety with yellow shades. This plant will grow in a light room, even though it still lives in a shady place. Hoya Kerrie will die slowly if you put it in a very dark place. It is a tropical plant. So, this plant needs more sunlight.

Sunlight is an important element for the Hoya plant. The sunny place is a good position in your home or office to grow Hoya Kerrie. It will grow heart-shaped leaves if it gets enough nutrients. Besides, it loves moist soil. it requires regular watering to keep humidity in the soil. You can check the humidity by pushing your finger into the soil.  Then, water this plant till you see the water dip through the bottom pot. You can water it more if the soil is too dry.

3. Hoya Thomsonii

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Most Hoya plants have fleshy leaves. It consists of a thin fleshy leaf with a stiff touch. Let’s see this Hoya thomsonii. It has fleshy leaves. The beautiful leaves are attractive to bring this plant indoors. Their leaves are dark green. Also, it has frosty textures on the surface. This plant is interesting to grow as a houseplant. Even, you can grow this plant in a living room.

Hoya thomsonii is easy to care for. It can grow by the seed and cutting stems. Hoya Thomsonii can grow longer. Their stem can grow up to 2 meters. This plant will grow healthy under medium sunlight. As a tropical plant, it requires more humidity than most Hoya. Besides, you can fertilize this plant during active growth. In addition, don’t forget to prepare well-draining soil for this plant.

4. Hoya Pubicalyx

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An ornamental plant can transform an interior. Some room designers use the plant as decoration. Here, we have an example of a beautiful indoor plant. It is Hoya Pubicalyx. This greenery plant is easy t grow. It needs more sunlight rather than other Hoya plants. It needs the right soil mix to grow its roots. Besides, they could not stand in water, then the well-draining soil is an important element.

Moreover, you need to prepare the right pot and check the drainage holes. Thus, it will not hold lots of water that may kill the plant. Let the soil dry completely between the watering. Then, you can fertilize this plant during the growing season. It will stimulate the soil’s nutrients. For example, add a high organic matter filled with essential nutrients.

5. Hoya Australis

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Some ornamental plants can grow like a vining plant. It is attractive to grow them as indoor plants. Let’s see this Hoya Australis. It is the Hoya variety with round leaves. There are two varieties of Hoya Australis. Hoya Australis with green leaves and yellow-green leaves. Here, we have an example of Hoya Australis with yellow-green leaves. Hoya Australis is interesting to grow like a vining plant. You can tie the stem on an attractive trellis.

Moreover, Hoya Australis is a low-maintenance plant. It needs bright indirect sunlight. Hoya Australis loves a well-draining potting mix. It helps this plant to manage the water in its pot. Thus, you must check the soil humidity during the hot climate. It will need more water in a drought temperature. Hoya Australis is better to live under the medium temperature around 18-26°C.

6. Hoya Obovata

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Every Hoya plant has interesting foliages. Thus, it makes them a perfect plant to grow indoors. Also, it is the right choice to get a natural impression. This is Hoya Obovata. It looks like the Hoya Australis. You may see their similarity from their round leaves. Besides, Hoya Obovata has white shades on their leaves. Some people know it as Wax Plant.

Hoya Obovata can grow up to 20 feet. This tropical plant loves full sunlight but can tolerate bright indirect light. Hoya Obovata prefers rich soil and well-draining materials. Thus, it is not difficult to grow this plant indoors. Hoya Obovata will bloom the beautiful flower. There are some colors of the Hoya Obovata flower, such as light pink and white.

7. Hoya Retusa

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The unique houseplant is attractive. It makes the room decoration looks more interesting. For example, Hoya Retusa is stunning to grow as an indoor plant. It has thin leaves with a small shape. It looks like grass leaves. This plant loves bright indirect sunlight. Thus, you can hang them in a pot or put them on your window sill. Moreover, this plant needs more water during the hot day. You need to check the topsoil before watering this plant. If the soil is dry, then pour adequate water for Hoya Retusa.

Besides, Hoya Retusa is comfortable living in well-draining soil. Thus, you need to combine potting mix with perlite or other materials. This Hoya Retusa needs balanced fertilizer. If you care for this plant in the right way, it will bloom beautiful flowers. Hoya Retusa has white and reddish flowers. This plant needs regular pruning when it grows massively. You can prune this plant with minimal trim with secateurs. Also, you can repot this plant every 2 years.

8. Hoya Bella

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Tropical is an interesting plant that can grow everywhere. It can grow indoors and outdoors. Let’s take a look at this tropical plant. This is Hoya Bella. It is also known as a miniature wax plant or porcelain flower. This Hoya variety has waxy leaves with star-shaped flowers. It will bloom flowers when the environment is healthy. Hoya Bella can grow up to 3 feet tall. Like other Hoya varieties, this plant needs adequate water.

Hoya Bella loves the full sun. So, it is better to grow this plant near the sunlight. Maybe the window sill is the potential place to thrive this plant indoors. Besides, Hoya Bella tolerates partial shade. It requires a humid place. Maybe the temperature around 22-24°C will thrive them well. Moreover, you need to use well-draining soil. It can hold the humidity inside the soil. Also, you can arrange some pebbles on the topsoil as the protector. In addition, this plant has an issue with mealybugs, spider mites, and fungus gnats.

9. Hoya Curtisii

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Some Hoya plants have a similar shape. Besides, it makes them look more beautiful. You may see some varieties are green with a certain shade like the Hoya Australis. Here, let’s see the Hoya Curtisii variety. It is a unique Hoya plant with heart-shaped leaves and sharp edges. Hoya curtisii is an interesting plant. Also, it is easy to care for Hoya Curtisii indoors. You can prepare the well-draining potting mix. Then, add perlite to keep the minerals in the soil.

Hoya Curtisii needs regular watering. This plant loves the humid environment. The best temperature to grow this plant is around 18°-24°C. It will grow more leaves when it is put under bright indirect light. In addition, this plant is fertilizer-resistant. You can fertilize Hoya Curtisii once during the growing season like the Summer and Spring seasons. For the best nutrients, use a balanced liquid fertilizer.

10. Hoya Wayetii

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well-draining soil is essential for the Hoya wayetii. an epiphyte species. A soil mix that allows the water to flow unrestricted ensures your Wayetii will not retain wet roots, which these plants detest.

Often trained to trail as a hanging basket piece. stay up high and devour as much of the natural light as it can. a higher light exposure than other Hoya types and around 70% to 90% of sunlight per day.

However, I cannot stress enough that direct sunlight is a no-go for the Hoya wayetii. So, you may want to refrain from hanging it right next to the window!

11. Hoya Caudata

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An ornamental plant can elevate a jungle-like impression in your room. This plant has deep green leaves and a bush appearance. Take a look at this Hoya Wayetii. It is a variety of Hoya plants with dark green leaves. This plant is interesting to grow indoors. You can make a jungle-like accent in your room. Moreover, Hoya Wayetii is easy to grow, especially in a sunny place.

Hoya Wayetii is also known as Hoya Caudata. It loves moist soil. This plant will grow perfectly in well-draining soil. Thus, you need to plant them in a pot with good drainage. A simple recipe to get a perfect medium is not difficult. You need to prepare the soil mixture with 1/3 perlite, 1/3 orchid mix, and 1/3 peat. Then, you can add charcoal to make their roots grow healthily. This plant is sensitive to water. Thus, make sure that it does not stay in soggy water.

12. Hoya Macrophylla

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A long-lived houseplant is an amazing thing. This plant is hard to kill but easy to care for. This is Hoya Macrophylla. It is a type of succulent. Hoya Macrophylla loves bright indirect sunlight. It will grow healthily in well-draining soil. Thus, some gardeners need to water them at the right time. When the temperature is low, it needs less water. Otherwise, it needs more water during the hot day.

Hoya Macrophylla has sturdy green leaves. It has yellow fading borders on its leaves. You can see their tendrils sticking out. Hoya Macrophylla is a flowering succulent. It will bloom beautiful flowers when it gets enough nutrients. The flowers have round small shapes, like tiny stars. Moreover, the flowers are beautiful in pink shades.

13. Hoya Shepherdii

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An indoor plant in a living room can refresh the atmosphere. The green is soothing the impression in your room. Also, it creates a shady nuance in your living room. Let’s see this Hoya Shepherdii. It is also known as Hoya Longifolia. This is the type of epiphytic and terrestrial Plants. This plant loves bright indirect sunlight. If you grow this plant in the right environment, it will grow over 1 to 2 meters indoors.

This plant needs well-draining soil to grow its roots. Also, it needs adequate humidity.  Thus this plant can tolerate the cool temperature around 50-70ºF. It can live in cool hardiness but not cold hardiness. The best position to grow Hoya Shepherdii indoors is near the window. Maybe the window sill is the best place. Besides, you can hang this plant to reach more sunlight in the morning. Thus, if you have an east-facing window, you can hang this plant in that place.

14. Hoya Memoria

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The vining plant is interesting. It has long stems that can decorate any room. Maybe you can pick the Hoya Memoria as your indoor plant in the living room. It is an attractive indoor plant with green shades. Hoya Memoria is easy to propagate. You can grow new Hoya Memoria by the seeds and cut stem. This plant can group to 2 meters indoors. Thus, it will need more sunlight to grow massively. The best exposure to sunlight is during a warm morning. Then, this plant will get enough nutrients to produce new leaves.

Besides, you can grow this plant to add a natural accent to your living room. It will be happy if you grow this plant in high humidity, but it tolerates low humidity. Moreover, growing this plant in a hanging pot is a nice idea. It makes your Hoya Memoria more beautiful. Also, you can use this plant to elevate a natural atmosphere. Make sure that you care for this Hoya Memoria perfectly. The maintenance determines the Hoya Memoria to grow healthy.

15. Hoya Rotundiflora

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It is a common type of Hoya plant that grows indoors. Hoya Rotundiflora is a green succulent with vining stems. This plant has fleshy oval leaves. The leaves are small and narrow. It makes them a perfect indoor plant. Hoya Rotundiflora can grow from the seeds or the cutting stem. Hoya Rotundiflora is an easy-growing plant. It loves a warm place and humid soil. Thus, you can fulfill those requirements to get a healthy Hoya Rotundiflora.

In addition, this plant loves medium to bright indirect sunlight. Like other Hoya plants, Hoya Rotundiflora loves well-draining soil and rich soil. Thus, you can put some pebbles on the topsoil to keep the humidity in the soil. It needs more water during the summer and spring seasons. You need to let the soil dry thoroughly between the watering. Moreover, you can fertilize this plant during active growth. It will stimulate the young roots to grow healthy.

16. Hoya Krohniana

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Hoya Krohniana is an indoor plant with beautiful leaves. This plant can grow like a bush. This Hoya Krohniana is a vining plant. It is a nice idea to grow Hoya Krohniana in a hanging pot or put them in a high place. Hoya Krohniana is easy to care for, you can grow this plant with minimal treatment. Their silvery green leaves are similar to other varieties. Besides, this type has different shapes of their leaves.

Let’s see some requirements of Hoya Krohniana to grow indoors. This plant needs bright indirect sunlight. Besides, you need to check the soil during the hot day. When the soil is dry, then pour some water on this plant. Hoya Krohniana will grow more vining stems if you give enough nutrients to their roots. Thus, fertilize this plant once a month during the Spring and Summer season. Besides, you can aerate the soil by adding perlite and orchid bark.

17. Hoya Fitchii

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Some green plants have a unique pattern on their leaves. You may ever see a beautiful pattern on Peperomia leaves. Here, we have another green plant with natural patterns. It is Hoya Fitchii. This plant has deep green leaves with white arteries. Hoya Fitchii is a tropical plant. It is drought tolerant, but could not live in hot temperatures. Hoya Fitchii will grow healthily under bright indirect sunlight. They will need more water when the soil is completely dry.

Hoya Fitchii is an amazing plant. It needs regular fertilizing to grow beautiful leaves. You can fertilize this plant every 3-4 weeks in the Spring and Summer season. The combination of soil mix is important to grow this plant. Hoya Fitchii loves to grow like an orchid. Thus, you can add a mix of orchid bark, perlite, and cactus compost. Also, it grows well under medium humidity around 60-95°F. In addition, this plant has an issue with overwatering. Thus, make sure the soil is completely dry between the watering.

18. Hoya Linearis

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Hoya plant has many interesting types. Some types are unique and have a strange look. This is Hoya Linearis. It has tiny and narrow leaves. This tropical plant can grow up to 2 meters when it grows indoors. Hoya Linearis is an outdoor plant because it can grow even longer than 2 meters. This plant loves to grow under bright indirect sunlight. Besides, the full sun can burn their leaves, so do not put this plant under direct sunlight.

Hoya Linearis requires adequate water during the growing season. Allowing the top of the soil to dry out between watering. In addition, it needs moderate to high humidity, but it can tolerate temperatures between 15-29°C. You can grow this plant indoors if you want to create a green accent. First, prepare the right soil, which consists of organic potting mix, cacti soil, orchid bark, and perlite. Then, fertilize this plant during the growing season. Thus elements are important to grow Hoya Linearis indoors.

19. Hoya Compacta

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This is an average plant, but it is easy to care for. Let’s see this Hoya Compacta. This variety has deep green leaves with purple shades. Hoya Compacta needs well-aerated soil. It will let their roots grow healthily. Make sure that you use a pot with good drainage. Besides, you need to manage the exposure to sunlight for this plant. It tolerates low lights but prefers bright indirect sunlight. Hoya Compacta will grow well at a temperature of 21 Celcius.

Besides, this plant requires higher humidity than the average houseplant. It needs 40-60 percent of humidity. Thus, you can keep the soil moist by watering this plant during the growth phase. When it grows lots of stems, you can propagate the stems and grow a new Hoya Compacta. After this plant grows well, you can fertilize it monthly with a diluted water-soluble fertilizer. Make sure you feed this plant only in Spring and Summer seasons.

Final Words

Hoya Compacta is the last variety of Hoya plants in our discussion. Hoya is an interesting green plant. Some gardeners grow this plant indoors with minimal treatment. Thus, the Hoya plant is an ornamental plant for beginners. You can keep this plant healthy with enough water, sunlight, and fertilizer. Some Hoya plants may need propagation, then you can grow more Hoya plants in another pot. Hopefully, our discussion is useful for you to grow Hoya plants indoors. Happy gardening!

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