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18 Indoor Garden Ideas: Create An Oasis to Refresh Your Living Room – An indoor garden can refresh the interior design. It brings a different nuance to the room. Also, the indoor garden can be your green accent. This natural accent is stunning. Thus, you can create an indoor garden by planting some houseplants. In this article, we have provided 18 Indoor Garden Ideas for those of you who want to Create An Oasis to Refresh Your Living Room. So, let’s check it out!

1. An easy way to create a green interior

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The indoor garden is easy to design. You can use a wall shelf to load the plants. First, determine the wall shelf size and the location of your indoor garden. Here, make use of the blank wall as the indoor garden. Then, install a wall shelf and the hanging rope.

After that, determine the types of plants to put on the wall shelf. It looks interesting to grow the evergreen plants. This natural color will emerge a jungle-like impression in your living room. Also, grow the vining plants that bring stunning hanging accents.

2. Indoor garden in a greenhouse

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The greenhouse is a special room to grow plants. Then, make use of this room to create a living room. The greenhouse with plants is stunning to enliven the natural impression of your house. Also, this living room will be semi-outdoor. Moreover, this room provides warm sunlight.

Besides, this greenhouse is a perfect place to grow many green plants. These plants can grow in the outdoor environment. In addition, you can adjust the living room with natural elements, such as brick flooring. Moreover, there are string lights on the ceiling. Thus, this room will bring a warm nuance during the night.

3. Beautiful garden to inspire your green thumb

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The living room is more stunning to get the green accents. Thus, you can start by growing houseplants. Here, this pathway has an interesting plant on both sides. The green plants are decorated along the way. These plants will change the interior nuance.

Besides, this pathway has a wooden path. The natural flooring will complete the houseplants. Moreover, this pathway has various indoor plants. There are Calathea plants and evergreen plants.

4. Planting palm trees in a large house

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The indoor plants can enliven the natural nuance. Also, some indoor plants are the best choice for this purpose. Maybe you can grow some palm trees in your living room. This plant is perfect for a large living room because it can grow taller.

Moreover, this living room has some palm trees on every corner. Besides, there are other plants. You will find the smaller plants around the sitting area. These plants create an interesting landscape inside the room. You can adapt this idea to get a fully-designed living room with houseplants.

5. Add various Calathea plants

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Many types of indoor plants. You can grow some of these plants to create an indoor garden. Calathea plant is one of the best plants to grow. This indoor plant has various types. Thus, you can grow some of Calathea varieties to create a beautiful garden.

Besides, you can grow other plants to complete the indoor garden. It looks more interesting to provide a place for your indoor garden. Then, add the white sand to sweeten the garden. It will be a nice indoor decor.

6. Living room with the exotic plants

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There are indoor plants that provide an exotic impression. Maybe you can grow tropical plants. Many tropical plants bring an exotic nuance into your living room. It is even stunning to be your indoor garden plant. There are Birds of Paradise, palm trees, and snake plants.

Then, choose interesting plants to create an indoor garden. Moreover, adjust the interior design with some garden areas. Maybe you can distinguish the plant’s type through the indoor garden. Then, ensure that the living room has a nice design. Here, you can use the white theme to bring an airy nuance.

7. Hanging plants in a warm room interior

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There are various planters to use indoors. You can pick attractive planters to decorate your living room. This is a hanging planter that brings a different impression. Then, grow a bush plant for every hanging planter. Also, grow more plants and use more hanging planters to create an indoor garden.

The hanging indoor garden is a creative idea. It will bring a unique design to your living room. Then, decorate your living room with a natural theme. For example, the white curtain and brown carpet are interesting to match hanging planters. Moreover, install some warm lights to bring a dramatic interior design.

8. Small sunroof for a woody tree

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Many ideas for indoor gardens that you can adopt in your house. Maybe you will love this idea with a small sunroof. This living room has a small indoor garden. It grows a woody tree under the sunroof. Thus, this indoor garden will provide an ideal environment.

Furthermore, this garden is simple. Even, you don’t need to grow many plants around the tree. You can cover the soil with pebbles. It is a practical idea to keep humidity in the soil. This indoor garden will complete the natural living room.

9. Indoor garden under the stairs

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Many spots in a house create an attractive design. Here, you can adopt the idea of an indoor garden under the stairs. There are green plants in the soil area. This evergreen accent will cover all the soil with its natural color. Also, you can use these plants to decorate the stairs.

Besides, there are evergreen plants on the ceiling too. These vining plants are hanging on the wall. It will complete the indoor garden. Moreover, the vining plants will create a shady impression on the stairs.

10. Collecting various indoor plants to create an oasis

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Creating an indoor garden is challenging. You need more green plants in the same room. A bunch of green plants will bring a jungle-like nuance. Thus, you can grow various indoor plants in your living room. Maybe you can write some plants on your notes. Also, determine the important spot to put some plants.

For example, there are ferns, vining plants, decorative grasses, and flowers. It will bring a fresh impression into your living room. This indoor garden is catchy to match natural furniture. There are velvet green sofas. Also, other brown accents are interesting as well.

11. Modern house with a small garden

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The houseplant will fit any room design. Even, the modern interior design will be more interesting to get some plants. You can start to design an indoor garden in your living room. It offers a small area for the green accents. Thus, you can grow any plant in your living room.

Furthermore, this indoor garden has various plants. There are palm trees, Calathea plants, indoor grass, and other green plants. Besides, this indoor garden has a natural design with some pebbles. It covers the garden to keep moisture in the soil. Moreover, you can install some lights to brighten the indoor garden.

12. Create an oasis near the wall

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An indoor garden will bring an oasis into the room. It is a special place to load interesting plants. Thus, you can design a small area as an indoor garden. Maybe you can put it near the wall. This is a potential spot to get attention to the room.

Therefore, this indoor garden should get a nice arrangement of plants. There are Dracaena plants, snake plants, and some bush plants. Meanwhile, the blank spaces are functional to load some pebbles. You can use the pebbles to hold humidity inside the soil.

13. The indoor garden around the stairs

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The stair is a catchy spot to get decorations. It even looks stunning with an indoor garden. The garden is located under the stairs. Also, there are other plants in a different areas. Then, you can differentiate the plant types on these plants.

14. Small ground area to grow a tree

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An indoor garden is not about a big planter. Even, you can create an indoor garden with a small ground area. It is an efficient way to grow a plant. Look at this idea. There is a small area to grow a woody tree.

This idea will simplify the interior design. Therefore, this small garden can be your choice for a narrow room. In addition, you can grow another plant in the soil near the tree. It looks more stunning to fill the spaces with bush plants. Here, the Calathea plant is an attractive accent on this planter.

15. Green indoor garden to refresh the interior

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The indoor garden is versatile. You can decorate it near the stairs in your living room area. There is an area to grow some green plants. Also, these plants are various. You can arrange the plants by height.

Furthermore, the bush plants are interesting to fill the garden line. Then, try to create an interesting landscape by growing different plants. This indoor garden is simple to grow houseplants. Thus, you do not need to use many pots to grow plants in the living room.

16. Indoor garden for an eclectic living room

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The eccentric interior design will transform the ordinary room to be more attractive. Also, you can create an indoor plant in this room. For example, this Eclectic living room has various eccentric furniture. You will find a floral sofa and a bamboo chair.

Besides, this Eclectic living room has a fresh indoor garden. This green area will change the nuance in your living room. There are various plants on every side, such as Monstera plants, orchids, ferns, sprouts, and other plants. Therefore, you can put these plants in the right spots that will not block the traffic way.

17. Evergreen plants for your indoor garden

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The stair is a popular idea to build an indoor garden. This spot is eye-catching. Thus, you can create an indoor garden under the stairs and surroundings. First, start designing the garden area. You can take this idea to inspire you.

Then, grow the evergreen plants. Choose indoor plants that tolerate any environment. For example, there are palm trees and the Dracaena plant. These plants provide green decor naturally. In addition, install some garden spotlights on the ground. Then, use this light to create a dramatic impression.

18. A semi-outdoor garden for your house

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The indoor garden will define a new atmosphere. It is a fresh-nuance design. You can get a simple indoor garden by designing a semi-outdoor room. Here, the room has an open roof. Then, it provides natural sunlight to the plants.

This indoor garden has an eye-catching tree. This woody tree will grow taller in this warm place. Meanwhile, the other plants around it are stunning too. It will fill the spaces in the garden. This indoor garden has a neat design with a clean line. Thus, it won’t declutter the living room design.

Final Words

The indoor garden is an additional area. It will bring a fresh atmosphere to the living room. Many ideas for an indoor garden will fit your living room. Then, choose the most suitable idea for the living room. Also, many plant species grow there. Hopefully, the ideas in this article will inspire you to build an indoor garden. Maybe you get the best indoor garden design. Happy decorating!

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