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12 Tips Make Your Small Kitchen Fresh and Wider – Decorating a small kitchen is more challenging. The number of items in the kitchen can make you overwhelmed in decorating it. Meanwhile, comfort and beauty are important points that must be considered.

In making the kitchen feel comfortable, the kitchen must be neat and clean. However, that’s not all. The kitchen also needs to be made fresh and wider. That way, the small kitchen will become your favorite area at home.

In this article, we have provided 11 Tips to Make Your Small Kitchen Fresh and Wider you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

1. Lighten Up Your Kitchen with Natural Lighting

The first of 11 Tips to Make Your Small Kitchen Fresh and Wider is to lighten up your kitchen with natural lighting. Lighting is indeed an important factor that affects the atmosphere and also the appearance of the room. Therefore, if you want to make your kitchen feel cozy, you can make natural lighting the main kitchen lighting.

Here, you can install large windows in the kitchen. If your kitchen faces a garden or backyard, you can replace the wooden door with a glass door. And, if you want to maximize natural lighting in the kitchen, you can install skylight windows. Natural lighting from above is much better at illuminating a room.

natural lighting
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So that natural light can enter freely into the kitchen, make sure there are no items blocking the entry of light into the room, such as curtains. However, if you want to maintain your privacy in the kitchen, you can use net curtains.

2. Make White as The Main Item

After lighting, there is also color selection. This is also an important step that can affect the atmosphere and appearance of the room. For that, make sure you choose the main color of the kitchen carefully.

White is the most commonly used color for interiors. It is also an alternative color to make the room bright naturally. Natural light hitting a white surface will make it look bright and bounce back into the room. This is what makes a room with white shades appear naturally bright but not dazzling. White as the main color can also disguise the dark lines in the room and make the room feel more spacious.

white kitchen
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In making white dominant in the kitchen, you can make it more dominant. Start from the wall. You can paint the kitchen wall with white paint. Then move on the ceiling, floor, and also the furniture in the kitchen.

3. Using Neutral Colors

White is the best color to be used as the main color of the room. However, that does not mean you can only use white.

In making the room look attractive and comfortable, at least you use two colors in the room. And, the most appropriate colors to make a kitchen feel fresh and feel wider are neutral colors.

Here are some colors that you can apply to the kitchen in your home:

  • Beige

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This one color is suitable for interiors that are bright but look soft. The combination of white and beige will create a warm and serene ambiance. Since beige is a bright color, you can make it your main color and white as a decoration.

  • Gray

gray kitchen
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The second color is gray. This one color also looks interesting to combine with white. The result given from the combination of white and gray is cold. However, you can make it neutral by illuminating the kitchen with natural lighting.

  • Brown

brown kitchen
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The brown color is suitable for filling a white kitchen. A touch of brown in the kitchen can bring thick natural nuances and make the atmosphere feel calm and full of warmth.

  • Black

black kitchen
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This one color is the best for white. The combination of two colors from black and white, or it can be called the monochrome concept, will give an interesting effect for the display. The black color gives a firm yet calming impression and makes the room feel fresher.

4. Add Plants as Decorations

Nothing is more refreshing than plants. And, to make the kitchen a fresh room, of course, you have to decorate the kitchen with plants. Choose plants with small sizes for you to place in several spots. This will really help to make freshness present in the kitchen properly.

best fresh kitchen tips
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The small plants can be placed on the countertop or floating shelves. Or, you can also hang it on the ceiling (hanging plants). This one method is the best for making the kitchen feel fresh without making it cramped.

5. Apply the Minimalist Concept

The many items in the kitchen that are visible to the eye will make it feel cramped. In fact, the kitchen seems messy and uncomfortable. Therefore, make sure you put things in the cupboard. Or, you can also apply a minimalist concept to your kitchen interior.

minimalist kitchen
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The minimalist design displays only the items that are needed. That way, the appearance will be neater and cleaner. And, usually, a kitchen with a minimalist design has more storage space to put all the stuff in it.

The lack of items in the kitchen makes more space for movement. And of course this will make the kitchen more comfortable. Besides that, the few items also make fewer shadows and the kitchen feels fresher.

6. Purge of Clutter

As previously explained, the kitchen is a room that has a lot of items, starting from plates, glass, kitchen utensils, and so on. And, placing these items carelessly will only make the kitchen seem messy and uncomfortable. Therefore, you need to make a kitchen free of clutter.

fresh kitchen tips
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You can store all these items in a drawer or kitchen cabinet. However, if you want to give something interesting to the kitchen look, you can install floating shelves and place jars, mugs, plates or so on with an interesting design.

7. Lay Down A Kitchen Rug

Actually, there are many tips and tricks that you can choose to make the room feel wider. And, one of them is the use of rugs. This is also an easy tip that you can follow and apply to rooms in your home, including the kitchen.

Use a neutral colored kitchen rug. You can also utilize this rug to give a little full for the look of the kitchen so that the room will avoid feeling stiff and boring. Here, you only need to use rugs with simple motifs and bright colors.

kitchen rug
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If in another room you have to adjust the size of the rug to the size of the rug, this does not apply to the kitchen. Here, you can just use a rug with a small or medium size. However, avoid using a rug with a large size. This one rug is not suitable for filling the kitchen.

8. Make Sure The Air Circulation Well

If you want to make a room feel fresh, then make sure the air circulation in the room is running well. Air circulation is an important factor that will affect the comfort of the room. Dirty air in the room will be replaced with new. And, this is what makes the room feel comfortable.

fan ceiling
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For those of you who want to make your kitchen feel fresh, try opening the window in the morning. The morning air is much fresher and cleaner to replace the dirty air in the kitchen.

To keep air circulation going well, you can also install a ceiling fan. This item is also very useful in summer. With low wattage, you can use the ceiling fan for a longer period of time.

9. Throw Out The Garbage Regularly

In making the kitchen feel fresh, you also need to make sure that the kitchen smells good. So with this, pay attention to every garbage in the kitchen every day. Rotting food will make the kitchen smell bad. Therefore, you need to throw out the garbage regularly.

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In the trash, usually there will be very smelly waste liquid. And of course, do not let the liquid dry there because it will only make it smelly. Here, you need to wash the trash can with soap until it is clean of dirt.

10. Wash Your Dish Immediately

wider kitchen
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Dirty plates and glasses in the sink really interfere with the appearance and comfort of the room. So, for those of you who want to make your kitchen feel fresh, make sure you wash your dishes immediately after use. Place the clean dish in the drawer. Or, you can put them on a shelf to dry and then put them in a drawer. This method can also keep the kitchen clean.

11. Add Aromatherapy Candles

Unpleasant odors have an uncomfortable effect on the room. However, fragrances can make a room feel fresh and comfortable.

In the kitchen, usually there is food or fruit in the basket. And, if you spray it with an air freshener, the small particles from there might hit the food. Therefore, the most appropriate way to make the kitchen fresh and smell good is to use aromatherapy candles.

aromatherapy candles

For a kitchen, you can use two to three aromatherapy candles. You can put it on the counter top. Or, you can also make it as a decoration by placing it on the floating wall shelves.

12. Add Natural Materials into The Kitchen

The last of 11 Tips for Making Your Small Kitchen Fresh and Wider is to add natural materials to the kitchen. The material used in the room is also one of the factors that affect the appearance and atmosphere.

natural materials
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The use of natural materials in the kitchen will bring natural nuances that make the kitchen feel fresher. You can also make a warm nuanced kitchen by using wood materials for kitchen cabinets, flooring, or walls. Or, you can also use natural stone for the kitchen wall. However, if you want to bring a natural red to the kitchen, you can try exposed brick walls.

Final Words

The kitchen is the main area in the house. As a room that has many items, it is easy for the kitchen to look messy and feel uncomfortable. Therefore, the kitchen is a room that you need to pay close attention to. One way to make this room feel comfortable is to make it feel fresh and feel more spacious. And, the points above are 12 Tips to Make Your Small Kitchen Fresh and Wider you can follow.

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