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17 Warmth Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Make You Stay – Do not just pay attention to the exposed rooms, such as the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Some closed rooms are just as important, including the bedroom. In fact, the bedroom is the room that most determines your personal comfort in your own home. As a private room and a place to rest from the tiredness of the world, the comfort of the bedroom is very important. A comfortable bedroom will make your rest time better, and you can sleep more soundly.

However, what is a comfortable bedroom like? The answer is subjective. Comfort in the bedroom is adjusted to your own character. You can apply simple principles to your thoughts. Decorating a bedroom so that it feels comfortable is not difficult. It is just that, indeed, you have to decorate it appropriately. Use decorations that can bring warmth and calm into the bedroom. And, in this article, we have provided 17 Warmth Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Make You Stay. So, let’s check it out!

1. Two Table Lamps

warmth bedroom
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The first of 17 Warmth Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Make You Stay is two table lamps. This bedroom has a shady concept to bring calm which can make the bedroom a comfortable room to rest. The minimalist concept applied to the room also makes the calm more perfect.

Two table lamps are placed in different spots so that the bedroom can still get even lighting. The yellow lighting on the table lamps is the key to the warmth in this room. However, other table lamps use white lighting so that the bedroom does not look too dark at night.

2. Apply Japandi Design

japandi design
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If you want to get a warm and cozy feel in your bedroom, then try to rely on Japandi design. The combination of Japanese and Scandinavian will make your lovely room perfect. Japanese design which relies more on wood material will provide perfect warmth to the bedroom. The use of light wood is maximized by applying it to floors, bedroom furniture, doors, and walls. With the help of maximum natural light, the bedroom has a very natural feel. It really helps in boosting a comfortable feeling.

The warmth in this Japandi bedroom design does not only come from the light wood and wooden materials but also from the rug that decorates the floor area. This also becomes a decoration that enlivens the bedroom. A rug with a simple motif matches the bedroom concept. The color is made to match the floor to maintain a minimalist impression in the room.

3. Maximum Natural Lighting

natural lighting
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Actually, it is not difficult to create a comfortable bedroom with full warmth. Like this idea which only relies on natural elements, that is natural lighting. A large window was chosen to fill one wall of the bedroom. There are no decorations in the window area so that natural light can freely enter the room.

Maximum natural lighting is very suitable for this white bedroom shade. The white color looks brighter. Also, the bedroom feels more spacious. Other materials and colors in the room become more lively and beautiful. There is a plant on the bedside table which makes this natural room feel fresh.

4. Warm Pallete

warm pallate
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The next of 17 Warmth Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Make You Stay is to apply a warm palette. The colors in the warm palette are autumn colors such as brown, orange, green, yellow, and maroon. And, what is needed in this decoration is consistency. How can you fill the interior of your bedroom by just relying on a warm palette.

You can use brown as the main color if you want to create a bedroom with warm and shady nuances. But, if you want to keep the bright look of your room, then choose white as the main color. Brown can be an accent color. Apply this color to the bedding and a few displays in the bedroom.

5. Wooden Wall

wooden wall
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Applying wood material to the interior is an alternative way to bring warmth into the room. Like this idea where the walls are decorated with wooden materials. Choosing light wood is perfect for maintaining brightness in the bedroom.

The light wood is installed vertically so that it shows perpendicular lines from top to bottom. It is good at giving the illusion of taller walls. That way, the room will feel more spacious.

Let the color and texture of the wooden wall stand out in the bedroom by not hanging a display. Keeping it simple is the key. If you want to add an aesthetic appearance there, two brown sconces are the most appropriate decoration. Choose yellow lighting which can help wood in providing warmth into the bedroom at night.

6. LED light on The Wall

warm bedroom decor ideas
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The next of 17 Warmth Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Make You Stay is LED lights on the wall. The wooden wall right behind the bed is the main spot in the bedroom. This is why it is usually this wall that is most often focused on and decorated. Because anything hanging or attached to the wall will immediately attract the eye’s attention. So, that way it will be easier to add to the aesthetic value of the sleeping room.

The wooden wall with LEDs on each side of the edge is not only a beautiful spot in the bedroom. It also enhances the minimalist bedroom and saves it from feeling stiff and boring. The LED light with yellow lighting is perfect with the wood color. The combination of these two brings warmth to a minimalist bedroom. That way, the bedroom is not only successful in terms of aesthetics but also successful in terms of comfort.

7. Warm Industrial Bedroom Design

industrial warm bedroom decor ideas
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Usually, industrial design is famous for dark colors such as black, dark brown, and dark gray which bring a cool feel to the room. However, this idea is very different. This industrial bedroom design has a warm feel that will make you feel comfortable there all day long.

White remains the main color so that the appearance of the room remains bright. Other natural colors such as gray become accents, applied to blankets and rugs. At first glance, this bedroom looks like a contemporary bedroom. It is just that, when you look at the top of the room, there is a concert ceiling which is very clearly visible. The industrial pendant lamps also emphasize the industrial design in the room.

8. Do Layered Bedding

layered bedding
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The next of 17 Warmth Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Make You Stay is to do a layered bedding. This simple decoration can make your sleeping space feel warm, especially in winter. You can also play with layered bedding to add the beauty value of the room. Choose bedding in a different color. You can also choose one with the motif you want. And, on the final layer, use a blanket. We highly recommend wool blankets.

To add warmth, comfort, and beauty to your sleeping area, use several pillows. It will be great if you can use a few tools with shapes and colors that match the concept of the interior itself. For example, for the autumn bedroom concept design, you can use pumpkin dolls.

9. Add a Sheepskin Blanket on The Bed

best warm bedroom decor ideas
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The bed is the main spot in the bedroom. So, this has a big influence on the comfort and appearance of the room itself. And, in this idea, the bedroom has a warm feel by just relying on a sheepskin blanket. The texture of sheepskin itself is very soft on the skin which can make you sleep more soundly.

The color of the sheepskin blanket is adjusted to the color of the bedding to maintain harmony in the appearance of the bedroom. Its very attractive appearance makes the bed area look very aesthetic.

10. Scattered Candles

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The next of 17 Warmth Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Make You Stay is scattered candles. Even though it is scattered, it does not look messy at all. In fact, the appearance is very aesthetic. By placing several candles in a scattered manner, the light from the candles spreads throughout the room fairly. It brings even warmth to the bedroom.

It would be better to use some aromatherapy candles which can make your bedroom feel more comfortable. You can also become more relaxed when you rest.

Expand the upper area of the bedroom with warmth. However, it is not possible to hang candles on the wall area. Therefore, replace it with a string light with yellow lighting.

11. A Few Lampions in The Corner of The Room

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This bedroom has a simple but aesthetic appearance. Books and plants are decorations that decorate the bedroom area. The presence of plants brings freshness which makes it feel more comfortable. And, what is interesting and makes this room look enchanting are the beautiful lanterns in the corner of the room. Starting from the table top to the area above the ceiling, it is filled with lanterns. Yellow lighting produces orange light in the corners of the room which creates excellent warmth in the bedroom.

Hanging lanterns scattered produces an aesthetic appearance. Lanterns are hung at different heights. The sizes of the lanterns used also vary which makes them look very attractive when combined in the same area.

12. Lanterns Decorate The Upper Area of The Room

beautiful warm bedroom decor ideas
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A few lanterns hanging in the upper area make a beautiful decoration for the Boho bedroom. This bedroom has a simpler concept compared to Boho bedroom designs in general. It is clear from the wall that there are only 3 hanging displays. Also, the only furniture in the room is the bed. However, it also looks alive with the right decorations such as plants and lanterns.

Even though there are many, the lights used are the same. Lamps with yellow light were chosen for all lanterns so that they give a simpler impression to the bedroom. Also, lamps with yellow lighting bring warmth and calm which can make a room feel more comfortable. This is a decoration that drastically changes the appearance of the bedroom at night.

13. Black Bedroom

black warm bedroom decor ideas
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Having a warm bedroom does not always have to use bright colors like white. For those of you who prefer a dark room, you can minimize the use of white or remove it from the room altogether. Like in this idea which chooses pitch black as the main color. The application is carried out consistently starting from the ceiling, walls, bed, to window frames.

What makes this room feel warm is the touch of brown and minimal natural lighting. There is also a lamp with yellow lighting hanging in the middle of the room. Use thick blankets and carpet flooring to complement it.

14. Warm Industrial Bedroom Design

industrial design
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If industrial design is usually famous for its cool feel, this idea is the opposite. This industrial bedroom has a warm and calm feel which is suitable for you to use as your main destination when you want to unwind from the chaos of the world. Like industrial design in general where black is the main color. And, what gives this room a warm feel is maximum natural lighting, wood materials, layered bedding, carpet, and exposed brick walls. There are two black pendant lamps with yellow lighting whose light falls on the exposed brick walls. From here, the natural red color of the bricks produces warmth in the industrial bedroom.

15. Fireplace in The Bedroom

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If you want to bring warmth to the ambiance and air to the bedroom, a fireplace is a great option. There are two fireplaces that you can use for the bedroom: a traditional fireplace and a modern fireplace. Both of these must adapt to the concept and design of the bedroom itself.

For the farmhouse bedroom design or rustic bedroom design, the traditional fireplace is the type of fireplace you should choose. You can create it from the natural stone. The application of natural stone from the fireplace to the top of the ceiling makes the bedroom not only look natural but also sturdy. You only need maximum natural lighting to add warmth while making the natural stone look more alive in the bedroom.

16. Full of Natural Materials

natural materials
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If you want to bring warmth into the bedroom, relying on natural materials is an alternative way. This becomes the next of 17 Warmth Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Make You Stay. There are several natural materials that you can bring into the bedroom: natural stone and wood. You can play with the ratio for a bedroom with a charming appearance. You can make the wood material dominate, or vice versa. Or, you can also make the ratio between wood and natural stone balanced (1:1).

The natural stone is good for the wall. And, for wood, it is more flexible, it can be applied to ceilings, walls, floors, and furniture.

There are several shades of wood, from dark to light. For those of you who want to make the bedroom look shady, then dark can be an option. And, if you want to maintain brightness in your room, then light wood is a great one to choose from.

17. Rustic Bedroom Design with Christmas Decors

christmas decors
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The last of 17 Warmth Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Make You Stay is a rustic bedroom design with Christmas decor. This rustic bedroom has an old look with natural stone for the fireplace and wood for the ceiling, walls, and floor. Actually, this is enough. You can feel the warmth well by just relying on natural materials and the addition of fire from a burning fireplace. However, additional decorations in the form of Christmas decorations make the warmth perfectly present in the bedroom.

There is a wreath that hangs on the natural color wall. The bed is decorated with red bedding, also extended to the floor area using a rug. The presence of red really enlivens the atmosphere of the room.

Final Words

The points above are 17 Warmth Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Make You Stay. From this it can be concluded that creating a warm and comfortable bedroom is not difficult. However, back to each of you. Adjust the decoration to your own characteristics. Also, pay attention to the concept of the interior to maintain harmony in the appearance of the room. The rest, you only need to pay attention to the layout, room area and room shape. So, good luck everyone!

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