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31 Pretty Pink Kitchen Ideas: Effective Ways Bringing Feminine Look at Home – Pink kitchen ideas may be something that you rarely encounter. This is because pink is one of the colors that is often avoided because considered to make the room look quirky and too girly. In fact, if the application is proper, pink can give a more attractive effect to the room.

There are many shades of pink that you can use in the kitchen. One of them is soft pink. This color is perfect for those of you who prefer a soft and calm look.

So, if you want to bring a feminine look at home, you can try applying pink to your kitchen area. To help you have a comfortable and beautiful pink kitchen, here we have provided 31 Pretty Pink Kitchen Ideas: Effective Ways Bringing Feminine Look at Home. So, let’s check it out!

1. Pretty Simple Japanese Pink Kitchen

japanese Pink Kitchen Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Japanese design that is full of serenity can make the kitchen a comfortable room in the house. Here, you can add serenity by applying a soft pink color to the island table. Also decorate this table with simple pink flowers. This one plant not only gives beauty to the visuals of the kitchen but also makes the kitchen feel fresh and more alive.

2. Beautiful Soft Pink Backsplash and Bar Chairs

pink backsplash
Cc: Pinterest

Having a pink kitchen does not always have to make the color pink dominant. You can also make pink as a sweet touch in the kitchen. Like in this idea, which uses pink tiles for the kitchen backsplash and also the bar chairs. A touch of gold on the bar chairs makes the pink color in the kitchen more elegant.

3. Small Pink Dining-Kitchen That Looks Clean

small Pink Kitchen Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

It is very appropriate to apply the open-plan concept to a minimalist house. The loss of walls will go a long way in making the house feel more spacious. That way, the house will feel more comfortable.

Dining-Kitchen is one of the open-plan concepts that you can apply. Because there is no separation between these two rooms, then you have to make it look harmonious.

Applying pink to the kitchen area is the same as applying pink to the dining area. For example, applying pink on the backsplash and also on one of the dining chairs.

4. Luxurious Pink Kitchen

luxurious Pink Kitchen Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

This kitchen looks luxurious with shades of brown and white. However, the beauty of the kitchen is obtained from the soft pink color that is present there. The soft pink color also manages to give a more calm and sweet impression to the kitchen.

What’s interesting about this idea is the two-kitchen pendant light wrapped in pink goose feathers. The presence of a little black there makes it more attractive.

5. Pink Kitchen with Fresh and Soft Look

fresh kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Pastel pink with a soft light shade is perfect for decorating kitchen cabinets and kitchen bar tables. This one color appears more stand out and clear thanks to white which is the main color. Natural light as lighting is very helpful in making the pink color look alive in the kitchen.

You can add a little refreshing decoration to make the kitchen feel more comfortable. Put some small plants on the floating wall shelves and also on the bar table.

6. Minimal Pink Kitchen Design

minimal Pink Kitchen Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Pink cabinets with soft surfaces make the kitchen look more minimalist. The kitchen is also deliberately kept simple and not decorated with interesting decorations. So that the appearance of the kitchen will be cleaner and the atmosphere becomes calm.

Although simple, the pink marble for the countertop and backsplash managed to grab attention. This pink marble gives an attractive and expensive glossy effect to the kitchen.

7. Awesome Pink Marble

pink marble
Cc: Pinterest

Pink marble for walls, backsplashes, and countertops is perfect for filling a minimalist kitchen. Beautiful abstract motifs and glossy effects when exposed to light will make the kitchen look more alive and beautiful. Make marble the main attractive spot in the kitchen by installing an LED light in the backsplash area and wall lamps on the wall. Choose warm light to create a warm and calm feel.

8. Elegant Look with Calm Atmosphere

elegant Pink Kitchen Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

This simple kitchen looks pretty with a combination of soft pink and gray colors. Deliberately made minimalist to make the kitchen look cleaner. That way, the kitchen atmosphere will feel calmer and more comfortable.

The white marble material with a gray motif is a decoration that makes this simple kitchen look pretty. This kitchen is also decorated with gold pendant light and LED light which gives an elegant effect to the visual.

9. Elegant, Bright, and Fresh at Once

bright kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

The white color as the main color makes the calm pink color stand out in the kitchen. Although it is not the dominant color, by applying it to large areas such as kitchen cabinets and curtains, the pink color manages to present itself well.

Decorate the kitchen with marble on the table island area, backsplash, and floor. Marble will give an elegant impression. Also, give decorations in the form of small indoor plants to bring a natural green color that can make the kitchen feel fresh.

Instead of lighting with warm/yellow lighting, it would be better to light up the kitchen with white lighting. When the lights are turned on, the white color in the room (be it marble or walls) will light up more and the kitchen looks brighter.

10. Look Calm and Feminine with Pink and Gray

gray and Pink Kitchen Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The calm look of the kitchen is obtained from the combination of gray and soft pink. There is also a white color to neutralize the appearance of the room. With this, the gray and pink colors will look more real.

No need to decorate the kitchen with elaborate displays. Just decorate it with a plant on the kitchen island. Even though they are small, the presence of plants can cover the impression of being boring and make the kitchen feel fresh.

11. Black and Pink Kitchen Design

black and pink kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

For you Blinks, it never hurts to bring black and pink nuances to your house. The combination of soft pink and black will give a more attractive effect to the room. Pink gives a soft and calm impression while black makes the kitchen more assertive but calm. With natural lighting, these two colors will look unified and beautiful. Bring a little warmth to the kitchen by using wooden furniture.

12. Look Beautiful with Terrazzo

Cc: Pinterest

Kitchens with minimalist and modern concepts tend to look simple. In fact, it often feels boring. Therefore, the kitchen needs the right touch that can make the atmosphere there become cheerful.

Presenting a variety of colors is an effective way to create a cheerful atmosphere. However, this can interfere with the minimalist concept in the kitchen. So, installing terrazzo for the wall and floor area is the most appropriate way. Terrazzo will make the kitchen more attractive without losing the minimalist impression.

13. Industrial Pink Kitchen Design

industrial Pink Kitchen Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 31 Pretty Pink Kitchen Ideas is an industrial pink kitchen design. The cold atmosphere comes from metal, iron, and black materials. However, you can also feel the warm feel of the wood elements and the application of a soft pink color. Natural lighting makes the pink color in this room look more beautiful.

No need to decorate the kitchen with several displays. You simply rely on elements in industrial design such as exposed pipe and industrial pendant light design.

14. Modern Two-Tones Kitchen Cabinet

modern kitchen cabinet
Cc: Pinterest

The kitchen cabinet is the main spot in the kitchen. So, in making the kitchen look attractive, you can depend on the kitchen cabinet. Use a two-tone kitchen cabinet to present two colors at once in the kitchen. This method is very effective in making the kitchen look more beautiful without disturbing the minimalist and clean concept.

You can apply a soft pink color to some of the cabinets. And the rest, let the natural wood color give a more natural and warm impression to the kitchen. With this, the beauty and comfort of the kitchen will be more in harmony.

15. Bright and Fresh with Natural Lighting

natural lighting
Cc: Pinterest

In maximizing natural light for the room, windows are the items that are most often relied on. The bigger the window, the more light that enters the room. However, if you want to bring something more attractive to your kitchen, you can try this idea. A wall made of holes will be very interesting. In addition, air circulation in the kitchen can run well. It’s great at making the kitchen feel fresh.

16. Open-Storage Makes It Look Attractive

open storage kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Open-storage makes it look attractive is the next of 31 Pretty Pink Kitchen Ideas. The use of open-storage is more effective to show off some decorations or plates and glasses with a beautiful design. You can also put small plants there to make the pink kitchen feel fresh.

17. Minimalist Pink Kitchen with Elegant Appearance

minimalist Pink Kitchen Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The minimalist design and also the dove surface make this pink kitchen look attractive with a simple impression. Even so, natural light really helps eliminate the impression of being bored in the kitchen. The natural light that enters through the windows makes the colors in the kitchen look more alive.

The touch of gold in several spots in the kitchen makes it look a little more elegant. Sweeten the kitchen look with small white flowers placed on the countertop.

18. Look Perfect with Pink Kitchen Rug

kitchen rug
Cc: Pinterest

Look perfect with pink kitchen rug is the next of 31 Pretty Pink Kitchen Ideas. The use of a rug will make a small kitchen feel more spacious. That way, the kitchen will be more comfortable.

If you want to bring a whimsical pink color to your kitchen, this is the time. Rugs with a quirky pink color will not make the kitchen quirky. On the contrary, the kitchen will look more attractive.

19. Feel Calm and Fresh with Soft Pink

soft Pink Kitchen Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Soft pink in the kitchen cabinet makes this room look pretty, soft, and calm. With natural color as the main color, soft pink hair color works well here. Natural light coming in through the windows also helps in making the soft pink look clearer.

Small plants with different types are the most appropriate decoration for this kitchen. The presence of small plants really helps make the kitchen atmosphere feel fresh.

20. Pretty Pink Tiles Backsplash

backsplash tiles
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 31 Pretty Pink Kitchen Ideas is a pretty pink tiles backsplash. Soft pink with the lightest shade is perfect for pairing with white. These two colors will make the kitchen look bright.

Use pink tiles with interesting striped motifs. This one motif can make the minimalist kitchen far from boring. That way, you will feel more comfortable here.

21. Calm Pink Kitchen with Dark Look

dark kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Black and pink are also color combination that can give a more attractive impression to the kitchen. Soft pink and black create a calmer atmosphere. You can focus on the tranquility of the kitchen to make it feel more comfortable. Here, you just need to make it darker by bringing in a little sunlight. However, keep the white color to make the kitchen look a little bright and neutral.

22. Cute Pink Kitchen Design

cute Pink Kitchen Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 31 Pretty Pink Kitchen Ideas is a cute pink kitchen design. Several pink colors with different shades make the kitchen more beautiful. The cute displays on the floating shelves are great decorations.

The pink color is clearly visible in the room thanks to making white the main color. Not only that, glass doors, windows, and skylight windows allow maximum natural light to enter. All colors when exposed to sunlight will look more beautiful and alive.

23. Small Pink Kitchen That Looks Neutral

neutral kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

It isreally easy to neutralize the kitchen look. Here, you only need to rely on white. Make the dominant white color here, starting with wall paint, tiles, some kitchen cabinets, and refrigerators. Then, also illuminate the kitchen with natural lighting. In this way, the pink color that is present in the kitchen will look clearer and more stand out. And of course, this will make the kitchen not only appear more neutral but also beautiful.

24. Beautiful Rose Gold Kitchen

rosegold kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 31 Pretty Pink Kitchen Ideas is a beautiful rose gold kitchen. Rose gold is a very popular shade of pink. Applying this color to the kitchen can make it appear more calm, feminine, and soft.

Exposed brick wall with yellow lighting adds beauty to the kitchen. Not only that, but a warm atmosphere is also present well in this room.

Make the kitchen feel more alive by bringing some plants. You can use white flowers and put them in a vase filled with water.

25. Feel Fresh with Plants

plants decor
Cc: Pinterest

Indeed, there are many decorations that you can use to decorate the kitchen. However, in a minimalist kitchen, you have to select all the decorations you want to use.

The safest decorations for you to use are plants. The presence of plants not only makes the kitchen beautiful but also feels fresh.

If there is no more space for you to put your plants, you can hang the shelves on the ceiling area and put all your plants there. The presence of a natural green color will make the pink kitchen more lively.

26. Attractive with The Combination of Pink and Green

green and Pink Kitchen Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

It does not matter if you want to make green the main color of the room. However, in creating a pink kitchen, we still have to present the color pink here. And, the ceiling is a free area that you can apply pink to. Make the ceiling a spot that is no less interesting by installing a skylight window. The sunlight that enters through the skylight window will make the pink color look brighter and make it look more beautiful in the kitchen.

27. Jet-Black with Soft Light Pink for Kitchen

soft light pink
Cc: Pinterest

Jet-black will look radiant and alive when exposed to sunlight. Black color will give a sharper and more defined appearance. Therefore, combining it with light soft pink is the most effective way to make the kitchen feel more calm and comfortable. With natural lighting, the pink color will be more visible and balance the black color in the kitchen.

28. Beautiful Pink Kitchen with A Little Touch of Green

green decor
Cc: Pinterest

This pink kitchen looks more attractive with a light pink color for the upper cabinet area and a darker shade for the lower cabinet. Marble as a backsplash as a middleman between these two colors.

What makes this idea more interesting is the presence of green on the minimalist design bench. On the dining table, there are also small plants that not only beautify the appearance of the kitchen but also make it feel fresh.

29. Feel Cozy in Minimalist

minimalist design
Cc: Pinterest

The dominant calm pink color and black color as decoration are perfect for a minimalist kitchen. Although very simple, the kitchen is still attractive with the marble material on the backsplash. There is also a pendant light with a simple design on the right and left areas of the table island. The presence of a little black on the bar chairs is also a decoration that makes it look more attractive.

30. Pale Light Pink for Minimalist Kitchen

minimalist kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

The pale light pink creates a kitchen with a lighter but calmer look. Black decoration is a complement that gives a slightly assertive impression to the room. So, the pale pink color will not make the kitchen seem stiff.

Terrazzo on the countertop and also the backsplash brings other colors that make it look even more attractive. An LED light with yellow lighting is also installed which makes the Terrazo stand out even more in the kitchen.

31. Pink and White for Bright Kitchen Look

bright Pink Kitchen Ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The last 31 Pretty Pink Kitchen Ideas is a pink and white for bright kitchen look. In this idea, white was chosen as the main color for the kitchen. Even so, the soft pink color is present well here. The pink painted walls that are illuminated with natural lighting look lively and stand out. The walls are also deliberately left exposed without decorations or cabinets to make the pink color look more obvious.

Final Words

Never hesitate to apply pink to your home interior, especially the kitchen. With the right application, the pink kitchen will be far from quirky. On the contrary, the kitchen will appear more calm and soft. And the points above are 31 Pretty Pink Kitchen Ideas that will help you to bring feminine look to your home.

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