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22 Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Present Warmth to Yours – The bedroom should be the most comfortable room in your house. However, it is not easy to make a bedroom feel comfortable. But, all of this can be realized by bringing warmth into the bedroom. With the right decoration, a warm feel can be present well in the bedroom. Also, you don’t need to choose between comfort and beauty because you can get both at the same time. Makes the room feel warm and comfortable while changing the appearance to be more attractive. And, in this article, we have provided 22 Warmth Bedroom Decor Ideas that you can follow and try. So, let’s check it out!

1. Playing with Lighting

warmth bedroom decor
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Playing with lighting is the first of 22 Warmth Bedroom Decor Ideas. Several small lights in several spots make the room look evenly bright. Even though this bedroom does not have the main lighting, the brightness in this room is still quite good.

The use of small lamps provides minimal light. The display becomes shady and brings calm into the bedroom. One lamp uses yellow light and the other uses white light. These two are a very fitting combination. It brightens the room well and also brings warmth which adds to the comfort of the bedroom.

2. Scattered Candles in The Room

warmth bedroom decor ideas
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The minimalist concept is clearly illustrated by the simply decorated walls and the use of plain bedding. This room only relies on neutral colors to beautify its appearance. However, behind its simplicity, this bedroom has strong comfort. The candles bring perfect serenity into the room. The yellow light from the candles also adds warmth to the atmosphere.

So that yellow light is spread very well in the bedroom, candles are placed in several spots. Even though the number is quite large, this does not at all interfere with the minimalist concept itself.

3. Rattan Pendant Lamps

warmth bedroom decor and design
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The bedside table area is the right area for you to express your creativity. Use decorations that you like and can add to the aesthetic value and comfort of your bedroom. Like this idea that uses pendant lamps. Rattan pendant lamps hang right above the bedside tables, filling the right and left sides of the bed.

The natural brown color of the rattan pendant lamps seems to blend in with the bedroom interior, namely white and brown. So, the presence of a pendant lamp helps to bring calm and warmth to the feel of the bedroom. By using a bulb with yellow lighting, the warmth in your lovely room will be even more perfect.

4. Fill The Room with White and Brown Shades

best warmth bedroom decor
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Filling the room with white and brown shades is the next of 22 Warmth Bedroom Decor Ideas. Color selection is a very important first step. Because color will determine the appearance and atmosphere of your room. So, to change the atmosphere of a room to feel warm, white and brown is the perfect combination. Both fall into the neutral color group so when you add some natural elements there, such as natural lighting and plants, the appearance of the room will feel beautiful. You can also feel the freshness and calm in it.

5. Wood as Wall Accent

top warmth bedroom decor
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If you think that your whitewashed walls are too plain and make the room look stiff, then it is the right time to add accents there. Choose a part of the wall to use as a spot to express your creativity. And, the wall directly behind the bed is the most appropriate. This is the main spot in the room so that the wall accent can stand out more in the room.

Install wood as wide as the bed. It will look like a headboard, but it is not. Let the wood color be clearly exposed there. Try not to polish the wood or paint the wood. Let the original texture and color of wood decorate the appearance of your bedroom. It not only brings warmth but also brings a calm natural feel into the white bedroom.

6. Rely on Natural Elements

natural warmth bedroom decor
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The next of 22 Warmth Bedroom Decor Ideas is to rely on natural elements. Ada beberapa natural elements yang bisa kamu hadirkan ke dalam kamar tidur kesayanganmu:

  • Material alam (wicker, rattan, and wood),
  • Plants,
  • Natural lighting, and
  • Fur rug

Neutral colors are the key. The dominant white neutralizes the appearance of the room. It makes the other colors and textures look clearer. And, grey is an additional color that becomes an accent in the room.

Plants are placed very neatly on floating wall shelves and bedside tables. Also, because white neutralizes the room, green appears especially vivid. This makes the room look fresh.

7. Decorate Your Room with String Light

string light decor
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The attic bedroom has a very limited area. So, only a few decorations can be used. And, the most appropriate decoration is decoration that utilizes wall areas such as string lights. This decoration does not take up the space and makes the small attic bedroom seem cramped.

String lights with yellow lighting are only hung on one side of the wall. Hanging from top to bottom. Brings a warm feel to just one spot. Also, beautify the white painted walls that look so plain.

8. Yellow Lighting is A Good Option

yellow lighting
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Relying on sunlight as the main lighting in a room is indeed the right choice. However, sunlight cannot illuminate your room for 24 hours. Therefore, you need other light by using a lamp. And, make the lamp not only a source of lighting at night but also a source of comfort in your private room. You only need to choose a lamp with yellow lighting. This will be very effective in bringing a warm feel to the room. Also, the bedroom becomes quieter. So, it is suitable for those of you who use your bedroom as a place to rest and relax yourself. And, this is the next of 22 Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Bring Warmth to Yours.

9. Increase The Amount of Fabric Material

warmth bedroom decor tips
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The next of 22 Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Bring Warmth to Yours is to increase the amount of fabric material. So, the more fabric you use, the warmer the atmosphere will feel.

Start with simple things like the floor. Carpet flooring is the perfect thing for you to apply to your bedroom. And, give a beautiful accent to the floor by using a rug. Using a fur rug is an interesting idea. For the bedding, do layered bedding. You can also use a wool blanket which can make the sleeping area feel warm and comfortable.

10. Fireplace Near The Bed

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It does not matter if you want to use colors that tend to be dark for your bedroom. Colors such as black, gray, and brown can make the room look a little darker so the atmosphere will feel calmer. However, the combination of these colors can create a cool nuance. However, you do not need to worry because this can all be overcome by using a fireplace. Place the fireplace near the bed because this is the main spot in the bedroom.

Traditional fireplaces or modern fireplaces, you can use one of them according to your wishes. It is just that, adjust it to the interior of the room. Because the interior is decorated in dark colors, a black fireplace is the most appropriate to fill the space there.

11. Consistent in Brown as Decoration

brown warmth bedroom decor
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In bringing warm nuances into your bedroom, try to be consistent with brown. Make this color an accent in the room. Choose brown decorations and place them in several spots for an even warm feel.

The white sofa in the corner of the room becomes a cozy reading nook. With brown throw pillows, it looks great and calm. Also, on the walls, there are wooden floating wall shelves installed with the color and texture of the wood still looking very natural. Right next to the sofa, there is a charming decoration in the form of pampas grass. The white vase makes it blend with the bedroom interior. And, on the wall area, a rattan mirror is hung.

12. Light Up The Room Well

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Light your bedroom well. Take advantage of sunlight as the main lighting. Install large windows to maximize light in the room. Also, avoid using decorations that can block the way light enters the room. It would be better to leave the windows plain without any decoration.

Maximum sunlight entering the room will help change the feel of the room to feel warm. In this way, the comfort in this room increases greatly. The silhouettes of the setting sun give an aesthetic impression to the room. So, it not only makes the room comfortable but also makes the bedroom look more beautiful.

13. Choose Soft Colors for Your Room

soft warmth bedroom decor
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White, which is the main color, neutralizes the appearance of the room. So, this is the right time to bring other colors into the bedroom. The dominant white color helps soft colors stand out more. With a little help from sunlight, these colors will look alive in the room. That way, the appearance becomes more beautiful.

Play on the bedding. Use different colors starting from blankets, pillows, and bed sheets. Soft pink, brown, and navy are color combinations that you can apply to your favorite bedroom. The combination of these three colors not only beautifies the appearance but also makes the room feel comfortable. This is because the combination of soft pink, brown, and navy brings warmth into the room.

14. Dominant of Wood Material

wood material
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The easiest way to bring warmth into a bedroom is to use wood. You can make this material the dominant one in your bedroom. And, this is the next of 22 Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Bring Warmth to Yours. You can apply wood to the walls, floors, and furniture.

However, so that the room is not filled with brown, paint some wooden materials in the room. You can paint the wooden wall with white paint. This method can brighten the room but does not interfere with the wood material in providing warmth in the bedroom. And, for wooden furniture, let the wood show its original color and texture.

15. Do Layered Bedding

layered bedding
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The next of 22 Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Bring Warmth to Yours is to do layered bedding. The thicker the bedding, the warmer it will feel. Start with a white bedsheet to neutralize the look. This also helps to make the bedding blend with the interior of the room. And, for other things such as pillow sheets, duvet covers, and blankets, you can use other colors to accent the room.

Green is the right color. Choose a green duvet cover and pillow sheets. And, for additional blankets, use other colors such as soft white. With this, there are not too many colors present in the room so the bedroom still looks simple and calm.

16. Timber as Wall Accent for The Corner Room

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An empty corner of the room is transformed into a fresh and aesthetic spot in the bedroom. The corner area of the room has a natural accent wall which looks very attractive. Timber is installed vertically, giving a slight illusion of height to the walls of the room. Also, there are other natural touches in the form of plants. Plant placement is done vertically too. Medium-sized plants fill the bottom to middle area. And, to fill the upper area, a hanging plant is used.

The combination of wood and plants brings a quite natural feel to the bedroom. This not only refreshes the appearance but also increases comfort. And, the natural brown color of the timber gives a warm effect to the bedroom atmosphere.

17. Wicker Bedside Table

wicker bedside table
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Wooden bedframe, wooden flooring, mustard bedding, and rugs are actually enough to bring warmth into the bedroom. It’s just that the warmth is increasingly extended to the side of the bed, that is the bedside table. The wicker bedside table looks charming with a clear vase filled with flowers. Looks very natural. The simple and unique shape adds to the beauty of the room. And, at the bottom, there is a wicker basket that you can use as storage.

18. A Warm yet Attractive Spot in The Bedroom

simple warmth bedroom decor
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The wooden table cabinet is used as an interesting spot in the bedroom. Displays are displayed in this area, ranging from books, candles, plants, aromatherapy candles, and mirrors. In this spot, brown natural materials are very dominant. Brings a warm feel into the bedroom.

The table cabinet has the same color, motif and texture as the floor. The blinds seem to blend in with the room. The appearance also becomes harmonious. And, the upper area is decorated with refreshing small plants. Pots made from rattan and wicker also beautify this spot. The use of wood is increasingly extended to the mirror area. The large round mirror with a wooden frame has a simple but beautiful appearance. The curved lines on the mirror soften the room.

19. Rough Beams

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The cathedral ceiling makes the walls appear higher so the room feels more spacious. The dominant white color and sunlight help to provide a broad effect in the bedroom. The wall area is also left plain to create a calmer atmosphere. The displays are focused on one area only, that is the bed area.

Even though it looks simple with high walls, the room does not look stiff and boring. The upper area is also noted for its beauty. Beams decorate the ceiling area very well. The colors and wood motifs can be seen very clearly up there. And, the wooden surface is deliberately not polished to reveal its original texture.

20. A Large Mirror for the Corner Room

large mirror
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A large mirror for the corner of the room is the next of 22 Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Present Warmth to Yours. Mirrors have the property of reflecting light. So, natural light that enters through the window and hits the mirror surface will reflect back into the room. With this, the room becomes brighter and warmer. Also, around the standing mirror, there are several other brown displays that add a warm feel to the bedroom. There is pampas grass in the corner of the room with a beautiful white vase. Next to it, there is a wicker basket which is an effective storage area in the bedroom.

21. Beautiful Wall Mural

wall mural
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This small bedroom only has simple decoration due to the limited area. So, simple decoration really helps to provide comfort to the room. There is only a bed with bedside tables on the side. For the upper area, there are rattan pendant lamps as decoration and lighting at night.

Because the decoration is very simple, the wall mural is a mainstay for eliminating the stiff and boring side of the room. The wall mural with a brown leaf motif is very harmonious with the bedroom interior. And, the wall area looks even more beautiful with a small mirror surrounded by wicker.

22. Stunning Rattan Flower Headboard

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The last of 22 Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Present Warmth to Yours is a stunning rattan flower headboard. This idea is very suitable for a woman’s bedroom. The flower headboard looks very charming against the plain white painted wall. By leaving the walls plain without any decorations, we only focus on the flower headboard there. Seeing the natural brown color is dominant and works well in bringing warmth into the bedroom interior.

Use simple bedding, if possible plain bedding without a pattern. That way, we only focus on the flower headboard there. But, if you think the appearance is too simple and boring, add some dolls in soft colors on the bed.

Final Words

There are many ways you can create a comfortable bedroom. And, one of them is by changing the atmosphere of the bedroom to make it feel warm and calm. The points above are 22 Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Present Warmth to Yours. You can choose and follow one to several points above. However, still pay attention to the layout, area, and design of your bedroom. Try to maintain stability and harmony in the beauty of the room.

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